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Here Comes World War III

If You Thought The War Was Ukraine v Russia Get Ready For A Shock 

By Dark Politricks

Here comes World War 3 as Biden sends Ukraine long range missiles that they can fire into Russia.....

What does he not get about red lines?

Does the USA think they are really the only country that can set them? As Putin has shown he is no bluffer when he said "Ukraine was a red line for him.", almost 20 years ago now!

Also to anyone who thinks he is "Mad" or "dying of cancer/Parkinson's", sorry but he isn't, that's typical western dissinfo for you.

However what isn't US / UK lies is that in Russia Putin is considered a dove, "a bit of a pussy" so to speak. Believe it or not but Russian people and politicians want him to annihilate Ukraine and nuke us ASAP. They think he is going too soft on Ukraine. Instead of just the 200k troops he sent for his "Special Military Operation" they want him to declare war on Ukraine and us, and mobilise the whole 2 million Russian army with conscripts and everything. That is how much of a dove Putin is.

The fact that he hasn't even fired cruise missiles into Ukrainian Military HQ centres where he knows NATO and US / UK generals are all sitting there helping plan "their" war to fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian shows what a dove he is as he doesn't want to escalate the war by killing top NATO generals which is what would happen. 

So that is restraint when he knows these US/UK politicians are breaking what they said they would not do, by visiting Kyiv like it was London on a Saturday, whilst sitting in military HQ offices, Russian intelligence MUST KNOW where they are at, and signing new $40bn orders for weapons that could start WWIII. If other Russian politicians were in power such as Lavrov or Medvedev, they would have blown up Zelenskyy, Schiff, Blinken, Boris Johnson, Nancy Pelosi and all the other "helpful visitors/ neocon warmongers" to Kyiv when they visited, just to show them they mean business and NO MEANS NO.

If you want to see WW3 then letting Ukraine have missile launchers to fire into Russia is one way of going about it as Putin has already said that selling heavy arms to Ukraine was an act of war, they have already changed their law so they can fire nukes at us for a non nuclear conventional attack on Russia. 

President Vladimir Putin endorsed Russia’s nuclear deterrent policy, which allows him to use atomic weapons in response to a conventional strike targeting the nation’s critical government and military infrastructure. So if we give Ukraine these missiles and they fire them into Russia they could nuke us back if they wanted, as they do see the war as being between NATO and Russia, Ukraine is just the battlefield. So it would be game over - no restarts!

Watch this episode of the Duran to find out what other Russians think of his softly-softly approach in Ukraine.

However, the US/UK/EU are the complete opposite, they just keep sending arms and men and ramping the war up as US politician Adam Schiff said in the house "We fight Russia over there so that we don't have to fight them here". So these US neocons honestly believe it is a war between them and Russia just that they are using Ukraine as a place to get destroyed with everyone killed or made a refugee as they organise the fighting..

Watch Adam Schiff say it in the House here.

In this photo taken from a video released by the Russian Defence Ministry on Thursday, Ukrainian servicemen in a penal colony in Olyonivka, a territory under the government of the Donetsk People's Republic's control, in Eastern Ukraine, are pictured after leaving the besieged Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. (Russian Defence Ministry Press Service/The Associated Press). 

 As they left the steelworks all the men were all strip searched for signs of NAZI tattoos and links to the AZOV brigade using facial recognition software to see if they were apart from any group responsible for the atrocities carried out in the Donbass over the last 8-year civil war.

In this video you can see Russian and DPR soldiers, stopping cars in Maripoul for signs of participation in the battles. They are looking for traces of weapons or long-term wearing of ammunition, as well as tattoos that indicate that a person belongs to the Armed Forces of Ukraine or right-wing nationalist battalions, like the AZOV Brigade.

I think that now that the AZOV NAZI's have surrendered and are being shipped off to Russia to POW camps before being tried for war crimes in the Donbass, the Ukrainian's have a severe lack of manpower.  

Guess what the average age of the surrendering or dead Ukrainian soldiers being found is? 

It's their mid 40s!

Apparently, many Ukrainian officers have been doing runners in the middle of the night so their men wake up and surrender as they don't know what to do! 

That's confidence for you when your own leaders do a runner as they are so scared of being shot by Russians, the threat of execution by the Ukrainians for desertion seems a far better option than leading your men into battle!   

I wouldn't be surprised if Russia soon started capturing young English men pretending to be Ukrainian soldiers, just shouting loudly with bad Russian accents. The sort found in the films from the 80s, such as Red Dawn and Red Heat, "I'll be back", Arnold Schwarzenegger style. I wouldn't put it past NATO (UK/US) to send troops into the war zone, pretending to be Ukrainians, just to make up for all the heavy losses Ukraine is having.

Also, the US are talking about trying to sanction OTHER countries like China, India and Brazil who won't stop buying from Russia. Read this interesting article about whether the US will sanction half the world to isolate Russia here.

It is like he wants the whole world to hate the US as these countries dependant on cheap gas and land locked countries in Europe like Hungary who is already telling the EU they cannot manage without Russian gas and can't get gas or oil by ship, as the US or UK could.

That's why there are pipe lines everywhere for easy access, one Ukraine shut off the other day, stopping the flow of gas to Europe,  but of course blamed it on the Russians. As if they are short on gas and needed to syphon it off, no really that's what UK media claimed!

If Russia (and I don't know why they haven't yet) turn all the gas pipes off into Europe the lights go off our energy bills which have already tripled since last year will skyrocket and we will be lucky if  anyone can drive anywhere or even work. 

We depend on Russian cheap gas there is no alternative. If we wanted to be like France we should have built nuclear power stations 10yrs ago as that's how long they take, we can't just whip a few up quickly (in the dark with no power), we never think ahead when it comes to stupid wars.

I just wish the politicians who cause all this mess would have to go and fight them themselves like Kings of the olden days.

Imagine Boris Johnson in a tank saluting as it rolls along in Ukraine and then Boom, as a US Javelin missile that the Russians have been collecting as trophies and keepsakes off the Ukrainians they have killed hits into him and blows his tank to bits! Actually the Javelins are not very good, the US has been selling old stock, and there are videos of Russian tanks hit by 4 or 5 who have still managed to continue fighting that is if it doesn't blow up in the person holding its arms, not that many of you would know this from our news.

It's not like the old days of Kings on horses leading Knights on a charge into battle anymore its kids who were good at playing Sega in the 90s controlling drones and RAVs from thousands of miles away.

