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Is it convenience or just pure luck….

November 6th, 2015
Is it convenience or just pure luck.... By Dark Politricks Be-ware - isn't it funny how in the same week a bomb went off (possibly) in a Russian Plane over Egypt that reports on the UK intelligence services listening to ALL OUR PHONE CALLS FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS - for our own protection of course, no-one makes a squeak of protest. Also the NEW... [read more]

Tony Blair Finally Apologises For Iraq War

October 26th, 2015
Tony Blair Finally Apologises For Iraq War By Dark Politricks After years of denials, non apologies and dismal of any suggestion that he and George Bush have caused havoc by starting the illegal Iraq war, Tony Blair in an interview on CNN finally apologised for the Iraq war, and the havoc it caused afterwards including the rise of ISIS. In his... [read more]

Are we heading for World War III over Syria?

October 25th, 2015
Are we heading for World War III over Syria? By Dark Politricks With recent "unconfirmed" reports of Russian planes being shot down by NATO countries e.g Turkey, and that UK planes have been given orders to shoot down Russian planes, are our leaders stupid enough to lead us into World War III? Senior defence sources said British fighters are likely... [read more]

Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe awarded “China’s Nobel peace prize”

October 22nd, 2015
Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe awarded "China's Nobel peace prize" Confucius peace prize chairman defends decision to give award to leader accused of using systematic violence and torture to maintain grip on power Dark Politricks says.... I think this is China taking the piss out of US President Obama for having being given the Nobel Peace... [read more]

Jeremy Corbyn’s Full Speech at The 2015 Labour Party Conference

September 30th, 2015
Jeremy Corbyn's Full Speech at The 2015 Labour Party Conference By Dark Politricks As the Tory right-wing papers have got bored with #piggate they are back to slagging off the new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. They see any disagreement in the party as a major split, every discussion as a failed policy, and attack Corbyn at every turn. Maybe it's... [read more]

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Is it convenience or just pure luck….

Is it convenience or just pure luck….

By Dark Politricks

Be-ware – isn’t it funny how in the same week a bomb went off (possibly) in a Russian Plane over Egypt that reports on the UK intelligence services listening to ALL OUR PHONE CALLS FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS – for our own protection of course, no-one makes a squeak of protest.

Also the NEW SNOOPERS CHARTER – Once one the Tories were against, is now one they want so they can monitor all our web traffic history, your porn site history, those weird gifts you bought online you thought no-one would know about it for at least a year at the least.


They talk about US courts having to get warrants but the FISA court rubber stamped 99.6% of all warrant requests for more intel on the calls (e.g listening in, reading emails, not just who rang X at Y or who emailed X at Y, were given out.  Do you think we would be any different.

Plus a top cop could start the ball rolling with the snooping they only need the warrant for more detailed info – you know like the exact text message you sent to you mate in Pakistan who may have a dodgy cousin he never speaks to but is up to no good somehow. This is just the start.

Plus to find out that we have had all our phone calls listened to for the last 10 years with no democratic oversight is just plain GCHQ / NSA bollocks. It comes as no surprise to me they bring all this news out the same week as a “possible terrorist explosion” happened on a Russian plane.

I wouldn’t have put it past the CIA to have organised it anyway, through cut outs of course, just to get back at Russia for sticking their nose in over Ukraine and Syria. Two countries Russia have a right to stick their nose in and WE DON’T.

So some (CIA/ISIS/Egyptian Stooge of either) blew up a Russian plane (maybe in response to MH17 – not that UK Intelligence would tell us if CIA had done it.

I can imagine a conversation between the heads of our intelligence.

“we got them god dam Ruskies back for Ukraine, they will think twice now, they will get the message it was us…”

Not that our intelligence services would ever tell us the truth of WHY they thought it was a terrorist / intelligence / false flag attack.

No that is need to know – and people flying on board the planes destined to blow up don’t have any need to know. They just need money and food to keep them going as they are stuck out in Egypt.

Remember how murky the Lockerbie bombing was – A magic key piece of evidence found by a CIA officer in Scotland just bimbling around the site over miles. 2 people handed over despite promises that they wouldn’t by Gadaffi. A phoney trial and then a phoney jail sentence ensued. If you think these sort of false flag attacks don’t happen read what the Indonesian President said about the Bali nightclub bombing.

One was acquitted the other jailed until Blair kissed Gaddafi and promised he would be home soon through some Scottish Judiciary tweaks about his ill heaths.

