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The USA is the biggest threat to world peace

November 19th, 2017
The USA is the biggest threat to world peace Dark Politricks says: I have to agree, they are hypocrites, going to war with countries on false pretences, slandering countries that they accuse of hacking then whilst building huge data centres in UTAH to hold information on everyone they can get. CIA/NSA programs that scan social media, hack... [read more]

Why has Obama’s “Peace Prize” not been taken off him?

October 19th, 2017
Why has Obama's "Peace Prize" not been taken off him? By Dark Politricks Ex President Obama is busy collecting his payments from Wall St for not jailing any of them for crashing the world economy and letting them carry on their nefarious deeds.  He is getting the payment in the form of $500,000 after dinner speeches to the 1% and Wall St banksters... [read more]

MSNBC provides more Fake News with false equivalency between one of the most hated and most popular men in the USA

October 15th, 2017
MSNBC provides more Fake News with false equivalency between one of the most hated and most popular men in the USA By Dark Politricks The few remaining US TV networks continue to lie and their reporters are caught out on Twitter even lying about their papers owners, e.g The Washington Post. When when faced with the facts they then dismiss the tweeter... [read more]

Were There Multiple Shooters In Las Vegas?

October 9th, 2017
Were There Multiple Shooters In Las Vegas? By Dark Politricks Before "they" take this video down or close this persons account as they did my own, you might as well watch this video. Remember videos like this are constantly de-monetized or shut, usually by BOTS or automatic programs that check METADATA and other info such as people reporting tweets... [read more]

Why Rachel Maddow is paid $30,000 a day to sell the Russian Hacking story

October 6th, 2017
Why Rachel Maddow is paid $30,000 a day to sell the Russian Hacking story By Dark Politricks The fake Russian hacking scandal just keeps going on and on, mostly due to the "left wing" Rachel Maddow who cannot seem to use basic deduction skills and other non discredited government sources to give out fake news on the story. The latest report from the... [read more]

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I also have a backup of the FOX News series that looked into Israeli connections to 9.11. Obviously FOX removed that as soon as AIPAC, ADL and the rest of the Hasbra brigade protested.

I also have a copy of the the original Liberal Democrats Freedom Bill which was quickly and quietly removed from their site once they enacted and replaced with some watered down rubbish instead once they got into power. No change to police tactics, protesting or our unfair extradition treaty with the USA but we did get a stop to being clamped on private land instead of the mny great ideas in the original.

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New Party – Right and Left together?

New Party – Right and Left together?

By Dark Politricks

With the fallout of the 2016 US Presidential Elections still rocking the US news isn’t it time that a new political party is formed.

Many trade unionists have decided to stop paying dues to the Democratic party considering it is now basically Republican “light”. A party destined to lose unless they come up with some actual policies to help working people.

Instead of moving to the left after the election loss which Hillary just seemed to assume she would win, they have continued to take money from big pharma, Wall St and Silicon Valley. These are all groups that also fund the Republicans and Obama is collecting his reward for not jailing any bankers or stopping their illegal practices with his $400,000 after dinner speeches at the top banks.

What I don’t understand is – if the Democrats cannot even beat an incompetent like Donald Trump who thinks Twitter is the way policy is made in the USA, telling his supporters how “super” and “great” their proposed, but never passed, tax and heath reform bills will be. What do they actually stand for if not for making the rich richer through, war, tax cuts to the 1% and bail outs with no punishment to Wall St. Not a lot of difference between them and the Democrats is there?

I think many people who voted for Trump are going to be mightily pissed off when they find their health and tax bills have gone up if the GOP does get them passed. They fell for the con man with the 3 cups and single ball.

His rallies may have given false hope to most of his voters but the Democrats didn’t even seem to have any policies or big rallies (apart from Bernie Sanders who could have beaten Trump).

Therefore it is now clear there is just one party in Washington, the “Establishment Party.

The 6 news channels all suck up to it rather than tell real news and ask real questions such as:

  • Why are we still in Afghanistan after 16 years (opium and other minerals maybe?)
  • Why are the richer getting richer, with more tax cuts, whilst the middle class and poor are getting less and less?
  • Why doesn’t the FBI just get a warrant for Hillary’s DNC email ISP and collect all the emails from their and take her computer system to see if it was really hacked and how by the Russians?
  • Why if the Democrats are crying “Russia” all the time when a difficult question is posed is no actual proof provided and why did they do exactly the same thing by creating a dossier on Trump but just going through a UK ex spy middle man?

There is a need for new party in the USA.

