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Israeli Genocide - The Hague - Gaza - Palestinian Resistance - Hamas

Just A Few Points About Genocide

By Dark Politricks

You know what, I am glad I missed Christmas in hospital, yep I was in again for Pneumonia, fifth time this year, either I am dying or someone has given me a special virus that is ravaging my body.

Anyway, it didn't feel right to celebrate and be Merry, when a real life Genocide is going on in front of our eyes. Now that the ICJ at the Hague has issued it's ruling that Israel should do all it can to stop a genocide in Gaza, Israel is tarnished forever, as this Times of Israel article says, the country is now in the dock for Genocide. 

However, I don't think they will care or stop their illegal collective punishment of the people in Gaza. I think they will carry on their bombing campaign, killing thousands more innocent people.

So, until the USA realises that by enabling their rampage, giving them free bombs and cover in the UN. then they as a country, and individual politicians like Jake Sullivan and Tony Blinken, could be found guilty as well. If they don't tell Israel, "no more free bombs and missiles" then the killing will continue. As for Joe Biden, I don't think he knows  what's going on anyway and all this probably wouldn't affect him. 

As the final judgment ends up at the Security Council, the USA and UK may have to sit out of the vote, as the ruling may affect them as well for aiding Israel's genocidal campaign. Otherwise we know the USA will just veto it, and the UK will abstain. They never want to look like the bad guy in the worlds eye, despite the world knowing they are just as culpable no matter how little support they gave.

It is not only Gazans the IDF is killing but their own captured hostages. Only recently, and following their "Hannibal Protocol", soldiers shot dead three of their own men who had escaped captivity and were waving white flags near their position. The IDF were denying the protocol was in use then, but then after they used poison gas to kill one of their own captured IDF soldiers inside a Hamas tunnel, they had to admit it, enraging the family.

I cannot believe my own country, and it's bought politicians, are supporting this Genocide when their citizens are out every weekend in their hundreds of thousands protesting, and showing their support for Gaza. 

Mowing The Lawn

Just because the people on peace in Gaza marches support freedom for an occupied group of people, it does not mean they support Hamas, the attacks on Oct 7th, or any other anti-western or anti-liberal policies they may engage in. They just want to see Palestinians have some freedom from Israeli occupation, and relief from the constant killing which has been going on for decades, and in this round of attacks, for almost 4 months now.

Every couple of years the Israeli's seem to launch some form of attack on Gaza or the West Bank, you can use my new search bar to see the articles I wrote back in 2009 when Operation Cast Lead happened or from 2018/19 when IDF snipers killed innocent people who were peacefully demonstrating near the border fence, just looking at their stole homes, during the March of Return.

The Israelis call this "Mowing the Grass" or "Mowing the Lawn", killing a few thousand civilians indiscriminately and keeping them in perpetual fear that they won't sleep the night out. However, I would call this "Sowing the Seeds", as who do the IDF think they are fighting now? 

They are fighting all the orphaned boys they created 14 years ago during Operation Cast Lead and other bombing campaigns. Half of Gaza's population is under 18, and by this current bombing campaign they have only created thousands more young boys who will grow up swearing to avenge the killing of their parents by joining whatever resistance group exists in the future.

I watched some TV news channels recently and realised how disgusting the indoctrination of our population has been during this conflict. News channels ignored the plight of Palestinians dying in their thousands, never showing any film within Gaza of the destruction occurring unlike al-Jazeera, and only interviewing Israeli propagandists or politicians. The few Palestinian sympathisers they may have on are just shouted down with questions about Oct 7th and support for Hamas.

Some of these news channels showed the Israeli response to the South African case at the The International Court of Justice non stop, but they didn't even show any of the preceding arguments by the South African legal team. 

You can read their case to the UN court here, or watch it here or below . All they do is keep drumming into their viewers heads that this all started on October 7th when Hamas managed to break free from their open air prison.

The South African case against Israel

People need to understand that when Piers Morgan and others question pro-Palestinians and ask "Do you think Hamas are terrorists?" that the real answer is NO

Their military wing, the al-Qassam Brigade may have carried out terror acts on the military kibbutz inhabitants that surrounded their concentration camp, but most of Hamas are politicians who work for their small strip of Palestinian refugees, and manage the administration of births, deaths, work certificates and all manner of boring civilian administration. They are not all carrying out acts of desperation against what the international community have all agreed is an illegal occupation of their land.