These sanctions are hurting us more than Russia who has just had the best wheat crop in years. In an article it says that "Russia may increase its wheat crop to 80.7 million tonnes in 2022 from 75.5 million tonnes in 2021 due to good weather conditions for winter wheat", but we won't be getting any, instead we will be taking it from other countries who only have so much which is already causing food shortages and queues for hours at petrol stations across the global South.

Just look at this graph to see how much of Africa is dependent on wheat from either Russia or Ukraine. Do you think they will forgo buying from Russia, as Ukraine won't have any, just to satisfy the NATO lust for sanctioning Russia? 

Also what about the other sources, which we in the West will have bought up at higher prices long before any African or Global South country could scrape together the money to buy more expensive wheat from elsewhere?

Here is the list of the top 5 exporters of wheat in 2021 - 

  1. Russia: US $7.3 billion (13.1% of total wheat exports)
  2. United States: $7.29 billion (13.1%)
  3. Australia: $7.2 billion (13%)
  4. Canada: $6.6 billion (11.9%)
  5. Ukraine: $4.7 billion (8.5%)

Will we forgo our own food supply as we cut our own nose off to spite our face, and then allow other countries to buy from Russia? No, we will take it all and then sanctimoniously criticise these countries for still purchasing necessities from Russia, maybe even sanctioning them if we are really that evil. 

Just look at Sri Lanka and what is going on there and then see what is coming our way soon. Food shortages, mile queues for petrol, protestors literally pulling politicians out of their cars and beating them with sticks. 

That is what happens in a world where we tell other countries they cannot do X or Y as we have a tiff with Russia. Sorry that it is causing huge wheat shortages as we buy it all up so the poor global south can't, but that is the price of "Standing with Ukraine"

It will cause riots, the toppling of governments, and possible wars across the poorer nations of the world, if you don't believe me wait a couple of years then come back and laugh in the comment section. Welcome to Mad Max!

What I don't get though is western propaganda, I forced myself the other day to watch ITV news, I am never going to watch the BBC, a more Government controlled state broadcaster you cannot get, and I rank them above PressTV and Russia Today

The BBC is literally paid for by taxpayers, a special tax called the "licence fee" just for the BBC, and one you can go to jail for if you watch it without paying. It also has a board of directors placed there by the government. Most of the presenters are working for MI6, as I have detailed in other articles, with hidden 2nd tax free salaries, just to keep the propaganda flowing. I suggest reading Jon Snow's autobiography if you want more details on how they work hand in hand with the spooks.

Anyway, ITV news was literally having a piece about the "Cost of Living Situation", where they were interviewing people about inflation, the rising heating and petrol costs, and the lack of food at Supermarkets etc

However NOT ONCE, did they ever mention that this cost of living crisis is one of our own making and due to our own sanctions on Russia that have basically come back and bit us in our face.

Whilst Russia is having a booming economy, with a higher exchange rate of dollars to roubles than before the war, and a surplus of cash due to imports, and gas for roubles, we are struggling to pay for basic necessities, yet ITV did not even raise the question to any of the people they interviewed.

Just once I would have like to see the "journalist" out on the roadside by a queue of cars waiting to get into a petrol station to see the passengers wind down their windows and ask them whether they thought that the war in Ukraine that Boris and his neo-con friends want to fight so badly is worth all the pain and suffering to average families across Britain, but no, not once did they ask this simple question. 

I would love to know what the average bloke who knows sod all about foreign relations thinks about having to pay extra and hunt around for baby formula, or what people paying sky-high heating and petrol bills in the UK think about the DIRECT LINK between our rising inflation and the sanctions we placed on Russia. 

All of this is because Russia recognised the independence of two separatist regimes in East Ukraine, something Putin didn't actually want to do, and if the French and Germans had followed the Minsk accords, then this war would probably not have happened. However they ensured they were not followed and kept poking the bear, now the bear has bitten back.

So because of the failure of western diplomacy, Russia had to send in troops to defend the Russian-speaking, east of Ukraine from an imminent attack by Zelenskyy's forces. This was something he had to do, as Zelenskyy had sent his forces eastwards to encircle Donbass and attempt to re-take it, along with Crimea.

So why is no ITV journalist asking people at the petrol pump whether they feel it is right that we have to pay more for food and petrol due to Putin feeling the guilt and need to punish the NAZI element in Zelenskyy's armed forces who had killed over 16,000+ Russian speaking people in the 8yr long civil war in the Donbass. People who had committed many genocides along the way, and all started by a US-led colour revolution (coup) which the EU helped foment.

I would love to see a journalist ask a school mum whether the famous Odessa Trade Union massacre, where people were forced into the building, which was then set on fire as police and NAZI's laughed and sank anti-Semitic songs outside as people jumped to their deaths rather than be burnt alive, is a good enough reason to "Stand with Ukraine", and pay more for food, gas, and cause a global food shortage in Africa and around the globe with the possibility of World War III on our hands as well.

Just watch this video to see why these new missile sales are so dangerous. It's from Redacted a good channel I've found on YouTube with two ex FOX NEWS reporters, if you can believe it, now telling us the truth rather than the corporate bullshit they were forced to spoon-feed us before.

Please let me know in the comments if you think the real chance of food shortages, possible wars around the world over rising costs of living, and the possibility of world war 3 is worth it to "Stand with Ukraine" against Russia. 

By Dark Politricks

© 2022 Dark Politricks 

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Who are we standing with when we stand with Ukraine?

Ukrainian Exploits and Attacks in Russia could lead to Nuclear War

By Dark Politricks 

At the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it seemed that some sense prevailed among Western leaders not to engage fully in the war encase that it led to a full-blown NATO v Russian World War 3 scenario.

However as the war progressed, and as"battlefield" experts kept claiming that Russia was on the defence. That their masterplan to storm and take Kyiv with a force at least an eighth of the size needed for the job of taking and controlling a city of millions had been halted, the rhetoric increased wildly, and "preventing World War 3", became "Making Money From Flooding Ukraine With Weapons".

There was of course Ukrainian propaganda showing disillusioned Russian POWS ringing their Mums whilst being filmed (a breach of the Geneva war treaty), and saying they didn't even know they were in Ukraine or had been misled and misfed, however, what would you say to your enemy when captured and not wanting to die on film?

It is no lie that some scared Russian generals had lied to Putin saying that they would be welcomed in every town they passed on the way to Kyiv, and they were quick to be dispatched and replaced by men who could get the job done seeing that the Zelenskyy government did not just fall at the sight of a 40 mile line of tanks outside its capital. 

