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Israeli Hasbara Brigades Attack YouTube channels that tell the TRUTH about Apartheid Israel

November 4th, 2018
Israeli Hasbara Brigades Attack YouTube channels that tell the TRUTH about Apartheid Israel By Dark Politricks Know More News Adam Green runs the Know More News YouTube channel which looks at the Israeli occupation of Palestine, their disgusting Rabbinic laws within the Talmud as well as recently just visiting the country with Jake from Blackstone... [read more]

Scotland Yard needs a new Photoshop engineer as they muck up Skipal killer photos

September 16th, 2018
Scotland Yard needs a new Photoshop engineer as they muck up Skipal killer photos By Dark Politricks and video by By Blackstone Intelligence Once again Blackstone Intelligence does a good job at deconstructing the "official narrative" of the Skipal killers. Recently Scotland Yard released photos of the two supposed Russians they suspect of trying to... [read more]

Alex Jones has completed his “mission” and is ready to die after being banned from the Internet

September 16th, 2018
Alex Jones has completed his "mission" and is ready to die after being banned from the Internet. By Dark Politricks Valuetainment Alex Jones has now been banned from around 100 websites, platforms and applications since a straw-man attack over Sandy Hook was used to blame him for saying it was a false flag and that he was harassing the parents of... [read more]

Russia has constantly warned the USA they are going to bomb ISIS and the Americans decide to put troops in as human shields for al-Qaeda and ISIS

September 16th, 2018
Russia has constantly warned the USA they are going to bomb ISIS and the Americans decide to put troops in as human shields for al-Qaeda and ISIS By Dark Politricks and video by Blackstone Intelligence If you know what is going on in Syria you will know the war is about two competing oil pipelines. One heavily backed by the Rothschild's, Rupert... [read more]

Redacted Tonight – Where Americans should come to get REAL news about their country and how criminal it is

September 10th, 2018
Where Americans should come to get REAL news about their country and how criminal it is By Dark Politricks Redacted Tonight Where Americans in America reporting on American news get called "Foreign Agents". They call it Russian state news, despite everyone and the studio being in the US and reporting on American issues not Russian ones. I... [read more]

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I also have a backup of the FOX News series that looked into Israeli connections to 9.11. Obviously FOX removed that as soon as AIPAC, ADL and the rest of the Hasbra brigade protested.

I also have a copy of the the original Liberal Democrats Freedom Bill which was quickly and quietly removed from their site once they enacted and replaced with some watered down rubbish instead once they got into power. No change to police tactics, protesting or our unfair extradition treaty with the USA but we did get a stop to being clamped on private land instead of the mny great ideas in the original.

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Tijuana Mayor Denounces ‘Horde’ Of Caravan Migrants, Calls For Swift Deportation

Tijuana Mayor Denounces ‘Horde’ Of Caravan Migrants, Calls For Swift Deportation

Daily Caller
November 18, 2018

Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum said Thursday that caravan migrants arriving by the hundreds are no longer welcome, an increasingly common sentiment among residents of the Mexican border city.

Gastelum described the caravan of Central American migrants as a horde that has been infiltrated by criminals who now threaten the community, in an interview with Milenio Television.

Tijuana is a city of immigrants, but we dont want them in this way, the mayor, a member of the conservative National Action Party, said. It was different with the Haitians, they carried papers, they were in order. It wasnt a horde, pardon the expression.

Gastelum called on the Mexican government to deport the caravan migrants as soon as possible.

Youre going to tell me we have to respect human rights, he said. But human rights are for law-abiding humans.

Read more

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Secular Talk: World's Creepiest Trump Supporter Has A George Soros Tramp Stamp

Secular Talk: World's Creepiest Trump Supporter Has A George Soros Tramp Stamp

By Secular Talk

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Why This Planet Is Becoming Uninhabitable

Why This Planet Is Becoming Uninhabitable

By Eric Zuesse.

And Even Trump Now Acknowledges that Man-Made Global Warming Spells Doom

Eric Zuesse

There are now overt indications that this planet is becoming uninhabitable. Not only are increasing numbers of humans migrating from near the Equator, northward toward nations that have more temperate climates, but also there are stronger and more frequent hurricanes and longer droughts and spreading desertification and larger and more frequent forest fires, all of which are lowering agricultural productivity in the global-overheating areas from which these migrants are coming. This is forcing billions of people to relocate from rural farming southern regions into big cities, and ultimately toward the cooler climates of the more-polar regions, as the large central Equatorial belt of our increasingly hot planet becomes less and less inhabitable for more and more of the people who are so unfortunate as to be still living there. Thus, instead of food being grown in that broad Equatorial belt where the Earth is fat and large, its increasingly being grown near the narrow, tiny, polar region. Agriculture is moving northward, and, as it does so, it will be occupying a band too small to feed the world. Agriculture is thus being severely threatened worldwide by global heating. Starvation will consequently soar, as this planet increasingly burns.

