Sunday 18 October 2020

Joe Biden Lies - Democrats doing it again

Social Media Censor Joe Biden Lies and Son's Email's Exposing Links With The Chinese Communist Party

By Dark Politricks
If you have been getting all your news from Facebook or Twitter lately then you probably won't have heard about the massive news related to Democratic Presidential candidate Joe's Biden's son Hunter.

Not only are the two sites censoring the story despite allowing stories about Trump to be re-tweeted and liked, but this goes against the norms of a free society where potential voters should know everything about the crook they are about to vote in.
However these social media companies are using the excuse which is based in unfounded claims that the news is based on hacked data and therefore they are not allowing access to it. However Twitter and Facebook have both allowed stories in the past based on info from hacked sources, such as WikiLeaks, Snowden's revelations about NSA surveillance and Hillary Clinton's emails the last election.
Therefore their now self righteous act as controllers of what news is broadcast on their system will only inflame the debate about free speech and what social media is and is not responsible for publishing. 
In a free society information should be allowed to flow and people should be allowed to make their own minds up on it. If Twitter and Facebook are indeed to become "publishers" then this leaves them open for claims of libel if anything printed on there sites is found to be based on lies and fake news. 
The concept of a "free speech zone" where anyone can post anything and not leave the websites who allow their posts to be viewed liable for the information seems to be dying slowly. This is causing many people to leave sites that censor and de-rank video's and stories to other sites like and

Whether it is Hillary or Obama, Biden or Trump, all these puppets have masters, and all of them have dirty secrets they want to hide. These secrets are obviously used by the true masters of the country to control their candidate. However despite revelations about normal dirty politics, there will always be deeper darker secrets that the Presidents selected to become POTUS have held over their heads to do the bidding of the deep state.

Despite the New York Post posting stories about Joe Biden's son, Hunter, and his "lost" laptop, which he apparently left in a computer repair shop only for the owner to offer it to the FBI, and then when they were not interested, he gave it to Trump's attorney Rudolph Giuliani. Many papers and online sites have claimed the news to be "unverified". This does not mean it is not true. If it were lies, why have the Biden's not sued the NYP?

As the paper itself says:

Much of the push to ignore The Post’s drop of Hunter Biden’s e-mails centers on the charge that it’s all “unverified.” The claim is more excuse than truth.

Not only do these emails show complicity in Hunter and his father getting involved with the Chinese Communist party, taking money for sitting on a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma's board, and for receiving money for introducing Joe to foreign agents / businessmen.
One email is shown that says:
Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together.It's realty [sic] an honor and pleasure

Vadym Pozharskyi - Apirl 17, 2015 - To Hunter Biden
This is something Joe has repeatedly claimed was a lie, but the disk is full of emails suggesting that he peddled influence with his father as well as more personal photos showing Hunter smoking crack, and having sex. To me this is nothing special, many people struggle with drugs and demons, whether they are poor, rich, powerful or unknown.
He struggles, like many Americans. He’s in recovery, like many Americans. When both father and son talk about it, it’s without shame. 

However when these people are in positions of power like previous drug abusing Presidents such as Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Obama, it does open them up to blackmail.Both by other countries in the know and by the deep state who knows all you do and when you do it.
The real problem is the fact that the FBI didn't seem interested in this information that Obama's Vice President was engaging with members of the Chinese Communist party. The one country that if there were to be a war tomorrow the US would be firing nukes across the Pacific at an enemy that has spent years and billions to steal data, reverse engineer weapons and hack their way into US companies for political control and monetary gain. 
Just look at the Coronavirus, the Chinese obviously don't care much about the people of Wuhan who it seems more likely was a real life test scenario for the COVID19 strain developed at their germ warfare laboratory than an accident. I do find it very strange whilst the whole of the world is some form of lock-down and police state like control that one major city in China suffered from COVID whilst Beijing and Shanghai somehow managed to escape the extreme measures implemented in Wuhan and the rest of the world.
The fact they also bought up tons of Western companies as their stock prices fell through the ground is another sign that COVID, who many people claim has been treated as an excuse to implement martial state like laws across the world, was an economic weapon deployed against the west. Something claimed by Trump and others but denied by WHO scientists.

However if you want some contradictory claims that the virus was indeed man made check out these articles.

Back to the email scandal. Apart from the contents of the son of the Vice Presidents computer, the more worrying question is why the FBI didn't do anything when the shop keeper offered to hand the laptop to them. Were they scared of another "email" scandal like the previous election or were they just being good sections of the "deep state", protecting the person they want in power. Or maybe on a lesser level like James Comey, they just didn't want to cause another shit storm so close to the election unlike 2016 when the investigation into Hillary was closed and then re-opened just before the election. Maybe they just wanted to swerve this nightmare so close to an election altogether.
If you haven't heard anything about, it and why would you if you haven't been reading the NYP, and searching for news online despite Twitter and Facebook blocking access to posts related to the story then you should check these two Sky News stories out. One is about the censorship, the other is an interview with Steve Bannon about the claims of peddling influence and contact with his father to foreign business men and links to the Chinese Communist Party.

Utter disgrace, Twitter, Facebook censor Hunter Biden story

Joe Biden's son emailed shop owner about hard drive to 'get it back': Former Trump chief

Have a watch and tell me what you think. Will it affect your vote in the election or is just another case of a corrupt politician doing what they do. Also should social media companies be deciding what we can and cannot read about, especially a story about drugs sex and lies, peddling political influence and a potential Presidents links to the Chinese Communist Party?..

By Dark Politricks
©2020 Dark Politricks

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