Tuesday 15 December 2020

Coincidence Theory...

A Poem That Speaks Volumes....

By Dark Politricks

How many times have you tried to tell people about major events that they would never usually hear about?

Events that many people across the world probably don't even know about such as the recent disclosure by the Pentagon that their pilots chased the "Tic Tac" UFO, or that multiple top ex military, pilots and nuclear weapons facility officers held a Press Club conference to reveal that UFO's had hovered above their stations and de-activated the missiles, or in Russia's case, set the countdown activation codes on, which they couldn't turn back off?

It is news like this that makes people not in the know call others "Conspiracy Theorists", a term that was devised by the CIA after JFK's assassination to attack all those people questioning the physics of the "magic bullet" theory. A theory that states Lee Harvey Oswald shot a moving target 3 times accurately with a bolt action gun, through high trees and made entry points on JFK's remodelled head, look like exit wounds. It was a term of detriment to label people questioning authority as kooks and tin foil hat wearing loons, something that has lasted until now.

Usually the person calling the other a "conspiracy theorist", has little knowledge of the facts of the case, or any of the evidence that exists to back their position up. They often don't even want to know this evidence either which is even worse when you have death bed confessions in both the cases of JFK and the CIA blowing up of WTC7 on 9.11. 

Why would you waste your last minutes on earth telling a lie, it is more likely they wanted to get a heavy weight off their shoulders before they passed to the other side. Even atheists in a fox hole pray to God when it comes to that final second they say. Would you want to meet your make knowing that you had committed a heinous crime and denied involvement in it?

Anyway, I will let the poem I got from skrewballed.blogspot.com speak for itself, it is definitely worth a read.

Coincidence Theory...

Speech, it's the other side of listening, so be quiet and meek, just listen well, whilst I try n teach,

Some lessons and facts, don't think that I'll preach, most that you hear, will have been out of your reach.

I dare tell alternative theories, historical events I seek, but talk aloud, n it's a “conspiracy theory” I speak.

I just pass on the knowledge, and info that's been leaked, but it won't be long, b4 Google denies “all free speech”.

If I dare mention COVID19is just one big why, too many symptoms to put down, that you can die.

Wuhan's free again, their wet markets aren't shy, the rest of the world shuts shops, from only Amazon u can buy.

Fear Porn's on 24/7, news is selling one big lie, but just look at the world, and please ask yourself why?

The poor always stay poor, no-one even cries, whilst the rich get more power, their money stacked high.

Dem's denounced Trump, he maybe full of drama, but count the deaths, he's killed far less than Obama.

Voted for Biden, a “woke” lib not a harmer, but u 4get he's jailed millions, with the help from Kamala.

There is no US election, it's a selection year long trauma, then a 2 sided coin gets in, suddenly your much calmer.

Take a look at yourself, on your knee's at Police farmers, herding masked sheep, just like a snake charmer.

Biden's sons a crack head, taking pics snorting off whores behinds, then slow Joe's son, leaves his laptop behind.

Hunter likes his dick pics, his Dad must be kind, news blackout, and his dad definitely don't mind.

Coz daddy Joe jailed crack smoking blacks, millions were confined, privatised prison labour, ppl need a remind.

But if you know and u show, or dare post these FACTS online, you'll soon see your YouTube vids, instantly rewind.

Look up “The Great Reset”, it's a plan full of clues, just be sure, you're reading some real #altnews.

It don't take hard math, just basic ones and twos, people can deny, but it's been in major news.

The Globalists have been waiting 4 this event, many ppl jumped in with no clue, but when China runs the show, what will u do?

All the pubs will die, you'll have nothing to do, and I'll be paying through the nose, to just Tweet to you.

On 9.11, World Trade Centre 7 fell with suspicion, free fall to the ground, therefore it must be a submission.

We even have the CIA agent, with his death bed confession, with his last words, he let out a filmed admission.

BBC reported on the news of the collapse, with the building still full of munition, she told the world, 20 mins before it's demolition.

But there were no answers, just ask the commission, they just left WTC7 out, ignored by omission.

We had Grandpa Prescott Bush, in the 30's a heavy hitter, a powerful man, who only supported Hitler.

He even tried a coup, to try make the US even more bitter, but didn't have the balls, to be the main killer.

The man he tried to recruit, was only one General Smedley Butler, but he turned them in, coz he weren't some nutter.

He wrote “War is a Racket”, the truth of the US mugger, you should all read it, and try not to shudder.

Did you just see the Pentagon released films, of planes chasing a UFO, or was it just news, u chose to forgo?

The “Tic Tac” it was called, n made their planes look slow like crows, all over the net, but didn't make a single news show.

Even the pilot who chased it, was allowed to disclose, it defied known physics, when being interviewed he knows.

That aliens were probably flying it, a dynamic light show, but don't ask mainstream news, it didn't make one row.

You have generals and pilots, who have forgone severance, even the ex head of NATOwith top cosmic clearance.

All have tried to appear in Congress, witness to their 5 sense, all to say, that UFOs are a real presence.

NASA's own Apollo moon images, show structures mile high immense, clear to see, for all with some sense.