The inhabitable portion of this planet is shrinking, decade-by-decade, and especially century-by-century. A reasonable expectation would be that the grandchildren of todays generation will routinely fight each other for food.

The Trump Administration finally now publicly accepts that all these things will happen, and sooner than scientists had been predicting even as recently as only a decade ago. But this Presidential Administration is determined to do nothing about it.

Here is the summary statement of the Trump Administrations rationale for abolishing the Obama Administrations anti-global-warming fuel-economy standards, as the Trump Administration has stated it, on page 107 of their finalized document. (The original document, which was their Draft Environmental Impact Statement on this matter, had been dated July 2018.) This final document was issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on 16 October 2018. The public-comment period on that document closed ten days later, on 26 October 2018, and the document says:

[page 107:]

NHTSAs Environmental Impact Statement performed for this rulemaking shows that the preferred alternative [abolishing the Obama Administrations fuel-economy standard] would result in 3/1,000ths of a degree Celsius increase in global average temperatures by 2100, relative to the standards finalized in 2012 [which Trump is abolishing]. On a net CO2 basis, the results are similarly minor. The following graph compares the estimated atmospheric CO2 concentration (789.76 ppm) in 2100 under the proposed standards to the estimated level (789.11 ppm) under the standards [being abolished] set forth in 2012 or [only] an 8/100ths of a percentage increase [as compared to the Obama-standards]:

Figure 2-4 – Estimated Atmospheric CO2 Concentration in 2100

Net Benefits from Preferred Alternative

Maintaining the MY 2020 curves for MYs 2021-2026 will save American consumers, the auto industry, and the public in general a considerable amount of money as compared to if EPA retained the previously-set CO2 standards and NHTSA finalized the augural [original] standards. This was identified as the preferred alternative, in part, because it maximizes net benefits compared to the other alternatives analyzed. Comment is sought on whether this is an appropriate basis for selection. [But that comment-period has already ended.]

A 789 ppm (parts per-million) CO2 (carbon dioxide) level compares against todays 407 ppm, and that 382 ppm increase will, according to their Draft Environmental Impact Statement , raise global atmospheric temperatures by an estimated 3.48 C (6.27 F) between now and the end of this century. That documents summary asserts:

Global mean surface temperature is projected to increase by approximately 3.48 C (6.27 F).

Projected sea-level rise in 2100 ranges from a low of 76.28 centimeters (30.03 inches) to a high of 76.34 centimeters (30.06 inches) [depending upon which policy-option they adopt].

With ocean-levels being raised around a yard by this centurys end, and hurricane-intensities being substantially increased, many coastal areas will have to become abandoned. Their plunged property-values havent even begun to be priced in to their inevitable downward spiral toward zero usability and thus economic worthlessness, as the coasts move inland. Since the self-reinforcing effects of higher ppm causing higher temperatures causing even higher ppm, temperatures have become clearly a vicious circle thats beyond control, so that a yard higher by 2010 could become ten yards higher, much faster than the Paris Climate Accord was assuming would be the case if the world makes no policy changes at all which is what Trump wants: no policy-changes. The shoddy Paris Agreement benchmark was to avoid exceeding 1.5 degree Centigrade or around 2.7 degree Fahrenheit temperature-rise by 2100, but that now clearly cannot be achieved, and so Trump and other recent global-warming deniers are vindicating themselves by saying that the failure to do something when something could have been done is confirmation that they were right, after all. They were right to say Dont feed the horse, because now the horse can no longer even be salvaged.


5.3.4 Tipping Points and Abrupt Climate Change

The term tipping point is most typically used, in the context of climate change, to describe situations in which the climate system (the atmosphere, hydrosphere, land, cryosphere, and biosphere) reaches a point at which a disproportionally large or singular response in a climate affected system occurs as a result of a moderate additional change in the inputs to that system (such as an increase in the CO2 concentration). [It] could result in abrupt changes in the climate or any part of the climate system. Abrupt climate changes could occur so quickly and unexpectedly that human systems would have difficulty adapting to them.

They are asserting what the scientific consensus has been asserting for the past fifty years, and with ever-increasing confidence: that the graph of future temperatures is now like a hockey-stick, and weve reached the suddenly and increasingly upward far-right side of it, where theres runaway global heating and will soon (perhaps within even 200 years) be global burnout an unlivable planet.

Basically, the Trump Administration is saying that by the present centurys end, this planet will be hellish, and that it will become unlivable soon thereafter, and that nothing can be done now to prevent any of this, because its too late to start and runaway global heating has already begun and it cant be stopped.

