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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Help Me Create A Real #Altnews Search Engine

Google can crack any attempt to use their widgets to search out the box but you can help me?

By Dark Politricks

Recently I have had to revert back to a "Google" search widget, one which hardly includes any of the sites I had set it to search from, when you try to think outside the GoogleBox by getting "9.11" or "Syrian War" news.

Not just from sites not recommended as "authority safe" but actually listed as "Fake News" appearing on a list of 550+ sites including mine, compiled by a US Professor to let Facebook automatically flag URLs posted in Direct Messages and Google to not include them in their results.

The top answer I get using this Google widget which is only supposed to search sites I WANT, are of course https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/September_11_attack, a site about new release of DEBIAN??, and of course the very anti-authortarian https://news.sky.com.Neither site I listed in the clearly labelled box to enter sites you only wanted to search.

Of course this is not just limited to Google preventing you see what you want but even messengering freinds on Facebook something containing a banned link causing an instant block as those sites violate their Community Standurds.

Try it open a Facebook Messenger Chat and just enter the domain name of Veteranstoday.com and see if your message gets sent to you friend. Here is what I get when I try to send 3 links from the "banned list" to a friend and then remember that conspiratorial thought police that would never happen, and how evil Google was to help China install their Internet Firewall preventing Chinese users from accessing the whole web.

When China got Google to break their own "ideology" to "do no evil", if they even ever believed in that fake motto it was to cover their real one, "do whatever to get rich" and of course help the MIC who seeded your start-ups with black money, by creating the strongest firewall for a country as of yet seen. The western liberal nations all lambasted them, that is before countries like, Australia, UK, and many others implemented similar situations. Well what did we all do?

We are still crying "Human Rights Abuses". The Chinese public must be able to access the Internet without censorship. Especially with the #COVID19 virus, the photos of dead bodies were top news, and now with the sudden emergence of people after 3 months of lock-down from Wuhan, the photos, tweets and videos kept alive by Chinese protestors, to only be taken down then re-posted up again, are retold and retold by CNN and the BBC as some sort of bravery that only the Chinese need to do.

What about our human rights abuses?

Just think!

What are we not being told, or not able to access because Facebook, Google and the Silicon Valley/MIC nexus is preventing alternative narratives to the stories that our establishment broadcasters are peddling us. What are they hiding, well just try looking and then you might get a clue or too.

Try searching some of the sites that on the banned list or passing them over social media networks owned by the 3 letter agencies and see what you can and cannot discuss without being instantly labelled a crackpot for having a theory outside the main stream though.

Sheep who read their daily paper full of death gloom and how we must all follow the most stringent anti liberty rules since WWII. News constantly on the TV and Radio, breaks in popular TV shows for Oxbridge Etonian Toriesm to tell us to all stay inside and not go out to "Save the NHS". Well maybe the NHS wouldn't need saving if you hadn't been planning on privatising it, preventing fair pay for junior doctors forced to work 90 hour weeks and allowing all your masonic friends to get bids in whilst the time is right.

Are we in a Police State of our own invention or just too scared to ask "why"?

I have the code for a "Super Search Engine", one that will search multiple sources, remove duplicate URLS and only allow URLS on a "Whitelist" or in this cases Facebook's "Banned List" to appear.

I can place it behind Cloudflare to reduce bandwidth and hide remote IPs, I can create widgets to it for people to embed into blogs to get only "banned" news.

If I had the money I would do it myself but I don't. What I do have are the coding skills to get something like this going. Start it and let someone run off with it. I don't really care who owns it I just would like a search engine that would ONLY search sites they are told to for news they most certainly have listed even if it's ranked on page 500 despite having the best SEO.

Want to help me? Go and donate a few dollars or pounds at a friends site https://www.paypal.me/strictlysoftware and if no-one will donate some server space then maybe I can rent some with enough help.

One for thing is sure, these search engines widget bars to enable you to customise your searches, are pure crap.

I did not create an "alternative search engine widget" that when running a search for 9.11 returns a link to https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/resources/9-11-tenth-anniversary

Help if you can, I really don't want to write this myself using ASP Classic....

By Dark Politricks

© 2020 Dark Politricks

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Google Blocks My #Altnews Search Engine

Well it seems Google really didn't like the fact I made an #altnews search engine

By Dark Politricks

Well if you read my last piece about going down the Google/Facebook social media plug hole then you will know I created a little search box at the top of the site for anyone to use if they wanted to purely search some of the sites, I and 550 others, have been placed on as too dangerous for you to make up your own minds about.

