Sunday 6 December 2020

America bankrupts the country but bails out the mega rich

Why is the USA the only country to not pay people unable to work due to COVID19?

By Dark Politricks

The USA like the rest of the Western World is turning into a Police State, with curfews and lockdowns in a nonsensical way to "cure" COVID19. This is of course despite the rulers who decree these lockdowns constantly breaking their own rules and the politicians playing politics with people's lives.

I don't even need to go into UN Agenda 21, and their "Great Reset", where you will apparently not own anything, have no privacy but apparently still be happy. How this Chinese style system will work without major protest I have no idea

I have heard many stories about this reset from people being locked down just as they have been this year for Climate Change reasons, not be able to drive where they want without good reason plus of course the Chinese Communist idea of a health passport that will prevent people with certain conditions from going on holiday ever again. How much is true and how much will come to pass I don't know. I just know that the world when we leave this lockdown is not going to be the same one we went in as.

I just hope all those gun owners and 2nd amendment committed citizens in the States are ready to take on the biggest military power every known if it ever comes to fruition. Let's hope not eh, but what are you going to do when the Army turns up at your door to inject you with a vaccine that you may not want to take due to the lack of testing. 

It may have been rushed out quick with lots of help, but we won't know any long term effects from taking it for years. This is why vaccines usually take decades to come out so they can see any long term health side effects. The option to say NO to this has been taken away from us in the UK by the COVID law, only one doctor needs to sign a form to force you to take medication against your will. Other countries I am not so sure about but that is not freedom.

Anyway I won't write a lot about how LA is basically locking people up in their homes as prisons, not allowing them to drive or move about, shutting small businesses but bailing out huge ones instead all for politics as this following video from Jimmy Dore does it very nicely indeed.

I can't believe that for the sake of politics the Democrats wouldn't allow everyone in the States to get a cheque for $20k to stay at home and let the virus die down but instead played politics as they didn't want Trump's name on it before the election. Who cares, people are suffering, small businesses are dying and as you will see in the video the rich and wealthy donors to Nancy Pelosi got the trillions of bailout money instead of the people who need it.

The rest of the world is paying businesses to keep their staff on by helping out with a percentage of their wages but the US isn't. Instead people are left to suffer, shut their own companies and watch as the stock prices of Amazon, Microsoft and others climb higher and higher. 

The world really is a sick place if we are going to do this "Great Reset", and allow these corporations to have monopolies over all goods for sale because every other competitor has been closed due to the virus these globalists have taken advantage of to enrich themselves even more. 

As small businesses shut, mega corps like Amazon just swallow them all up, soon they will be the only player in town for many goods you may want to buy.

Here's the video, enjoy....

By Dark Politricks

© 2020 By Dark Politricks

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