Tuesday 13 July 2021

Why Julian Assange Should Be Pardoned

Ryan Grim Breaks Down Why Julian Assange Should Not Be Prosecuted

By Dark Politricks

Julian Assange just spent his 50th birthday in Belmarsh prison. The prison in the UK that high security prisoners are stored and abused, nicknamed "The Meat Grinder". He should not be there, and although I disagree with a lot of what Ryan Grim has to say, this piece he did on The Hill really breaks down what he is accused of, and why he should not be prosecuted.

The USA under Joe Biden is carrying on the savage torture of this journalist, by carrying on to appeal the Judges ruling that he should not be extradited to the US due to their inhuman conditions for prisoners. The Judge even mentioning the case of sex offender Jeffery Epstein, and the likelihood Assange would die in a US Super Max prison. The US has come back to say that if convicted in their show trial, he would not go to a Super Max prison to spend the next 300 years or whatever stupid sentence they are going to try for.

However once extradited there is nothing stopping them from breaking any promises they had made to the UK court and putting him in solitary, in a tiny box cell, with little human contact. The no of times the US has lied in extradition cases is huge, they will and do say anything to get their prisoner back to their country, where they can then do what they like with him.

It seems that despite the FBI's main witness coming out and telling the truth about the lies he told to get off charges himself related to child molesting and fraud by lying about Assange in an Icelandic Newspaper, that I printed in my last article, the US is still carrying on their charade of a prosecution. They are labelling him a hacker when the only evidence comes from Mr Thordason, who has admitted he lied to the FBI about nearly all the involvement he had with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

Therefore if you remove his testimony, Julian has not been proven to have hacked anything. All the evidence comes from the lying words of a 28 FBI informant from Iceland trying to get out of being taken to court for his own crimes. Take away this evidence and the FBI and DOJ basically have no evidence to convict Assange.

Read more about Mr Thordarson and Julian Assange and his interview, in which he admitted he was lying to the FBI. This is something that should have helped get the US DOJ's case against Assange, thrown out of court, but somehow it persists. 

This all goes to prove that the handling of Assange is more about punishing him for revealing US secrets, which journalists have been doing for time immemorial, and making him suffer rather than the actual law. Julian Assange has being denied bail, and the US carrying on trying to lie about him being a hacker rather than a journalist who did what the Guardian and New York Times also did, print materials he was given, not material he hacked and stole illegally.

The indictment states that together Mr Thordarson and Julian Assange tried to crack a password together to get into an Icelandic bank. This bank was assumed to contain information about defaulted loans provided by the Icelandic Landsbank during the 2008 banking crisis. In fact Mr Thordason already had access to this information with his own login, whether they shared that login is immaterial and outside the FBI's jurisdiction as it was in Iceland.

Julian Assange like any good journalist wanted information, and when asked what information he should get, Assange actually said "I can't give targets around for legal reasons, but Google around and find bad people". This is evidence that he was trying to keep inside the bounds of the law not break them.

All Assange is, was a publisher of information that was given to him by whistle-blowers. The same information that was printed by multiple papers around the globe. The DOJ have the problem of how to prosecute Assange without stopping free speech and the printing of information by the New York Times obtained illegally but publicly important to reveal if it is about government crimes. This is why they are trying to accuse him of being a hacker. Once you listen to the video you will hear how thin this prosecution against Assange really is.

Many people believe that this grudge against Assange relates to the emails leaked during the 2016 US election from Hillary Clinton. It doesn't, it relates to the war crimes committed by the US army in Iraq, and torture information from GITMO gathered by Chelsea Manning who has already been to jail for her crimes

This information was very embarrassing for the US as it revealed their cruel methods of killing Iraqi's, including Reuters reporters filmed from US helicopters as they joked about killing a number of men and even children that arrived in an "ambulance" to help them.