However I came here today after showing a Facebook friend my site and suggested he use the search engine low and behold it's been ruined by Google so you can't even get any results back from it any-more!

I don't know why, I created the widget exactly as it told me to do and I added a number of sites so that when you entered a search only those sites would be returned. However running a search now for 9.11 or Syria or "War on Terror" now returns ZERO results when only last month it was returning hundreds of results and only from the sites on the new ban list.

Even just going to Google search engine and typing in "war on terror" site:Washingtonpost.com, Telegraph.co.uk, will only return results from the first site, Washingtonpost.com, and nothing from the Telegraph, if your lucky, otherwise it might just ignore the filters, ask if you are human, and then show irrelevant results.

Google just can't stop fucking over any blog or site that wants to get out the truth and alternative narratives for you to think about instead of getting all your news from corporate online papers, TV news broadcasts and other establishment outlets.

This has really pissed me off. I am either going to try a few new widgets or when I get some money - donations welcome please - just go to my friends PayPal account and donate some money, the more I get the better #altnews search engine I can create, no Mainstream News BS, no BBC, CNN or Telegraph news articles just alternative points of view from the best sites out there.

I did it before when I had my own server and I hope to get another one, it used to return results from multiple search engines, remove duplicates, and the remove all the establishment sites so that only real points of view remained. If you want brain washing use Google and get skewed results that ignore any alternative points of view.

However I am a coder, I have the skills I just need to afford a small hosting platform to write my search engine. No need for nightly scrapers,  just returning the news from the sites you all like through proxies with NO CENSORSHIP.

For now I have had to work with the devil and had to replace the DuckDuckgo search engine with a Google version but unfortunately it only allows me to search ten sites for free. Google are always trying to milk money from users in every way they can but then what else do you expect.

Anyway it has 10 sites including this one so if you do a search for 9.11 or False Flag you should get results from some of the sites on the banned list. However what I really want is to make my own search engine again, bit for that I need donations. If anyone can help please so otherwise content like this will go down the drain before long"

So if you cam help me please donate, any amount, no matter how small will help. With Google and Facebook cracking down on alternative voices we need a way of getting easy access to all these sites providing them.

So please donate at https://www.paypal.me/strictlysoftware and help me build a proper #altnews search engine and provide you with all the #COVID19 news and lock-down laws that will affect us for years to come, long after the Coronavirus is over.

The hashtag I created #altnews for Twitter has really kicked off and there are thousands of users all searching and tagging articles with it, this makes me really happy to see Twitter is still showing results from #altnews but I would really like to make a proper search engine that will return, blogs, news, Facebook articles and even tweets from only #altenews sites

Help please, keep alternative news available for people to search and find and stop these loonies creating lists of sites to ban from ever implementing them,

By Dark Politricks

© 2020 Dark Politricks

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Am I going down the Google plughole of alternative sites?

Facebook Plugin Might Stop You Reading My Articles

By Dark Politicks

BS Detector List: Facebook Fake News Filters
Tonight I did what I used to do when my own server was up and running quite a lot, and that was search on Google for sites that were linking to me.

You can just put site: [sitename] into Google or many other search engines search box and it will return a list of sites that mention the site you have listed.

So I did a search for site: darkpolitricks.com and had a peruse at my leisure to see what BS had been written about me. 

Of course I am a Russian Agent that pushes evil ex-commie propaganda on you all, that seems like a given from some of the sites I looked at. It must be due to me not pushing the "lets have a war with Russia" neo-con/neo-liberal line that seems to wash over much of the US governing elite at the moment.

Hey I admit it. I don't want to burn to a crisp in a nuclear holocaust. I do apologise to any blogger out there that thinks I have a pro-Russian bias. I just don't believe Russia wants a nuclear war, and think your very stupid if you do want one.

Then I came across this site https://getmxt.com/facebook-fake-news-list that talks about a Facebook Plugin designed to warn users if they click on a link taking them to one of 559 websites. It is a 3 year old article but then again my Facebook page for this site has been removed and I have had social media sites and communities removed in the blink of an eye without any consultation before so who knows what the kind Samaritan who apparently complied the list thinks of me.

It seems that this good egg who compiled the list is one, Melissa Zimdars, an assistant professor of Communication and Media at Merrimack College. It is none other than she, that and I quote "compiled a list of the most egregious offenders".

