Friday 9 February 2024

Tucker Carlson Interview With Putin

The Western Mainstream Media Goes Mad That They Don't Get To Interview President Putin 

By Dark Politricks

As the western MSM frothed at the mouth at Tucker Carlson being treated like a rock star in Russia. Where he visited the ballet and was treated a lot better than Russian journalists I'm sure. The interview with Russian President Putin was enlightening, especially for those in denial of facts some of us have known for years.

I watched a Judge Napolitano interview with a supposed ex CIA analyst only the other week where he denied that at the beginning of the war there had been peace talks in Istanbul which were signed but not confirmed, only for US poodle Boris Johnson to go to Kyiv and tell President Zelensky not to accept any peace deal, as the US and EU would support and fund them in a fight against the Russians. 

Even though it was one of the lead Ukrainian negotiators at Davos repeating this story this so called expert dismissed the whole story like a lot of people who don't bother to read or watch anything outside their narrow pre defined mindset.

Here was one of the lead Ukrainian peace negotiators at the WEF relaying a well known story to anyone who has actually studied the war, but this didn't fit this supposed intelligence specialists view that no peace talks had taken place.

Why am I saying this? 

Well President Putin repeats the story in part of Tuckers interview and basically says he is willing to discuss terms with a serious opposing figure on a peace deal along the same lines as this original deal when Russia had sent in a miles long tank column, Not to invade Kyiv as some people think, but to get the politicians to the negotiating table, and it worked.

What we need now is someone to actually realise Russia has defeated 3 Ukrainian armies and the only people left to fight are old men, young boys and women. Surely this overture made publicly should be regarded as a sign that real negotiations to end the war can begin.

Putin does not want to invade Poland or the Baltic states. He has no wish to govern a hostile country whatever remains of Ukraine, and people need to believe this as he speaks straight and believe it or not he has tried to get along with the West since taking over from Boris Yeltsin

What the western countries don't like is that they cannot ransack Russian state assets as they did during the Yeltsin days when the Oligarchs ruled supreme. Putin put a stop to that and the neo-cons and neo-liberals hate him for it.

You can watch the main part of the interview where he talks about the peace deal here.

Or you can watch the whole interview here.

What do you think? 

Is Putin lying to the world or telling the truth that he wants a negotiated settlement to the conflict? 

Let me know in the comments below.

By Dark Politricks

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  3. This is wikifreaks leaked on why PUTIN INTENDS TO USE NUKES.
    and why Biden doesnt understand why hes as good as Truckered
    himself out of the next election !

    The candidate that holds the Irish keys ALWAYS wins the election,
    thats why they hit JFK,or at least one of the many reasons,with
    Hilary Clinton it was done a bit moore smoothly,Putins elite
    embedded in Mi5/MI6 where the ones that heleped Craig Murray into the
    USA to pick up the wikileaks emails,dont believe US..then forget it
    your the last ones to know.

    Bidens won the election again look carefully to FOX news recent statements
    laid out on this Dark politricks blog.Its the cia that can and do.Trump
    can turn it around easy...however to win he has to force Biden out of the election
    -lead ,Trump removed Islamic State the democrats capitalized on them, thats it period.
    To take the Irish keys Trump has to act on the UK protection services as the Clinton foundation
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    If Trump listens for once in his entire life he has to give sway to do it,meaning
    he will win but he wont be the main man behind the plan so to speak,we dont know
    if hed agree to that but he probably will if Putin ever meets again with him and explains
    hit and hall,if he doesnt let go now to certain IRISH cards he wont be meeting Putin ever again.
    if you ignore the evidence this time then its in your banks,
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    Bet your last Golden Kings Penny on that ONE for a world fact
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  4. PUTIN has many agents in Ireland they are Polish and trained in Kallingrad with European passports they are parasitic and work inside faled CIA programs.
    The Irish Governent run court cases financed with Heroin and cocaine.The court system that Bill Clinton (Clinton Foundation) and Biden rubber stamped last year in their joint visit to Ireland upholds the use of these Kangeroo courts where evidence is not required to gain coviction which suits the CIA.Only Trump can change this system before the next election date using internals to gain control of Pentagon funding.The CIA in Ireland and British Intelligence buy out ALL or most of Irelands Solicitors such as Dublin solicitor Kieran Conway another tripple agent and former member of the IRA organization,you will have a won court case however you wont win your case because in Ireland the Judges accept any statement read out in court by the Irish Police.The police dont have to be witness to an alllegation,in Europe and UK the law system does not allow the police to read statements in courts as evidence unless they themselves are involved in or witness or have evidence of a criminal act.In ireland secret service agents can simply make false statements that are read out by the police in court and accepted as evicence to gain conviction.Putin knows about this system in Ireland because banned National union of journalist member Craig Murray was also prohibited by the CIA from travelling to America however they used they same CIA contacts in the USA who gave Murray the wikilwaks emails to shield Murray whilst in washington state.
    Think about it if Bill Clinton knew in advance that Craig Murray had been smuggled into the USA to gain the emails he would have used his CIA agents to arrest the guy and Craig would have got at least ten years in prison.