However, this massive force did do its part in "shaping the battlefield" by keeping a large proportion of the Ukrainian army in the west to defend the capital whilst their main objectives in the East were carried out. So sorry to say to the armchair generals, many on the boards of MIC companies who are making money from prolonging this war, that this was in no way a sign that the Ukrainians were "winning". 

To remind those people who think the aim of the invasion was just to invade Kyiv, the initial declared objectives were:

  1. Defend and take back the breakaway Russian-speaking parts of the DonbassDonetsk and Lugansk who had signed a military cooperation treaties with Russia as it was clear Ukrainian forces were encircling their areas, as well as on the way to take back Crimea who had already broken away from Ukraine years ago.
  2. De-Nazify the Ukrainian military who had encompassed the AZOV Militia into the main army as a brigade and who were the main instigators of the many atrocities and massacres that had occurred during the last 8 years of fighting in the Donbass region. 
  3.  De-militarise Ukraine so that its NATO trained army was no longer a force to be reckoned with.
  4.  Ensure Ukraine did NOT join NATO as was being touted by the Western "Defensive" Organisation. 

As I have detailed in past articles, the lies that Russia was told about NATO not moving an inch toward Russia's borders since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and their desire to fight Russia in some way have long been known. Russia is vilified by the US Press at every election for supposed interfering as if the US never interferes in other country's elections, all despite proof coming out that this was just an excuse Hillary Clinton made up due to her loss to an orange-faced game show host.  

The debunked #Russiagate scandal was literally a made-up invention by Hillary's team on election night, and recent court cases showing her involvement in propagating the lies with other Clinton-linked insiders have been leaking day by day. 

However, despite Russia being the target of lies to cover Hillary Clinton's Presidential loss, the massive Russophobia that the US clearly had after these lies was not the cause of this current anti-Russian sentiment. The Afghan war was over, the MIC was looking for a new enemy to make money from, and Russia has always been a historical target of the US & UK, and now they have dragged the EU, which up until recently had good relationships with Russia, especially Germany, into their sanction misfire. 

As well as causing massive economic issues, and ignoring the Minsk accords which was a European solution to the Ukrainian Donbass separatist civil war, the US far away from their wars, as usual, has decided to use Ukraine as their next battlefield to "make Russia so weak it can’t invade another country again", as said recently by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

The immediate rash of mad sanctions which have in fact hurt Europe more than Russia was an ill-thought-out tactic and as Russia starts turning the gas pipes off to Poland and Bulgaria (who are forced to buy more expensive Russian Gas through Germany) has just caused high inflation, food shortages, and high energy costs in the west. 

As you can see from this graph of inflation for the month of March in the EU (7.8%), it ranges from a high of 15.6% in Lithuania to 4.5% in Malta. The UK which is not in the EU, currently has the highest rate of inflation in 30 years, between 8-10% depending on who you listen to, and an average 54% increase in energy has not even been calculated yet or the cost of Gazprom's higher-priced gas, the inflation rate is set to sore into double figures by summer.

So whilst the plan of the sanctions was to crush the Russian economy and hopefully cause an uprising and overthrow of Putin's regime, it has in fact strengthened him and the rouble as the Russian people clearly see that their politician's rhetoric about the West hating Russia, is in fact, very true. This has given Putin carte blanche to go full ahead in his war with Ukraine as the Russian people now realise how Russophobic the west really is.

So as Russia forces EU countries to pay for their gas in roubles not dollars or Euro's, and whilst the EU and US are staggering into a recession, Russia is booming, with a massive surplus of roubles, and has started what looks like the destruction of the Petrodollars reign as currency supreme as they join the two most populous countries in the world, China and India in economic treaties, selling gas to allies on the cheap and cutting it off to European countries who refuse to inflate the value of the rouble by paying for the gas they want in their own currency. 

This is all despite the USA warning China of sanctions, and threats to India which have been ignored making the US look weak. However, they are perfectly happy with overthrowing governments like Imran Khan's in Pakistan for daring to ally with China, Russia, and Iran and supporting Palestine. In fact when the media speaks of international outrage at Russia's invasion they can only really count on the members of NATO and those few countries like Pakistan, which they control from afar.
People seem to forget that Russia actually has allies in this battle, and whilst up until the war, the west was still criticising Ukraine for its rampant corruption and the far-right element who seems to control the President, Zelenskyy. The neo-NAZI element in Ukraine is a despicable problem, and during the last month, they have been causing atrocities that the West has been ignoring all whilst parroting lies about mass graves, massacres, and Russian attacks on Schools and Hospitals. 

This is a right-wing element who brags on Telegram, whilst laughing at Western media who likes to skip over the NAZI part, as they brag about being NAZI's, showing off tattoos of Swastikas on their backs like in the next video, and they have all been trained by NATO forces to do the dirty fighting that includes using human shields placed in hospital maternity wards and schools. They placed big guns, tanks, and other heavy arms on the roofs and on the bottom floors, all with kidnapped Ukrainian human shields in the middle of the buildings. 

Of course, they ensured their own cars were moved from the area before they exploded bombs in the buildings and then claimed Russia had bombed these hospitals and schools from the air. The following video from Redacted have inserts from Tel-SUR, an AZOV soldier bragging about being a NAZI, and debunks the mass grave story which was doing the rounds lately.

So these NAZI's have no qualms about killing other Ukrainians all to blame on Russia, which of course the Western media just repeats as gospel without even a question raised. If it wasn't for the brave journalists on the ground like Patrick Lancaster who has been reporting on the truth of the war in the Donbass for the last 8 years, then many people would be none the wiser about the truth of the civil war that has been raging in east Ukraine for the last 8 years.

Here is a report I doubt any of you would have heard due to the West disbelieving anything that shows Ukrainian war crimes or paints their war with Russia in a bad light, even when the AZOV NAZI brigade kills Ukrainians and use them as human shields as detailed in Patricks video.

The fact that it is actually a proxy war being run by the US and NATO members from the western parts of Ukraine, which they seem to be able to enter and leave by whim, is a fact left out of many people's news on Ukraine's fight with Russia

Whilst many people believe that they are standing with a proud Ukraine, led by the actor Zelenskyy, who has done nothing to deserve the Russian invasion and wants to win the war with Russia. It is actually the west, NATO, the US, and UK, who are directing the Ukrainian forces from their bases on the edges of the country. A fact that has not gone amiss by Putin and one that has been broadcast many times, for anyone who wants to know the full truth about the invasion.

