Monday 6 November 2023

October 7th Propaganda Revealed By Israeli Survivors

Israeli Sources Tell The World That Most People Killed Were By The IDF

By Dark Politricks

When I first heard about the 7th Oct attacks in Israel by Hamas I was shocked like most people, when they were revealing sensitive information such as babies being cut from their pregnant mothers, and beheaded and burnt. 

With the US Dept State. Antony Blinken making his own outrage at the disgusting acts carried out by Hamas, it seemed that they had witnessed photos or videos that the public were not privy to.

Therefore we had to take the heads of Israel and the US at their word. However when the Israeli PM in his stern cold face that did not deviate in the slightest, made the comment that this was their 9.11. I wondered to myself is he talking in tongues.

Is this code for "We know what really happened on 9.11 as we were following the hijackers around the US for months, and had a film crew set up to record the first flight hitting the towers, something no-one else managed to film." 

This was despite some others later that night pulled over by NYC cops driving a van on the Washington bridge, with a logo of a plane hitting what looked like the WTC on the sides, and when searched found to contain box cutters and explosives. The largest community of people arrested and held on the day were Israeli not Arabs, Saudi or otherwise as you would think seeing that the TV stations were parroting the claim "bin-Laden must have been responsible", without facts or reason backing it up.

These people were held for weeks, failing multiple polygraph tests yet eventually released by a dual citizen politician on "Visa Violations". Then the ones caught cheering and lighting lighters in joy when the first plane hit, as witnessed by a dweller of the flats, had the cheek to appear on Israeli TV to be interviewed, with the famous quote by one, "We were only sent to document the event". 

This raises so many questions yet on Oct 7th, when Benji made this 9.11 analogy, I had to wonder whether he meant it not that it was a huge loss of life, but that devious plots had been successfully carried out.

We still don't know yet why the Israeli fence was left unprotected, a place where the IDF usually take joy in double tapping protesting Palestinians who just want to look at their stolen homes. Shooting women and kids, then waiting for people to come to help them and shooting them as well. It seems like a mighty big hole was left in the Israeli defences, either by accident which I cannot imagine, or on purpose. Maybe to allow this attack to happen so that the IDF could go full Metal Jacket on the population of Gaza as you heard in the video above where normal Israelis who all have to serve in the IDF do not distinguish Palestinians from Hamas fighters.

They see the people of Gaza no differently than Hamas, and Benji hadn't been too shy in hiding his plans to force the 2+ million Palestinians from the Gaza strip into Egyptian Refugee camps, paid for by Qatar who he sees as Hamas benefactors, all so that more Israeli settlers could build their homes on the rubble of Palestinian ones. This has not been well hidden and a Google search should find you a lot of evidence this was the plan.

This is one reason Egypt has been reluctant to open the Rafah crossing and let out fleeing Palestinians as they know once they are in tents, Israel will happily do what they have done to the West Bank. This is also the reason many Palestinians have not moved south to the "safety" of the southern strip. Not just because they witnessed Israeli planes destroy convoys of people who were actually following IDF "safety" advice, to move from Gaza City southwards, but because they want to keep the little land they have, whether it's been turned into rubble or not.

So questions arose about how and why the Israelis were caught sleeping on the job when they are usually so keen to shoot anything nearing them, whether flying in a powered parachute or an old man in a wheelchair. Maybe too many of them were at the Rave in the Desert pilled out there heads, I can only imagine the horror of being chased by gunmen when E'd out my head.

So when I heard the news of babies being burnt, and beheaded, I like most right thinking people were shocked by the barbarity of the Hamas attack. 

However one source said the Hamas infiltrators had been offered $10,000 for each Israeli hostage brought back to Gaza, the apparent aim was to get enough collateral to bargain with Israel for the thousands of Palestinians rotting in Israeli jails, many not even charged with an offence. Therefore the people carrying out the attack into Israel had no incentive to kill the Israeli Kibutz settlers in such horrific manner for one thing, and then came this Grayzones article on what really happened, and how many Israeli deaths were carried out by the IDF, homes blown to bits by soldiers ordered to fire tank shells into them, crisping and burning anyone who was within them,

Remember the Grayzone with Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate, have never been sued for printing a false story, and have won awards for their journalism in showing how the Russigate Hoax was just a load of BS, and how Syrian leader President Assad didn't gas his own people as many still believe. 

In fact I heard one person on TalkTV today repeat that claim. They need to check their facts, but as truthtellers they get attacked a lot for breaking the looking glass and revealing what people don't want to believe. Such as how after an Israeli reserve soldier named David Ben Zion told a reporter Palestinian militants had “cut [off] heads of babies,” Netanyahu and Biden amplified the dubious claim and the international media just lapped it up with no questions asked, such as how Hamas destroyed so many homes with only small arms. This fanatical settler leader, David Ben Zion is also someone that has incited riots and demanded that Palestinian towns be "wiped out". So he is the sort of person that knew what kind of response the USA and co would allow Israel to carry out in Gaza, which so far looks like grievous war crimes, ethnic cleansing and genocide,

So as an #ALTNEWS site with good credibility, they revealed that most of the burned bodies were caused by IDF troops firing tanks shells into houses, and an IDF base was so overwhelmed by Hamas fighters that they called an air strike in on itself. 