Well I feel honoured to be considered Melissa. It seems I am worthy enough to be upon this list along with such evil doers as the Drudge Report, Russia Today, and of course the rabid, evil views from Antiwar.com.

It does say my site has a "(classification pending)" next to it, so maybe in the eyes of this author I am still to be labelled and put in a nice box for the authorities. However I also found this list of raw site URLs https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BigMcLargeHuge/opensources/master/sources/sources.csv which had me labelled down for "bias" and "conspiracy". Well I don't know what my bias is, but if it's that I am against a 3rd nuclear war, hate fake current and historical narratives and I'm not a "co-incidence theorist" then yes those labels are correct.

It seems this core list has been copied, and amended in some cases across numerous blogs claiming to have a list of "fake news sites", or "sites to be careful reading", whatever that means. If it's that you might find an alternative and possibly more correct view of an event than those spouted by the mainstream media outlets then yes.

I did find it amusing on the site to find under the category "State Run" just the two sites from the countries the US is currently pushing its propaganda for war with, Russia Today and Iran's Press TV.

What I want to know is where was the BBC? You cannot get a more state run organisation than the BBC, a news broadcaster that has the backing of the government in forcing all live TV viewers to fork out over £150 per year to pay for a licence fee that funds the BBC's reporting.

Therefore it is something I expect, to be labelled a conspiracy theorist just because I don't believe in physics that says an aluminium plane cannot fly at 550mph just inches above the ground and punch it's way through 3 rings of re-enforced concrete as supposedly happened at the Pentagon on 9.11.

Oh and you must call me anti-Semitic for daring report what many US news stations did on the day of 9.11 about the "dancing Israelis", flicking lighters and positioned where no-one else would know to be, filming the first plane hit the Twin Towers. Known Mossad agents who were released by the FBI without charge and went onto an Israeli TV show to claim that they were, "just documenting the event".

And I must be a "hate speech" site for daring to talk about how Israel is assassinating hundreds of Palestinians at the fence that divides them from their old stolen homes.Or how the Mossad stole British passports to use in their assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai, or show the YouTube video recording of two IDF soldiers shooting 9 bullets into the back of an injured US citizen, Furkan Dogan, on their high seas attack on the Mavi Marmara.

Then of course I must fall into the most evil category at all as well. No-one can point out that Auschwitz itself has decreased the number of people that died within it's rebuilt walls from 6 million down to under a million without being a blatant liar and holocaust denier. I guess the people running the camp, and the historians who have lowered the number from a round perfect 6 million, a number that is stated in the Torah as the number of Jews who must die before they can return to Israel, must fall into the same category as me?

So what do to if these blogs and sites are correct, and my site is on these lists to be considered so dangerous as to warn anyone visiting that it's not a reliable source?

Well what we need is a real "Alternative News" search engine. I did attempt creating one on my old site, I basically just returned Google's results as DuckDuckGo.com does through a proxy server to remove all the trackers, and then I had a list of sites such as the BBC, MSBC, CNN and other "authoritative news sources" that I removed from the results.

However that server is not running anymore and I doubt anyone out there is going to create a real #altnews search engine. Therefore I am going to do the next best thing.

You might have noticed at the top of the site a new search box. It's not finished yet as I haven't had enough time to add all the sites I want. However seeing that these people are so desperate to not allow others to see content from this and other sites, and they have been so considerate to compile a list of sites so dangerous to visit. I think I will try to add this list, or as much of it as I can, to this search box and create a way for people to search purely alternative news sites.

They made me a nice list so it would be very rude not to make use of it. I just need some time to play around with the various search engine filters out there and hopefully you can bypass the BBC, CNN and all the pro-war establishment and conformative historical sites the compilers of this list don't want you to view. It might just help people get to the points of view that big brother and the establishment don't want you to hear.

I can only try, seeing that I might soon wash down Google and Facebook's, dirty sink plug, to the dark web not accessible by most search engines. Have a go, search for some of your favourite topics and see what the results are like.

Also if you have an ideas of sites or blogs not on this "blacklist" please let me know in the comments section and I will have a look and maybe add them to the search engine.

By Dark Politricks

© 2020 Dark Politricks

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Fake Martial Arts - How China's Social Credit System Ruins Lifes

How The Social Credit System Ruins Lives - Real Case Example

By Dark Politricks

This is a real case example of how the social credit system in China, coming soon to a country you live in, can destroy the life of real people.

