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Here are the latest essays and articles written by myself for this site. I started this site with my own work and have made at least 200+ articles, many on the first page of Google. I continue to write for this site as much as I can, especially now I am jobless and everybody is now attacking the Internet with Facebook, Google and YouTube all demonetising accounts that don't tell the "Offical Government Story." You can read all my work here: Dark Politricks Articles.

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The American Broken System cannot all be blamed on Trump

February 19th, 2018
The American Broken System cannot all be blamed on Trump By Dark Politricks The Jimmy Dore Show I just had to put this video up as when I saw the Tweet about someone having to pay a $350 / £250 receipt for 3 prescriptions I could not believe it. You may think the USA has the best health system in the world and all that crap that is easily found to... [read more]

It’s time for your revolution Americans

February 17th, 2018
It's time for your revolution Americans By Dark Politricks What did your 2nd amendment do to help you stop the take over of America I ask? Goldman Sachs, Wall St, the Military and Prison Industrial complexes and the offshoring of mega rich people's money instead of investing it and giving their staff wages. Your country is an Oligarchy and from... [read more]

The Deep State Runs The USA – History Proves It

February 5th, 2018
The Deep State Runs The USA - History Proves It By Dark Politricks I watched a few videos over the weekend that made me really get the impression that the USA has become not only a danger to its own people but also to the world in general. It seems to be a functioning Oligarchy now, where only two political parties get a chance to debate a narrow... [read more]

If you are using social media and want to get a job then read on

January 24th, 2018
If you are using social media and want to get a job then read on By Dark Politricks If you are going for a job interview, court date, or have been arrested by the Police just know that if they haven't already they will be doing the following to your phone, PC, tablet or if they don't have one then just like Edward Snowden said with his programs Prism... [read more]

Twitter sends out “Protecting you from Russia” emails to Tweeters!

January 24th, 2018
Twitter sends out "Protecting you from Russia" emails - The Jimmy Dore Show By Dark Politricks The Jimmy Dore Show You maybe thinking that yes Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Skype and Messenger all track your messages, chats, pictures, videos and interaction on their site, to be kept forever in a huge database in UTAH. Just in-case the FBI come... [read more]

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I also have a backup of the FOX News series that looked into Israeli connections to 9.11. Obviously FOX removed that as soon as AIPAC, ADL and the rest of the Hasbra brigade protested.

I also have a copy of the the original Liberal Democrats Freedom Bill which was quickly and quietly removed from their site once they enacted and replaced with some watered down rubbish instead once they got into power. No change to police tactics, protesting or our unfair extradition treaty with the USA but we did get a stop to being clamped on private land instead of the mny great ideas in the original.

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The American Broken System cannot all be blamed on Trump

The American Broken System cannot all be blamed on Trump

By Dark Politricks
The Jimmy Dore Show

I just had to put this video up as when I saw the Tweet about someone having to pay a $350 / £250 receipt for 3 prescriptions I could not believe it.

You may think the USA has the best health system in the world and all that crap that is easily found to be BS by statistics and comparisons with other western nations.

However never ever have we in the UK had to pay more than £10 for a prescription.

I used to pay £100 for a years pre-payment card and I could get all my many prescriptions on that card. I used to get so many prescriptions a month that I worked out that I would have forked out about £15,000 (using UK prices from the NICE – NHS book on drugs and just the no of times I had to visit the chemist by £8.60), on prescriptions a year using UK prices which is crazy enough but if I had to use US prices – goodbye – meet you at my graveside.

This is due to repeat prescriptions for my pain care and other related issues which see me going down the chemist almost every other day. I would hate to see that in dollars under Obamacare or Trumpcare or whatever failing system you have in the US but luckily we have the NHS and they give us the option of buying a pre-payment card to save money if you have lots of prescriptions to collect or if you are unemployed or on the sick you get them for free.

Call it socialism – call it whatever it you like but I would rather live in a country that by all means is still neo-liberal and a war mongering, US ass kissing, Capitalist society that created a health system where people do not have to go bankrupt just to collect prescriptions.

No wonder people are using the Internet or going to Canada to get them.

A country which pays an extra $800 billion to the military, the largest in the world, and of a size that is so bloated with so many weapons already they are rusting away or being handed out to local police forces. Just like the tank in Ferguson or other militarized police zones along with Baltimore and their fake guns to plant on the side of bodies that they kill during duty to ensure they don’t get caught or done for any kind of police brutality.

Can you tell from this photo whether these are the police who are supposed to serve and protect you or a SEAL team ready to engage a Taliban fortress?

Militarized Police
Can you tell the difference between Cops and Soldiers

So for one I cannot believe that someone would pay $48 for 3 prescriptions (just under £30), as she complained in her Tweet after saying that it was due to Trump and that a year ago she would only be paying $48.