The Trump Administration is therefore saying to its Republican base, that they had been suckers to believe them when they were asserting that global warming is a hoax (and had even been making fun of the people who were taking seriously the global-warming threat), or that its not Man-made; Trump is now publicly saying that it is Man-made, and that Man has, in fact, done it, and its now too late to stop or even to slow significantly; so, we should just forget about it. Their changed message now is: Buy your gas-guzzlers, because lifes going to be hell for your grandchildren and for virtually everyone anyway, so dont worry about it.

Rex Tillerson, before he became Trumps Secretary of State, was the CEO of ExxonMobil; and on 29 May 2013 he addressed his stockholders likewise that the reason not to worry about global warming is that it cant be stopped. Here is the opening of one news-report about that, at the time:

Exxon Mobil CEO: We’re Going In, Can’t Pull Up, Brace For Impact

2 June 2013. Julian Cox

May 29th in what is set to become a defining moment in the history of capitalism; Rex Tillerson, the CEO of the world’s most valuable company, Exxon Mobil (XOM), in an address to shareholders redefined the meaning of rational self interest for the markets everywhere in a short series of astonishing quotes:

“What good is it to save the planet if humanity suffers?” “We do not see a viable pathway with any known technology today to achieve the 350 [ppm] outcome that is not devastating to economies, societies and peoples’ health and well-being around the world,”

“So the real question is, do you want to keep arguing about that and pursuing something that cannot be achieved at costs that will be detrimental? Or do you want to talk about what’s the path we should be on and how do we mitigate and prepare for the consequences as they present themselves?”

The most interesting things about these statements:

1. No more denial of scientific evidence.

2. No more diversion about whether human activity or something else is to blame.

3. No more disingenuous claims that NG or Hydrogen are clean fuels.

Just an honest and straightforward macroeconomic outlook: We are on a collision course with the consequences of rising CO2 levels, we cannot afford to stop it, and so there is nothing Exxon can offer but a warning to prepare for the worst.

Heres one of the numerous studies that have been done showing how the free-market approach has produced this coming hell-on-earth. To summarize its proven-true message: Making suckers of people is extremely profitable, and the richest people are the ones who are the most adept at doing it. Theyve won. Pity our grandchildren.

Some American teens (who definitely arent suckers) are suing the U.S. Government for violating the U.S. Constitutions requirement to promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity by the Governments having refused to do what it must do against climate-change. The Trump Administration (on behalf of investors in Americas coal, oil, and gas corporations) unsuccessfully tried to block the suit.

Tillerson, to his stockholders, and now Trump, to his voters, say: Just have fun. Dont worry about any grandchildren, and not even about your own children. This is the message, both to psychopathic stockholders, and to stupid voters. Its obviously a winning message. It has already won. Its the way any aristocracy wins: by lies, plus their societal system in which no accountability exists for the kingpins at the top of even the biggest crime that has ever been perpetrated, this world-ending crime. It is dictatorship by the aristocracy. Thats what weve had. And thats the reason why this planet is becoming uninhabitable and why the process is now unstoppable runaway global burning, soon to become hell-on-Earth. No religious Apocalypse. Just the result of billionaire psychopaths, and their fools.

Back in 2017, when the Paris Climate Agreement goal was to keep global temperature rise well below 2 Celsius and the realistic expectation was that temperatures will rise between 2C and 4.9C by 2100 , there were no official predictions, anywhere, of a 3.48 C (6.27 F) rise by 2100. In 2017, the fear was that the migrant-crisis might be One Billion by 2050 , and Up To 2 Billion Refugees By 2100 , and clearly the Trump Administration now accepts it. Trumps response to this catastrophe is urgently to send the military and razor-wire to our southern border in order to block those people from getting out of their increasing hell. What these emigrants experience now is what all Americans will be experiencing in coming decades, but todays refugees from the south are already experiencing it, and trying to escape it. They are trying to escape a global problem that the U.S. did more than any other country to cause.

By far, the one nation that (especially on a per-capita basis) has produced the largest percentage of CO2 in the global atmosphere is the U.S. the very same nation that has now abandoned the Paris Climate Agreement because that Agreement doesnt sufficiently place the burden of clean-up from this catastrophic mess upon other nations, such as India and other near-Equatorial lands which are mainly in the near-Equatorial areas that will be suffering the most from the overheating that the U.S. has done more than any other nation to cause. For some reason, these victim-countries are not economically sanctioning and boycotting the products and services from their chief victimizer, their chief bringer-of-doom. Either the victim-countries will retaliate until the victimizer-country is forced to agree to take the exceptional steps that it would now need to take in order to reverse the global process that is unfolding, or else the victim-countries will let the U.S. continue to rape the planet. For the United States, the requirements should be and must be required to be far more stringent than are applied to the developing countries especially. If the U.S. will take that conscientious and intelligent path, then perhaps the U.S. will even lead the world to the technological breakthroughs that will now be needed in order to be able to reverse global warming. The U.S. would also benefit from doing that. Global burnout will otherwise destroy every nation. But if the victim-countries avoid forcing the U.S. to do what it must, the victim-countries will be raped even harder. Clearly, now, the United States wont do what it needs to do, unless its forced to. The U.S. must be forced to become a decent member of the global community of nations. Or else, the world is doomed.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of Theyre Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRISTS VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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The Political Rebellion Gathers Momentum

The Political Rebellion Gathers Momentum

By Charles Hugh Smith

The Ruling Class that wants us to love our servitude incites us to seek divisions: between red and blue, left and right, progressive and conservative, and so on. The Ruling Class in the mainstream media, in Washington D.C. and in Silicon Valley are experts at manipulating language and terminology to divide and conquer.