This is just one report from a French journalist who went to Ukraine only to find out it was a war being run by NATO and the US, not Ukraine.

So when you virtue signal to the world by pinning a Ukrainian flag to your Twitter profile or other social media site, what is it that you are actually standing for?

Does it mean to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian, as NATO seems to want, not caring about the civilians caught up in the war or the trapped soldiers with no supplies coming that are told to fight to the death?

Does it mean to pour more and more heavy weaponry into the country, despite the US not knowing where or even caring where it ends up. From one analysis, only 10% of all western arms are getting anywhere near the battlefields as Russian intelligence seems able to blow up most incoming western arms, as well as foreign legion training centres. They also blow up the railroads that would be needed to allow the transport of these arms eastwards where they are actually needed.

The other day on Ukrainian TV it was reported that Russia had hit a "hangar full of European and US weapons". Putin also claimed that "all objectives will be met" as he warns of "lightning fast" retaliation against any country that interferes.

Also, recently, Russia warned the UK of an immediate and "proportional response" if it continues direct provocation of Ukraine and warned of the likelihood of nuclear war if NATO members continue to interfere in the war.

Also, a former head of the Polish army has accused Boris Johnson of “tempting evil” by revealing that Ukrainian soldiers were being trained in Poland in how to use British anti-aircraft missiles before returning with them to Ukraine. Gen Waldemar Skrzypczak, also a former junior defence minister, complained that a loose-lipped prime minister had revealed too much to the Russians and that his remarks risked the safety of the soldiers involved. 

So more money and western weaponry go down the Ukrainian drain, and we are stupid to think that the Russians would not be able to detect and destroy any heavy weapons we try to smuggle into the country. 

The western meddling by sending SAS saboteurs into Lviv, Ukraine, and NATO, who is really running the show, commanding Ukrainian attacks into Russia and the war in general. All this is only making the day that a proxy war in which we are indebting Ukraine for decades to western banks whilst filling the coffers of the MIC, turns into a full-blown war with Russia closer and closer.

As RT is banned in most places, I have screenshotted their latest headline piece which warns of a nuclear conflict if we continue to fight Russia through Ukraine.

So does standing with Ukraine mean allowing ourselves to be turned into shadows on the pavement due to our political leader's long-held desire to fight Russia? 

Their new Satan2 missile has already been shown off to warn us that they can hit us anywhere on earth, defeating any anti-missile defences, and turn a small country like the UK into atomic dust instantly.

So does standing with Ukraine mean to stand with the AZOV NAZI brigade, a term that was all over Western media before the war, but now excuses are made for their views, despite training videos of them all over social media appearing with NAZI symbols on their coats as they get trained by western forces.

Or does it mean to stand with a definitely non-democratic society as Ukraine plainly is? 

A corrupt political society that has been infected with racist ideology to the point that even the Jewish President is following the orders of Right-Wing, anti-semites, as he bans all other political parties, imprisons political leaders, prevents free speech, and denies Russian speakers in the East basic human rights. Even, ex Presidential candidate and serving US Army medic Tulsi Gabbard tweeted recently the following.

The usual solid US allies in Israel are also not happy with the US support of Ukrainian NAZI's who the world went to war to stop in the 30's and 40's as the US lifts bans on funding neo-NAZI Ukrainian groups. 

As the Jerusalem Post said in a recent article:

"Last June, Congress passed a resolution intended to block American military funding for Ukraine from being used to provide training or weaponry for the Azov Battalion, an independent unit that had been integrated into the former Soviet Republic’s national guard and was taking part in operations against Russian- backed rebels."

"Called a “neo-Nazi paramilitary militia” by Congressmen John Conyers Jr. and Ted Yoho, who co-sponsored the bipartisan amendment, the battalion has been a source of controversy since its inception. However, Congress is reported to have recently repealed its ban on a Ukrainian militia accused of being neo-Nazi, opening the way for American military assistance."

So does "Standing with Ukraine" mean to stand with an army full of NAZI's being commanded by US and NATO from the shadows, who commit war crimes on video such as the killing of Russian POWS

Or does it mean to stand with the "National Police" (ex AZOV Battalion members), who publicly announced a "cleansing" of the town of Bucha, in which bodies left on the street for a supposed two weeks were not mentioned when the town was reclaimed but then days later when the Russians had long left the town, seemingly freshly killed bodies appeared in videos on social media with claims of war crimes being laid at Russia's feet.

All the bodies had white bands on, either tying their hands behind them or on their arms, some with Russian aid packages by their sides, both clear signs of retribution against Russian sympathisers who took aid from the Russian forces. This was a false flag attack that only Ukraine gained anything from and in which Russian denials are heard by no-one.

Now that this and other war crimes blamed on Russia were debunked by video, and the killings of POWS were allowed onto social media, the "Democratic Ukraine" we stand with, has made it illegal to film Russian attacks, lest they be debunked by online sleuths. One such debunking was done at the location of a missile attack at the Kramatorsk train station.

From one source:

"The relationship of the booster when it came to earth, when assessed to the impact zone of the cluster munitions, provides a reverse azimuth which, even when factoring in a generous margin of error for potential drift, points to territory that was under the exclusive control of the Ukrainian government, which means that there is little doubt that the missile that struck the Kramatorsk train station was fired by a launcher under the operational control of the 19th Missile Brigade, Ukraine’s only Tochka-U-equipped unit..... a forensic evaluation of the missile debris clearly shows that it was launched by the 19th Ukrainian Missile Brigade, based near Dobropolia, some 45 kilometres from Kramatorsk."

Of course, this is denied by Bellingcat that well known source of US/UK intelligence disinformation, who aided extremists in Syria and specialises in Russian attack pieces. 

This is a source that must be overlooked, just like the BBC, UK State TV if ever a news organisation was if we are also expected to overlook other supposed "biased" sources such as Russia Today.

So does "Standing with Ukraine" mean standing with the journalists who dare speak out about Ukrainian crimes and then just disappear or turn up dead? 

Just recently one journalist, Gonzalo Lira, disappeared for a week, only to return without his computer or phone, not allowed to tell anyone what had happened but insinuating that he was being investigated for something, and maybe even tried in a AZOV court for speaking about what he saw on the ground in Ukraine? He follows a long line of journalists who have gone missing in Ukraine and are presumed dead for reporting uncomfortable truths.

So why are we standing with Ukraine?

Well as the US Pentagon is only too happy to admit, it is to give Russia such a bloody nose and to kill as many Russians as possible. 