So in the same week, news of all our phone calls being recorded over 10 years AND the new snoopers charter letting them read Facebook messages, WhatsApp and Skype messages and preventing strong encryption is also brought out is this just convient or just luck for our intelligence services.

The axis of war – US/UK/France has ruined the Middle East – destroyed Libya and caused massive migration by trying to destabilise Syria for no good reason apart from it was on US/Israel’s list of countries to turn over AFTER 9/11.

Libya is now split in 2 with 2 governments, even an area controlled by ISIS and one government has to meet on a boat at sea due to rebels in control of town and areas.

The TV channel the US seem to hate with a passion, Russia Today, I admit is not exactly fair and balanced when it comes to things Russia does badly but at least ALL THEIR airstrikes on Syria, where they have been invited to bomb ALL terrorists, unlike us and the US/UK/Turkey etc, are all on YouTube. Plus they respond to every US accusation with facts not that western media reports on it.

The US comes up with unsubstantiated stories from the Internet and social media about Russian missiles hitting Iran or hospitals or the “moderates” e.g the Free Syrian Army.

Are these the same moderates who were caught with lots of SARIN Nerve gas in Turkey, filmed themselves eating hearts and lungs of a dead Syrian soldier and sold a US journalist to ISIS so he could be beheaded?

Moderate my ass.

As Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at the UN recently: “If it looks like a terrorist, if it acts like a terrorist, if it walks like a terrorist, if it fights like a terrorist, it’s a terrorist, right? – true or false?

So let the people who want to defeat ISIS properly do the job.

The Russians have done more in a month than we have in a year.

Iran, Iraq, Syria, Kurds with their all female attack brigades rescuing 10 year old sex slaves from ISIS whilst avoiding Turkish bombs with Russia’s help, are all fighting together to defeat this beast.

All we seem to be doing more to impede Russia and help the enemy.

All we have done is dropped a few bombs, let Turkey join in and bomb their Kurdish enemies in Syria, whilst accusing Russia of bombing the “moderate FSA”, and hospitals – without any facts to back this up of course.

However the US accuse Russia of doing exactly what they do ALL the time.

Have we forgotten the recent attack in Afghanistan where they recently bombed a hospital and even shot at survivors in wheel chairs who tried to escape the carnage.

Apparently this standard US attack methodology. Don’t ever forget the Collateral Murder” video. When WikiLeaks revealed the US helicopter killing unarmed journalists and men walking down a street then shot up an ambulance that arrived to help them severely injuring two children inside and killing their father.

Even US soldiers who arrived on the scene afterwards left the army in disgust because of this act.

Hospitals, weddings, funerals, it doesn’t matter. It’s like they are trying to create as many more terrorists as possible before they leave without winning the war (again) so that they can start another war somewhere else.


As I have repeatedly said. If we wanted to stop ISIS we could very easily.

We need to just sit down with the Saudi Arabians ans QATAR and tell them to stop funding and arming ISIS or else we will stop buying your oil and selling you planes, tanks and arms that somehow always seem to end up in ISIS and other jihadists hands.

The problem is when it comes down to it we prefer selling guns to a country who cuts more heads off than ISIS and jails and whips women gang raped for being out alone (her fault apparently for being alone) – so we want ISIS to be there to push through these civil liberty destroying measures.

Beware of the bogeyman under your bed.

It wears an ISIS Burka with a CIA and a Saudi funder and it’s there to scare you into giving over MORE of our reclining civil liberties.

By Dark Politricks


© 2015 Dark Politricks

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Downing of Russian Su-24 looks like a planned provocation – Lavrov

Downing of Russian Su-24 looks like a planned provocation

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Turkey’s Actions Show the Despair of the Regime Change Camp

Turkeys Actions Show the Despair of the Regime Change Camp
By Dan Glazebrook

Turkeys shooting down of a Russian jet today shows the utter desperation currently sweeping through the regime change camp as Russia closes in on the death squads in Syria and does so with massive international support.

At 9.30am on Tuesday morning, a Russian SU-24 jet was shot down by Turkish fighter planes. Its pilots were then allegedly killed by Syrian Turkmen anti-government militias, with the body of one paraded on camera in a video that was immediately posted on youtube. Turkey claimed the jet had encroached on Turkish airspace, but Russia maintains the plane was shot down well inside Syrian territory, 4km from the Turkish border. Rather than calling Russia to defuse any tension arising from the attack, Turkey then immediately called an emergency NATO meeting to ramp it up – as if we shot down their plane , Putin commented, and not they ours.

