Wednesday 30 September 2020

Here we go again and again - US Election

The US Presidential Election 2020

By Dark Politricks
Is the upcoming election in the US yet another choice between one bad option and another?
Is it as bad as 2016?
A choice between warmongering Hillary and her email scandals, Libyan secret weapon deals with Syrian Terrorists, a crime bill that locked up millions of people on small drug charges, all on top of her husbands sexual crimes. That plus the corrupt Clinton Foundation that had the DNC in it's grips so it could push out a worthy opponent that might have actually beaten Trump.
Or was the multiple bankrupt, narcissistic, porn star shagging, Tweet obsessed, despot loving, apparent white supremacist and labelled Russian stooge Donald Trump really the better choice 4 years ago?
This election certainly isn't one between two oppressing ideologies, anything left or right of the middle has all been squashed out. Bernie Sanders refused to fight for the right to have people vote for him, knowing that the DNC would be implementing the same dirty tactics as 2016 he should have ran as an independent. Maybe even hooking up with Jill Stein from the Green party. 
At least you would have had a proper choice to make, One between an ideology of wealth and tax breaks to the rich, money spent on the military but not education or health, and one between the Constitution, Bill of Rights versus the new US Security State. Anti constitutional bills that have continued long past any emergency measures they were enacted for, still exist in the US, laws such as the PATRIOT ACT and NDAA.
Instead the US citizens have two old, potentially both senile, white men who can't even have a civil debate live on television to pick from instead.
No other party is allowed in these debates no matter if they have their names on the ballots. It is a rigged showpiece rolled out every 4 years to give the population some semblance of democracy and vague notions of having some form of control over their lives by using the ballot box.

No wonder the USA is 2 countries divided. ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, White Supremacists, "The Police and the Bikers" - as Trump once said he had in his corner. The country is ripe for uproar, but has it at any time been anything different?
From the early foundation of the US with Slavery, to the initial racist anti-drug laws to Bill & Hillary Clinton's mass incarceration of the poor and coloured with the 1994 Crime Bill. The left is no different from the right in the US. 
The real left is way outside anything the Democratic party would tolerate, even Obama with his majority win and control over both houses in the early part of his 1st term didn't do anything to help people of his own colour, the poor or the uneducated. All prime victims of the private prison industry who requires constant inmates and longer sentences so that they can make money with their free labour force of prison workers. 
We all saw how the Democratic party treated Bernie Sanders in the last election to know they are not a real left wing party no matter how much Republicans like to call them "Commies".

So is the election of ex Vice President and flip flopping Joe Biden, someone who obviously has skeletons in his closet like Trump and every previous President really a better choice than Hillary? Having dirt on the POTUS is a basic requirement, all so the the real power brokers can control them. Is this the type of politics that is going to change the US for the better? 

I don't care for either of them, just like I didn't care for Hillary or Trump in 2016. Whether Russia influenced the election, by aiding Trump with loans or letting him have intel on Hillary or not it matters little.
Most rational people now know that it was just a few Facebook memes, and that there was no real Russian conspiracy. If anyone really influenced the 2016 election it would have been by hacking known compromised voting machines or by scrubbing out votes from people of colour. Either that or by "accidentally" losing postal votes, not counting independents or by changing the maps to make it harder for people from certain districts to access a ballot box. If so then it was Americans not the Russians committing election fraud.

Blame the politicians for redistricting and voter suppression but not Russia, the Mueller investigation didn't manage to impeach him and left the raving Russian conspiracy theorists like Rachel Maddow who gave over most of her TV show to the subject for almost two years, dumbfounded. 

I just watched the first 2 episodes of "The Comey Rule" and it certainly suggests that the Russians managed to plant "their" stooge into the white house. They even showed a sinister scene where two Russian men, drank vodka by a fountain and congratulated themselves on their accomplishment. Artistic license, real facts, or maybe liberal writers trying to stir up the fake conspiracy claims from the last election just as the latest is taking place? 
Who knows, does it even matter. The first casualty of an election just like war, is always the truth.

And please don't call me a Russian Fake News spreading dis-info agent in the pocket of George Soros. I may think slightly higher of the Russians than some people but I am not calling them the beacon of liberty either. 
However can you really say the USA, still under 20yr old emergency powers that removed Habeas Corpus, enacted mass wire tapping of the citizens by the NSA, and still uses secret Security Letters to shut up whistle blowers, the signs of a shining beacon of liberty that the USA likes to believe it is?

