Friday 1 March 2024

Free Speech Will Die With Julian Assange

Free Speech is Dead but will we allow ourselves to witness the USA murder Julian Assange?

By Dark Politricks

It has been obvious for years now that true free speech is dead in the Western supposedly "free world". However the case of Julian Assange is one that all the mainstream papers who published his work, and profited from it whilst Wikileaks itself did not, seem to have forgotten the importance of his case for all journalists, legacy and alternative. 

Julian Assange before he was tortured by the UK

Julian has been slowly tortured through years of solitary confinement in Belmarsh prison and before that within the Ecuadorian embassy, where the CIA and MI6 plotted to kill him lest anyone forget. 

If he is sent to the USA who want to lock him up for over 175 years, he will surely die. If he is locked up in a supermax prison he will probably be Epstein'd off, shanked in the showers by a CIA paid prisoner with nothing to lose, commit suicide, or even be executed. 

His trial under the ancient Espionage Act means he has no right to claim the public had a right to see the war crimes committed by the USA they claim he and Chelsea Manning hacked US computers to obtain. He is being charged using a fraudulent FBI case that relied on a compromised witness who lied in his testimony about Assange doing any sort of actual hacking which the US still claims he did. Quote:
A major witness in the United States’ Department of Justice case against Julian Assange has admitted to fabricating key accusations in the indictment against the Wikileaks founder. The witness, who has a documented history with sociopathy and has received several convictions for sexual abuse of minors and wide-ranging financial fraud, made the admission in a newly published interview in Stundin where he also confessed to having continued his crime spree whilst working with the Department of Justice and FBI and receiving a promise of immunity from prosecution.
You can read my full article here about the fraudulent witness the FBI relied on to make their case about Assange actually hacking US computers to get the information with Chelsea Manning.

To see all my previous articles I have created here, or imported since I got removed from my older bigger site, you can use my new search bar to search for "Julian Assange"

If you want to see all the articles I had on my old site you will need to use the Wayback Machine, It is quite a trip down memory lane to see all the articles I had back then, for if any long time reader remembers, it was Wikileaks release of the snuff video of the US helicopter murder of Reuters reporters on the ground in Iraq that started the rage in me that got me first writing Dark Politricks. 

However that article is not available here or even on the Wayback machine it seems, not that I can find anyway, it seems the authorities have even tried cleaning my old site on the never go away Internet site itself. An unusually large no of articles related to Assange and Manning are 404 Not Found - or claimed to have never been indexed at all. Very suspicious. 

However you can see watch that infamous video with commentary from Assange below.

Remember if you ever find videos on here, maybe from, or others just blocked with a "This video is not available in your country", to use a VPN to get around the block. It is good to see the Brave browser search bar is not blocking Russia Today anymore, whilst other search engines still hide the site. I have found using Belarus the best country to get RT content which was banned at the start of the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine. If you cannot afford to pay for a VPN, Bitdefender allows you up to 200MB of free traffic over their servers per day. Another choice is Proton VPN, which offers some free server locations around the world.

"The United States must pledge before the world that it will not pursue journalists for shining a light on the secret crimes of the powerful."
"There must be no more foolish talk about prosecuting any media organization, be it WikiLeaks or be it the New York Times."
The New York Times, once a bastion of free speech who often printed Wikileaks material as well as information from the Snowden files, is now nothing more than an establishment paper pushing CIA intelligence. Is not making any comments about the possibility of Julian Assange being extradited to the USA from the UK despite publishing the same material Wikileaks published.

It does not matter if you are a paid journalist working for one of these big papers or a blogger like me exposing more information that the mainstream media won't go near, such as pro Palestinian news, and the news you don't hear from the Russian Ukrainian war

If we let the murder of Julian Assange go ahead it will shake fear into many journalists bellies making them self censor what they write, scared of the same possible treatment.

We cannot let the murder of Julian Assange by the combined intelligence services of the UK and USA go ahead. 

Free speech may have died in the UK long ago, and in the USA no-one is sticking up for their constitutional rights, letting the Government expand the massive US Security state, step by step, making the Constitution irrelevant. If you don't protect it, the Government and the permanent security state will take it away, and that's what is happening in America right now. 

If you are American and believe in your Constitution then you should be protesting the extradition of Julian Assange as well all these new extensions to the FISA court and expansion of NSA surveillance on US citizens. 

The death of Julian Assange will just be the final nail in the coffin.

I hope the UK judges have not had closed ears since the last appeal where the FBI's lies about Julian Assange were used to let his case proceed forward. One of the judges is an existing attorney that helps the UK security services and really should have been recused, but she has stayed sitting.

It is not a good sign when the Judges deciding your fate probably hate you and your website for allowing intelligence to be aired, that whilst in the public interest, was not in the interest of the Security State they themselves work for.

Lets pray for a Tory Home Secretary to have the balls Teressa May did when preventing the extradition of Gary McKinnon to the USA over his UFO hacking due to health issues.

By Dark Politricks

© 2024 Dark Politricks


  1. Julian is always on our minds,we cant simply ignore or forget the Godfather of Wiki itself.But you know he is a gangster underneath it all,a shrewd dude who either lost it or pushed IT a "bit" too far.NOBODY messes around with CIA material when you know what the outcome is - PRISON.Lets face it Julian knew the risks so why did he play cat and Mouse??.It is somewhat foolish to say this least,you aint gonna get away with stealing CIA documentation ...
    thats ESPIONAGE.Perhaps somebody put Julian up to it...who knows?

