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Here are the latest essays and articles written by myself for this site. I started this site with my own work and continue to write for it as much as I can. To read all my work check out the My Articles menu link. For other posts and latest news from a wide range of diverse sources please visit the news section.

Why I want Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader

July 27th, 2015
Why I want Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader By Dark Politricks I've just watched the BBC debate on the Politics Show between the 4 Labour Leader hopefuls and I seriously hope Jeremy Corbyn wins the election for Labours new leader. The other 3 are just Blairite bland stand for nothing polititicans for life. They think the Tories are on the right track,... [read more]

Putin’s aim to wipe out Europe as it learns of UK first strike policy

July 27th, 2015
Putin’s aim to wipe out Europe as it learns of UK first strike policy By Dark Politricks This is based on an old article but it's still very relevant. The reason I am posting is that we used to used Kaspersky Anti Virus Tools at our work, Our old CTO didn't agree with that decision and called it a big back door for Russian Intelligence - he may have... [read more]

Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper would not serve in Jeremy Corbyn shadow cabinet

July 23rd, 2015
Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper would not serve in Jeremy Corbyn shadow cabinet Fellow candidates and Chuka Umunna threaten to refuse Labour frontbench roles, while Andy Burnham says it is more important to avoid ‘factional politics’ Patrick Wintour - Political editor The Guardian I say: So Fucking What! These people are obviously "Tory Lite"... [read more]

Iran v USA on Nukes and Israeli Hasbra that needs to be ignored

July 16th, 2015
Iran v USA on Nukes and Israeli Hasbra that needs to be ignored By Dark Politricks Let's see who is really a threat to Middle Eastern and world peace after the lengthy Austrian conference to settle the West's desire to inspect Iranian, military sites whenever it want for the next 15 years, reduce their ability to enrich Uranium to no more than 3.67%... [read more]

Greece, Iran and what did we learn this week?

July 16th, 2015
Greece, Iran and what did we learn this week? By Dark Politricks What did I learn this week? Well to be honest nothing that really surprised me but to the sheeple out there who believe everything they read in the global financial and Israeli Hasbra owned media, they might have learned something if they actually put their thinking caps on and thought... [read more]

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Putin’s aim to wipe out Europe as it learns of UK first strike policy

Putin’s aim to wipe out Europe as it learns of UK first strike policy

By Dark Politricks

This is based on an old article but it’s still very relevant. The reason I am posting is that we used to used Kaspersky Anti Virus Tools at our work, Our old CTO didn’t agree with that decision and called it a big back door for Russian Intelligence – he may have been right all along.

Anyway I installed it on one of my laptops and then the tool Wireshark which lets you sniff certain data packets e.g TCP/IP and web traffic etc. I even used this tool to catch my old man out having a dalliance  with a certain woman behind my Mums back.

I installed it on their router then watched all the old Microsoft Messenger messages that used to be sent in plain text go out and back into their computer. A very good reason to encrypt your messaging service if not built-in already I’d say. If not install Wireshark and see how much of your traffic is going out in plain text, it’s pretty easy to setup and you will see if the data is readable or not!

Just being able to see the amount of plain text traffic going in and out was amazing in itself but what astonished me was the number of requests to IP addresses in Sweden and other countries that didn’t seem to be necessary. Almost every few seconds an HTTPS request to a location near Russia was bein sent out, what it was sending I have no idea, but I thought it was strange as I know instant virus analysis is done by local databases of definitions so that it’s quick and each file that is accessed can be analysed quickly.

The sender was Kapsersky itself. Why they were sending out so much traffic to other servers located elsewhere when anti-virus tools download new virus definitions before scans. These definitions hold all the “virus patterns” of what to look for.

From this article on how anti-virus tools work.

Your antivirus software relies on virus definitions to detect malware. That’s why it automatically downloads new, updated definition files – once a day or even more often. The definition files contain signatures for viruses and other malware that have been encountered in the wild. When an antivirus program scans a file and notices that the file matches a known piece of malware, the antivirus program stops the file from running, putting it into “quarantine.” 

Therefore when reverse DNS checks and lookups on the IPs that the traffic was going to gave me nothing interesting but the location – countries near Sweden I had to think twice about what was going on.