In my last article I showed how the Social Credit system in China basically comes down to the point of you choosing your friends or the ability to buy certain goods or travel. Someone with a bad social credit score is considered an outcast, and by just associating with someone with such a score you too could lose points and privileges.

This video below is about fake martial arts and how dangerous and cult like, the belief in them can have on someone. However at the end is a real life case study that you should watch to see how the life of one man has been ruined by his social credit score.

He is not allowed to fly on planes, use high speed rail, his family are abused and he has been fined numerous times. What has he done to earn such behaviour?

Well he is a radio DJ, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) practitioner and in China where the authorities promote traditional martial arts such as Kung Fu and Tai Chi, to the extent that school children must learn the art to graduate high school, MMA is considered a crude sport.

However the rigid non fighting movements of these traditional martial arts, and grand masters who believe they can beat any MMA fighter using Tai Chi, Kung Fu or even physic abilities where they can apparently knock out an opponent without touching them.

This radio DJ, a forty year old named Xu Xiadong, was a trainer at a martial arts gym for 20 years, even his gym has disowned him, all for accepting the challenges of these Chinese Masters, and basically proving that their psychic powers, Tai Chi and Kung Fu, is not a real fighting tool.

He has had nearly 20 fights with these masters of traditional Chinese martial arts and has an unbeaten record. You can watch him basically destroy all these practitioners but by doing so he has earned himself the disdain of the Chinese government and many Chinese people who believe he is being disrespectful to their traditions.

His family is abused, he has been assaulted in the street and on one occasion he had to travel on an old train system for dozens of hours to get to a fight because just before it the Chinese Authorities had removed his access to high speed rail travel. At the fight he attended the government made him wear Chinese clown makeup and gave him a stupid name which he had to accept to participate.

During this fight with one of China's most well known masters, he basically knocked him down multiple times in the first round, showing that the "masters" skills were inadequate, and despite the referee diving on top of the master to save him from a pounding, and the numerous times he was knocked to the floor, the fight at the end was considered a draw!

The Chinese master, complained afterwards that his poor performance was due to a lack of rice before the fight. Not unlike some of the no touch masters in the beginning of the video who when sceptics challenge their "no touch knockout" skills and prove they don't work. They use excuses such as the persons tongue was on one side of their mouth, or one toe was raised, both causing an unbalance where the no touch punch cannot work.

However this is not about fighting, this is about how the authorities can destroy a persons life using the social credit system. This all encompassing system that controls the lives of over a billion people has destroyed this persons life all due to his preferred style of martial arts.

You may think that a system like this will never come to your own country but China has been used as a test-bed for such systems of controlling the population since Mao's great leap forward.

Despite 60+ million people dying under the rule of Mao, this change was praised by western leaders and they have been using China to test out Internet firewalls, used by Australia, and other western countries, and other methods of control such as the use of digital money replacing cash, something the Scandinavian nations want to achieve very soon.

In Sweden for example, Church goers text donations to their churches and homeless people carry mobile credit-card readers, all due to the lack of physical cash in the country.

Therefore do not believe that these types of systems cannot appear in Western nations.

The US and UK already has enough CCTV cameras and programs such as TRAPWIRE to link the images together to track people's behaviour, anticipate violent or unsocial actions, and have been using these systems for at least 8 years.

Just imagine the leap forward they could have managed in the last 8 years and when you read articles about how easy it is to pay for goods on your phone or debit card, remember that the authorities would love there to be no cash.

Just imagine all the instant fines they could take money from your accounts for speeding, or anti social behaviour.

If you don't like Martial Arts, or want to watch the whole video just scroll the timer to 19 minutes 21 seconds, to watch the part about how Xu Xiadong's life has been ruined by the Chinese Social Credit System.

By Dark Politricks

© 2020 Dark Politricks

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Chose your friends or your shopping - How China's Social Credit Score could break your circle of friends

China's Social Credit Score - What is more important your friends or your phone?

By Dark Politricks 

If we look at China we can see into our own future.  

China has been a model and testing ground for our own Orwellian State since Mao conducted his great leap forward, praised by leaders in the west such as David Rockefeller, despite the 60+ million or so who died as a consequence of this change.

Why do Western leaders look to an authoritarian Communist country such as China, for ideas for their own countries to implement?