The Hasbara brigades from Israel's techy division 8200 attack en masse, and most people are unwilling to ask questions to get to the facts, such as how would a Hamas fighter equipped with an AK47 blow a house up, as video from the IDF clearly shows happened. So people carry on believing the Oct 7th Halloween nightmare stories of babies cut out from their wombs to be killed in front of their mothers before being burned, rather than the simpler story from an Israeli survivor that a tank shell hit the house and frazzled everybody inside.

Several new testimonies by Israeli witnesses to the October 7 Hamas surprise attack on southern Israel adds to growing evidence that the Israeli military killed its own citizens as they fought to neutralize Palestinian gunmen and you can read the Grayzone report here.

However, if time is not on your side then the following video which is based on the article should help you out. 

Remember to share so that the Israeli propaganda does not get to the level of fact based talking points when in reality it is a bunch of lies to tug on heart strings and make people hate the Palestinians who have been living in an open air prison in Gaza for far too long now.

The quote by Catlin Johnstone used above the video is quite apt.
"Before they launch missiles, they launch propaganda campaigns. Before they roll out tanks, they roll out narratives." - Caitlin Johnstone

So hopefully this new angle helps crush the Israeli narrative which has been treated as fact since October 7th. The Grayzone is always under attack by the Empire, and funding methods have been cut off to them, therefore help them out if you can, and always read their articles.

Please share and comment if you will but any Hasbara brigades or members of Unit 8200 can go do one please!

By Dark Politricks

© 2023 Dark Politricks


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  2. Yes the cat is finally out of the bag !!!!
    Dark Politricks have "CRACKED HIT"
    These Israel articles are dynamite,EXACTLY what main stream press and other blogs wont tel !
    We are asked about Ukraine you know what the answer is?we dont support either side...why because in ten years time they will all be shaking hands again with each other,picking each others pockets like it didnt all happen.The IDF are not an Army that goes out of their way purposely to bother anybody.

    Living in UK amongst Muslims seeing both sides to this world event,how are we to react,what should we say,who exactly do you turn to??

    “Amongst” is a preposition used to indicate that something is part of a larger group or collection. It is a less common variant of the word “among.” It is considered an archaic or formal version of the word, and its use is generally limited to specific contexts.

    1. If you are Jewish and worrying about the large pro Palestine sentiment, with their rallies and calls for Jihad then I feel your anxiety and would not like to be in your situation especially when your supposedly "safe" homeland Israel, is under attack from the South by Hamas and North by Hezbollah. However your right to return, enshrined by the Israeli government, is open to you. If you don't like living here you could move to Israel however I wouldn't personally like to move there at the moment. Not when US war mongers in Government are planning to bring Iran into the war, and any attack on Iran will just increase attacks on US bases by Iranian proxies all over the Middle East, larger attacks by Hezbollah with their precisions guided missiles into Israeli cities, and probably cause terrorist attacks in Western nations as well. It is a tricky situation for any Jewish person who is worried about the huge support for Palestine to be in. However there are many Jews for Palestine rallies as well, and if you can see through the Israeli propaganda which used a horrible attack on Oct 7th, with twisted lies, and failures by the IDF, to be turned into anti-Palestinian sentiment then surely you can see why there is so much support for Palestinians as their homeland is being turned into rubble. If you can can see how and why the sentiment exists then surely you can look at what is going on in Gaza as an attempt at ethnic cleansing. These two sides won't be shaking hands in a few years despite Israeli intelligence creating Hamas in the late 80's to cause infighting in Palestine between Fatah/PLO a secular, socialist based group, and a religious fanatical new group who probably didn't even realise they had been created and funded by Israel. It is a tough situation and I am not saying being surrounded by a larger community and supporters of the state of Israel is easy.

  3. How often do read about American and British,or Germany or France Army bases suffering break ins guys have to be oh so careful about all this ,like there is no tomorrow .We dont trust the present Israel Government full stop and that is not being antisemitic,in its present form and with comments made by their own soldiers on this site do you trust the present Government to give honest answers as to why so many arms are being smuggled?? to other areas.Dont blame the West bank they have enough American backing...youve got to be oh so carefull would you trust BI BI personally with a NUKE ?? Does Biden stink of POO??