To make sense of this apparently senseless provocation, it is necessary to cut through the multiple layers of obfuscation which surround Western narratives around Syria and ISIS. The reality is that the forces essentially line up today just as they did at the outbreak of this crisis in 2011: with the West, Turkey and the gulf monarchies sponsoring an array of death squads bent on bringing down the Syrian government; and Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria (obviously) and Hezbollah resisting this project; the rise of ISIS has not fundamentally changed this underlying dynamic. Indeed, the next-to-useless impact of the Wests year-long phony war against ISIS – alongside its relentless funneling of weaponry to militias with an, at best, ambiguous relationship with Al Qaeda and ISIS – has demonstrated that the Syrian state (or Assad to use the Wests puerile personalization) remains the ultimate target of the Wests Syria policy. As Obama himself put it, the goal is not to eliminate ISIS, but rather to contain them that is, keep them focused on weakening Syria and Iraq, and not US allies like Jordan, Turkey or the USs favoured Kurdish factions. In civil wars, there are only ever really two sides: those who want the insurgency to overthrow the government, and those who want the government to defeat the insurgency. In the Syrian civil war, NATO remains on the same side as ISIS. In this sense, Putin is entirely correct when he commented on the Turkish attack it was a stab in the back, carried out by the accomplices of terrorists and asked: do they want to make NATO serve ISIS?

Russias direct entry into the Syrian conflict two months ago, however, has caused utter panic in the regime change camp. Belying all their anti-ISIS rhetoric, the US and Britain were openly horrified that Russia might actually be putting up an effective fight against the group and restoring governmental authority to the ungoverned spaces in which it thrives. Immediately, the West began warning of blowback to Russia, and ramping up advanced arms shipments to the insurgency. Within a month, a Russian passenger plane was blown up, with ISIS claiming responsibility and British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond calling the attack a warning shot. It was a shot alright, aimed not only at Russia, but also at her allies; the downing of the plane on Egyptian soil was a deliberate act of economic war against the Egyptian tourist industry, a punishment for Egypts support for Russia and Syria and its choking off of fighters to Syria since Sisi came to power. Then, two weeks later, came the attack on Paris. White supremacist niceties prevented Hammond calling that a warning shot , but that is precisely what it was, this time at those within the regime change/ anti-Russia camp who were showing signs of wobbling. Hollande had suggested back in January that sanctions on Russia should be lifted asap, and more recently had showed a willingness to cooperate with Russia militarily over Syria: a red line for Frances Atlantic partners. This is what France was being punished for.

Nevertheless, the net continues to close on the Wests death squad project in Syria. From the start the key to ISIS success has been, firstly, the porous Syria-Turkey border, through which Turkey has allowed a free flow of fighters and weapons back and forth for the past four years, and secondly, the massive amounts of finance ISIS receives both from oil sales and from donors in countries prepared to turn a blind eye to terror financing. In recent weeks, all of this has been threatened by the Russian-led alliance (of which France is increasingly willing to be a part).

The past week has seen a large scale Syrian ground offensive, supported with Russian air cover, in precisely the Syrian-Turkish border region which is the death squads lifeline: a move which prompted the Turkish foreign ministry to warn of serious consequences if the Russian airstrikes continued. Simultaneously, Russia has embarked on a major campaign against ISIS reportedly 1000-strong oil tanker fleet which is so crucial to the groups financial success. As the Institute for the Study of War reported, Russian military chief of staff Col. Gen. Andrey Kartapolov announced on November 18 “Russian warplanes are now flying on a free hunt” against ISIS-operated oil tanker trucks traveling back and forth from Syria and Iraq, claiming that Russian strikes had destroyed over 500 ISIS-operated oil trucks in the past “several days.” This massive dent in the groups oil transporting capacity even shamed the US into belatedly and somewhat half-heartedly launching similar attacks of their own. The smashing of ISIS oil industry will not only be a blow to the entire death squad project, but will directly affect Turkey, widely thought to be involved in the transportation of ISIS-produced oil, and even Erdogans family itself, as it is the company run by his son Bilal that is believed to be running the illicit trade.