Well it keeps it a secret from most people in Europe and America, as most don't read or watch videos from articles on blogs that report on Chinese news. They get their information from papers owned by the rich and powerful, people who would benefit from similar systems, if implemented in their own countries.

China is a perfect place to test new algorithms to downgrade certain web content, build internet firewalls, and create new automatic systems of reward and punishment such as their new Social Credit Score system.

This new system will automatically rate every person in the country with a number depending on how well you behave, the goods that you buy, the places you visit and even the friends you associate with.

It will actually warn people when they make phone calls to people with a low social credit score and even punish you for associating with them. It will even take points off your own credit score if you are seen to be friends with people with low scores. Faces automatically plastered on electronic billboards when someone jaywalks for other people to see, all so they can be instantly judged by their fellow citizens.

People with good social credit scores are rewarded with trophies, the opportunity to travel, send their children to good schools and have better housing. They even get to have their faces posted in the papers or on the electronic screens on street walls that are as common as the CCTV cameras that watch everyone.

It is a massive automatic feedback loop. Every action taken by someone is captured and analysed, before the system reacts and decides if it is acceptable for the good of society. Once decided it adds or deducts points from your score. It is just like traveling the web with tracking cookies that log the content you visit before showing you adverts specifically tailored for your tastes.

If you think that it can't happen in your own country you only need to read up on NSA systems such as TRAPWIRE that the USA already uses, and the GCHQ in the UK. A country with more CCTV cameras per capita than anywhere else. A country that the Americans test their intrusive systems out first, without complaint from our Government, all due to our lack of a proper bill of rights.

The system is based on all the connected videos captured by thousands of CCTV cameras that record us everywhere we travel before storing them in huge data centres such as the city sized underground data centre in UTAH. The next step is to use already existing technology to analyse this huge pool of data and decide whether actions captured are good or bad before updating a citizens score.

Think of the popular TV show Person of Interest before realising that it is actually happening now in China and soon in your own country.

People with low social credit scores are basically pariahs in China. 

They have their low scores flashed to people's phones nearby using geo-location technology, so that they can basically spy on them. People can even gain points for their own credit score by informing on another persons actions. Just making a phone call to someone with a low score can prompt a warning message on the receivers phone so they can decide whether they want to risk losing points by answering it.

These people are prevented from traveling outside the country, buying certain items or applying for certain jobs. They even have their own rankings on dating websites demoted as they are deemed unsuitable mates by the "system".

It is almost as if we are handing our own governance over to a massive computer with the only human input required being the rules of what is good and bad and the bio-metrics of every citizen. Once inputted your face becomes your ID, required for access to the internet, a password for banking, and a symbol of what your country deems acceptable behaviour.

Drive too fast in a 30mph zone and the cameras capture your image before automatically deducting money from your bank account as a fine.

Cash is unacceptable as we are seeing already with Scandinavian countries trying to ban it and fewer and fewer people using it. More and more people prefer to pay at shops with a swipe of a debit card or phone at the till. All your shopping items are logged, ready to be sifted through by computers to decide whether you are eating and drinking the right food. 

Who and what is more important?

Your choice to go to the pub with certain people or your chance to buy the latest iPhone and buy train tickets to travel to different cities?

I bet many people now are thinking, no never would I disassociate myself from my best friends, but when those friends don't or cannot pay automatic fines, or buy certain goods that the system deems as bad decisions giving them a low credit score, I think many will soon change their minds.

This video tells the story of what is to come....

By Dark Politricks  

© 2020 Dark Politricks

Saturday, 28 December 2019

How Google Listens To You All The Time & Why You Should Remove Google Chrome

Remove Google Products From Your PC To Speed It Up And Stop It listening To You All The Time.....

By Dark Politricks

If you read a recent article on speeding up your PC you might be interested in the fact that the other day I removed Google Chrome and now my PC is fast as road runner..

After removing Google Chrome I noticed an increase in page loading and application speed and I have switched to using 3 browsers instead Firefox, Opera and TOR Browser.

Not only has removing Google Chrome from my laptop has sped it up immensely but if anyone has been paying attention, Google is an evil company (they had to remove that it didn't do evil from their motto), that is hooked into nearly every smart phone measuring when you sleep, walk, drive, the current temperature as well as listening to everything you say just in case it wants to be helpful.

I cannot count the number of times that I have been watching a football match streamed from my phone to my TV and then Google pops up to ask "What would you like to know about Man UTD" or some other nonsensical question I didn't want it to help me with in the first place.