Also, most of the terror acts these militants were accused of and not filmed on their GoPro cameras  such as the burning of babies (only 1 baby died according to Israeli figures, Mila Cohen), and mass rapes (where no evidence exists), have been refuted and shown to be falsehoods and blatant lies. In fact Israel killed so many of it's own soldiers and hostages it doesn't even know the true number of how many died or were taken hostage.

Quick Thought Experiment

If you were a Jew living in a ghetto during NAZI Germany, and you heard about a group of your own who had struck back at the Germans killing a number, some with horrible means. Would you not celebrate within your own heart and with others, that some form of retribution for your situation had been carried out by those willing to risk their lives to resist their occupation?

People seem to be treating this situation as if this was a case of two equal countries and one had attacked the other, and now the more powerful one in the duo was carrying out lawful and just retribution to find and bring home the captured hostages that were taken during the initial attack, and destroy the army of the other country. 

This is plainly not the case. Israel illegally occupies Palestinian land and the international community, whilst not doing a lot about it, all agree on this. Therefore as an occupying entity, Israel has no basis under international law of a right to defend itself or it's citizens who help in the occupation. Therefore the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza must stop.

We now know that the Hannibal Protocol is in use, so that the Israelis are not interested in bringing home the hostages. Also, we know that Hamas is using deep underground tunnels to hide in which the Israelis cannot attack from the air. Therefore the massive indiscriminate bombing and destruction of civil buildings, hospitals, universities, Mosques, Churches and thousands of homes is pure vengeance.

This is pure retribution on a population who dared strike back at their captives and the people who had stolen their land, and locked them in a high tech cage, where every inch of their lives was monitored. Where the water, fuel and every calorie of the food allowed in by their captives is monitored carefully to ensure a starvation diet. Where every so often Israel goes on a killing spree in Gaza to "Mow the Lawn" and a place where Palestinian life is seen as cheap.

Gaza is a place where people who attempt peaceful protests wanting to look over the fence at their stolen homes are shot dead by IDF snipers. Where stupid IDF soldiers gleefully laugh as they kill civilians when they know their enemy is below the ground and film their stupid illegal acts and put the films up on TikTok and Telegram for others to see.

This is the first article I have had to stop and think what I write due to laws that say support of a terrorist group like Hamas is illegal. They are a resistance group to an illegal occupation, where an occupier cannot legally claim that retaliation to an attack by their occupied citizens is not legal.

Imagine the Great Escape, a film often on at Christmas where captured UK and US soldiers in a NAZI prisoner camp tunnel their way out to escape. If any of those men had killed a NAZI guard or ten in any manner, would you say the NAZI's had a right to avenge the attack by killing large members of the men in the camp who had not attempted to escape?

Can the Houthis, Hamas and Hezbollah, all rebels against Zionist occupation, along with the international community not engaged with the US, UK and Germany, help stop Israel carry out their collective punishment of non combatants? 

If you let the rebels from within your population fire missiles or attack their captors then Israel carries out their Dahiya Doctrine, This is where Israel kills civilians and destroys huge areas of populated land unrelated to the rebels to try and force the people to rise up and stop the rebel attacks. It hasn't worked so far, in fact it has enraged the Middle East, and now the world against Israel.

Yes any indiscriminate killing of civilians on Oct 7th was wrong, so were the kidnappings, but the main Hamas plan to take Israeli intelligence from an office deeper into Israel than the border Kibbutz worked. So did taking out military installations along the border fence and the Kibbutz where many of those soldiers working at the fence bases lived.

Thinking those Kibbutz were not military targets is wrong when you know that they were deliberately build around the fence to help protect it, and allow soldiers working at the bases live close to their operations. 

The attack was brutal but it shocked the world. Showing that even starved and occupied Gazans could mount such an outlandish plan against what was until then considered one of the worlds top militaries. It also put the worlds eyes back on the Palestinian problem just before the uncaring Middle Eastern leaders of United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Morocco normalised relations under the Abraham accords.