I know that the US/UK cyber geeks from the NSA/GCHQ put sophisticated tools in the main routers in Sweden to capture data going out of Russia.

The reason being is that a lot of Russian traffic does go out through these lines and on the other side of the vast  empty regions of Russia where very little Internet cables lie, nearly all the Chinese cables pass through US controlled areas like Japan or various islands before reaching the US West coast.

So as at the moment most of the big tech companies, Internet shopping sites and other sites visited by people online are in the US e.g Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter etc; Internet traffic is going to go through the quickest available routes that enter the USA. Pinpointing these key routes so that traffic can be analysed as Snowden revealed is key and both sides of this new cold war have been at it.

Therefore if the US/UK wanted to listen in to all traffic coming out of Russia they would either do it at Sweden when it leaves at its earliest point or in the UK, at one of the major points our cables leave our shores to go off under the Atlantic to the USA. I’m sure these soft targets are high on any Russian nuclear strike or Terrorist attack plan if they wanted to disrupt international communications.

The same goes in reverse though. If Russia wanted to see any traffic going back to them or wanted to divert such traffic they would send it to the nearest place near their countries borders where proxy servers could then send them on e.g Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine etc.

Therefore the Russian cyber defence squads were right to team up with one of the best “anti-virus” tool programmers in diverting traffic from the US and UK all the way through Russian controlled areas where it could be analysed before it reached its destination.

The top Anti-Virus Tools
The best anti-virus tools ranked in order

The following map will show you how our Internet in Europe is laid out and where it enters and leaves Russia and the UK as well as the opposite side where the cables leave China. You will then see the logic in sending traffic to Sweden for any analysis by the US or Russia.

Internet Cable Layout
Pacific Cables

The Internet cables leaving Europe and China. The last Pacific cable cost $300 million!

This is the article I read which caused me to write this piece. I

It’s called Russia Warns “State Of War” Exists As UK Nukes Prepare First Strike from May and is worth reading.

You can read the full article at

By: Sorcha Faal


Putin First Strike PolicyOh what fun Nuclear War is

Putins Cyber Defence Units Pick Up On UK First Nuclear Strike Policy On Russia

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that the Federation is now in a “state of war” thus bringing to full activation President Putin’s “Dead Hand” nuclear order issued 29 July 2014 to The Strategic Missile Forces (SMF).

According to this report, the full activation of the much feared “Dead Hand” nuclear option was authorized under President Putin’s previous order due to the discovery that the nuclear forces of the United Kingdom (UK) were preparing a first strike against military and civilian targets located in the Federation.

The intention of the nuclear forces of the UK preparing a first strike against the Federation, this report says, was revealed by Federal Security Services (FSB) electronic intelligence experts working in conjunction with Kaspersky Lab who discovered last month a massive US National Security Agency (NSA) cyber espionage programme targeting not just Russia, but everyone else on Earth.

Both the FSB and Kaspersky Lab experts, the MoD reports, were able to swiftly reverse engineer the computer code(s) involved in this massive NSA spying operation which then enabled them to electronically obtain the launching codes and coordinates of all the UK’s nuclear weapons showing their plan to launch a first strike against the Federation during the week of 15 March.

Though information of this highly successful FSB-Kaspersky Lab intelligence operation has been suppressed in the West, some counter-news of it has been reported by a few technical websites, including The Verge which in their article reported yesterday titled “A Network Error Routed Traffic For The UK’s Nuclear Weapons Agency Through Russian Telecom”, in part, says:

For the past week, something strange has been going on in the European internet. For five days, web traffic from Texas to certain addresses in the UK has been routed through Ukrainian and Russian telecoms, taking a detour thousands of miles out of the way. Network traffic often takes a circuitous route as a result of network congestion or interconnection difficulties, but neither one would be enough to account for these routes. Instead, this was the result of a bad route announced by Ukraine’s Vega telecom, inserting itself in between.

It’s particularly disconcerting because of the sensitive nature of many of the sites involved. Among the dozens of sites involved was the UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment, which is tasked with managing and delivering the UK’s nuclear warheads, as well as the UK’s official mail service, the Royal Mail. US defense contractor Lockheed Martin was also running a VPN connection that was caught up in the redirection.