    Julian has done ok for himself out of wiki-world bigness,infact his
    personal diarys and NFTs that we know about made millions,good luck
    with that we have no problem why not?? however Julian we believe knew
    a thing or two about the UK that he kept quite about and thats where
    we distance ourselves from him and of course the fact that that he has jepordized peoples lives by placing CIA material into public domain and that UNFORTUNATELY will get him stung.Depends on the next President we reckon its going to be Trump again,however should they do another rigup job He will get big Bird from Biden.

    he would have done far better exposing the hidden far right in the UK
    Cops controlling drug distributions,nearly millions of secret service
    false DWP claims,pretend buisness in the uk,London tap water.Supermarket implants,false bank accounts,the number of neo nazis and fascsits hiding in around London,the CIA controlling the IRA and Parliament at the same time.Pyschiatry being used as a weapon in Ireland and UK (hes found that one out the hard way),How at least 1 in 10 muslims is claimed work for the CIA in Britain,how many under cover cops and military have infiltrated private business and Government departments.Which governments actually financially support the UK.The biggest protection of all time the British Commonwealth with countries issuing millions of false passports on behalf of the far right and MFI cupboards incorporated. Mi5 agents that wear police uniforms- oh yeah you better believe that one.the con about random police stop and searches when infact at least 20 percent of MET POLICE OFFICERS are not actually police but BLACK MAFIA pretending their not giving you the pull over for another countrys politician or some gangstar in Russia,China or America or the local drug Julian you have been a bad boy and this naughty santas list is what your really going down for matey.

  2. Did somebody mention something about the Russian embassy in London >>
    This dark politrix site has been removed !

    so weevil replaced it with this ONE ...Get hit??

    SPY 4 NOW !

  3. Dear Dark Politricks readers.

    We are in agreement with the assessment that the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) should conduct a thorough investigation into the allegations surrounding Albert Smith's company, Parpoint, and its potential connection to controversial entities or ideologies.

    Now that If it is confirmed "officially" that the company has proven links to Holocaust denial and racism, the NUJ should take disciplinary action against Albert Smith in accordance with the union's policies and values.

    Ensuring that the NUJ upholds ethical standards, diversity, and inclusivity is essential in maintaining the integrity of the journalism profession. Any allegations of misconduct or connection to problematic ideologies should be taken seriously, and appropriate actions should be taken to address them by conducting a fair and comprehensive inquiry, following legal procedures, and prioritizing
    accountability, the NUJ can demonstrate its commitment to promoting responsible journalism and protecting the principles of integrity and respect within the profession. It is crucial for the NUJ to address concerns related to controversial connections or ideologies in a transparent and thorough manner to uphold the values and ethics of journalism.

    Find enclosed synoposis as follows:

    The English language has a vast number of words and combinations, making it statistically improbable for two or more entities to have similar or related names purely by chance. The likelyhood
    of Parforce, Focal Point, and Parpoint Publishing appearing together in the same context without any intentional connection is as stated impossible to believe, given the sheer number of combined word combinations in total exsistence within language itself.

    In light of this statistical improbability, it is reasonable to question whether there was a deliberate
    intention or influence behind the naming of Parpoint Publishing, particularly in the context of their association with other entities like Parforce and Focal Point.

    Poe - Advisor.

    1. Intersting :

      New evidence has come to light that raises serious concerns about potential misconduct by an NUJ member. Published research and assessments by reputable journalists indicate apparent connections between Parpoint Publishing, owned by former Irish Independent editor Albert Smith, and far-right organization Parforce. Specifically, Parpoint is credited in convicted Holocaust denier David Irving's biography of Hermann Göring, where they endorse the book as "a good offering."

      Given the NUJ's commitment to ethical journalism and rejection of racism, it is imperative that leadership fully investigate these allegations against Mr. Smith. Any proven links between an NUJ member and racist, antisemitic publishers would constitute a breach of the union's values and journalism's professional standards. A transparent inquiry and appropriate accountability measures are needed to maintain integrity.

      The similar naming of Mr. Smith's Parpoint and Mr. Irving's Parforce does strain credulity, statistically speaking. While improbable, the appearance together in Mr. Irving's work certainly merits scrutiny. Still, a fair process is essential before judgment.

      This is a serious matter with implications for the reputation of both the NUJ and British journalism. A thorough review and action plan upholding ethical journalism while following proper procedures will demonstrate the NUJ's steadfast commitment to integrity.


  4. We are Jews who believe wholeheartedly in the right of Israel to exist and flourish and the right of Palestinians to self-determination in a state of their own. We refuse to give up on the vision of Israel and a Palestinian state one day existing side-by-side. This is the only long-term solution that will not involve untold bloodshed.

    We mourn the lives lost and the Israeli communities cruelly destroyed by Hamas terrorists on 7th October in the biggest loss of Jewish life since the Holocaust. Along with family and friends in Israel still sheltering from rockets, we grieve for the bereaved, injured and missing and call for the immediate release of the hostages taken by Hamas.

    We are anguished by the unfolding humanitarian crisis and catastrophic loss of life of innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza, caught up in the intractable conflict between Hamas and Israel.

    We are deeply concerned that our community is facing unprecedented levels of antisemitism in the UK and around the world.

    As an expression of our faith and culture as Jews, with obligations to one another and to the wider world, and affirming Israel’s right and duty to defend itself