This is before any COVID19 laws that have reduced our population into "yes sir", stand in line idiots not capable of thinking for themselves as the Governments of our countries do everything they can to prolong the lock downs, the restrictions on movement and giving the police powers to break into houses without warrants on suspicion that someone with COVID might be inside.
This is the USA, where drunk men on holiday claim I would be speaking German if it wasn't for them. No actually it was the Russian's who lost 40 million at the least, who won WWII by defeating the Germans, liberating Berlin and then preparing to invade Japan from the west.
Sorry, it wasn't your Little and Big Boy nukes that won the war by killing innocents. The Japanese had lost Tokyo and many other cities to fire bombing. Hiroshima was just a quicker annihilation. Debate the merits of murdering half a million people with one bomb against the fire bombing of German and Japanese cities and the  slow torture and murder of concentration camp workers. What really is the difference apart from the body count of non combatants?  
The USA still has the unenviable title of being the only country to "admittedly" use nuclear weapons on innocent civilians during wartime. Congratulations.
I will of course happily admit the Russians weren't the nicest of liberators, raping and killing the citizens of Berlin who had sent their own sons to torch them on the Eastern front with flame throwers and other exotic weapons. Churchill and Truman were quick to turn on their wartime ally after picking the cream of the NAZI scientists they wanted to help start NASA and use their Mengele methods in CIA projects like MKULTRA.
Is this the reason my little blog, posts written by myself has been put on a list of 550 sites including Alex Jones Info Wars,, Russia Today and Press Today as sites that the establishment want to ban you for looking at. I must take it as a badge of honour. Being labelled as a blogger you shouldn't read is so 1984. Shame we have already gone past Orwell's imagination and then some.

However back to the 2016 election fall out and one of the victims has to be the founder of Wikileaks. Whether you think Julian Assange is a hero or a villain, he certainly doesn't deserve to be left rotting in the high security Belmarsh prison whilst waiting for extradition to the US. 
I vaguely remember in one Presidential speech in 2016 Trump actually thanked Wikileaks for revealing the emails which leaked info from DNC. From ensuring the Bernie Sanders campaign failed to the Podesta emails and details on the Libyan Embassy attacks, I do recall Trump on stage asking for more revelations to come from Assange.
So I wonder if (or when), Julian Assange gets extradited and Trump is re-elected, whether Trump will thank Assange by giving him a pardon. I doubt it. That's the way it goes, speak truth to power and you get a kicking. I feel sorry for him and I hope you all do. Nothing that he has printed has been proven to be false and does it really matter who gave him the information that he leaked, if it brought to attention news of illegal war crimes, election rigging and perversions that you hadn't been aware about?
If Julian Assange is to be left to rot in an orange jump suit in the US, and possibly disposed of just like Jeffery Epstein, then surely the editors at the Guardian and other papers who published his data should be on trial as well? 
Is it really fair to only label only old school tree killing papers as the only "real journalists", or can't a blogger or website not compete at the same level with the same protections? 
I only have to look in my local shop at he papers to see how bipartisan our papers are. One paper reveals that Tory PM, Boris Johnson's Father was caught breaking the law by not wearing a mask in a shop and the paper next to it accuses ex Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of breaking the rules by having more than 6 people at a dinner. Can you really say that this BS pro right or left wing news is any different from blogs or sites that like to criticise politics from different angles than the norm?