I just cannot believe that the richest country on the world puts up with this when they literally make money out of thin air, not backed by anything like Gold just the “promise” to pay the owner back.

However they only decide to spend these digital 1’s and 0’s on banking computing screens on maintaining the US Empire, rather than helping the people at home with job programs, strong unions that get to sit on wage boards as in Germany. Where the workers actually get to decide how much their CEO and managers get.

Can you imagine Walmart implementing that idea?

The thing is, it works well and the co-operatives that use this system have flourished and made some great products as all the people in the company feel as if they have something to contribute and fairness can be smelt in the air, unlike the giant farts that people smell when forced to work at Walmart and still using SNAP cards.

Luckily they will also soon to have Donald Trumps personally picked selection of non perishable tinned goods sent to them so that they don’t waste their cards buying a chocolate bar.

US Social Security, something the people all pay into but is the first to be cut when they need to “balance the budget” after all the Democrats and Republicans have thrown more billions of unfunded money to the US Empires war chest.

This isn’t what the video below is really about but it shows the hypocrisy of blaming Trump for everything when in reality he hasn’t changed much from Obama.

The wars are still raging, the drones still flying, the NSA still spying and the US infrastructure all across the United States is in appalling condition. This cannot all be blamed on Trump.

Maybe a bit of socialism tried apart from all the socialist programs you already have such as the Roads, Bin Men, Schools, Fire brigades, Medicare, Police, Social Security etc etc would do some good and open a few eyes.

I just cannot get over someone having to pay $350/£250 for 3 prescriptions.

Here we can pay around a half of that and get as many prescriptions as we need for a whole year. The price we pay at the chemist is fixed at around £8.60, whatever the cost of the drug. Therefore I could be prescribed a pack of drugs worth £200 but still only pay $8.60.

So Mr Trump do you still think the NHS is crap and that we should move to a more US system?

The video goes into how Democrats and Republicans are basically looking after their own asses than the public and how they all back slap each other between putting on Punch and Judy shows for the MSM. This was just a video I was watching I had to jump out of bed and write about due to the prices they were talking about in the tweets related to medicine. It was just unbelievable to me.


Watch on Jimmy Dore’s channel at The Jimmy Dore Show.

By Dark Politricks

© 2018 Dark Politricks

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CrossTalking – CrossTalk Bullhorns: 13 Russians (extended version)

CrossTalking – CrossTalk Bullhorns: 13 Russians (extended version)

By CrossTalk

Who would have thought 13 Russians, 3 entities, and some cash could impact an American presidential election?

This is where Russiagate stands today. Also, more twists and turns in the messy conflict known as Syria.

CrossTalking with Alexander Mercouris, Mark Sleboda, and Dmitry Babich.


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Milo & PJW: The Culture War

Milo & PJW: The Culture War

Why Black Panther has backfired

Paul Joseph Watson
February 20, 2018

Milo & PJW discuss the hysterical political climate & why Black Panther has backfired spectacularly on the left.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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Far-Left Writer Calls On Black People to Start Barking at White People “Who Speak Out of Turn”

Far-Left Writer Calls On Black People to Start Barking at White People “Who Speak Out of Turn”

The Root editor in chief wants Black Panther silencing tactic implemented for real

Paul Joseph Watson
February 20, 2018


A writer for popular far-left website The Root has penned an article calling for black people to start barking at white people who “speak out of turn”.

No, this is not a parody.

Complaining that the fictional African country of Wakanda could never be created in reality because, “Were too infected with colonization and its myriad residues and peripheral effects,” The Root’s Damon Young does think one thing from the Black Panther movie could be implemented immediately – barking at white people to shut them up.

“One thing, however, that we can and definitely should start doing is what MBaku and his Que Dog Jabari Tribe did when encountering a problematic white dude who was speaking when there was no ask or need or purpose for the thoughts and opinions of problematic white dudes.


“Not a purposeless bark. This isnt a shih tzu barking through the window at a squirrel. Instead this would be an intentional bark. A targeted bark. An overpowering bark. A drowning bark. A Wakandan bark. A bark meant to communicate Um, who told you that you can speak? When it is time for your words, we will let you know. And maybe that time will never come. Well see. Now, just shut up and stand there. Maybe get on your phone and google How not to be a colonizer. Whatever you do, I want to hear you not speaking.

Young goes on to advocate the opening of a “School of Wakandan White Silencing,” while providing several examples of when white people should be barked at.

“A wayward white hand reaches for your hair? WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! A group of white people huddled on a sidewalk refuse to step aside when you attempt to walk past them? WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! A purse is clutched when you walk on an elevator? WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! (If theyre going to act scared, you might as well give them a reason to be.)”

Despite its tongue-in-cheek nature, the article is yet another example of how identity politics-obsessed “progressives” are using the Black Panthermovie to stoke more racism and division amongst Americans.