  4. I don't trust my government in the slightest and in reality people shouldn't put their trust in governments. The types of people who rise to the top of politics, just like those who rise to the top of business, and armed forces, are usually sociopaths or psychopaths. This has been confirmed by many studies, and just from my time on earth I can tell you that I agree with them. Someone who wants power for powers sake cannot be trusted. I have heard about Ukraine selling arms sent to them from other NATO countries to the black-market, even ISIS and cartels in Mexico have been seen filmed with Javelin missiles and the Danish police found a biker gang had one when arresting them. Therefore I would not be surprised if Israeli authorities or intel agencies had allowed break ins on military bases to ferment strife by passing weapons to people they would not want the citizens to know about. The Mossad motto is "By way of Deception", and they have carried out many false flag events in their history without even talking of conspiracies, therefore I would be very wary of what is happening in Israel at the moment and NO WAY, would I trust Bi Bi with a Nuke. Israel has nukes already, but the way Bi Bi is acting I would not be surprised if he started a wider conflict with US backing by attacking Iran. That is the plan, despite how many US soldiers in the region, and Israeli citizens would be killed by Iranian proxies like Hezbollah who are active in Syria and Lebanon. Plus I always find it strange how the pact between Israeli Jews and Christian fundamentalists, many who are US politicians, works. The only reason these Christians are helping the Jews is because they see the return of them to Israel as a foretelling of Christs return, which when he does (if anyone really believes all this), he will kill all the Jews who don't convert to Christianity. So this unholy alliance between US Christians who send money themselves, and petition the US Gov to send more aid, plus backing any Israeli moves against Palestinians, is just a selfish endeavour, and one I cannot understand why religious Jews accept the help from. It always seems like when Bi Bi is in legal or political trouble, something kicks off in Gaza or Lebanon and then the people forget his crimes and rally around him as he carries out mass slaughter of innocent people. However I really hope this time when the slaughter of tens of thousands of Gazan Palestinians has finished, he is brought up on the charges he was facing, plus faces charges of allowing Israel to be attacked in such a manner. Plus with these new revelations by Israeli victims of the Oct 7th attacks, hopefully the IDF is also investigated for attacking their own people, and the lies about babies being burnt and cut from mothers wombs when really it was a tank shell that blew the house up and burnt everyone inside to a crisp, is looked at very carefully. We should not ignore these revelations as they are not reaching a wide enough audience and TV shows, radio, and public speakers still believe the myths that Bi Bi and Biden ran with, about babies being beheaded etc. These lies allowed him to carry out a full scale ethnic cleansing of Gaza, and therefore he should be charged with whatever he can that encompasses the conspiracy to spread false news about the victims of Oct 7th to allow for his blood letting.

  5. Wikifreaks World Vizion

  6. Lee :

    Some people say on blog that 30 percent of Irish people are weirds that support the CIA and Biden,do you believe this ??

    The Freedom of information act in the USA states TODAY that the CIA now admit they gave weapons and money to the Irish Republican Army...this is true as we have researched and you to can see this for yourselves.

    Peoples Liberation HK


    Did the CIA give the IRA weapons?
    by Admin · Published November 9, 2023 · Updated November 9, 2023

    The argument put forward is that the CIA worked with elements within the IRA in order to prevent them turning to Soviet sources of weaponry. The CIA kept silent on explosive allegations that they were involved in gun running to the IRA during the Troubles, declassified intelligence files have revealed.
    Takedown request
    View complete answer on
    Who supplied the IRA with weapons?
    The two main sources of weaponry for the IRA have been the USA and Libya. The main gun-running network in the USA was controlled by a veteran Irish Republican called George Harrison.
    Takedown request
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    How did the IRA get the Barrett M82?
    According to letters seized by US federal authorities from a Dundalk IRA member, Martin Quigley, who had travelled to the US to study computing at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, the organisation managed to smuggle an M82 to the Republic of Ireland just before his arrest in 1989.
    Takedown request
    View complete answer on
    Who was funding the IRA?
    The financial backbone of the Provisional cause in America was the Irish Northern Aid Committee (NORAID), which was estimated to have raised $3.6 million between 1970 and 1991, ranging from supporting families of dead or imprisoned IRA members to lobbying and propaganda efforts.
    Takedown request
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    Was the CIA involved in Northern Ireland?
    The CIA, with a licence to export weapons, had aided their operation in order to monitor the flow of arms to Ireland and prevent the IRA from turning to the Soviet Union for arms, the defence claimed.
    Takedown request
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    1. Well I know Col Gadaffi was providing them weapons, prob a cut out for the USSR, however I also know people were actually mailing guns from the US to Ireland as we caught a few people in the act. Boston politicians, and CIA, probably true, Irish descent. I also have this article about the UK infiltrating the IRA at the highest level, Alfredo Scappaticci / Stakeknife / (codename), was apparently the IRAs top torturer, so we allowed a UK Military gang to torture other squaddies and Ulster Paramilitaries just to keep cover > > There was also talk Martin McGuinness was a UK asset, maybe firing the first gun on Bloody Sunday to allow Paras to go mad? Who knows but he was all too happy to sit down with Ian Paisley and he promoted many UK informers which gave suspicion, and there was RUC and another informer Raymond something who believed McGuiness was working for the Brits. So it wasn't called the dirty war for nothing, not if we were the IRAs top torturer...

  8. Spooky?? - FASCISTIC Cia contractor Dr Moayyad AL Kamali was part of Sinéad All American 'Dream Team",the singer of course being An Icon to the Americans.There has been alot of allegations published against Human Torturer Dr Moayadd Al Kamali found on American sites.....Everybody knows exactly how famous Rock Stars have died over the years !!!!!!! do drop US a line if you ever find out the official cause of death ??