Here are just a few quotes:

On 24 February, during a White House press conference on the first day of Russia’s invasion, Biden said sanctions are designed not to prevent invasion but to punish Russia after invading “…so the people of Russia know what he has brought on them. That is what this is all about.”, this is despite of course the obvious fact by high inflation numbers and increasing heating costs that Europe is paying a high price to "punish Putin".

On 27 February, James Heappey, UK Minister for the Armed Forces, wrote in the Daily Telegraph: “His failure must be complete; Ukrainian sovereignty must be restored, and the Russian people empowered to see how little he cares for them. In showing them that, Putin’s days as President will surely be numbered… He’ll lose power and he won’t get to choose his successor.” 

Finally, on 1 March, Boris Johnson’s spokesperson said the sanctions on Russia “we are introducing, that large parts of the world are introducing, are to bring down the Putin regime.”

So whilst anybody can sympathise with the displaced and killed Ukrainians who had nothing to do with Putin's invasion. It is totally stupid to believe that the act of invading Ukraine was totally irrational to anybody but those still sucking the teat of US/UK mainstream media

The war began after the US-led Maiden coup in 2014, and the people of Donbass have been fighting a civil war for their rights ever since.

This article by Retired Swiss Military-Intelligence Officer, Jacques Baud, gives some context to those who think the war only started a month and a bit ago. 

Here is an extract:

"The referendums conducted by the two self-proclaimed Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk in May 2014, were not referendums of "independence" (независимость), as some unscrupulous journalists have claimed, but referendums of "self-determination" or "autonomy" (самостоятельность). The qualifier "pro-Russian" suggests that Russia was a party to the conflict, which was not the case, and the term "Russian speakers" would have been more honest. Moreover, these referendums were conducted against the advice of Vladimir Putin."

"In fact, these Republics were not seeking to separate from Ukraine, but to have a status of autonomy, guaranteeing them the use of the Russian language as an official language — because the first legislative act of the new government resulting from the American-sponsored overthrow of [the democratically-elected] President Yanukovych, was the abolition, on February 23, 2014, of the Kivalov-Kolesnichenko law of 2012 that made Russian an official language in Ukraine. A bit like if German putschists decided that French and Italian would no longer be official languages in Switzerland."

"This decision caused a storm in the Russian-speaking population. The result was fierce repression against the Russian-speaking regions (Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Lugansk and Donetsk) which was carried out beginning in February 2014 and led to a militarization of the situation and some horrific massacres of the Russian population (in Odessa and Mariupol, the most notable)......." read the rest of the article here.

Now if you want to "Stand with Ukraine", then really you should qualify what you mean. I stand with the Ukrainian people who have been displaced and killed by the war, but I also stand with the Ukrainians in the Donbass region who have been discriminated against, massacred, and attacked by the NAZI element in the Ukrainian army that many like to overlook when it comes to this war.

I don't stand with Putin, but I stand with the poor people of Ukraine who will be indebted to US and international banks like the IMF for decades to come for all the weapons poured into the country, only to be mostly destroyed on delivery by the Russians. 

If you think war debt is nothing to worry about just realise that it was only under Gordon Brown's rule as Prime Minister of the UK, that we paid back in full the debt we owed to the USA for "help" during World War II.

Of course, the most powerful country on earth is only too happy to help anyone out in a war, especially against an enemy of their own, even more so if it means that their own weapons companies get paid, and countries are indebted for decades due to their "help". 

However, I think that we are getting too near the edge of what can be considered acceptable help for Ukraine when their soldiers are stuck in Mariupol, told not to surrender and to fight to their deaths, as no help, weapons, or food comes, and Russian shells rain down on them mercilessly.

I don't want to be involved in the West's proxy war with Russia, where they want to fight to the last Ukrainian, not helping those left to rot in the Azovstal factories, as US and UK politicians debate their next attack on Russia. 

If it was left to Ukraine, with no western interference, then the peace talks which the Russians started at the same time as their invasion would have concluded by now and there would be some sort of settlement. It is the west who is continuing the slaughter in Ukraine and no one should be in doubt of this fact. 

I leave you with this video from the Redacted YouTube channel about the likelihood of this proxy war turning hot as the MIC makes a mint from the selling of weapons to Ukraine.

Please leave a comment and explain what you mean when you say that "You Stand With Ukraine".


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Tuesday, 12 April 2022

No more sunflower oil - blame the Russians!

The Sanctions Hit Home, Not In Russia Though!

By Dark Politricks 

As I said in my last article, the Sanctions on Russia are getting stupid. They are only hurting the people in Europe, who have been roped along by the Biden hawks who want to extend the war in Ukraine as long as possible. They are not actually hurting their intended target Russia but causing more pain for those actual countries implementing the sanctions.

Whilst Biden tries to pull the wool over Americans' eyes by claiming the high inflation that was already rising before Russia's war, is "Putin's Price Hike", the cost of weaning ourselves off Russian gas is going to be a long and costly one. 

We cannot just build 10 Nuclear Power stations in the snap of two fingers, we announced the building of 10 in 2010, but work has only just started on the first one, being the first nuclear station to be built in 20 years. How long do you expect our slow Government and all the NIMBY's slowing down building, to take to actually build all these power stations or wind farms to replace Russian gas?

Inflation from higher gas prices, which OPEC is not helping to balance out by drilling more is already being seen in our supermarkets and petrol stations. US President Joe Biden has been pressuring Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, both OPEC members, to increase oil production as a means to bring down prices. So far OPEC member states have declined to do so, however, if Biden wants to wean Europe off Russia's cheap gas then he better get a plan in motion as we cannot swap from pipelines to alternatives so quickly.

The cost of a litre of petrol in the UK is already around £1.70 (or $10.04 per gallon), food is missing from shelves due to the majority of fertilizer and grain coming from the "breadbasket of Europe", or the rubble of Ukraine, as well as Russia and Belarus.

These sanctions are pushing up heating and food prices for the poorest in Europe and Germany has even already started discussing rationing fuel because of its dependence on Russian gas. Something that Russia is now demanding must be paid for in roubles, a retaliatory act to the huge amounts of sanctions EU countries have put on Russia.

Russia's most senior lawmaker said on Wednesday Russia could demand rouble payments also for other commodities including oil, grain, fertilisers, coal, and metals, raising the risk of recession in Europe and the United States. Western countries have said payment in roubles breach contracts that can take months or more to renegotiate, a prospect that has driven commodity prices higher. 

