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9/11 The Anatomy of a Great Deception – Please Watch This Is If You Want To Know The Basics About 9/1 Conspiracy Theories

October 31st, 2014
9/11 The Anatomy of a Great Deception - Please Watch This Is If You Want To Know The Basics About 9/11 Conspiracy Theories By Dark Politricks I do apologise for some of the grammar mistakes in the first draft of this article but I did state that I have been in and out of hospital lately which has affected my ability to write due to the high doses of... [read more]

Use The Pirate Bay Browser and stick two fingers up to the authorities and corporations who jailed the Pirate Bay creators

September 20th, 2014
Use The Pirate Bay Browser and stick two fingers up to the authorities and corporations who jailed the Pirate Bay creators By Dark Politricks Gottfrid Svartholm Ward and Peter Sunde Help these two prisoners by sending them comfort items whilst they rot away in prison. Gottfrid can only receive letters whilst Peter can get letters, books and vegan... [read more]

Internet Censorship and Surfing Anonymously

September 20th, 2014
Internet Censorship and Surfing Anonymously By Dark Politricks Sometimes it feels like the good old days of the Internet and being anonymous have passed - and you would be right. With restrictive and snooping laws being passed all over the world, firewall filters wrapped around whole countries, Twitter users sued for Re-Tweeting libellous claims and... [read more]

Me and Russell Brand on ISIS and why our leaders are hypocrites when it comes to the Islamic State and Saudi Arabia

September 6th, 2014
Me and Russell Brand on ISIS and why our leaders are hypocrites when it comes to the Islamic State and Saudi Arabia By Dark Politricks Whether you like Russell Brand or not I would urge you to subscribe to the Trews YouTube channel. Whether you like the man or not it is always good to get alternative points of views on matters which are important... [read more]

Operation Protective Edge – Israelis looking for kidnapped IDF soldier can destroy whole Palestine communities

August 3rd, 2014
Operation Protective Edge - Israelis looking for kidnapped IDF soldier can destroy whole Palestine communities By Dark Politricks I have just spent a few hours watching the nightly news on a few UK TV channels such as BBC, ITV and CH4 plus and Al-Jazeeraa for some opposing points of view, and then of course FOX, MSNBC and CNN for a one... [read more]

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9/11 The Anatomy of a Great Deception – Please Watch This Is If You Want To Know The Basics About 9/1 Conspiracy Theories

9/11 The Anatomy of a Great Deception – Please Watch This Is If You Want To Know The Basics About 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

By Dark Politricks

I do apologise for some of the grammar mistakes in the first draft of this article but I did state that I have been in and out of hospital lately which has affected my ability to write due to the high doses of pain killers I am on.

Therefore I want to re-introduce newcomers to the 9/11 conspiracies to a great video that gets you up to speed on some of the key points ASAP.

It doesn’t go as far as naming real names such as the head of the Israeli Mossad Operation team who has admitted carrying out 9.11. Neither does it mention how Mossad were following some of the hijackers around for up to a year before the attack which even FOX News reported on before being forced to remove the articles.

However this video does open the door far enough for people to  be intrigued enough to want to investigate more to go out and do that research.

Most people know all about the various parts discussed in the aforementioned film but for others this is a good starting place for anyone interested in 9.11.

Why ?

Well it’s all about one man’s personal story from how he went from an average American husband and father who believed the Governments line on the 9/11 attacks to someone who nearly lost his marriage and friends over his investigation. It had most people he knew thinking he was going loopy for speaking out about the glaring inconsistencies in the 9.11 story.

These were lies being told to the American people to get them to fight wars in foreign lands.

He talks about the fast falling of the three World Trade Tower buildings, the super fast clean up, the ejected steel poles embedded in other buildings, the samples of dust consisting of a substance called nano-termite a substance only produced in top US military laboratories to the amount of people who had pre-knowledge of  the attacks – especially WTC-7.

This was a building not hit by a place that collapsed looking like a perfect controlled demolition in almost free fall time, with no resistance from all the floors to slow the collapse down. 

The institution called in to explain this mystery (that included a free fall unexplainable by physics) for over 2 whole seconds, was called NIST, yet the computer projection they came up with had no bearable resemblance to the actual way the building fell, and even they could not explain the 2 seconds of free fall.

He talks about how vans were turning up at 3am every morning after the janitors of WTC had left and then left again before they returned.

What were these people doing?

Has anyone asked and actually found an answer?

The people in the Government who tried to ask questions were silenced and prevented from speaking out about what they knew. These were CIA and FBI analysts trying to do their job as American patriots.

He also discusses how all the companies running the security of the WTC buildings, and even airports that the hijackers used were owned by Bush family members. Also how the close connection between Saudi Arabia where the hijackers came from, and the Bush family, allowed members of the bin-Laden family to fly out of the country without the FBI being able to ask them questions about the supposed architect of the whole attack.

Also it ponders on the question of why so many of the of the families of dead victims from the attack want a fresh investigation. Even the people of New York who voted to hold their own investigation were prevented from doing so.