Hamas and Yaha Sinwar

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar was swapped in a 1000 Palestinian prisoner for 1 IDF soldier in 2011. This is why the al-Qassam Brigade took hostages, in the hope of swapping them for their own prisoners. Uncharged Palestinians held in gruesome conditions in Israeli jails, tortured with no charges and the slim prospect of a military court freeing them which hardly happens. There have even been claims that many prisoners have died at the hands of their Israeli guards.

Sinwar, who became Hamas leader in 2017, said when leaving prison: "We will not forget our prisoners who we left behind". Maybe Hamas were hoping Israel would be willing to swap a lot more prisoners for hostages than the 3 to 1 exchange rate this time but it seems the IDF is busy killing their own people against the huge protests of their families.

Born in a refugee camp, and spending so much time in Israeli prisons, Sinwar learnt Hebrew, studied the Israelis, and came to understand what made them tick. With the rest of his starved, calorie managed, squatters in their own land, his poor militant group showed the rich world the hypocrisy of our "Western Values" of "Human Rights" and "Democracy", not for the Palestinians though.

We usually stop any of these values being applied for the Palestinians at the UN with the US vetoing any chance of freedom for the Palestinians. Before Oct 7th, no-one was talking about Palestine and the rights of 2.3 million people in a "Giant open air Prison" (ex UK PM David Cameron), so they have taken it into their own hands. Now the whole world cannot forget about the situation in which Israel seems to have forgotten how, and why, the world let them emigrate to Palestine in the first place.

Many of the released Israeli hostages have had to be sat on by Israel to stop making positive comments such as one of the first released old ladies, Yocheved Lifshitz, 85. She wished her captor peace as she was released into the hands of the Red Cross, and recounted how "The treatment of us was good," Lifshitz added, describing how a medic treated another of the hostages who was injured and how the captors made sure their harsh conditions were sanitary. "They cleaned the toilets, not us," she said. - why the Times of Israel thinks that was an important question I don't know. However she obviously was not treated so badly to make anti-Palestinian comments about her captors.

Hamas Leader Shows His Face In Gaza

Sinwar, the Hamas leader, last made a public statement in December in South Gaza. The IDF apparently know where he is hiding but won't attack, supposedly due to his surrounding himself with Israeli hostages. 

They must be non IDF soldiers otherwise I am sure the IDF wouldn't care and just bomb his hideout killing him and any soldier hostages at the same time. How true that is I have no idea, but I was surprised to see him make a public appearance out in the open air of Gaza.

And for those that only saw the Israeli defence at the Hague which was shown non stop on UK news channels, here are some snippets from a British Independent political news channel, Novara Media, about the South African case in front of the Hague (in case the earlier video was far too long for you.) 

It shows the pathetically weak Israeli PR defence of the genocidal statements made publicly by Israeli leaders which relied on the judges believing because of the Jews historical plight and the holocaust, that they possibly couldn't be found guilty of Genocide, as only they are true victims of genocide due to the holocaust.

I am sure this is why they were found guilty due to their own big mouths and the IDF uploading their disregard for Gazan life to the Internet to be viewed by the world. Snipers have killed not only their own hostages but doctors and patients, poets and people fleeing to supposedly "Safe Zones", and also a large number of journalists and their families, probably in the hope of stopping the awful war footage being released to the world.

However it is too late. The world has seen the true face of Israeli rage and racism. This is what happens when a group believe they are God's chosen people and can do no wrong. Yes they can and we have all seen the consequences when the world lets them get away with it.

Only a small percentage of the Israeli population believe the killing should stop. That alone shows you how far this experiment of putting a Zionist supremacist colony in the middle of an Islamic area and pushing out existing citizens has failed. Subjecting the existing population within their borders to horrible conditions and not expecting them to lash out in anger is madness yet they want the world to believe history started on Oct 7th, that is except when they are defending their genocide, then it starts in NAZI Germany.

As for the chant "From the river to the sea" it is actually in the ruling Israeli party, The Likud's, own charter. Even the PM Benjamin Netanyahu said so in a speech the other day.

So who actually is racist when they say that term. The far right UK news shows want you to believe it means killing all Jews, and even the US congress passed a law making the term anti-Semitic but how can it be so when it used by both sides? 