However, aren't the removal of businesses and companies from Russia not breaches of contract also? Is this not the most hypocritical thing for us to accuse Russia of, especially when we have frozen Russian foreign reserves, which will cause a Russian debt payment default if they are not allowed to pay in rubles?

We are in the midst of an economic war with Russia, something Russia already considers a "real act of aggression", and if we don't tread carefully we could easily find ourselves starting a real war with Russia, not just a proxy war. 

The US see's this war as a way to pull the EU away from Russia, and to make Europe more dependent on US exports rather than Russian ones. However, in doing so they have just turned Russia eastward and expanded their trade with the massive nations of China and India who have yet to condemn Russian actions in Ukraine despite pressure from the White House. Plus "friends" of Russia, such as India have been offered discounts on the price of Russian gas, an offer too good to refuse apparently.

These neo-cons don't care about the people of Ukraine, they want the war to last as long as possible so that they can destroy Russia, a move that many have been thinking about for a long time.

It was clearly on the cards when the Soviet Union fell and Putin first asked to join NATO only to be denied. There were hopes Russia could join after 9.11 when Putin offered George W Bush all the help in defeating terrorism, but that was a road not taken.

Is it any wonder the Russians have had this feeling of persecution from the west through rounds and rounds of sanctions, as NATO crept further closer and closer to their borders, breaking promises made in the 80's. Now they can clearly see that the whole Western world is against them and waging economic warfare with them due to their war with Ukraine, something that they believe is extensional in nature. 

Believe it or not, Putin is quite a dove in the Russian regime, there are many more politicians who are far more hard-line, Dmitry Medvedev, the stand-in in President for a while, is certainly much more hawkish towards the west than Putin. 

Petrol prices at Garages are at an all-time high due to Europe's reliance on cheap Russian gas, which won't stay cheap forever. I certainly don't understand why, when we are engaged in a war of Economic attrition with Russia, why they just haven't turned the gas pipes off to Europe and left us in the cold and dark by now. It would be the retaliatory act that would make the most sense and also bring us to our knees.

Russia can certainly bite the bullet that the loss of sales of gas to Europe would take, their ruble is now on the rise and back to the exchange rate it was before the war started. With the stealing of Russian foreign reserves from non-Russian banks, there is no need for the people in Russia to hold foreign currency, which is keeping the ruble afloat. 

Economists may be wishing for a crash in the Russian economy but it seems that we are the ones who are suffering high inflation, higher energy costs, and a lack of basic foods that only come from Ukraine and Russia.


If people thought the sanctions were going to somehow cause an uprising in Russia, that the common man would overthrow Putin they have got it wrong. The feeling in that country now that they have seen the Russophobia by the Western elites, banning everything Russian that they can imagine, just has proved what Putin has always said to his people. That the west hates Russia and wants to destroy the country.

Now the whole country is apparently behind the war, their suspicions about the west have been proven right with all our sanctions on them, and Putin is riding a wave of popular support. In fact, he is going to be in more trouble if he doesn't finish this war as the people expect him to, rather than stop it without accomplishing the goals he set out when invading Ukraine.

To remind those people who thought the execution of Zelenskyy and invasion of Kyiv were the aims I remind you what they actually were. 

To ensure that Ukraine would never join a western alliance such as NATO or the EU, the liberation of the Donbass region and the breakaway states who have been fighting a vicious civil war since the US Maidan coup in 2014. Plus the de-militarisation of Ukraine and especially the destruction of the various NAZI brigades who have been posting films of captured Russians being tortured and killed

Also in POW exchanges with Ukraine their men have seen to be clearly castrated "like the cockroaches they are". This was admitted by, one doctor on TV as you can see in the following video and no it is not a Russian hoax. The doctor may have walked back his admission as an "emotional outburst" but the proof has come from the returned Russian soldiers who have been castrated.

Just posting videos of captured soldiers on the battlefield, is breaking Geneva conventions, and no doubt both sides have committed war crimes, however, it is Ukraine that is winning the social media war, and their spreading of videos, allowed by YouTube, despite going against their own TOS, of Russian POW's being abused, beaten, shot and left to bleed to death are crimes that would have certainly stoked up Russian emotions and ensured any Ukrainian soldiers involved in such acts were treated just as badly.

The Russians seem to have split Ukraine in half, as ex Iraq WMD inspector Scott Ritter said in a previous show on the Duran, the whole 40-mile tank line towards Kyiv managed to keep the eyes of the world, and 70% of the Ukrainian forces in the capital to defend it. 

This despite the fact that the Russian's main objective from the beginning, as Putin, Lavrov, and a few legitimate commentators who have not been peddling the lies from the US in their "propaganda war", was to free the Donbass breakaway territories in the East of Ukraine and de-NAZIFY the country. 

Even the USA admits it has been lying about the war in Ukraine, creating false narratives about chemical weapons attacks, Russia asking China for military aid, or staging a false flag attack. 

It is all part of "setting the narrative", and you can see in the following video from Jimmy Dore, how an ex LA Times reporter who was sacked when it was found out he worked for the CIA pushing their disinformation, is now NBC News "intelligence reporter".  He plainly admits that the USA is planting fake stories to "get out ahead of the Russians" even when Russia had no plans to do the things the US Government and Intelligence agencies claimed they were going to.

The distraction ploy has worked wonderfully Scott Riter said, describing how the "re-capturing" of Kyiv suburbs by Ukrainian forces, were just ants moving around on a map, and the Russian's keeping the main Ukrainian army stuck in the west of the country as they surrounded the Eastern Ukrainian army in Donbass.

The Russians have encircled the Eastern Ukrainian forces, along with many suspected UK and French mercenaries, as well as the NAZI Azov brigade which they wanted to destroy, and have gone about the business of taking apart this army. 

Apparently, in recent days the remnants of the army in the factories of Mariupol have complained about being left to die or surrender by their Commander in Chief, the actor, Zelenskyy, who whenever pictured in Ukraine seems to be surrounded by "Right Sektor", far-right nationalists, not as noted bodyguards but seemingly more as a prisoner.

For those people still claiming that there is no NAZI problem in Ukraine I give you this picture of all the headlines from before the war that talked about the influence of neo-NAZI and far-right nationalists in Ukraine.