Was it really easier for supposed Russian agents to hack and steal thousands of GB of data from DNC servers, when it was more likely that someone inside the DNC just downloaded data and passed them onto Wikileaks by a thumb drive?
You just had to see how affected Julian Assange was when he appeared on the Bill Maher show and offered a $20,000 reward for any information on the death of DNC worker Seth know that somehow the two were connected. Seth Rich, a DNC operator, supposedly killed for no reason, nothing robbed, nothing stolen, just another ignored death that can be easily connected to the Clinton's wrath.Why has no-one really put 2 and 2 together. 
You may call me a conspiracy theorist but I would rather believe that rich and powerful people control our lives on purpose rather than believe all the coincidences that just magically occur at the same time to achieve a certain goal. Nothing happens on accident when it comes to global politics. Wars are planned and then excuses found, if not created, when it comes to pushing the populace one way or another.
Bill and Hillary Clinton have been co-workers with the Bush Crime Family since the CIA were smuggling coke to then Governor Bill Clinton's Arkansas Mena Airport. Weapons south to Nicaraguan death squads, coke smuggled north by Barry Seal for the CIA, all so that Freeway Ricky Ross could sell it in LA. This was the root cause of the Crack epidemic of the 80's, and the failed War on Drugs that the CIA helped supply the nation with. The Clinton and Bush crime families are joined at the hip.
When it comes to drugs there really is nothing worse than a hypocrite politician who is happy to incarcerate millions for doing exactly what they do themselves. Bill Clinton was a cocaine vacuum cleaner claimed his brother Roger, and George and Jeb Bush were caught picking up their own supply of coke at Mena airport. Obama liked driving round in limo's smoking crack, god knows what Ronald Reagan was into, Quaaludes maybe?
The author of the "Dark Alliance" expose on this CIA link, Gary Webb, was found dead with 2 gunshots to the head and it was ruled a suicide, as were other people on the list of "Clinton linked" witnesses, accusers and whistle-blowers who have been found dead in suspicious circumstances . I guess it's quite common for people to try to kill themselves with a pistol, blow half their brains out, not die but still have the mental and nervous capacity to pull the trigger a second time. Should Gary Webb be added along with Seth Rich to the Clinton kill list maybe?
So back to the beginning, what will change in the US if Biden wins the election. Will the world spin the other way the next day, will liberty flourish once again in the Western world? 
That is of course that an election actually takes place and COVID19 laws and "health considerations" are not brought in to separate the mile long lines at voting polls where everyone must stand 2 metres back from those in-front of them. 
Trump and half the White House and members of his team now have the infection after a lawn party in which no-one wore masks as they all hugged each other with socially distancing the farthest thing from their minds. With the POTUS now ill it not only gains sympathy for him, but allows him to not participate in more awful debates and provide potential excuses for not campaigning if he loses the election. 
Whether Trump wins or Biden does, it doesn't really matter, just like in every binary US election, whoever wins they will continue to do all of the following:
Be beholden to big interests and string pullers behind the scenes. Whether Wall St, lobbyists for private prisons, big pharma, and of course the Military Industrial Complex. Either politician will continue any wars they are already engaged in and possibly extend the US Empire some more. Whoever is up for election I sure don't see any peace makers, despite ludicrous nominations for both Trump and Biden to get a Nobel Peace Prize.  
Obama was awarded one when the world fell for the "hope and change" we all desperately wanted, then sat back and watched as he expanded US wars of terror, and implemented unconstitutional laws. He kept Gitmo open despite promising to close it and continued the unfair policy of backing Israel in every UN vote through the use of a veto. That is apart from his last which he "bravely" abstained on his way out of office.
It takes "real balls" to wait until Bibi and Israel can't blackmail you anymore and it doesn't actually matter to abstain from a UN vote on Israel Palestine relations. If the Nobel committee had any pride they would demand that Nobel Peace medal back.

Obama's UN vote obviously caused shock and horror across the pro-Zionist world, Obama was even labelled the most anti-Israeli President ever despite no real attempt to settle the Palestinian issue. However much Trump is pro Israel, and considered an idiot or geographical dunce, he hasn't actually declared war on a country within his first term. This doesn't make him a peace maker for Nobel to prematurely award a peace prize to though. Even Hitler was nominated for a Nobel Peace award in 1939.
So whether the black ops teams are fighting in new areas in Africa, fomenting coups in South America or still smuggling drugs from Afghanistan, the USA hasn't actually officially expanded the war on terror despite the expectations of many. 
There were early issues over Syria, watching the US Media get wet over Trump ordering bombing raids was sickening. “I think Donald Trump became president of the United States last night” said Fareed Zakaria, host of CNN’s flagship foreign affairs program, after one Syrian bombing attack. 
Fox even played Country music about Freedom as Trump ordered the largest non nuclear bomb to be dropped in Afghanistan. What did Fox anchor Ainsley Earhardt say about it? That video’s black and white, but that is what freedom looks like... That’s the red, white and blue.” - Yes I'm afraid your right, that is the red white and blue and you should be ashamed of continuing a war against the tribal people of one of the poorest countries on earth. 
A populace never defeated in war, not the British Empire on multiple attempts, not the Soviets or even Alexander the Great. No-one has managed to defeat and subdue the poor Afghans for centuries. Is the US really still there to fight al-Qaeda or are they just wasting money fighting people who just want them to leave them alone?
What really is the point of firing $500k+ missiles into mud huts that these people live in apart from furnishing the MIC's pockets. 92% of the people in Afghanistan when interviewed had never even heard of 9.11 or the WTC attacks. 
They are just fighting yet another invading enemy just as they have done for 1000's of years. However they do grow the most Opium in the world, a currency the CIA has been involved in since their creation. From the Golden Triangle to Colombia to the Vietnam war, the US has always been heavily involved with drug smuggling.