So listen to this short news piece as Ryan Grim breaks down the DOJ's indictment against Julian Assange

To read more about Mr Thordarson, and his lies, including claiming that he was a top figure at WikiLeaks and all the incriminating things he said about Assange to his FBI handlers, you can read the article in which he comes clean here > The Lying FBI Informant Trying To Imprison Julian Assange.

Julian Assange's family have just finished a tour of the US to try and raise awareness about his trial, the evidence, and the treatment he is suffering in Belmarsh jail at the moment. I doubt many MSM news channels gave them a positive light, considering they are all now Operation Mockingbird outlets, fully formed in the flesh, with real ex intelligence officers as news anchors, or guest presenters, along with all the adverts for the MIC, including Raytheon and Lockheed and Martin, during their breaks. These deep state entities control the MSM in the US now and it is the reason you cannot get real news from their shows.

They no longer need to sneak about ,and offer secret tax free salaries, as the MI5 does here in the UK to BBC reporters, as attested to in John Snows autobiography. 

Instead they are now funding, advertising on, and reporting the news themselves. You are unlikely to find an unpopular view that goes against the establishment line being uttered by any guest, and if it is, they won't be invited back for sure. 

So many popular commentators and journalists like Glenn Greenwald, Max Blumenthal and many others no longer appear on supposed left wing news channels like MSNBC. Instead they have to go to the right wing FOX, and use Tucker Carlson, as I write about in this article, to get their news out. For this they are smeared by left wing purists as being Right Wing.

Why is it that to get to the truth you have to get labelled crazy first, a conspiracy theorist or a nutter, before finally the truth is revealed and then everyone treats it as if it has always been so. On another matter related to news not getting out to the public.

“The government has formally and officially come out and informed Congress that these things are – A, they’re real – and two, that they’re not ours and that they seem to be performing, at least some of them … in remarkable ways," 
Even the head of Lockeheed Martin Skunkworks, designer of the Stealth bomber and many other secret planes for the US, said before his death:
We now have the technology to take ET home. No, it won’t take someone’s lifetime to do it. There is an error in the equations. We know what it is. We now have the capability to travel to the stars.”
“We already have the means to travel among the stars but these technologies are locked up in Black Projects…and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.” - Ben Rich, Former Director of Lockheed Skunk works shortly before his passing. You can read that quote and more here.
Ex President's are admitting that something strange is going on in the skies, and scientists who have heard the news are having to re-adjust their thinking to a new paradigm due to this new evidence, a fact now admitted by the Government that UFO's or UAP's as the US DOD is calling them, really do exist. Something they and many others in authority and science fields have mocked people for believing in, for years. 

Their whole world of physics should be changing right now, but how many scientists are actually aware of all this new information?

However, for most people the world just seems to carry on spinning, with hardly any news on this matter having being heard by them. They still think UFO's are a conspiracy theory, despite all the new disclosure by the US Government, Navy, Pentagon and DOD. 

UAP's as the US GOV calls them, have been tracked by Naval ships, and videos that were released by the Pentagon to the public, have been online for years now. Even interviews with pilots who have been allowed to be interviewed about their experiences after chasing UAP's, such Commander David Fravor, who chased what has become known as the "Tic Tac", abound on YouTube if you look for them.

So just like Julian Assange and the threat his prosecution poses to all journalists and leakers of classified information, news that "we can take ET home", does not even make the news or get to the public.

Hopefully the video by Ryan Grim clarifies some things up for those not totally clued up to the injustice being inflicted on this centuries most prolific journalist and founder of WikiLeaks

Whether anything will get the UK judge to look into the false claims by the FBI's informant / child molesting fraudster is another matter altogether. Appeal courts do not necessarily look at new evidence, so it is debatable whether they can get this important information to the Judge so they know the FBI's case is based on lies.

If the news that UFO's are real has not hit the heads of most of the population, then what will it take to get this important news about the threat to our free speech, and our right to know what the government does with our tax money, and Julian Assange's torture, out to the people?

By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks

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