Tuesday 15 December 2020

It Just Must Be Coincidence That We Are Looking More Like China Every Day Of This Year

Are We Turning Into China?

By Dark Politricks

How many people do you know that realise our world is being turned into China, run by AI computers that will lead to a lack of job opportunities and therefore decent income for families around the world with COVID19 being used as the cover for this massive change in societal behaviour?

What happens when you try and explain this to your family members or friends?

Are you told to just shut up and put back on your tin foil hat and obey the government as it plans to roll out forced vaccination programmes with untested vaccines. No matter how safe Big Pharma who aim to make billions from their vaccines say, no long term tests have been done on these vaccines. This is why people are noticing side effects like facial paralysis, and they are having to use AI computers to model out the potential death counts that will occur from the COVID vaccine rollout.

2020 has been a test bed to condition the public and for the globalist puppet handlers to see how far they can push us into a Police State before we crack and fight back. 

So far it has been very little. I have seen a few T-Shirts with slogans like "Return 1984 to fiction" about, and there have been some protests, but still the majority believe whatever their government is telling them to do for "their own good", of course.

With control of the Mainstream News, small companies going out of business so that the global monopolies like Amazon and Microsoft can take over and a rise in suicide rates and mental health issues due to the lockdowns that have left millions of people in solitude all year you would think more people would be questioning what is going on. Our whole way of life is being reformatted. 

Pubs and social meeting places are being shut for our "own good", when all psychologists know that we are social animals that  to live healthy lives.require frequent contact with other members of our species

This is all being done with a large dose of fear being pumped out by the State controlled news broadcasters such as the BBC, all US News Networks that are filled to the brim with ex politicians, lobbyists and members of the MIC that are now "legitimate news broadcasters". 

No more need for secret CIA operations like Operation Mockingbird and COINTELPRO, to feed the news media with their own version of events. They have BECOME the news media, many with their own shows pumping out "Fear Porn" 24/7 to ensure that people comply with the extreme laws our politicians have enacted. We really are becoming a Chinese style, 360° 24/7/365 constantly surveilled and monitored society.

I have even noticed when blogging, that in certain browsers that legitimate words like "surveilled" come up with a red line underneath that is supposed to tell the user the word is spelt wrong and offer correct spellings. However when I hover over the word surveilled, no alternative spelling is offered, only completely different words. In this case Shrivelled and Surveyed

This is because the word is correct, has a meaning and it is almost as if they are trying to remove our lexicon by sly social means.I am even using urban dictionary more and more to get definitions of words like "Fear Porn", as they are more accurate than a Google Search. In fact when I do a Google Search and type in Fear Por.... the word "Fear Porn" does not even appear in the drop down list of searchable words.

In fact if you do a Google Search for "Fear Porn", you will get only 2 real results coming back amongst all the actual pornography links, one from Collins Dictionary which has seen the good sense to add it and the other from Urban Dictionary. Their two definitions are:

Collins Dictionary > Link

Media content that deliberately and enticingly plays on people's fears about disaster, disease and death. Currently used in relation to some COVID reporting.

Urban Dictionary > Link

Mainstream Media content that deliberately and enticingly plays on people's fears about disaster, disease and death. Currently used in relation to some COVID-19.

Although the Urban Dictionary definition seems a direct rip off from Collins, I am guessing that it first appeared on Urban Dictionary before it became part of the Collins Dictionary. Only a few words are added to the Oxford and other dictionaries, like Collins, every year. 

The Oxford Dictionary says it only adds new words to it 4 times a year which you can see here. However to search it online costs you a £90 subscription, so why would people bother when there are plenty of other free dictionary resources out there, and even just a search for Definition: [word] on https://duckduckgo.com e.g for a list of definitions of the term Fear Porn just click this link to use that format on DuckDuckgo.com.

They usually come from grass root usage on #altnews sites or slang that becomes used in social media a lot. We must remember Urban Dictionary is a joke site mainly, but when you have to go to such a site to find the definition for such a commonly used word, especially in 2020, that says a lot about all the sites like mine which have used it constantly but are still not listed. I am probably not being scanned enough by the SERPS due to my listing on the "naughty list" of 550+ sites the Orwellian authorities don't want you to see.

You can access my custom search engine from this unique link > Dark Politricks Search Engine or just use the search box at the top of the page. It might not show every #Altnews site but it will skip all the Mainstream crap sites.

Anyway the point of all this is that COVID19 supposedly started in China, and whilst I find in curious that only Wuhan suffered and there was no spread to Beijing or Shanghai, and the people of Wuhan are now walking around their AI controlled cities wet markets again, mask free. The rest of the world is in some state of lockdown, or police state like laws covering the people's travel, exercise options, meeting places, number of people allowed in their buildings and many other laws that we were warned about in the 90's by the US Militia's who thought Bill Clinton was going to usher in the New World Order. However it seems we are turning more and more into China by the day.

When AI computers are powerful enough to mange to monitor and track a whole countries population, issue automatic fines, the use of drones to monitor a cars driving to ensure they haven't travelled out of their "allowed zone" and the use of lockdowns and curfews then it seems like we are living more and more like a Chinese citizen every day.

I have been saying for ages that the Chinese Social Credit system is coming to a country near you soon I didn't think it would be too soon. It seems that China really has been a test bed for the West to try out all their TRAPWIRE systems linked together with a self feeding computer system that self regulates social behaviour by shaming people who break the "new normal".

I will let this video by the excellent Richard Dolan explain the 4th generation of humanity a little bit more for you. Universal Basic Income because their won't be enough jobs for us all and therefore less money to go on holiday's and cause Climate Change, a punishable offence in the future no doubt. Only the rich will be allowed to fly around the world whenever they like going from conference to conference to lecture the masses on why we must all give up our rights and privacy so that "The Great Reset" can be rolled out.

Let me know what you think about this "4th Industrial Revolution" and the possible implantation of microchips that can alter your DNA all in the name of saving you from the dangerous of the never ceasing COVID19 that will ravish our shores for the next few years at least it seems until the The Great Reset can be rolled out worldwide.

By Dark Politricks

© 2020 Dark Politricks

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