Wednesday 28 October 2020

Video's About The Joe Biden Scandal The MSM Is Ignoring

Should You Vote For Joe Biden?


By Dark Politricks

Out of many, I have managed to pick two good short videos that I believe anyone thinking of voting for Joe Biden should at least spend 15 minutes to watch before going and voting for "more of the same". The 1st refers to the scandal that the Democrats don't want you to know about. They even have Silicon Valley helping them by hiding this news from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube where most modern people get their news from.

Even if you don't like Trump, an idiot President if ever, if these revelations about Biden plus all his past political acts such as enacting the 1994 Crime Act. Imprisoning poor people for 99 times the length of time for possession of crack than cocaine powder, something his son clearly has gotten away with, and for helping create the privatized prison industry, you should still know the type of person you are voting for.

I know it's hard to pick from two senile, potentially seriously ill, Grandads who can't even remember what they are saying during speeches, or even have a civil debate, but you should at least familiarise yourself with the choice of those who control whoever is President before voting for them.

Not to ignore the fact that Joe Biden lied about getting 3 degrees in the highest section of his class from some University or that he lied about walking in the streets for the Civil Rights movement. Or the fact that he is taking money from the MIC, Big Oil, refuses to ban Fracking, helped Obama cage kids at the border with ICE and denied in the last debate his support for the "New Green Deal", just after claiming that "It would pay for itself".

Just imagine if this news story was reversed, and it was Trump's son's laptop that had been found and handed to a Democrat. Revealing not only that Trump's son was doing the same drugs that his Dad helped craft a law that locked millions of poor black people up, as well as sleeping with prostitutes, but was peddling influence to his Vice President Dad from foreign Energy Firms, and even worse the Chinese Communist Party. 
The drugs and prostitutes are not really important to me considering Presidents from Clinton, Bush to Obama all took drugs, but the hypocrisy is. I would love to have seen Hunter Biden get caught with a bag of rocks and see how many hoops his father would have jumped through to stop his own Crime Bill punishing him by locking him up for dozens of years.
The laptop is full of evidence the FBI should have been looking through to find out exactly what influence was "peddled", how compromised was Joe Biden, and certainly investigate any penetration of the US political system by the Chinese Communist Party.

How would the Democrats react. The news would be full of the story, Trump's campaign would be finished. Instead all the MSM are calling it - yes - "A Russian Disinfo Campaign" - a story that never gets old.

I like this video from as it's succinct and reflects my views on the situation. I really don't care about Hunter's dalliances with drugs and prostitutes apart from the fact his Dad knew he has a drug problem and would have probably used all his influence to get his son out of a jam if caught by the Police. He certainly wouldn't let him spend a minimum of 5 years as his own bill stated for possession of a single crack rock,

Obama may have introduced "The Fair Sentencing Act of 2010" that "reduces the disparity between the amount of crack cocaine and powder cocaine needed to trigger certain federal criminal penalties from a 100:1 weight ratio to an 18:1 weight ratio...", however there is still a disparity that means someone, usually richer white people who use cocaine powder, get 18 times less jail time for a gram of cocaine powder than someone else would get for a gram of rock.

I still think Joe Biden, like Hillary if she had been elected, will probably lead us into a war with Iran and maybe crank up tensions with Russia. He is definitely part of the deep state owned and controlled politicians, that they want in power looking like a senile Grandpa, and allowing them to do all the things the MIC and the Halliburton's of the world want. Such as turning countries like Libya into failed states or using Jihadists to destabilise nations like Syria. All so they can make money by first bombing the country to pieces and then by rebuilding it.

If he wasn't the "choice" / "selection" of the deep state, then this news story would certainly be all over the mainstream news and not banned from various social media sites. It just shows how much power they control when they can label a serious news story like this a "Russian Dis-info Campaign", or laugh about it and wave it away with a stroke of a hand on a news show as if not even worthy of looking into.

Whether you want to vote for Joe Biden, a proven liar, or Trump a proven liar, is up to you. However you should at least know the sort of lies that Joe has been peddling if you don't already. 
The 2nd video by comedian Jimmy Dore, who debunked the "Russiagate" story in real time, along with fake Syrian gas attacks and other stories pushed by the COINTELPRO owned MSM who still push CIA propaganda through TV News as they did during the Cold War with Operation Mockingbird, or more recently the Iraq and Afghanistan war where there seemed to be a retired general or intelligence member on any panel discussing how many bombs they should continue to drop. It is well worth a watch if you want to know a bit more about his political career, and the lies he has told during it.

The New Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal Allegations are Completely Insane

Jimmy Dore debunks Rolling Stone Lies To It's Readers

Also if you ever notice this site suddenly disappear then check out Archive.Today or the Wayback Machine, although the person in the 1st video did say they were even removing political content from their archives at which is not a good sign for the Internet, at the moment you can get a good coverage of my articles going back to 2009.

Please comment and pass this on to anyone unaware of the hypocrisy of Joe Biden and the potential security threat he could pose due to the discovery of his son's laptop.

By Dark Politricks

© 2020 By Dark Politricks

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