Also you can read this article about how the Ukrainian President, who is Jewish, has tight links with the far-right Russo-phobic gangs who committed many atrocities in Donbass after the US coup of 2014. It says

"Amidst the ongoing military confrontation with Russia, reports have emerged proving that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is seeking to appoint the far-right Serhiy Sternenko as head of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) in Odessa, in an attempt to further his alliance with neo-Nazi forces. As the former head of the neo-Nazi Right Sector in Odessa, Sternenko was directly implicated in the 2014 Trade Unions House massacre of 46 people. He is a convicted criminal and currently under investigation for murder."

In a statement published on Facebook a couple of days ago, the 36th Marine Brigade, who have been defending Mariupol said that “Today will probably be the last battle, as the ammunition is running out… It’s death for some of us and captivity for the rest.”  

I don't know who is really running things in Ukraine, but it is clear that whoever is, are making good use of Zelenskyy's talents as an actor with every interview and plea to Western governments he makes. 

The Russians obviously want to keep him as the President of Ukraine due to the legitimacy he has gained during the war. They want to be able to sit down with him and agree on terms of surrender and not have a Ukrainian government in exile, run by the US State Department, continuing the proxy war.

Every time, he makes a speech by ZOOM to a western government, he seems to have a common playbook that he reads from. Each country he has spoken to has had some heroic battles or wars in the past, and he likes to refer to them as if each speech is a copycat of previous ones, only with the country-specific parts changed.

Only the other week, Zelenskyy talked about the spirit of the Americans as they came together after 9.11, and in London about Winston Churchill during the Blitz. However, he made 2 big mistakes, the first was when he spoke to the Israeli parliament and mentioned the holocaust. The Israeli Knesset called it "outrageous", and several MKs harshly criticized Zelensky for drawing comparisons between the Holocaust and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and seemingly ignoring some Ukrainians’ complicity in the Nazi-led genocide.

His second, was when he made a speech to the Greek parliament and mentioned the tale of the 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae - see what he is doing?

However his speech was overshadowed by the inclusion of a video message from the far-right militia group, the Azov Battalion, that was addressed to lawmakers. A video of an Azov Battalion’s soldier triggered the reaction of opposition parties as well as influential members of the ruling New Democracy party.

The speech of members of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in the Greek Parliament is a provocation. The absolute responsibility lies with the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. He talked about a historic day, but it is a historic shame. The solidarity with the Ukrainian people is a given. But the Nazis cannot have a say in Parliament,” Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras posted on Facebook. Similarly, former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said allowing this video to be broadcast in the Greek House was a “big mistake”.

So some of Zelenskyy's tailored speeches are not going down as well as he hoped, and I am sure his acting coach and producers of the Ukrainian proxy war aren't happy with all the right-wing elements he surrounds himself with. 

However, as Russia is losing the propaganda war both on social media, and with the made-up US lies about its actions during the war you might want to watch a show where intelligent people discuss the reality of the situation without bias. 

The Duran is a great YouTube show for foreign policy issues and whilst people claim Russia has decimated whole cities, it is clear from their live chat with a journalist in the middle of the conflict that the Internet must still be working, as well as electricity and water from the number of coffees he makes during the show. I doubt you would have been able to get such a live stream from the early days of the war in Iraq.

So if you want to get some real factual analysis around the sanctions war, their effect, and what political moves are going on to extract secret French & British mercenaries left to die in the factories of Mariupol, with secret talks going on to rescue them, and Germany sending the Austrian Chancellor to Moscow on a supposed secret talk with Putin and the outcome. I highly suggest you spend some time watching the following video.

By Dark Politricks

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Monday, 14 March 2022

The Stupidity Of Russian Sanctions

A Look At How The War In Ukraine Will Hurt Us As Much As Russia

By Dark Politricks

As the war in Ukraine continues, the rampant xenophobia against ordinary Russians, many of who are against the war continues unabated.

The sanctions against Russia have got to the silly stage. They were supposed to hurt Putin and his Oligarch Billionaire friends, and some have. However ordinary Russians are being attacked, and legally so on social media, as Facebook and Instagram changed their Terms of Service to allow violent and negative language against Russians, something usually banned by their sites.

Meta Platforms will allow Facebook and Instagram users in some countries to call for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers in the context of the Ukraine invasion, according to internal emails seen by Reuters on Thursday, in a temporary change to its hate speech policy.

Russian people and even Russian animals have been sanctioned. In response to the war in Ukraine, the International Cat Federation has banned all cats from Russia, and Russian breeds, from competing in international competitions.


Also, anti-war Russians such as the Russian piano prodigy, Alexander Malofeev, 20, who was supposed to play three shows with the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal (OSM), has been dropped after people emailed to complain despite him being outspoken against the war in Ukraine.


This is getting ridiculous and despite numerous videos online from ex-US military members, talking about the lack of Russian moral, and how Ukraine will win the war, the facts on the ground are pretty clear. Either the Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, egged on by the US War Hawks in the State Department, fights to the death and destruction of his country, or he settles terms with the Russians in talks that have been ongoing throughout the war.

The sad thing is that the terms he will most likely have to accept will be the same terms that the Russians, were asking for before they invaded, and all this misery and outpouring of Ukrainian refugees into Europe could have been stopped before it started.

This is clearly the US and other NATO country's fault, for giving him false hope that they would back him up, allow entry into the EU and NATO, and supply him with weapons and intelligence throughout the war.  

It seems though that the Pentagon, unlike the State Department, is a bit wiser, and stupid ideas which could expand the war such as bringing Polish MIG fighters into Ukraine and then re-supplying Poland with new planes, were a clear red line that Putin said would be an act of war and that any weapons or troops supplied by the West would be fair game.

With Russian Nuclear Arms on the equivalent of DEFCOM 2, 1 step away from a full nuclear attack, the Pentagon seems to agree with commentators that anything suggesting western help to Ukraine could expand the war, and make it global, even terminal for this planet.

This video is from the Duran, a channel that always goes into details that other videos miss. Earlier today they had a 1.5hr video on the round of peace talks being held by Russia and it included a journalist embedded in Ukraine, in the middle of what the Russian army calls a cauldron. This is where they slowly turn up the heat, once they have surrounded their enemy, and from the following video it seems they are doing just that in Mariupol.


Russians have been using diplomacy at the same time as attacks in Ukraine, as they try to set up humanitarian corridors with the UN to let Ukrainian citizens, and hopefully, soldiers, slip away from the fight. They have no reason to bomb or shell these corridors as it gives the Ukrainians brilliant propaganda pictures of innocent civilians, being killed. 

Plus, according to some experts, they did this in Syria to good effect. They are not trying to own the skies with their modern fighter planes, albeit with fewer flying hours than US or NATO pilots. 