    The Kangaroo court system (the order) is a form of International blackmail,it allows the Irish state to control criminal acttivity and makes organizations like the CIA Billions it is also used by pirates in the United Nations to get litterally millions of people into Ireland and gain false passports and driving license.The Eastern Europeans feed of this system.

  5. A Republican Government will save the USA from a world war for sure because Putin and Trump will find a way to that.Zelensky is a fascistic nut case that started the Ukraine war.Why didnt Ukraine go into Crimea ????? years ago.
    It was never Russias intentin to harm anybody,it was Zelensky an alleged protected double agent that made the first mistake he knew right from the start that you cant win against the Russians so the Blood is on his hands.We dont support either side and understand that Putin ran the Wagner neo fascist programs.The Ukraine war is a complete mess started by Ukraine and a nut off like Biden will turn it into a world war unless Trump wins in the next election.

    [Daily Mail on]
    Democrats fear in secret that Biden's age will cost them the White House: Senators say president, 81, has to 'show some energy' but still won't discuss his performance issues ...

    Democratic senators fear President Joe …

  6. Biden shoud by the end of this month announce instead of hanging on
    the end of a rope,The CIA will get him back in again unless Trump
    doesnt get a grip.We dont support Trump either but when the Democrats tell you themselves in secret there wont be a whitehouse with Biden youd better believe hit.

    We dont for one second believe PUTIN wont use tacticals in Ukraine,Russia is falling apart and unfortunately the only way to stop a meltdown is with Trump.Trump really will do the same as Biden,theres no doubt, however Putin wont deal with Biden ever again as he has done before
    ...thats it PERIOD.

    Its best that there is a negotiation before it could start rather than
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    The most critical thing at present is to get Biden the hell away from that
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    We obviously support anybodys right to live any where and when we talk
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  8. Putin and the upcoming election WHY NUKES WORK !!!!