What makes this video different from the others you might have seen about 9/11 is how it’s set from the perspective of one mans journey from an air of nonchalance about 9.11 and his belief in the honesty of the US Government to the total opposite. All because he saw one bit of video footage that changed his whole world view.

What was this thought? Just the single one about why George W Bush carried on reading to school kids when the country was under attack.

Any other President who had just been told there were multiple hijacked planes in the sky would have been taken out from the building to a secure location ASAP.

Who would have known whether the hijackers knew the location  of the Presidents whereabouts that day?

Why did the Secret Service feel so safe remaining in the school and more concerned about scaring the children than getting the Present to protective custody in a time of “war”.

So he watched more videos, read more articles, and went down the “rabbit hole” until it almost broke his marriage apart by his obsession with the 9/11 conspiracy.

Therefore he started making his own video for his wife and family to explain to them WHY he was so obsessed with the 9.11 attacks. This is the video you will watch.

It worked, they watched it and changed their minds.

His marriage and family were saved.

Because of this he recently put this it up on YouTube for others to see and I suggest that you do spend the time to watch it, especially if you still believe the official report of what happened on 9.11.

For someone new to 9/11 and the discussions about all the various topics about who did it, why they did it, and who had something to gain from starting what is now becoming a 3rd World War between the West and Islam this is a great starter video.

It goes at a nice pace, fills you with facts and quotes from the mainstream media around 9.11 and then shows how the same media turned on anyone attempting to claim it was an “inside job” as nutters and weirdos. These were ex Government officials, Generals, Pilots, CIA and FBI investigators. Not your average garden variety loon.

One of the funnies pieces of the film is how a CNN team managed to drive into Afghanistan and interview the worlds most wanted man Osama bin-Laden and yet the worlds most sophisticated security apparatus couldn’t even locate him for capture or take him out.

Very odd how people managed to interview bin-Laden before and after 9.11 but the CIA went to war for a decade and let him escape to Pakistan before the shooting a couple of years ago.

CNN beat the CIA to Osama-bin-Laden

A Starter Guide On 9.11

I would 100% suggest this video as a starter guide for anyone interested in the events, whether you believe in a conspiracy and especially if you don’t.

Afterwards there is enough people mentioned in the film, organisations, companies and other websites that you can go and visit them to get more detailed knowledge of  the facts.

If you want one article on a theoretical debate between a conspiracy believer and non believer read this article of mine.

Then if you want a real debate just read the comments below the article.

Just before I show you the video I want to show you a some film of what happens when a plane flying at the same speeds the hijacked planes were going when they hit the WTC and Pentagon hit solid concrete.

Does the plane enter the wall or does it just crumble into dust on the outside?

Now watch the video and send it to your friends, family and other people who believe the official conspiracy story.


9/11 – Anatomy of a Great Deception – Complete Version


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Airstrikes Against ISIL In Syria: 130 Vs. 13

Airstrikes Against ISIL In Syria: 130 Vs. 13
By Saman Mohammadi

#BasharElJaafari: so-called coalition launches every day between 8 & 13 raids agst #ISIS in #Syria & #Iraq when #SAA launches 130 raids daily
Sophia (@les_politiques) November 1, 2014

An excerpt from, “Kobane keeps up the resistance” Voltaire Network, October 29, 2014:

The US anti-Daesh Coalition parachuted weapons to the PYG but, unintentionally or not, half of them were recovered by Daesh (as was previously the case in Mosul). It also continues to carry out 10-15 bombing sorties per day, without having any influence on the ground-fighting. 

For its part, the Syrian Arab Army also continues its air strikes, but in a much more focused and intensive manner (about 150 per day). Although it also announced its intention to deliver arms and ammunition, to date no stock has been seen.

According to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (association created by the Muslim Brotherhood and a screen for the British MI6), 815 people have been killed since the siege began, of whom more than half were Daesh affiliates.

These numbers make sense. What has never made any sense is why Washington would want to destroy their proxy ISIL army in Kobane, which they have built up and trained over many years, when the Assad regime has not fallen yet.

The so-called coalition airstrikes were designed to keep up appearances of the strategic separation between Washington and ISIL in the wake of the latter’s territorial gains in Iraq, and do the minimal damage necessary to politically allow Washington from having to explain to the world why it decided to arm and finance these Jihadist terrorists from the start of the conflict in Syria.

According to the UN, thousands from around the world are heading to Syria to join ISIL every month, so it is a free for all. Actually, it always has been, nothing has changed. But mainstream voices are acknowledging this reality more and more as of late. A year or so ago, the situation was the same, but the myth of the Free Syrian Army was still been kept up by the media and Western governments.

That has changed, and no doubt this late admission is a political defeat for them. This is what happens when your entire strategy is based on lies, legends, deception, and ludicrous propaganda. Analysts always said Libya was a pushover because of its geographical and political isolation from the Muslim world and that Syria would be a different story, and they were right.