As John Oliver laughed off Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s idea of quantitative easing for paying off student debt on his TV show, the “Establishment Party” just did exactly the same to give Trump $700 billion for the military – not that they need it.

So if the Establishment can just create money out of thin air for their wars because they know their campaign funders, lobbyists and companies who promised them a cushy job after they leave office can do it, why can’t do it for the 99% of people who need it. Putting more money in the pockets of the rich does not make the country wealthier but putting in them in those of the poor does as they actually spend it rather than putting it in offshore bank accounts to avoid tax.

Whether you are on the left, right, middle, or flying high in the sky, their surely must be enough people who would come together on common issues.

Issues that affect us or will affect us all. Such as:

A jobs program. Trump never brought back all those jobs he promised from China he opened a few coal mines to allow a few hundred more men to die of black lung in their 50’s. The Green parties “Green New Deal” would have created thousands if not millions of new jobs and put people back to work and tax money to the government. Plus it would have got us off fossil fuels and helped with Climate Change, something many people in the worst year for hurricanes still deny.

These people with jobs would actually spend their money on products built-in China, maybe one day built-in the USA. The money would flow upwards and not downwards. The supply side demand system has been shown to fail so try a trickle up system where money is put in the pockets of people who will spend it on items such as food and goods rather than stash it in tax havens.

A ban on illegal wars we know nothing about. Why are troops dying in Niger? Why do we need to be fighting proxy wars and propping up the petro-dollar with Saudi Arabia all over the Middle East? The CIA should be disbanded as they are training our supposed enemy al-Qaeda in Syria and ISIS to fight President Assad. There was even the recent case where the Department of Defence was fighting the CIA over there.

Stop illegal immigration by not meddling in other countries affairs, starting wars and causing refugees as the US has done in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Somalia but instead helping them by building homes, schools, providing fresh water and teaching them to farm. This would prevent their desire to leave their homeland and stop the migration crisis we are seeing in Europe at the moment.

Why does the US have to require over 900 military bases all over the world and stick its nose into other countries business when it’s not wanted. Just think if half those bases were closed, many just created to encircle Russia and China, it would provide enough money for free health care, education, and reduce the tensions between those countries.

Why can’t the US restore its moral standing in the world by repealing bills passed after 9.11 that gave the President the power to send troops to pre-emptive wars which were declared the worst form of atrocity at Nuremberg by US judges?

What about repealing the PATRIOT ACT and the NDAA that allows the President to kill US citizens even in it’s own borders if required.

A stop to the Orwellian policies of the US Establishment that took Edward Snowden to reveal to the sheep and Facebook, Google and Twitter filtering out stories unfavourable to it. A return to fair trials, no arrests without warrants, no spying on people without just cause.

Stop drone killings of children and old men and then calling them enemy combatants because they are between the ages of 14 and 80.

Free health care and affordable if not free education (for life if required – to re-train), for every citizen in the country.

A person living in the richest country in the world should not leave college to get a stroke when they see how many thousands of dollars they owe for their education and then leave the hospital with another bill for thousands of dollars for their recuperation.

The US is probably still top of the list of countries that pose a danger to world peace, especially now Donald Trump is in charge along with North Korea. Plus Torture which is illegal in all western countries apart from the US as it has been proven not to work plus it has floored America’s moral standing in the world.

Make US companies pay their fair share of tax not just allow them to set up headquarters in a postbox in a tax haven. Google has just moved from Ireland to Jersey to get out of tax payments. International companies should be banned from tax avoidance like this.

Start trade unions and allow workers on the company boards to give their view. Germany does this and they have a far more harmonious work attitude between management and staff. Co-operative companies where the percentage of money earned by staff and management is agreed by all, and profits are shared by everyone work very well as everyone has an incentive to  work harder.

I am sure there are more issues that can be brought up but voting for Trump is going to make a lot of Republican voters hit themselves in the face when they get their next tax bill and Trump gets a smile due to the huge discount all because he owns golf courses that get money deductions.

A new Peoples Party is needed, whether headed by Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein or someone else. It is not left or right wing but it’s core duty is to look after the working middle class, poor inner city youths by providing activities and sports to prevent gang violence and imprisonment of bankers and politicians who grope, rape and steal other peoples money.

The duopoly in Washington are all Wall St prostitutes and fat cat whores who care more about getting money than policies to help the people of their country.

What do you think?