Finally, France yesterday announced a crackdown on ISIS financiers, and demanded other countries do the same. French Finance Minister Michel Sapin implied that the report to the G20 on the issue last month was a whitewash, and demanded that the international Financial Action Task Force be much more explicit in its report to the next G20 finance meeting in February about which countries are lax in terms of terror financing. The move is very likely to expose not only Turkey and Saudi Arabia but also, given HSBCs links to Al Qaeda, the City of London. Indeed, as the Politico website noted, Sapin specifically said that considering the reputation of the City of London, he would be vigilant on the U.K.s implementation of EU-agreed measures to clamp down on money laundering and exchange financial information on shady transactions or individuals .The reactions to his demands that implementation of tougher EU regulations be moved forward will also be instructive (in another move exposing the total lack of urgency in the Wests supposed war on ISIS, they are currently not due to be implemented for another two years).

And on top of all this, the UN Security Council finally passed a resolution authorizing all necessary measures to be used against ISIS, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Syria, effectively granting UN approval to Russias intervention. As Pepe Escobar has pointed out, French support for the resolution rendered it politically impossible for the US or UK to use their veto although US ambassador Samantha Power, an extreme Russophobe and regime changer, registered her disapproval by failing to turn up for the vote and sending a junior official along instead.

In other words, on all sides the net is closing in on the Wests death squad project in Syria. Turkeys actions today have merely demonstrated, again, the impotent rage of those who have thrown in their chips with a disastrous and bloody attempt to remake the Middle East. Syria is indeed becoming the Stalingrad of the regime changers the rock on which the imperial folly of the West and its regional imitators may finally be broken.

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  • Dan Glazebrook is author of Divide and Ruin: The West’s Imperial Strategy in an Age of Crisis. Read other articles by Dan.

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    Video: “Moderate Muslims” Support Stoning Women For Adultery, Executing Gays

    Video: “Moderate Muslims” Support Stoning Women For Adultery, Executing Gays

    “Every Muslim believes in these things”

    Paul Joseph Watson
    November 25, 2015

    Video footage out of Norway proves that the notion of “moderate Islam” is a complete myth and that far more than a tiny minority of Muslims harbor violent, intolerant and extremist views.

    During a conference held in May 2013, Norwegian Islamic leader Fahad Qureshi complains that the media often frames views such as “the death penalty for homosexuals” or the subjugation of women as only being held by radical Muslims.

    “I always try to tell them that….these are general views that every Muslim actually has….every Muslim believes in these things,” says Qureshi.

    Qureshi then asks the audience of Muslim attendees – black, white and Arab – to raise their hands if they agree with gender segregation and stoning women for adultery, as taught by the Koran.

    Virtually every single ‘moderate’ Muslim in the room raises their hand to agree with these positions.

    Qureshi then asks the audience if they go to “normal Sunni mosques in Norway.” Virtually everyone raises their hand in agreement once again.

    “What are the politicians going to say now? What is the media going to say now? That we are all extremists? That we are all radicals? That we need to deport all of us from this country?” states Qureshi.

    The chillingly ironic thing is of course that in trying to argue that most Muslims are not ‘radical extremists’, Qureshi only proves the point that so-called “moderate” Muslims do in fact hold radical, violent and extreme views about the treatment of women and homosexuals.

    The clip attests to the fact that – as documented in the rest of the video – intolerant and hateful viewpoints are not just held by a tiny minority of “radical” Muslims, they are held by most Muslims period, and they’re taken directly from the Koran.

    If such views were espoused by extreme right-wingers, liberals would be up in arms, but because Muslims rank far higher in the ‘oppression olympics’ table, so-called “progressives” are frightened to criticize Islam for fear of being labeled politically incorrect or racist (despite the fact that Islam is not a race).

    “Theres an expression for what you just saw: from the horses mouth,” writes Stephen Crowder. “Not the pigs mouth, thats racist or Islamophobic. A group of admitted, mainstream, moderate Sunni Muslims, who attend regular, average mosques, are totally cool with whatever punishment Allah says is the best punishment. Killing the gays? For sure. Stoning your woman for adultery? Totes cool. Her eyes probably lingered a bit too long on that Justin Beiber poster.”

    “What these Muslims in this video are not okay with? Being told theyre extreme for these views. They want the world to know that moderate, mainstream Islam holds the same views as the radical Islamists who blow themselves up. The men in this video (I didnt see any women, but maybe theyre there, in the back, where they belong ) sent a message to the media apologists and politicians. The message: theres no such thing as extreme Islam.”

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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    Paris crisis (cr-ISIS) actors ‘duping delight,’ same actors at different false flags; had enough to demand arrests or need more duping?

    Paris crisis (cr-ISIS) actors duping delight, same actors at different false flags; had enough to demand arrests or need more duping?