    Someone has to say it..Putin is a major player in the upcoming American election. The Republicans already stating there wont be any further larger finacial settelments for the Ukraine Government.You wiki folk out there may be somewhat wondering why
    yOUVE been hearing all this gaggling on about the Clinton Foundation...well Billy Boy is a world Sheriff. and Biden a world vigilante.Its China and North Korea youve really got to watch and
    this is why we want Biden taken out like Hilary.One word POLLUTION ! Any form of tactical that will be used by Putin will oviously pollute the surrondings but as we all learn from Chernobyl the fall
    out is what triggers.Nobody wants Biden polluting China or North Korea...oh no,and thats what this blogging intervention is about.Then there is Poland they dont need it either.
    Bidens fighter bombers arrived in the uk very recently these planes carry a number of weapons that basically are small and more powerfull than HIROSHAMA,Now we dont wanna get weird on you
    however erm how do we say this,,,,conservatively you know its possible like er .... BOOM an accident in the UK set off by a drone or something or microwave ..who knows and these instruments of doom areNT simply hear showing off are they?Bidens gone too far
    and he must be stopped hes reckless and unstable in his present state,he aint gone in the fed so to speak however HES losing touch yes both North Korea and China without any doubt
    will react accordingly to any form of radiation pollution and Biden intends to strike at Moscow thats exactly what the planes stationed in the UK are there to do..nothing less than.
    We shOuld be asking Biden the same question as Putin and to be honest wont be getting an honest answer,the fact the planes are in the UK ARMED IS ENOUGH TO SUGGEST THAT BIDEN
    IS PREPARING FOR TACTICAL NUKES TO BE USED ON MOSCOW IN A LARGER WAR.The Americans arent that dumb either they know China could wipe them out in under half an hour.No it has to be
    said MR PUTIN really is calling the cards on the outcome of the American election.
    Sometimes when you look at the Ukraine war it makes no sense almost fake for a start, 20 Hypersonics aimed at Zelensky Palace would reduce it and Zelensky to dust in under 5 minutes,and Russia has these stealth Bombers you never going to bring down and they
    got that father of all bombs there always going on about...Zelensky makes no sense however Nukes do and when you think about it perhaps this war has been constructed around a NEW WORLD
    ORDER,its a heavy price thats why we believe Zelensky is a bit silly in the head because he understands about China and North Korea being serious about POLLUTION and his Nuclear plants are without doubt political pawns to say the least.Zelensky is the next one to
    remove even before the West deal with Putin he really is going around the Twist a fascistic,satanic selfish white supremacists
    beast who more than anybody on earth is likely to start a world war,theres no way hes keeping power like that...NOr WAY.Thats why its possible Zelensky really is a double agent thats purposely
    being kept alive....hypersonics over 200 miles hit within 3 meteres of their targets Everyone including the Chinese,British,Americans know where he is exactly every day 24 hrs a day...this is a bullshit proxy war a form of extortion and the result of the American election
    is dependent only on Russia NOT BIDEN.Putin wants to meet Trump again and work things out and thats exactly what the Chinese intend to see to the end.The Ukraine Government should be preparing to remove Zelensky peacefully before anything else.

  9. R E A D I N G B E T W E E N T H E L I N E S

    Asked by a Russian state journalist on Wednesday to choose between Biden and Trump, Putin said without hesitation that the current US president was “more experienced, predictable, an old-school politician”, but added: “We will work with any US president who the American people have confidence in.”

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    Biden Blames Putin for Alexei Navalny’s Death, Claims He “Is Responsible”

  11. Spy 4 Now !

  12. Yes he is Yes he will...

  13. Joe Biden has sparked a war of words with the Kremlin after he called Vladimir Putin a "crazy SOB" at a fundraiser.

    It's not the first time Mr Biden has sworn at opponents, with the president caught on microphone calling a Fox News reporter a "stupid son of a bitch" during a White House press conference in January 2022.

    The president has also, according to Sky's US partner NBC News, called Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu an "asshole" on at least three occasions recently.

    During the 2020 election, Mr Biden told a man he was "full of shit" in a row about gun control during a campaign stop in Detroit, Michigan, and later called him a "horse's ass".


    Putin takes personal flight on new nuclear bomber

    Vladimir Putin flew on a nuclear-capable jet this morning in a move likely to be viewed as a pointed reminder of Moscow’s nuclear capabilities.

    Putin described the plane as “excellent”, adding that it could now be accepted into the Russian armed forces.

    The modernised Tu-160M strategic bomber, code-named “Blackjacks” by Nato, is a modernised version of a Cold War-era bomber. In the event of nuclear war, the plane would have deployed by the Soviet Union to deliver weapons at long distances.

  15. So theres your answer Putin who once supported the Republican Party and helped Trump win the election now supports the Democrats and wants Biden as the new leader....really honestly this is not real is it ?.Its like Borris Johnston supporting the Labour Party...its pathetic and shows a mans mind that has completely disintergrated around reality.Say this in Russia andy yer dedman...Boris is right behind a Proxy war in Russia and whats Putins response - to go flying in a nuclear Bomber.Forget this.