By Dark Politricks

© Dark Politricks

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Video: Bill Clinton Ignores Question About Al Franken Sexual Harassment Claims

Video: Bill Clinton Ignores Question About Al Franken Sexual Harassment Claims

“Can’t imagine why”

Steve Watson
Nov 21, 2017

Former President Bill Clinton, who has been accused by several women of sexual assault, ignored a reporter who asked a question about the claims against Senator Al Franken. prompting an NBC anchor to sarcastically state that she “Can’t imagine why.”

NBC correspondent Tammy Leitner described her exchange with Clinton who is in Puerto Rico on a Clinton Foundation trip to survey hurricane damage and relief activity:

“I asked him about the senator’s recent comments, and he looked at me, kind of half-smirked, and kept going,” Leitner told anchor Kasie Hunt, who had asked her if she had confronted Clinton about the issue.

So, Clinton “smirked,” in response to a question about an elected representative being accused of sexual harassment.

How telling.

“He wanted nothing to do with that, so he didn’t give us an answer,” Leitner added.

“Can’t imagine why,” Hunt replied.

It was a rare moment on MSNBC where the female reporters appeared to deviate from the company policy of downplaying charges of sexual harassment against leftist figureheads.

In other programming aired Monday, Katy Tur and guest Rebecca Weir openly downplayed the charges against Franken, suggesting that while good people can do bad things, Franken shouldnt lose everything [hes] worked for, negat[ing] years of good.

In addition, Tur repeated a statement from Frankens female ex-staffers, who attempted to defend the Senator, describing him as a champion for women both in the legislation he supported and in promoting women to leadership roles in our office.

Meanwhile, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle warned that being too hard on Franken for what he did could lead down a slippery slope.

Im just speaking as somebody who spent 15 years of her life working on Wall Street. But if were gonna start to go after everyone in every power industry for something like a butt slap, Im worried that theres going to be no one left running anything, she stated.

Remarkable considering that the women who have spoken out about Franken are alleging that he forcibly kissed and groped them without their consent.

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Our National Madness

Our National Madness

By Charles Hugh Smith

The nation has lost its common sense, its soul and its sanity. Can we summarize the source of this remarkably pervasive madness?

Our efforts are now focused not on solving core problems but on covering up core problems, as if covering up problems is a substitute for solving them. Down this path lies madness, for this substitution of false narratives for reality erodes our ability to distinguish not just between reality and fantasy but our ability to distinguish between moral rights and wrongs.

The efforts of those in positions of power are now focused on obscuring the truth, marginalizing critics, blaming malevolent external forces, cloaking self-interest with virtue signaling and staking claims to victimhood. These are the five dynamics that are powering the nation’s descent into madness and dysfunction.

Consider Harvey Weinstein. Evidence is now emerging that Mr. Weinstein and his army of toadies, bullies, thugs, et al. put enormous effort and resources into obscuring the truth, marginalizing critics, and cloaking self-interest with virtue signaling. Next up for Mr. Weinstein’s team of apologists: blame the Russians (or an equivalently malevolent Other), and claim to be a victim of all those testifying against him.

This is the model for everyone in positions of power. The only variation is which of the five will be spewed as a first line of defense, and which will be held in reserve for the last-ditch defense against the truth becoming public.

I’m sorry if this is a shock, but the economic “recovery” is nothing but smoke and mirrors designed to obscure the pillage of the nation’s wealth and income by state-protected cartels. The central bank can’t actually fix what’s broken in our economy, but it can manually push the needle of the stock market higher.

So rather than actually fix what’s broken, the “solution” is to make the stock market the primary measure of “prosperity.” In effect, the stagnation of real prosperity is a problem that would require profound (and painful to those gorging at the feeding trough) changes in the status quo; so the solution is to label the stock market “the measure of prosperity” and then shove it higher.

This substitution of trickery for reality solves nothing. It is the exact equivalent of the student who didn’t study and who learned nothing erasing his F grade and forging an A in its place. Nothing has actually changed in terms of the student’s knowledge or skillset, but he has fooled the authorities focusing on superficialities: incompetent, self-serving administrators who then tout the student’s high grade as evidence of their own success, the media which mindlessly accepts the fake grade as evidence that all is peachy-keen in the school district, and so on down the line.

If this happens often enough, the student actually starts believing he can get away with trickery as a solution for all problems: just BS your way through any challenge, and if that fails, then marginalize one’s critics, blame malevolent external forces, furiously virtue-signal, and if all else fails, stake a claim to victimhood.

In other words, the student loses touch with reality and is lost. The USA has lost touch with reality, for its leadership has embraced the notion that trickery and fakery that covers up problems is a substitute for solving problems–and if this fails to convince an increasingly jaded and cynical public, then body-slam the public with the other four tactics: marginalize critics, blame malevolent external forces, cloak self-interest with virtue signaling and stake claims to victimhood.