    By Carl Herman

    hat tips:, and all the outstanding patriots creating the following videos and articles!

    Although fascinating to examine evidence of .01% false flag crimes, We the People already have abundant and irrefutable evidence to demand arrests for Emperors New Clothes obvious crimes of:

    My point is that we need not fully prove the .01%s crime du jour with an apparent French false flag to proceed with ending the .01%s duping, looting, and murdering of We the People. Indeed, as W. Bushs Senior Advisor Karl Rove chided Pulitzer-winning journalist Ron Suskind on this point. Rove said:

    Guys like [Suskind] were in what we call the reality-based community, which he defined as people who believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality. Thats not the way the world really works anymore, he continued. Were an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while youre studying that reality judiciously, as you will well act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and thats how things will sort out. Were historys actors and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.

    And that said, consider some brief video evidence of duping delight and evidence of false flag crisis actors.

    1. 2-minute video: apparent Paris crisis actor smiling literally over ten times while allegedly explaining witnessing a death of a person she tried to save. She claims to be a physician, but seems void of that professional understanding despite the language barrier:

    2. 6-minute video: apparent Paris crisis actor again smiling over ten times, with montage of several other apparent crisis actors with duping delight, and fake tears:

    3. 1-minute video: please embrace the reality that 40% of US children live at least one year of their lives in under-measured poverty, while oligarchs most responsible literally laugh in grandiose glee of the poverty they euphemise as income inequality. The global death toll of income inequality since 1995 is over 400 million human deaths in gruesomely slow agony; more deaths from all wars in recorded history. Please absorb this 1-minute reality check:

    4. 1-minute video: the same crisis actor was used at 9/11 and LAX. Please note the LAX alleged shooters name: CIA-n-CIA (Paul Ciancia):

    5. 2-minute video: the LAX shooting /drill took 3 officers time in the middle of an alleged emergency to practice wheelchairing a plastic dummy away from the danger??? The LAPD Chief states: We practiced the exact scenario that we played out today.

    6. 2-minute video: mysterious alleged Sandy Hook shooters classmate Alex Israel (note that last name) is the same crisis actor as Katie Foley, alleged sister of allegedly beheaded James Foley. Note the multiple duping delight expressions:

    A more detailed 10-minute video to prove this point with identical facial composition:

    7. 5-minute video: more duping delight from a claimed FSU witness, with expert testimony on what duping delight is:

    8. 5-minute video: staged gunfire and scripted lines for CNN to allege violence in Syria; complete with multiple duping delights:

    9. 2-minute video: Alleged Sandy Hook children alive and well at 2013 Super Bowl according to the photographic evidence, with no names given at this famous event, with the Chair of the Newtown School Board claiming to not remember this event and no official records for permission and planning, no apparent grief from the children just a few weeks after the alleged massacre, and no further performances:


    Note: I make all factual assertions as a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History, with all economics factual claims receiving zero refutation since I began writing in 2008 among Advanced Placement Macroeconomics teachers on our discussion board, public audiences of these articles, and international conferences. I invite readers to empower their civic voices with the strongest comprehensive facts most important to building a brighter future. I challenge professionals, academics, and citizens to add their voices for the benefit of all Earths inhabitants.


    Carl Herman is a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History; also credentialed in Mathematics. He worked with both US political parties over 18 years and two UN Summits with the citizens lobby, RESULTS, for US domestic and foreign policy to end poverty. He can be reached at [email protected]

    Note: has blocked public access to my articles on their site (and from other whistleblowers), so some links in my previous work are blocked. If youd like to search for those articles other sites may have republished, use words from the article title within the blocked link. Or, go to, paste the expired link into the box, click Browse history, then click onto the screenshots of that page for each time it was screen-shot and uploaded to webarchive. Ill update as hobby time allows; including my earliest work from 2009 to 2011 (blocked author pages: here, here).


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    Killer Mike Feels the Bern & Speaks Out

    Killer Mike Feels the Bern & Speaks Out

    By CrossTalk

    Even though Ben Carson is plummeting in the polls – outsiders Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are still turning out more and more passionate crowds. But are they really winning just because they’re seen as outsiders?

    Or could there be something special about how their messages are spreading?

    For more information on the stories we’ve covered visit our websites at – and You can also watch tonight’s show on Hulu – at and over at The Big Picture YouTube page. And – be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

    View the original video for Killer Mike Feels the Bern & Speaks Out at

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