Upon the MoD’s confirmation of the UK’s intention to launch a nuclear first strike against the Federation, this report continues, Russian military forces throughout the country were immediately activated with a special emphasis placed upon massive rocket-artillery maneuvers on the southern borders.

Foreign Minister Lavrov, this report notes, further warned the West this week that Moscow would respond to NATOin an adequate way” as thousands of Norwegian troops neared the Russian border this week preparing for the influx of a US Marine Expeditionary Brigade, estimated to number between 14-18,000, whose tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, ammunition and battle equipment have flooded into Norway this past year.

The MoD also in this report states that the Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) previously issued an immediate travel ban on firefighters, ambulance drivers rescue troopers, tens of thousands of police officers, prison guards, and other law enforcement agencies who are deemed critically needed during times of war.

Also to be noted, though not contained in this MoD report, are reports from London that Russian personnel and officers have evacuated their embassy and that amass of activity is now being reported throughout Moscow, especially in and around Red Square.

As President Putin, top political officials and military leaders are now under MoD “protection”, other reports (of unknown quality) state that the Kremlin has also “advised” journalists not to leave Moscow and to prepare for a “major announcement” over the next few days.

Though not specifically stated in this MoD report, but strongly alluded to, are that crisis negotiations between Moscow and the West are currently ongoing and have led within the past few hours to NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, stating that the alliance does not plan to interfere in the conflict in east Ukraine…”Ukraine is not a member of NATO, so there is a difference between Ukraine and NATO members, because the security guarantee is for NATO allies.”

This NATOassurance”, however, may do little to calm this crisis and avert nuclear war after the Federation’s Investigative Committee launched a criminal case against Robert Scales, a retired US major-general and a Fox News military analyst, who said in a live broadcast this week that the only way for the US to turn the tide in Ukraine is to start killing Russians… “It is Game, Set and Match in Ukraine. The only way the US can have any effect in this region and turn the tide is to start killing Russians. Killing so many Russians that even Putin’s media can’t hide the fact that Russians are returning to the Motherland in body bags.”

March 14, 2015 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]

View the original article at

© 2015 What Does It Mean

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The Police Execution of Samuel DuBose & Obama Lectures Africa on Human Rights

The Police Execution of Samuel DuBose & Obama Lectures Africa on Human Rights

Watching The Hawks

On this episode of Watching the Hawks, Tyrel Ventura, Tabetha Wallace and Sean Stone discuss the police killing of 43-year-old African-American man, Samuel DuBose. Tyrel, Tabetha and Sean then talk about President Obamas recent trip to Africa. Tyrel and Tabetha are then joined by former Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura to discuss everything from the 2016 presidential election to animal poaching.

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View the original video for The Police Execution of Samuel DuBose & Obama Lectures Africa on Human Rights at

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Planned Parenthood Website Now ‘Undergoing Maintenance’ After False Flag ‘Hack’ Exposed

Planned Parenthood Website Now ‘Undergoing Maintenance’ After False Flag ‘Hack’ Exposed

Organisation used the harvesting scandal as a donation drive, claiming ‘extremists’ had hacked website

Steve Watson
July 31, 2015

Planned Parenthood is under a lot of scrutiny at the moment. So, you would think that it wouldn’t be the best time for the abortionists to pull some sort of scam donation campaign off the back of the negative coverage – but it appears that is exactly what it did yesterday.

Early in the day PP claimed that its website had been hacked by anti-abortion “extremists”.

PP used the “attack” as a way of suggesting that Americans were being denied vital care and support, with a link to their Facebook funding page to “learn more”.

It seems rather odd that at no time did the extremist hackers use their access to the site to post any sort of anti-abortion message or manifesto or redirect visitors to their own site.

Numerous people also began spotting strange inconsistencies with the hacking claim, given that the homepage still seemed to be controlled by PP, and included links to parts of the organisation’s website.

Now, a visit to the website returns a message that it is currently ‘undergoing maintenance’:

PP claims that control of the site was quickly regained after the attack, allowing them to put up messages, and that they are now in the process of boosting website security.

“The website is under our control now but it is down until we can restore the site and put safeguards in place,” a spokesperson said.

While this seems dubious at best, the story is still inconsistent. A post to PP’s Facebook page claimed that “anti-abortion extremists briefly blocked any traffic” from going to However, on the donations page, it was claimed that hackers “brought [the site] down.”