Unfortunately for our nation, madness is repeating what’s failed and thinking it will work next time. Trickery, maligning critics, virtue signaling, blaming outside forces and claiming victimhood no longer have the desired effect on all but the most delusional (or self-serving) supporters of our profoundly corrupt leadership.

Actions have consequences. Fakery and trickery are not solutions; they are a form of self-delusional madness that destroys the nation’s ability to face reality squarely and choose real solutions, no matter how painful the choice and path might be.

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Race Faker Shaun King Attacks Trump’s Words: ‘Ungrateful is the New Ni**er’

Race Faker Shaun King Attacks Trump’s Words: ‘Ungrateful is the New Ni**er’

Truth Revolt
Nov 21, 2017

The race-faking leader of the Black Lives Matter movement and all-around progressive nut Shaun King has one-upped himself.

In a tweet over the weekend, he became the most hated man on Twitter and thats saying something, since he was replying to Donald Trump.

The tweet is still live, but here’s a screenshot in full color not that King, who is white but pretends to be black, would know anything about that:

No one let him get away with this:

Somehow, King’s delusions have made him believe he has the power to redefine words. He and Rachel Dolezal were made for each other.

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Why Are We Helping Saudi Arabia Destroy Yemen?

Why Are We Helping Saudi Arabia Destroy Yemen?

By rp_admin
Its remarkable that whenever you read an article about Yemen in the mainstream media, the central role of Saudi Arabia and the United States in the tragedy is glossed over or completely ignored. A recent Washington Post article purporting to tell us how things got so bad explains to us that, it’s a complicated story involving warring regional superpowers, terrorism, oil, and an impending climate catastrophe. No, Washington Post, its simpler than that. The tragedy in Yemen is the result of foreign military intervention in the internal affairs of that country. It started with the Arab Spring which had all the fingerprints of State Department meddling, and it escalated with 2015s unprovoked Saudi attack on the country to re-install Riyadhs preferred leader. Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed and millions more are at risk as starvation and cholera rage. We are told that US foreign policy should reflect American values. So how can Washington support Saudi Arabia a tyrannical state with one of the worst human rights record on earth as it commits by what any measure is a genocide against the Yemeni people? The UN undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs warned just last week that Yemen faces “the largest famine the world has seen for many decades with millions of victims.” The Red Cross has just estimated that a million people are vulnerable in the cholera epidemic that rages through Yemen. And why is there a cholera epidemic? Because the Saudi government with US support has blocked every port of entry to prevent critical medicine from reaching suffering Yemenis. This is not a war. It is cruel murder. The United States is backing Saudi aggression against Yemen by cooperating in every way with the Saudi military. Targeting, intelligence, weapons sales, and more. The US is a partner in Saudi Arabias Yemen crimes. Does holding hands with Saudi Arabia as it slaughters Yemeni children really reflect American values? Is anyone even playing attention? The claim that we are fighting Al-Qaeda in Yemen and thus our involvement is covered under the post-9/11 authorization for the use of force is without merit. In fact it has been reported numerous times in the mainstream media that US intervention on behalf of the Saudis in Yemen is actually a boost to Al-Qaeda in the country. Al-Qaeda is at war with the Houthis who had taken control of much of the country because the Houthis practice a form of Shia Islam they claim is tied to Iran. We are fighting on the same side as Al-Qaeda in Yemen. Adding insult to injury, the US Congress cant be bothered to even question how we got so involved in a war that has nothing to do with us. A few conscientious Members of Congress got together recently to introduce a special motion under the 1973 War Powers Act that would have required a vote on our continued military involvement in the Yemen genocide. The leadership of both parties joined together to destroy this attempt to at least get a vote on US aggression against Yemen. As it turns out, the only Members to vote against this shamefully gutted resolution were the original Members who introduced it. This is bipartisanship at its worst. US involvement in Saudi Arabias crimes against Yemen is a national disgrace. That the mainstream media fails to accurately cover this genocide is shameful. Let us join our voices now to demand that our US Representatives end US involvement in Yemen immediately!

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Watching The Hawks – NDAA: Cash, Booze & Bases

Watching The Hawks – NDAA: Cash, Booze & Bases

Watching The Hawks

The yearly military spending bonanza passes through Congress. A sobering look at the drunken debauchery taking place on US military bases. Documentary filmmaker John Pilger discusses the growing risks of a world in crisis. And, early Christmas decorators appear to be more emotionally astute than previously assumed.

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