This obviously means it is listening to you ALL THE TIME, otherwise it would not know when to offer help.

If you read the Terms and Conditions on your smart phone then you will see under privacy, a mile down the long winded notes, a section about how they are allowed to listen to you and send off the content to "unspecified 3rd parties", content that "may" improve their service as well as helping these unspecified 3rd parties.

These unspecified parties maybe Google AdSense to show more relevant adverts by listening to the surrounding sound around the phone and then translating that to adverts you will see online.  

Or it maybe listening for more illicit speech that it can send local police enforcement or even the numerous 3 letter agencies in the UK and USA.

Will Binney from the NSA who was arrested for going public about the Prism program he had written and Edward Snowden had stolen to expose, told us about how he had designed it for spying on the Soviets in communist USSR. However once the cold war was over they flipped the script and used it to spy on US citizens illegally instead. 

If you read up on the web tech companies that were first involved in the unknowing spying on users, then they were Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook, Google, Apple, PalTalk, YouTube, and Skype.

The UK was used as a test bed due to our lack of a real bill of rights or constitution and therefore we here in UK are rats roaming a maze designed by the NSA all so they can catch the right words and tell the correct authorities if need be.

The main problem is that you cannot remove all Google products from Android phones and trying to do so will probably break your phone. Google is ingrained into most smart phones and almost impossible to remove totally. If you want an app you go to Google Play Store and trying to remove that from your phone would be a huge hassle.

Therefore I have done the logical thing due to the slowness of my PC and removed Google Chrome from it. 

Not only has it sped up my laptop but it means Google searches are no longer logged and kept for years as I now use DuckDuckGo or TOR Browser to surf the net. 

Even the browser Opera has a mini "VPN" built into it which goes through a proxy computer before the site you wanted to visit, hiding your real IP address, and making you look like you are in Germany or Bulgaria.

Just try Opera and then go to this site https://manytools.org/http-html-text/http-request-headers/ and see what headers and IP address you are showing to websites and servers who are looking to log your devices details.

In another tab either type in the search box "Where am I now geo-IP" or just go to this link and you will see information like the results below when I just tested it with a new instance of Opera. My real IP is 86.164.1.XXX by the way.
However viewing my IP address on Opera with that search term or a header search reveals my location to be elsewhere from South East England. In fact they show me to be in the Scandinavian region of Europe with an IP address of

If you want more details on why Google is evil and Youtube is broken then read and watch the video on my recent article.

However if you don't care about Google working with the NSA and GCHQ and listening to you all the time through your phone and just want a faster PC, try removing Google Chrome from your machine and using another browser instead.

Opera's "VPN" may not be a real VPN but rather just a proxy server it passes your data request through before displaying the page you want, but it is better than nothing.

Having a real VPN installed on your PC is a much better idea if you can afford it and you can set your VPN to have the IP address of the country you want. This is helpful if you are in a country that shows a limited selection of Netflix or Amazon Prime videos. With a VPN you can pretend to be in the country you want to be and access more content. If you are interested in this then read this article.

However whatever you want to do with your VPN you should still remove as many Google and Microsoft products from your PC, Phone and tablet as that is a good start to stop being listened and recorded constantly.

By Dark Politricks

© 2019 Dark Politricks

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Why #Altnews Is Moving To BitChute as YouTube is Broken and Google Is An Evil Company

YouTube is Broken And Google is an Evil Company

By Dark Politricks

This is basically a test for the new platform BitChute that most #altnews sources are moving their videos to due to YouTube algorithms placing videos like the following below what they call "authoritative sources".

Yes videos by MSNBC, CNN, BBC and other establishment views that parrot the Government line.

Free Speech is dying on YouTube.

Altnews channels like Truthstreammedia made YouTube popular by exposing the lies our Government tells us, the harm microwaves do to our brains that are ignored, and how a cashless society is not all that you think it will be.

So please support BitChute as many channels are removed, deranked and defunded by the CIA supported YouTube (owned by Google who took CIA seed money for development).

This is the first attempt at embedding a BitChute video. If you cannot play or see it go to BitChute to watch it by clicking this link.

Please comment in the comment section on your views about YouTube manipulating your search results so that you don't actually get to see what you should e.g the most popular video not the video the MIC/Silicon Valley nexus wants you to.

Maybe they could be the start of a counter revolution against the crackdown on free speech before our Internet access is removed altogether.

By Dark Politricks

© 2019 Dark Politricks