It appears that this was all an orchestrated campaign to drive people visiting the website to a donation page. If so, this would literally be a false flag attack by Planned parenthood on it’s own website in an effort to dupe people into donating money to them.

At this point nothing seems to be beyond the realms of possibility with this organisation.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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This is How Babies Are Aborted

This is How Babies Are Aborted

Revealing video demonstrates gruesome details of the procedure

Paul Joseph Watson
July 31, 2015

In light of the Planned Parenthood scandal, Oregon Right to Life has released a revealing new video which explains the myriad of different gruesome ways in which babies are aborted.

While millions of Americans support abortion, the vast majority are unaware of the details of how the procedure is carried out. Some even think that babies are aborted in the same way that pets are euthanized – with little or no pain whatsoever.

The reality is infinitely more disturbing. Listed below are the different methods of abortion, as demonstrated in the video above by using lifelike scientific models and actual abortion instruments.

– Partial Birth Abortion

Although currently outlawed, President Obama has expressed his desire to re-legalize the procedure under certain circumstances.

The doctor forces the woman’s cervix open prematurely, increasing the risk of premature birth by 36%. The abortionist turns the baby around so it is no longer head down, but head up. The baby is delivered so that just the head is left inside the mother’s body.

The abortionist then uses medical forceps to stab the baby in the back of its head, opening up a wound to make a hole, before using a vacuum tube to suck out the baby’s brain. He then crushes the baby’s head and delivers the dead baby.

If the abortionist performed the exact same procedure with the head outside the mother’s body, he would be guilty of homicide.

– Induction Abortion

The abortionist uses a 10 inch long needle to stab the baby in its heart before injecting Digoxin, causing a massive heart attack. The terrified baby feels the full force of the pain as anesthesia is not administered. Two or three days later the dead baby is delivered.

– Dilation and Evacuation

The abortionist artificially opens the mother’s cervix before reaching inside the uterus with a pair of medical forceps. The abortionist then grabs pieces of the baby with the forceps and rips the body limb from limb, pulling the pieces out one by one. This is a dangerous procedure because the doctor can accidentally grab a part of the woman’s bowel, causing internal rupturing.

A nurse then re-assembles the body to make sure no parts are left inside which could cause a dangerous infection.

– Dilation and Curettage

The abortionist uses a curette, a cross between a steak knife and a spoon, inserting it inside the mother’s body, before carving the baby into pieces and then using the spoon to scoop out the remains.

– Vacuum Aspiration

The abortionist simply uses a strong vacuum tube to suck out the entire baby, the placenta and the contents of the womb before the baby’s body is disposed of down a sink or as medical waste.

– Chemical Abortions

The mother takes a two part drug cocktail. The first drug blocks hormones, essentially telling the mother’s brain that she isn’t pregnant. Nutrients and support are then automatically cut off to the baby and it starves to death.

Two days later, the mother takes a second labor inducing drug which painfully flushes the dead baby out of her body. Although this method is used for early stage pregnancies, some women have reported seeing recognizable features of their baby in the toilet after it has been flushed out.

Planned Parenthood has described opponents of these abortion procedures as “extremists.” Personally speaking, if being against sticking knives in the back of babies’ heads and sucking out their brains makes me an extremist – then I’m proud to be an extremist.

On the flip side, Planned Parenthood employees who push around pieces of dead babies in petri dishes while laughing and cracking jokes about the body being “war torn,” are “trendy” and “liberal”.

Watch the video above and decide whether you’re an “extremist” or not.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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Human-Made Evolution

Human-Made Evolution
By Robert Hunziker

Evolution is natures way of preserving itself, but nature is losing out for the first time ever as it becomes curiously unnatural, artificially induced to adapt to human existence. It is human-made evolution, through and through.

The Anthropocene is a term first coined (yr. 2000) by atmospheric chemist Paul Crutzen (Nobel Prize 1991). It is currently under review as an official new geologic epoch; nevertheless, it has become a standard reference point in everyday science.

The Anthropocene is the dawn of a new age when humans consciously and subconsciously shape nature, altering an evolutionary process as old as life itself and challenging the planets life forms.

The consequence is that seventy-five percent (75%) of Earths surface has been modified by the human footprint.