Then there's the other attempt by the US using their ex enemy / GLADIO 2 Jihadist fighters to other-throw another Russian ally in Syria. However it was Russia that actually came and cleared up ISIS, something the US/UK/French/Israeli Axis of War powers never managed, or really wanted to do. The pretend moderate fighters were just as evil as the radical Jihadists. Even the Free Syrian Army was full of al-Qaeda types willing to cut open dead soldiers bodies to eat their hearts on video for all the world to see.  
Syria was on the list of countries General Wesley Clarke was told that the US was going to other-throw after the 9.11 attacks along with Iran. We are still waiting for the US/Israeli move to attack Iran, despite Israeli pressure behind the scenes to get the US to do their bidding again. They managed to get US soldiers to die for their cause with Libya and Iraq and probably a lot more died in Syria than we will ever hear about. 
Will Joe Biden be the next Zionist President to turn the Middle East into a bush fire again?
I'm just glad that somehow Trump hasn't caused WWIII yet, whether Biden will do just as good a job making the US look like the war mongers they are will be for the future to report on. However I cannot see how Biden would be a better President than if Hillary had been elected in 2016.
The Democrats are NOT the party of peace, they are just another side of the two headed coin that rules the most aggressive and powerful surveillance state in the world after China

Whoever comes in as President will undoubtedly continue to hold onto those precious 9.11 laws brought in when the 3 WTC skyscrapers fell due to just 2 planes hitting them. I remember during the Obama years when Trump was all over the news asking for the redacted 28/29 9.11 Commission papers to be revealed. Once released however little noise was ever made by the MSM or US Government about their contents.

I am guessing most Americans don't even know what these redacted pages the Saudi's lobbied and paid to have removed from the 9.11 "Omission Report", told us about their funding of the terrorist patsies used in the 9.11 attacks. 
Trump made sure to bow as low as he criticised Obama for doing, in front of the King of Oil / New home of sporting events in the desert. Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is trying to Sportswash the Kingdom that continues to jail and lash female rape victims as adulterers and murder and massacre innocent Yemeni children with illegal weapons with US support
Trump gave MBS the benefit of the doubt despite evidence to the contrary when they hacked a US journalist up alive inside a Turkish embassy. Will Joe Biden be so accommodating to their Petrodollar ally?
Whatever changes with a new face in power won't make the slightest bit of difference to most of America or the world who look to the US for leadership. The US Congress, Senate and President will all continue to allow AIPAC and Dual Citizens control their actions when it comes to their continued dismantling of any hope of a two state solution in Palestine/Israel.
The MIC will continue to make billions from the existing wars in Afghanistan, and the private security corporations that have replaced US troops in Iraq will be cashing in cheques for years to come. 
New skirmishes in the never ending war on terror will continue, and the American people will still not question how it is that al-Qaeda, the supposed terrorists behind 9.11, became their allies in Syria when it suited the US for them to do so.
Questions about 9.11 and the possibility of a plane made of aluminum that cannot fly 550mph inches above the ground vertically before punching through 3 ringed walls at the Pentagon remain. The CIA whistle blower who on his death bed admitted to helping demolish WTC7 in NYC will continue to be ignored by the MSM and other whistle blowers like Sibel Edmonds smeared when they claim they knew the CIA had relations with bin-Laden right up to 9.11. 
No-one will ask loudly why most of the people rounded up in the days after the attacks were mostly Israeli not Arab. These people were held for weeks before all being deported on VISA violations. Will anyone in power even question why Mossad sent a team to "document the event", as they themselves told an Israeli TV audience. 
How did they know what to document if they didn't know the attacks were going to happen?
Oh well I must be an anti-Semite for raising legitimate questions about Israeli involvement in the event that has turned the first 20 years of the 21st century into one of endless war abroad, and at home a police state environment where the NSA spies on you at every opportunity.
Well I have rattled on for as long as I could about the ever so important decision you in the US must make. It doesn't just affect you, it affects the whole world, more some than others but the tentacles of American power are long and far reaching
However if you really think electing Joe Biden will stop the wars, reverse the spying, end police brutality and Government invasion of privacy then please inform me how this is going to actually happen?

By Dark Politricks
© 2020 Dark Politricks

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