The Israelis use it as they want to control that whole area, Greater Israel, and remove the Palestinians by any means possible. The Palestinians and their supporters chant it to request freedom and equal rights for all, not to erase all Jews from the region unlike their occupiers who are actually doing so right now. 

RIGHT NOW, in front of our eyes. What are YOU doing about it?

I am disgusted my government is helping in this Israeli Genocide, and maybe we are now in an age where we have to think about the words we say and write before doing so. If so I am saddened to the core. I may not be able to stop my Government from enforcing laws that ban certain support of groups and speech, but I can try to resist with my articles. 

I hope people understand I don't want to see any killing of any groups of people. Whether White or Black, Christian, Muslim or Jew, Russian or Ukrainian I am not on any side, and I wish no death on anyone, I just want people to know both sides of a story, and with the massive censorship now common place in the west, we have to hunt out opinions that the establishment doesn't want us to know about.

I don't want to see any death, I am a pacifist believe it or not, and the older you get maybe it helps you see the world differently. I want the world to behave differently but that means action, and all I can do is write. 

I hope this disgusting era of death and war ends soon, otherwise the drafts that western nations are preparing to enact to build up their armies are going to come to fruition, and more war will ensue.

Israel stop now, please just stop. 

Try and see what you are doing and think about why most of the world is against your actions, because I cannot imagine how Benjamin Netanyahu and the IDF soldiers killing innocent women and children can sleep at night. If they can sleep easy then the world truly is a sick sick place.

By Dark Politricks

© 2024 Dark Politricks


  1. I hope Iran launches some of their super fast new missiles at Israel, flooding the Patriot System which has been proved in Ukraine to be not all that and too expensive, and give Israel a bloody nose and put all the super racist Israelis back in their box.
    A humbling experience they need.

  2. The whole world can now see the true face of Israel and how evil they are. To kill their own hostages, when they are escaping is just fxxked up. The killing needs to stop.

    1. the whole world is F***d up ,sorry but this is somewhat confusing ?!

    2. What is confusing? That the IDF would rather kill their own soldiers than have the political problem of protesting families outside their parliament and in large numbers protesting in squares against the far right Israeli government or the fact that Gaza is getting annihilated and there citizens/prisoners massacred and no-one is really doing anything about it?

  3. This site is over five years old somebody checked out the GSOC police refernce number on a solicitors computer data base in America and it is a genuine Irish Government document reference number signed by the Irish Police....if this wasnt the case there would be a criminal court case and federal warrrant issued for forged production of Government case numbers

  4. Gerry Adams a former leader of Sinn Fein and a member of the IRA was gently removed after Irelands Watergate known as Gardagate.Two journalist in the Irish Independent Newspaper brought the Irish
    Government down.Gardagate was broadcasted in the Media through Televison,press and Radio.

    The writer mentioned here in Dark Politricks suffered a "terrorist" style attack when a right wing fascist destroyed a laptop that was being used in producing Irish reports during gardagate era for the left in the UK.The rest is political history.The writers work published later on in The Socialist party of Great Britaian site exposed Simon O brien as an MI6 officer who worked inside of GSOC (Irish police complaints) the writer also exposed the mainstream left wing leaders (as with Owen Jones journalist)in Ireland and UK as right wing puppets for failing to eloborate upon the findings produced and published upon The Socialist party Great Britain site.

    Albert Smith a senior editor admitted in court to being involved in an incident where a laptop was destroyed,The Irish independent newspaper was owned by CIA operative Dennis O brien a member of
    the Clinton Foundation a personal friend 0f Clinton who today still pays Albert a "special" payment as being involved in ongoing operations for western intelligence services PERIOD.

    The Kinahan drug cartel has been exposed by The Irish Independent Newspaper in recent years they took over where Gerry Adams ended....thats it simplified. Abert Smith reacted to the Socialist
    Party of Great Britain articles ,the motive and reasnoning for
    his own personal use of political violence.His own entourage of Gvenment officials,solicitors,doctors police and politicians can claim what they like,the real truth lies in RUSSIA and China where the
    websites today are now preserved on servers publicallly for alll to read.

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  15. Thanks for that Darkpolitricks I've wondered why some of my comments have taken ages to be published. I guess their posting coincided with your suspicious sudden bad health lately.