Geographers Erle Ellis and Navan Ramankutty from the University of Maryland, using data from satellite photographs, determined that only 22 percent of the earths surface is still wilderness and only 11 per cent of photosynthesis activity takes place in these wild areas. The remaining land consists of agricultural, residential and industrial zones and other anthromes, that is, areas marked by humans. (Schw gerl)

Christian Schw gerl, a Berlin-based journalist, author and biologist, has written a ground-breaking book, The Anthropocene: The Human Era and How It Shapes Our Planet, Synergetic Press, 2014, that challenges doomsayers and climate changers to come to grips with a planet that is being molded by human hands.

Since the planet has been/is fashioned by human hands, according to Schw gerl, the 51m02ei3P7L._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_potential for positive outcomes exist whereby people of the world wake up and take control over the socio-politico-economic forces that bankrupt the biosphere (the global sum of all ecosystems).

Schw gerls book is an eco-conscious clarion call to take control over human and natures destiny, redirecting activity into a symbiotic relationship with nature and shed the planet of the atrocious misdirection of eco-ravaging neoliberalism, a socio-politico-economic psycho theory of free markets and profits for the sake of profits, nothing else counts.

Nature has no value with neoliberalism, which was introduced by Milton Friedman, super-charged by PM Thatcher and President Reagan. Significantly, this alone is likely the crux or the core of the problem as recognized by doomsayers and climate changers.

Ergo, If one defines the Anthropocene as merely the sum total of environmental crimes, then one would have to call it the Westocene or Capitalocene in reference to the Western lifestyles that have chiefly been the cause of anthropogenic phenomena. (Schw gerl)

Schw gerls hypothesis is the antithesis of neoliberal values.

Cancel the American Dream?

The problem with the American Dream is that it cannot be globalized in a sustainable way. According to ongoing research conducted by the Sustainable Europe Research Institute (SERI), Americans consume 90 kilograms of resources per capita a day, twice as much as Europeans, whose standard of living is already very high. They release 16 tons of carbon dioxide per capita, per year, from energy use alone. They eat more than 200 grams of meat a day. Due to the global demand generated by these patterns of consumption, an increasing number of nightmarish places are springing up: deforested areas in Asia and South America, oxygen-deprived waters in the Gulf of Mexico, bleached coral reefs along tropical coasts, oceans devoid of any fish and homogenous suburban areas proliferating on the outskirts of Western cities, the destruction of Africas biodiversity, decapitated mountains in Virginia, pock-marked fracking expanses in Texas, tar sand expanses in Alberta, Canada, and the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch.

If everyone followed the old American Dream, with its predilection for big cars, monoculture and enormous quantities of waste, it would result in a massive and long-lasting cultural and ecological impoverishment. What kind of dream is it that becomes a nightmare for everyone trying to live it? (Schw gerl)

All the same, China, a nation of 1.4 billion, or four times the U.S., is rapidly overwhelmingly on its way to achieving the grand old American Dream via state capitalism, a derivative of neoliberalism. Is there enough nature to go around without throttling back and supplanting neoliberalism with eco economics? Which works beautifully by sustaining nature whilst civilization utilizes it.

To understand the extent to which we human beings are changing the earth, you do not have to live in an urban region in China with a hundred million neighbors, or on the agricultural plains of the American Midwest that stretch to the horizon, nor on the edge of a burning rainforest. Today, it is enough to stop for a moment and realize that with every meal, we alter distant ecosystems as if by remote control because the ingredients come mostly from different continents or even ecological hotspots: palm oil grown in former rainforests or industrially produced pork. Just by getting into a car, turning on the heat or air conditioning, or going on vacation by plane, we impact the worlds climate. Each time we reach for our Smartphones, we are holding to our ear an assortment of rare metals that have come from dozens of different mines around the world!

We are witnessing the transition from blind evolution according to Darwins laws, to a conscious evolution directed by the human mind.

The natural course of evolution has been pushed aside in favor of todays modern lifestyle; for example, (one of many in the book), according to Schw gerl: The wingspan of cliff swallows in the United States has shortened in the past few decades directed by the kinetic force of cars. It took a while for researchers to fathom the reason: In the 1980s, cliff swallows began to use highway bridges as breeding grounds because the bridges resembled the birds natural habitat. Automobiles were a huge factor in the selection process: birds that did not swerve out of the way in time died in collisions, often before they could reproduce. Over the years, the numbers of short-winged swallows increased, as it was easier for these birds to quickly swerve than for those with longer wings. Quite simply, the longer-winged birds were killed on the roads while the shorter-winged ones were able to use their new habitat as a breeding ground.