The irony of this is pretty stunning given that Wakanda, the fictional East African nation in which Black Panther is set, bears all the hallmarks of an Alt-Right utopia.

Wakanda is an ethnostate that has zero immigration, is protected by walls, declares that, “Refugees bring their problems with them,” exploits its own natural resources, is isolationist and imposes strict trade restrictions.

Apparently, all this is to be encouraged, so long as white people aren’t doing it.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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More Gun Violence: Let’s Look Beyond Politics

More Gun Violence: Lets Look Beyond Politics

By rp_admin
Another terrible school shooting took place in Parkland, Florida last week and unfortunately many politicians and pundits have used the tragedy as they often do to push their own agenda. Many will use the tragedy to argue that Americans should be prohibited from owning guns. As if anti-gun laws would dissuade a disturbed or violent individual intent on causing harm. Those intent on mass murder dont obey gun laws. Its unfortunate that while many are quick to demand that guns be taken away from peaceful Americans, they dont seem to have much to say about guns when theyre in the hands of government authorities shooting innocent people. If we need any gun control, it is to get control of the guns in the hands of thousands of government employees who use them against innocent people with impunity. For example, why do those calling for more gun control remain silent when armed federal agents raid Amish farms to stop them from selling raw milk? This shows the hypocrisy of those who call for restrictions on private firearms ownership while supporting the use of government violence as a means of controlling our lives. Unfortunately there are many key questions lost in the race to score political points from the shooting. Why does it always seem that the shooter in these mass killings has been on some kind of psychotropic drugs? As the New American magazine pointed out this week, at least ten high profile mass shootings have been committed by individuals who were either on or just recently coming off of psychiatric medications. The young killer in Florida was no different. According to his aunt, he had been on these medications to treat mental problems. Why is no one questioning these medications all of which come with labels warning of horrific side effects? Perhaps one reason they are ignored is that the pharmaceutical industry spends billions of dollars lobbying Congress. Also, how is it possible that the FBI once again missed so many obvious clues that a violent person intent on causing massive harm to others was about to strike? Is the FBI actually this incompetent, or perhaps its focus was in other areas — like meddling in our own elections by presenting evidence they knew was flawed to the FISA court to get permission to spy on the Trump campaign? Weve heard many stories of how alert FBI field agents tried to alert their bosses before 9/11 that foreigners were taking flight lessons but were not interested in learning how to land the planes. Is giving the federal government more power to spy on us as they demand the answer to stop these terrible crimes? Hardly! Those who think that giving federal authorities greater surveillance powers might prevent mass shootings should consider that the FBI has been alerted that the latest school shooter had made Facebook posts and YouTube comments talking about his intention to be, as he put it, a professional school shooter. But the Bureau failed to properly investigate the tips. If the FBI fails to stop someone who openly boasts about their intentions on social media why should we believe that giving them the power to snoop on every American would increase our safety? We cannot stop tragedies like this by banning guns. We need to look seriously into the psychotropic drugs that more and more Americans are being prescribed. We need to demand that our elected Representatives demand a real day of reckoning at the FBI. We need to keep focused and ignore those who politicize such events.

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Parkland Student: Media Shamefully Using Tragedy to Promote Gun Control

Parkland Student: Media Shamefully Using Tragedy to Promote Gun Control

Truth Revolt
February 20, 2018

According to one Parkland high school student, the media is shamefully using the deadly tragedy which killed 17 to push gun control, instead of focusing on the students victimized by the murderous rampage.

In a Daily Wire interview, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Brandon Minoff said the mainstream media is merely pouncing on the opportunity to forward their political agenda. When asked who, in his opinion, is constructing the gun control narrative regarding the mass shooting, Minoff responded:

“I think it’s the media. They exploit everything to make it political. They’re more concerned about gun control at this moment rather than the fact that there were 17 people that were killed.”

Minoff — who has also previously spoken to MSNBC and CNN about the shooting, said he hopes to meet President Trump in order to discuss the situation. He believes in restrictions related to owning guns, he says, but he is intensely bothered by the way the media have disgraced the atrocity by using it as a pawn for their political maneuvering:

“It pains me to see that, knowing that 17 of my classmates are dead and they just want to talk about gun control. Students have opinions, they say stuff that theyre against guns, and that gun control is necessary, but theyre making it bigger than it needs to be at this moment.”

Asked if legislation would have prevented the Florida shooting, Minoff was doubtful:

“You cant drink until youre 21, but that doesn’t stop kids from drinking. I dont know if there is a way to stop it. There is a way around anything.”

Furthermore, Minoff believed more guns may be the answer:

“If coach Feis would have had a gun or any of the other security guards would have had a gun it definitely would have been less fatal. [The shooter] and coach Feis were face-to-face and he just shielded kids instead of having the ability to kill the shooter.”

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