The history and reasons for this war are discussed in the following talk from a Christian speaker who discusses the history of the region now in conflict and the real reasons for the war.

They do not want to destroy the country like the US/NATO does in their wars with weeks, and sometimes months of aerial bombardment by missiles and planes dropping bombs before the troops go in, and then big money is given over to MIC companies like Halliburton to rebuild the country they just destroyed as in Iraq.

No, it seems that although some of the Russian conscript soldiers who have been paraded in front of camera's breaking Geneva conventions, providing great anti-Putin / war images from injured soldiers who say they were lied to about their invasion, haven't eaten properly, and do not want to fight Ukrainians just protecting their land that in fact Russia is going to win this war.

One other thing this rash of sanctions against Russia, which has pushed them closer to China and India, even offering to sell India cheap gas in Rupees in a sign that those countries who stick with Russia, like China, Brazil, and India, will be rewarded whilst those who have thrown every sanction in the book at them will be severely punished, such as the 200% increase in the price of Russian gas Europeans will have to pay whilst frantically trying to make other arrangements for imported energy.

It seems the USA has played Ukraine well, not only to get Europe out of Russia's sphere of influence and reliance on their gas, so that they can sell us theirs. Closing Nordstream2, and the threat of Nordstream1 as well was also ideally an outcome the US wanted from this conflict they started back in the Maidan coup. Even the existing multiple pipes that deliver gas through Ukraine to Europe could be turned off or even destroyed during the war.

At the moment US President Biden is going around the world begging to countries such as Venezuela, who only recently the US tried to overthrow their PresidentNicolás Maduro in a failed coup, for cheap oil and gas to replace the loss of Russian imports, and to sell to Europe which is already suffering stupidly high inflation at the gas pump due to the sanctions.

We seem to be cutting our nose off to spite our face, as we pay £1.70+ per litre at the petrol station ($10.06 per gallon), and set to be over £2 by the end of the summer. I remember when petrol first went over £1 per litre, I was about 21 and couldn't believe it, however it has bounced between £1.20-£1.40 for the last 15+ years but has seen only a dramatic increase recently.

As well as petrol price which might help push a move to electric cars, we are already suffering high and constantly increasing energy costs to heat our homes and put the TV on. My bill already doubled at the end of last year and the company I am with was talking about doubling it again only the other month and that was before the war in Ukraine had even started.

I can only dread the bills coming in once the price of food rockets due to the increasing price of fuel for delivery drivers, plus Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine control over 30% of the wheat and fertilizer exports,, which will also drive up inflation into stupid numbers.

If we don't offer Putin some sort of "off-ramp", in which these sanctions can be reversed in return for peace, then almost half the world's population in China, India, and the far East with Russia, will be swapping US treasury bonds and dumping the dollar, whilst creating an alternative to the SWIFT banking system which will have the benefit of not being controlled by the whims of US feelings towards one countries actions.

President Biden is supposedly going hat in hand to Saudi Arabia to ask the head of the OPEC cartel to increase output and therefore reduce the price of oil globally. However, The Crown Prince, MBS, does not like Biden at all, and has not been picking up his calls since Biden's election pledges to hold Saudi Arabia to account for their war in Yemen, and murder of the US journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, as well as stopping arms sales.  

Joe Biden has been constantly rebuffed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in his attempts to persuade them to produce more oil in the wake of a US ban on Russian imports. The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the UAE’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan both declined requests to speak to the US president in recent weeks, and after declining to speak to Biden, Mohammed bin Salman took a call from President Putin. 


It looks like we might be more affected by our sanctions on Russia than anyone expected and in "Realpolitik" we really should not be picking dictators to sanction, and others to beg for cheap oil from. 

If you really think Putin is Hitler, as some US MSM commentators have said, then what is MBS who, in the largest known mass execution in the kingdom’s modern history just executed 81 people for crimes ranging from killings to belonging to militant groups. 

Can we really say that Putin is as bad as MBS, and the state of Saudi Arabia which is definitely, bombing Yemen into rubble, unlike Russia with Ukraine which in comparison has been quite restrained? 

The hypocrisy of this hunt for oil from dictators to replenish supplies from a supposedly democratically, although authoritarian elected Russian President, stands out like a black eye. Are we really going to delve into the degrees of despotism and discuss why it is that some wars are reported more than others? 

News commentary on the war by the US media, such as MSNBC's Joy Reid who faced massive backlash for accusing the media of covering the war in Ukraine with more compassion because the victims are "white and largely Christian" has shown how the western media are blatantly putting this crisis in Ukraine above the many others occurring in the world at the moment, many of which are of the USA's making.

Along with the censorship and de-platforming of independent reporters like Abby Martin, who just had 300 videos from Breaking The Set, an ex Russia Today show, in which she actually decried the Russian invasion of Crimea when it happened, it has become clear that some wars are just more important than others. 

No-one was sanctioned when the US illegally invaded Iraq, and the last major war in Europe was NATO's bombing of Serbia which led to the breakaway narco-state of Kosovo. However as it was the US doing the killing, it was somehow acceptable to invade a sovereign country, whereas reporters like Abby Martin in her Empire Files show, often talk about the often ignored and over-looked global conflicts and anti-imperialism wherever it comes from. 

It has got to the stage where white extremism is all the news offers as conflicts and humanitarian disasters, in Yemen, Palestine, Syria, and Afghanistan are ignored because somehow European conflicts are considered more important. 

The Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association even sent out a statement on Sunday condemning:

“the racist implications that any population or country is ‘uncivilized’ or bears economic factors that make it worthy of conflict. This type of commentary reflects the pervasive mentality in Western journalism of normalizing tragedy in parts of the world such as the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. It dehumanizes and renders their experience with war as somehow normal and expected."

Fair comment, and with the mass coverage of the Ukrainian crisis on western news shows, with other points of view labelled as Russian dis-info, or reporting on the history of the conflict and hypocrisy of the world ignoring NATO and US aggression as "Whataboutism", it is clear that without doing some major digging about on the web to find proper #ALTNEWS you are only going to get the side of the war the US and Europe want to project.

With the hypocrisy of this conflict clearly visible for all to see who want to, we must be willing to offer Russia and Putin a way to come to peace with Ukraine, and a way back to normality by rolling back extensive and stupid sanctions that will only hurt us as Russia pivots towards India and China, otherwise we will be the ones suffering most from the sanctions NOT Russia! 

By Dark Politricks

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