We are changing the earths system; we are changing it fast, and we are changing it for a long time .1 It is the Age of Humans, and humans are actually becoming part of nature by effecting, changing, altering chemistry, biology, and geology.

For instance, geology has turned into a byproduct of human development. The planet contains five million mines that extract/extracted metals and minerals to build refrigerators, iPhones, cars, and skyscrapers. Open pit mines and mountain top removal alter landscapes, disturb rivers, and assault species so that householders can turn on lights. Cities are purely geological structures composed of stone, steel, and glass, all products of mining, changing geology from natural terrain to soaring mega structures.

Above, on, and within the planet the human footprint is ever-present, burrowing like moles with tunnels found everywhere all across the planet, e.g., in the U.S. alone there are 1,181 miles of subway tunnels. The extraction of aluminum, the most abundant metal in Earths crust, is so pervasive it could cover the entire United States in aluminum foil. Canals and dams change the course of water and wildlife habitat, thereby altering evolution. In point of fact, the human imprint on geology is huge, immeasurable, as people walk on it, ride on it, and communicate because of it.

For the first time in Earths history, its future is being determined by both the conscious and unconscious actions of Homo sapiens.2, including geological, chemical, and biological changes. All this came to a head in the eighteenth century, at another civilizational watershed, when people learned how to use energy.” It is the moment Paul Crutzen claims represents the transition from the Holocene to the Anthropocene the emergence of humans as a veritable geological force.

Schw gerl promotes human intelligence, ingenuity, and technological genius as a way forward to a positive outcome during this new age called Anthropocene. After all, for well over 2,000 years civilization overcame enormous odds working alongside nature, but nowadays, in a little over 200 years, civilization works against nature; for example, huge industrial agricultural fields and plantations operate outside of nature, working against it, defying over 2,000 years of civilization that worked with nature to locally produce food.

Similarly, modern-day economics operate outside of nature by ignoring natures value, using and abusing nature, or as stated by Schw gerl, Western thinking is blinded to nature.

Neoliberalism extracts from nature without giving back any value, keeping profits for Wall Street and its rapid, short-term micro-trading edifice. Everything is short-term, quarterly reports, tomorrows earnings release, and nightly news reports about whats hot, whats not. Americans are consumed by, brainwashed by, and dictated to by a short-term mindset, todays newest presidential poll. Whereas, according to Schw gerl, a bountiful and workable eco relationship with nature is a long-term proposition.

No Apocalypse on the Horizon

According to Schw gerl, Apocalypse No means believing in people and a long-term future on earth. He says we are not intrinsically natures enemy, as many environmentalists want us to believe. Instead, we are the medium through which life becomes aware and transforms into something new, in a conscious way, not undirected evolution but by a process that reflects upon itself.

The scientific tools and the technological resources required to harmonize with nature are readily available in order to positively influence evolution via eco economics, avoiding any sort of apocalypse, skirting end times.

Schw gerl says Apocalypse No! which is the underlying theme within his wondrous, intriguing, fact-filled book that takes the reader on a fascinating journey throughout the world with expert scientific guidance.

But, do not underestimate Mr. Schw gerls knowledge of the true status of the world. He details the devastation caused by ocean acidification and the ravages of overfishing and the insanity of rainforest clear cuttings and the profound risks associated with too much carbon dioxide emissions. Hes smart about all of that.

He pinpoints the problems. Globalization of industrial agriculture comes with terrible risks. For example, global dead zones already exist in 760 places in the sea and along coastal areas because of industrial agricultural runoff.

A Way Forward

The way forward is to change from decades-old consumerist materialism that treats the planet like a zombie. (Giulio Tononi) He believes we now have a chance to develop a vital materialism that honors life in all its forms. Thus, Anthropocene becomes the opposite of anthropocentrism.

Indeed, Schw gerls book is upbeat, a story of humanity wisely integrating into the workings of the planet with smart cities, biodegradable cars imitating nature, cultivated life-forms, and human-induced biodiversity across landscapes. He looks beyond doomsayers, beyond an apocalypse to an enlightened planet with beautiful human imprints.

