Tuesday 10 November 2020

Well done America - You Voted For What Exactly?

US Election Goes To One Of The 70+ Year Old White Males Used As Front Men For The Real Oligarchs That Run The USA And The World.

By Dark Politricks
The US Election seems to have gone to Joe Biden, the oldest President in US history. He will be 78 in 9 days time on the 20th November. Trump was the previous oldest President at 74. 

If you voted and really believe you changed things for the better I hate to dash your optimism but under Biden and the Deep State pulling his strings the US will lurch into more wars in the Middle East, maybe even back Ukraine against Russia, and even ramp things back up in Syria.


However as Biden was elected and he is pinky finger tight with the Chinese Communist Party I guess the actions Trump implemented against the country for undercutting their wages, stealing jobs, currency manipulation and mass incarceration of political figures will be reversed. 
I guess however that due to Biden's own 94 Crime Bill,that he is so proud of that incarcerated millions of poor and coloured people for minor drug offences, whilst letting people like his son off on a freebie. The biggest Prison Population country in the world - the USA, with 660 people in jail per 100,000 will continue.
China isn't even on the list of the countries with the biggest prison population by capita over at www.statista.com. It seems to be the US at the top and then a list of countries in their sphere of influence, if you can narrow that area down at all.
Just forget that he is a senile old man that was talking to crowd members on rallies as if they were dead relatives and that he will probably die in office giving the position of most pretend powerful person in the world to the first woman of colour Kamala Harris. A lawyer who was only too happy to follow Biden's lead by locking millions of Californians up in privatisted prisons, basically slave labour for the big corporations to exploit. 
No sign of a mass release from incarceration for all those people in jail for marijuana possession in states that have now legalised it though
You would have thought that could have been the least they could have done for those suffering on a 3rd strike life sentence for minor drug felonies that lawyers and TV presenters can now smoke in public without fear of arrest.
What did you actually vote for when you put that X next to Biden & Harris's name on your ballot paper?
It certainly wasn't for any of the following:
  • Peace, I expect wars to be started and aggression based on fake news accusing Russia of meddling in their election process again by posting nasty memes on Facebook to be instigated by the MIC. The POTUS will obviously agree, he has never seen a war he didn't like and vote for.
  • Health Care for the poor and under insured. Have a pre-existing condition, well Medicare isn't rolled out for all and Obamacare is a plaster and give away to big pharma at best. The COVID19 pandemic has enriched the insurance industries coffers and any vaccine that is rolled out and maybe even forcibly injected into concerned citizens will only help make their bottom line quite nice indeed.
  • Education, and lower fee's for those wanting to go to University and not leave with a Mortgage size debt on their heads. All the US would have to do is close down a few hundred of the 600+ military bases they have all over the world in their Military Empire. Think the US isn't an Empire? Well why does nearly every Western European country and many Eastern nations have US military bases on their land. The 2nd World War is over. Germany doesn't need US bases to spy on their own Chancellor and government. It has already been proven that if Russia wanted to invade Europe they would wipe us out within a few hours. Nothing the US has in Europe would stop the feet and missiles of the Russian's if they did indeed want war. Not that they do, the US likes to pretend they do, but they are only reacting to the US pulling out of weapon treaties and surrounding their country with base after base. Russia has been invaded from the West 3 times in the last couple of centuries. You must forgive them for being a bit paranoid when they see NATO breaking pledges made when the Berlin wall fell to "not move a single inch closer to Russia".
  • End the pointless drug war. Some ballots in states legalised Weed, others like Oregon have made possession of small amounts of Heroin, Cocaine and Methamphetamine punishable not by forced labour in a privatised prison but by a fine. The profits from the growing weed industry will be used to create drug rehab centres to help those caught up in the cycle of drugs that the US government itself engaged in importing and helping spread across the country. From the creation of the CIA, to the Golden Triangle, Iran Contra and Afghanistan the US Deep State has always used money from drugs to fund their "Off Book" activities.
  • Actual real governance by the people. The refusal of Trump to leave office has made Bill Maher look like a prophet and the ridiculous nature of US elections where the people "selected" to become members of Congress and the Senate is up to the State and not any kind of popular vote is plainly undemocratic. The nature of the Electoral Collage is antiquated and should be removed. Jimmy Dore showed a FOX map of where the key areas of the US electoral campaigns are fought and it didn't contain any Western or Eastern coastal cities like LA, San Fransisco, New York, Miami, Philadelphia etc. There are only a few key swing states that matter in Presidential elections and they are usually in less populated areas mid country. It's why we always hear about the decision of Ohio, a state not normally mentioned in the news much at all apart from Presidential elections. Why the US can't have an national electoral register like the UK, which would prevent ballots going missing, fake ballots being sent in and duplicate voting I don't know. Surely the US wants to know who is inside their borders anyway and give those people a chance to vote. A national electoral register would stop Republicans wiping thousands of names off in red states, and prevent the "fraudulent" voting that Trump is clinging tight to in a vain hope of staying in power.

Well I am sure there are many things not mentioned that are going to occur in the next 4 and maybe 8 years of a senile old racist war mongers stay in office, however long or short it is. However we can be sure that the fat cats in Wall St, the lobbyists from AIPAC and the MIC will be throwing money into politicians pockets to get their way. 

Also we are entering uncharted territory now with the Silicon Valley Nexus of influence being able to swing elections one way or another. No it's not by Russian meme's showing Bernie Sanders in LGBT colours but Google, YouTube and Facebook denying people the right to information that would inform them of their decision when voting that swings elections now. The Democrats tried to portray the Biden laptop scandal as a Russian plot, even saying that if true they should still just treat it as if it was a Russia dis-info campaign. How mad is that?

When Google and Facebook can sway an election by using their complex algorithms to only show you one kind of news and discussion about a candidate and YouTube just removes any video that mentions certain people's names or scandals then it's time these companies are broken up. They are a monopoly and when we have massive monopolies like Amazon, with Jeff Bezos getting even richer off the lock-downs across the world, where non essential shops like book stores are closed but they can continue to deliver them by the slave load we are entering the Brave New World we have been warned about for decades. The Great Reset is coming and it may change our lives forever.

COVID19 has already conditioned people to literally beg to be imprisoned then suffer mental health issues from solitary confinement in many cases. Wear a mask or get a fine. Driving in an area not near your home without a good reason, get a fine, dare to ask questions and protest against the draconian measures, get a fine. We are going to come out of this pandemic with hardly anybody using cash anymore as the sheeple have been conditioned over 2020 to use contact-less payments in shops and not notes or coins which "may" transmit the virus.

However do you want to live in a world where the Government knows everything you spend your money on and can remove in the blink of an eye fines from your bank account for breaking speed limits or daring to spend benefit money on alcohol or betting or go even further and implement a Chinese style Social Credit System of control over the population?

I hope you don't but then I hope you knew what you were actually voting for when you made that mark or pressed a button in a voting booth last week. So did you really?

By Dark Politricks
© 2020 Dark Politricks


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