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More Tribal Fighters Executed in Iraq; 115 Killed, 59 Wounded

More Tribal Fighters Executed in Iraq; 115 Killed, 59 Wounded
Margaret Griffis

Because Iraqis like to shop on the weekly prayer day, Fridays are an opportune time for bombers to attack markets, particularly pet shops. Today was no exception. Also, there were more reports of executions of Albu Nimr tribe members in western Iraq; however, only a few militant deaths were reported. At least 115 people were killed and 59 more were wounded.

In the wake of the revenge killings in Anbar this week, top Shi’ite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, issued a statement calling on the Iraqi government to arm Sunni tribes fighting the Islamic State. Most of the dead appeared to be police or Sahwa members from the Albu Nimr tribe, and their strategic loss clearly endangers even Shi’ites.

Meanwhile, the mass graves death toll was revised upward to 252 killed. That’s 24 more fatalities than was previously reported. However, this group also included elderly men and children. They were found near the Euphrates River. There are also reports of another execution. In Hit and Ziwiya, 52 people were executed. At least 300 people were kidnapped in recent days.

In Baghdad, a bomb killed five people and wounded 15 more at a sheep market in Suweib. Two people were killed and nine were wounded by a blast in Radwaniya.

Four people were killed and 11 more were wounded in a blast at a Madaen market.

A bomb in Yusufiya killed four people and wounded10 at a market.

Militants executed four people in Kubaisa.

In Muqdadiya, shelling left three dead and four wounded.

Artillery fire killed two and wounded four in Falluja.

In Amiriyat al-Falluja, shells wounded a woman and three children.

A roadside bomb near Baquba wounded two farmers.

Clashes broke out in Zaidan.

In Sinjar, resistance fighters killed five militants during a raid. Two suicide bombers were detected and killed.

Four militants were killed by their own bomb while trying to reach Jurf al-Sakhar.

Four militants were killed in an airstrike in Saidiya.

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‘Years of hope are over for EU’ – ex-EU Commission chief

‘Years of hope are over for EU’ – ex-EU Commission chief

By Russia Today

As the crisis in Europe deepens and sanctions are only worsening the instability, days of thriving economy and friendly relations between Russia and the EU seem to be long forgotten. We speak to a person who made a huge effort to make it happen back then the former head of the European Commission Romano Prodi is on Sophie&Co today to talk about sanctions, immigration and ways to solve the Ukrainian crisis.

Watch RT live at

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Lives of thousands refugees put on hold as battle for Kobani rages

Lives of thousands refugees put on hold as battle for Kobani rages

By Russia Today

Six-hundred unarmed Iraqi men have been taken from their prison cells and executed by ISIS. The harrowing revelation comes from human rights Watch, which says the extremists carried out the massacre when they captured the city of Mosul in June. RT’s Paula Slier met with refugees who escaped the Islamic State’s onslaught in neighboring Syria.

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CDC Now Says Ebola Droplets Can Spread Six Feet, Not Three

CDC Now Says Ebola Droplets Can Spread Six Feet, Not Three

CDC changes facts yet again as public backlash intensifies

Mikael Thalen
October 31, 2014

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released a new document that doubles the previous length in which Ebola droplets can spread through sneezing and coughing.

Posted to the Ebola information section of the CDC’s website, the new document states that a person within 6 feet of an Ebola victim may potentially become infected.
CDC Now Says Ebola Droplets Can Spread Six Feet, Not Three EbolaSpread6feet

“A person might also get infected by touching a surface or object that has germs on it and then touching their eyes, mouth or nose,” the document states. “Droplets generally travel shorter distances, less than about 6 feet from a source patient.”

A previous document, which was later pulled down from the CDC website without explanation, argued that droplets could only spread 3 feet, a claim the CDC originally worked to deny altogether.

“Droplets travel short distances, less than 3 feet (1 meter) from one person to another,” the document claimed.

CDC Now Says Ebola Droplets Can Spread Six Feet, Not Three 102914dropletspread2

Despite spending the last several months working to convince the public that such transfers were impossible, A CDC advisory from early last August entitled Interim Guidance about Ebola Virus Infection for Airline Flight Crews, Cleaning Personnel, and Cargo Personnel clearly showed that the agency was in fact aware of the potential danger posed by airborne droplets.

Airline workers were asked to not only wear surgical masks in order to reduce the number of droplets expelled into the air by talking, sneezing, or coughing, but also told to not use compressed air, which might spread infectious material through the air, when cleaning an airplane.

Even with documentation pointing out the danger, the CDC continued to deny the possibility of the spread of Ebola through droplets at an October 7 press conference.

Ebola spreads by direct contact with someone who is sick or with the body fluids of someone who is sick or died from it,” CDC Director Tom Frieden claimed at the time. “We do not see airborne transmission in the outbreak in Africa. We dont see it elsewhere in what weve seen so far.”

In reality, as noted by Washington’s Blog, engineers at MIT have shown that sneezes can travel up to 20 feet, more than 200 times farther than previously believed.

The CDC’s constant flip-flopping on important facts and refusal to implement proper guidelines has caused a massive backlash among the American public, with only 37 percent believing the agency has done an “excellent or good job” in major polls.

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