I believe that the Anthropocene idea can help people see themselves as active, integrated participants in an emerging new nature that will make earth more humanist rather than just humanized. It would be absurd if an idea named the Anthropocene were characterized by a negative view of humans! (Schw gerl)

The German biologist Andreas Weber writes: In Anthropocene thinking, the gap between nature and culture has dissolved, not because humans have come to a different understanding of life and their role in it, but because their technology has swallowed nature.

Together with John McNeill and Will Steffen, Crutzen has outlined the path to an attitude that makes up the third, imminent phase of the Anthropocene, which he believes will have to start in 2015 at the latest. After the upheavals of the Great Acceleration from 1945 to the present day, people mature into stewards of the Earth system. Stewards, as opposed to Masters, has a thoughtful and considerate ring to it. It suggests that Earth might yet not be irreversibly transformed in a short space of time but handled with care so it could be handed down to others. (Schw gerl)

Short-Term Thinking

A consistent undertone found within Schw gerls work is the benefits of a long-term positive future free from short-term thinking. He suggests humanity has become way too short-term oriented. Apocalyptic ideas and neoliberal principles feed into a self-defeating nemesis that misses opportunities for true progress.

Doomsday thinking prevents us from imagining a long-term future.

The Anthropocene is an anti-apocalypse idea, par excellence; an Apocalypse No instead of an Apocalypse Now. After all, it connects the past to the future… if we take the Anthropocene idea seriously, it can help us shape our present behavior in a positive way. Rather than defining humanity as the destroyer of nature. (Schw gerl)

His thesis is that the Anthropocene idea could lead to a Growth of the Limits, not in the sense of continual economic growth but in the sense of social, cultural, spiritual, scientific, and economic renewal.

Long-term ideas or aims have been lacking as to how we should manage the massive reorganization of the biosphere that is taking place. Restricted on one hand by neo-liberal short-term thinking and on the other by fear of an ecological Apocalypse, scenarios for a positive, long-term future have fallen by the wayside. (Schw gerl)

Idealistic, yes, Schw gerls book, in the final, final, final analysis, is idealistic. He anticipates an eco-internet-revolution whereby people interconnect to organize, thus overwhelming the powers-that-be, to reorganize the socio-politico-economic landscape of the Anthropocene in accordance with nature, not against nature.

Whether idealistic or not as a solution for how humankind impacts the planet, The Anthropocene: The Human Era and How It Shapes Our Planet is a fantastic journey filled with remarkable facts and deep scientific insight into the Anthropocene, an age that everybody needs to understand with the depth of knowledge Schw gerl brings to the subject. His book is an easy, fast read that enlightens, page by page. Idealism leads to workable ideals.

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Robert Hunziker (MA, economic history, DePaul University) is a freelance writer and environmental journalist whose articles have been translated into foreign languages and appeared in over 50 journals, magazines, and sites worldwide. He can be contacted at: [email protected]. Read other articles by Robert.

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Ted Nugent TAKES AIM at Cecil the lion story: ‘God, are people stupid’; here’s why

Ted Nugent TAKES AIM at Cecil the lion story: ‘God, are people stupid’; here’s why

Nicole Haas
Bizpac Review
July 31, 2015

Theres at least one person whos coming out in defense of the Minnesota dentist whos under attack and reportedly has gone into hiding for killing Cecil the African lion.

News of Cecils death sparked worldwide outrage earlier this week, as social media lit up calling for the dentists head. Varying reports state the lion hunt was illegal, and that Cecil was a protected animal that was lured into a place where he could be easily killed.

But famous rocker and avid hunter Ted Nugent says thats all a lie.

God are people stupid, Nugent wrote on his Facebook page Tuesday.

nug quote one








The whole story is a lie. It was a wild lion from a park where hunting is legal and ESSENTIAL beyond the park borders, he went on.

All animals reproduce every year and would run out of room/food to live without hunting.

Nugent vowed to write a more detailed piece on this joke ASAP.

Facebook post 2






But not everyone was in the mood for a lesson on wildlife management from the Motor City Madman.

comment one

Its going to be an uphill battle for Nugent.

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