But beneath the superficial red-blue divide they are hawking, a broad-based political rebellion against the Oligarchy and their Ruling Class nomenklatura is gathering momentum. People left, right and center are awakening to two painfully obvious realities:

1. the political-social-economic system no longer works for the bottom 95%

2. the system is intrinsically unfair–rigged to benefit the few at the expense of the many.

The bottom 95% lack the political influence of the Oligarchy, and so their only means of expressing their disapproval is at the ballot box, by rejecting the approved mainstream candidates in favor of candidates who might move the needle in a rigged system.

What are the core economic issues that people are trying to solve at the ballot box?

1. The systemic lack of fairness: the growing sense that opportunities are not being distributed as widely or fairly as they once were; ruling elites now have advantages the rest of us dont.

This advantage is very basic: capital has accrued most of the gains of the past decades growth and asset appreciation, labors share of the GDP continues to slide.

Much of the wealth is controlled by corporate-state cartels operating rentier skims: prices rise while quality and quantity of goods and services remains the same or decline. This is more akin to extortion than a free-market competitive market.

The pathway to middle-class security that was viewed as a birthright no longer works: go to college, get a secure job, buy a house, etc. A university diploma now saddles students with the equivalent of a mortgage in many cases, while housing in strong job markets has soared out of reach of all but the top 5%.

2. In response, people seek a political solution to systemic unfairness. In general, there are two solutions being offered:

A. Establish political limits on globalization, which is viewed as rewarding the few at the expense of the many. Opponents of deglobalization label this nationalism to tar it with unsavory connotations but this misses the point: globalization can indeed be exploitive and benefit the few at the top. The notion that a rising tide raises all boats overlooks the asymmetric distribution of globalizations gains.

B. Establish QE for the People policies, which broadly speaking are political policies designed to more fairly redistribute the nations wealth and income thats increasingly concentrated in the hands of the top few.

QE for the People policies include higher infrastructure spending (as that creates jobs and benefits all of society), tax credits for the working poor, Universal Basic Income (UBI), and ideas such as publicly owned banks.

To pay for QE for the People policies, proponents seek higher taxes on the wealthy and higher public spending, even if it is funded by debt (selling bonds).

Political solutions to embedded unfairness / inequality / rigged systems / diminished opportunities (i.e. asymmetric gains and unfair advantages) may be politically sound but economically unsound, that is, these policies might have unintended consequences: for example, borrowing large sums to pay for UBI and other costly programs might create inflation, raising the governments borrowing costs and squeezing social spending while reducing the purchasing power of household earnings.

If we conclude that asymmetric gains, unfair advantages and rising inequality are systemic, then political policies should address the fundamental structural problems: for example, anti-trust enforcement that breaks up the stranglehold of cartels and rentier arrangements in healthcare, higher education, media, Silicon Valley, national defense, etc.

When was the last time a monopoly or quasi-monopoly was broken up? A generation ago, or was it two generations ago? The Oligarchy now has such a tight grip on the centers of power, the traditional limits on concentrated wealth and power have been fatally enfeebled.

In response, the bottom 95% are rebelling. Loving your servitude sounds wonderful if you’re in the top 5% reaping the gains of aiding and abetting the Oligarchy’s tightening stranglehold on power, but the bottom 95% are sick and tired of a rigged, dysfunctional system that’s destroying the social contract to further enrich the few and their technocrat enablers.

In other words, policies that limit the exploitation/predation of the Oligarchy and their enforcers do more than redistribute income: they rebalance the tilted playing field and widen competition and opportunity rather than merely distribute free money.

Gordon Long and I discuss these topics in a new video program:

Election Takeaways (32:12 min):

My new mystery The Adventures of the Consulting Philosopher: The Disappearance of Drake is a ridiculously affordable $1.29 (Kindle) or $8.95 (print); read the first chapters for free (PDF)

My book Money and Work Unchained is now $6.95 for the Kindle ebook and $15 for the print edition.

Read the first section for free in PDF format.

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Secular Talk: Fox News Fearmongers About Insanely Popular Gun Reform

Secular Talk: Fox News Fearmongers About Insanely Popular Gun Reform

By Secular Talk

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