Wednesday 6 March 2024

Are The IDF The Biggest State Sponsored Terrorists In The World?

IDF In Damage Control After Slaughtering Palestinians Waiting For Flour

By Dark Politricks

I won't write much here but the news that the IDF launched tanks shells on a queue of starving Palestinians in Gaza as they waited for flour from an AID truck does not surprise me.

After all the previous callous murders and assassinations, the destruction of civil property and thousands of homes demolished with many people still stuck under rubble, and the deliberate filming of themselves disrespecting Mosques before demolishing them, nothing surprises me about the IDF anymore. 

Go and search Telegram if you don't believe me, YouTube won't have a collection of IDF soldiers all acting repugnantly but certain Telegram channels have been created by IDF soldiers purely to upload films of themselves acting like barbarians. Slaughtering children, and shelling tent-cities without giving two shits about their behaviour they then publicize to the world. Or those willing to look, and be willing to wipe the lies of a heroic and brave Israeli IDF army from their eyes.

Watch this then take part in the poll if you can please.


By Dark Politricks

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin said this week he would support Moldova’s autonomous region of Gagauzia after meeting the territory’s pro-Moscow leader, sparking further fears of destabilization in the Eastern European country as it races to join the EU.

    NARRATIVE: This is what happened just before the Russian army crossed overinto Ukraine do you guys recall ?? Two states call for help the quirk signing and then tanks go over the border.

    The press are slow off the mark.There are criminal charges being placed.This could spark the leader to sign similar agreement to Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic.

  2. So Dark Politrix "Freakz" What do you make of alleged leftist Owen Jones Journalist of the UK Guardian Newspaper ?? is he Floss or Toss !!
    Dominic Green
    Owen Jones is the David Irving of the British left. And a Guardian columnist.

    1 Dec 2023
    Guardian journalist Owen Jones has been criticised for questioning Hamas' war crimes.

    Watch Plank Of The Week - tonight at 7pm on TalkTV.

  3. The Jews are the biggest terrorists in the world as they manage through blackmail, political donations and AIPAC to own the US politicians and make war on countries on Israels behalf. They are not stupid, they don't want their little curly side burned religious nutta Joos hurt in wars against Ira