Ask what or how, or write online correspondence, you'll only hear sighs, from brain dead TV nonsense.

Then there's Jeff Epstein, a Mossad owned perv jail bait, was going to speak out, but met with a grisly fate.

Bill Clinton n Prince Andrew, were just 2 of his good “mates”, all caught fiddling, secretly behind locked gates.

Whilst in lockup 2 guards fell asleep, wrong ligature marks, and no CCTV tapes, but don't over think, it was just a mistake.

If he ever made it to court, imagine peoples take, to find out their beloved leaders, were pedos n fake.

You may think speech is free, you can say a lot, but I can tell you all, it's absolutely not.

Say the wrong words, or think the wrong thoughts, you never know, you might even get shot.

Try n spread the truth, just don't connect too many dots, coz your truth, will soon get forgot.

Big techs limiting free speech, their on it non stop, plus your names already been logged, n sent to the Orwellian lot..

© 2020 All Rights Reserved Robert Reid   

I hope you enjoyed reading it, I did, the poet even put in links to articles and videos about the subject matter he is writing about, which includes this site, so thank you.

And coincidence theory is right, when it comes down to it the Police take to court thousands of crimes containing the term conspiracy a year. Who is mad enough to think that once you have all the money you can spend that the goal then is to accumulate power and that rich and powerful people - just like the coincidence theory case shows, don't conspire together to commit heinous acts, and clean up after themselves like the Killary hit sheet shows

Decades she has spent cleaning up after her "partner in power", I won't call it marriage as I doubt they have slept together since Chelsea was conceived. He allegedly has AIDS and she is allegedly is a Lesbian anyway. Their marriage was one of convenience, a rise to power where both of them would share the top seat. She just missed out on becoming President in her own right due to being so hated by the American people who have known about her crimes in and out of power for decades now

She is still seething at the fact that she lost to Trump and must hate it that such as brash, loony tune, populist gained power instead of her, despite all her cheating to get the DNC nomination over Bernie Sanders and potential vote rigging AKA Joe Biden who will only follow in Obama and her footsteps in causing more war and death around the globe without actually helping the people hurting right now due to losing their jobs, health care tied to them, and their homes. What is Joe Biden going to do to help these people?

I bet nothing. Let's watch and wait and see whose right if you disagree with me. If we are still here in 4 years and there has been no ranching up the Cold War with Russia, and an embracing of links with China, who had someone boasting on film the other day that they had powerful people in positions of power all over the US, including a spy who was recently in the papers after sleeping with politicians. His son has been selling influence and access to his Dad for years now and it seems that now the election has been done, Hunter is finally going to be investigated for those crimes and tax fraud allegations.

I just want to see him have to go in front of a court and face his own Dad's heinous 1994 Crime Bill reforms which made possession of Crack Cocaine to Cocaine powder a 100.1 degree sentencing difference. I wonder how fast Joe would jump through hoops of fire to protect Hunter if that happened?

Anyway I hope you like the poem it put a lot of things together in one piece. You can read more of his work here > skrewballed.blogspot.com

By Dark Politricks

©2020 Dark Politricks 


  1. Hi Everyone especially Dark Politricks big Chiefs!!,well you know...for those interested - in law itself there is what is known as "Coincidence Evidence"?
    "Coincidence evidence" is evidence which uses the improbability of two or more events occurring coincidentally to prove that:

    A person performed a particular act; or
    A person had a particular state of mind (Evidence Act 2008 s98).

    Ok ?! this form of evidence apparently can be applied to journalism and wait for this BLOGGING!!!!!!!!

    The sites below names Parpoint publishing appearing in Gorings Biography published by Parforce..now before you start getting weird on this check these sites out below Exclusive of course to Dark Politricks:


    Ah yes about 2. go missing
    What this basically breaks down to is the New World.Ireland live under an order proof- they dont speak their own language Gaelic
    Dennis O Brien owns the Irish Independent newspaper and its their article submitted by former editor Albert Smith trading as Parpoint that appears inside of the Book Gorings Biography,this book got the Publisher convicted in court if being antisemitic.

    It is illegal in federal states for newspapers to write antisemitic material or promote antisemitic publications however in Ireland...well I dont know but it wouldnt happen in the UK!! for sure what with Boris Johnston as prime minister

  2. Dennis O brien is the richest man in Ireland and heres proof of the existence of the New World order:


    The book Clinton cash explains how people like OBrien where used in attempt to buy Hilary into power,the evidence itself is that O Brien apparently has no suitable legal instrument to remove his newspaper article from the book Gorings Biography.

  3. In summary the Sinn Fein Tds mentioned to the right of this column on Dark Politricks and the rest of the Irish Government all remain silent whilst Albert Smith still gets paid a weekly wage by the Irish Independent for his dirty deeds.Dennis O brien the owner of the Irish Independent is judged also as an antisemitic power monger as he cant be bothered paying for an injunction to prevent the convicted nazi author of Gorongs Biography from publishing the Irish Independents endorsement found in the book.

  4. Which is why perhaps the finger is now ostensibly (you like my big words yeah?) pointing back at the Democrats

  5. It's definitley was a conspiracy for sure, 100%