Thursday 10 September 2020

The New Normal

How Compliant Our Population Has Become Due To COVID19

By Dark Politricks

I have to say something about COVID19 that I have noticed over this hot sweltering summer in which I have been baking alive stuck indoors. That is when I'm not out in the car with air-con on. However either way it's pure stress.

I'm not telling people to break the law - god forbid- moi?

However before COVID in the UK, it was pretty standard for drivers to take the speed limits with a little bit of leeway. A 40mph stretch of road meant people drove at 50mph, 70mph on the motorway meant people pushed just under 100mph if clear. 

The randomly given if caught by the police speed tickets were just part of the life of being a driver. You just expected to get one every few years and that was the cost of getting about. If you had a sweet tongue you could maybe blag your way out of a ticket, that is if not snapped by all the road cameras plotted up on all our motorways now.

However since COVID19 every driver on the roads, at least, around my way seem so scared of being stopped by the police that they drive 5mph or more UNDER the speed limit at the moment. Either I am surrounded by gangsters disguised as students, young drivers and people with boots stashed full of illegal contraband, or something has happened to snap people into obeying every single little law that before COVID19 was open to a bit of a stretch. 

I was stuck on a clear straight bit of road last weekend on the way to a friends house and there were 2 cyclists at the front of a 7 car queue crawling along behind them at 15mph in a 40mph limit. The thing was there was no oncoming traffic and the car behind the cyclists wasn't some learner driver scared of overtaking, why they didn't just overtake them giving a wide berth due to no oncoming traffic I don't know, but I had to sit behind this queue for a very long time until I got up to them and just went around the pair.

I don't think I have ever seen so many compliant people jump on queue in my life. Not thinking for themselves and believing everything our Government says as gospel, despite half of their anti-COVID19 policies being half thought out, half baked and extremely expensive.

It looks like a 2nd spike is coming and we may get locked up again but then what did the Government expect would happen when they sent back all the kids to school, college and University?

Trying to tell a teenager to stand 2 metres apart from all his friends is pretty impossible anyway, so how do they expect 5yr+ kids to respect social distancing rules. Their new worry is the spread of the virus among young people and they are right. They are ignoring the rules and congregating in parks and woods late at night to have parties.

Every Sunday night for months now behind my pad in the local park there has been some kind of teenage drunken rave. You can hear the music for miles as well as the shouting and chatter. Where are the cops with their new superpowers to come and force them to disperse? I don't think I've ever seen cops even go into the park and in another local woods where they have been partying all summer I was having a walk the other day as the police just drove past groups and groups of teens all on their way to the "beach" by the lake where they were getting drunk, high and doing what youngsters do. 

Did I see any cop get out the car and ask them where they were going - nope. Cops don't seem interesting in using their new powers to break these disease spreading parties up but they are using them to ruin other peoples lives.

I have a new camera pointed at my pad from a neighbours window across the road at the moment. I thought the police would have got bored after they put one up on me for a year and saw nada, lucky I saw CID going into the neighbours house before the CCTV on me appeared. Now it's back. They are concentrating their efforts on people they suspect of X Y Z and FCKING NADA, at the moment. Using the COVID19 laws to monitor people of "interest" and the restricted movement of the population just helps them track us all so much easier.

Oh and the masks, how many fights have you got into over wearing or not wearing a mask? I had one the other week on the way to the chemist. It wasn't even my argument but a bloke in a shop with a mask was shouting and name calling someone I knew who hadn't put one on - supposedly if you have breathing related health issues you don't need to wear one but then are we all going to give our local shops our medical histories to prove what illnesses we may or may not have. Fuck no.

Anyway this argument was boiling over on a hot day and as I walked to the chemist with a mask and my glasses on, I got sucker punched by the man in the mask. The fact I was wearing glasses didn't seem to stop his desire to try and blind me. If he had wanted to square up I'd have been perfectly happy. Just let me take my mask and glasses off before I beat your hide. Instead I ended up chasing him into the shop with my mask still on and having a scrap for CCTV knocking the food over. Pointless fight, and not even my argument and I didn't even say anything to the other person despite knowing the man he was arguing with. That didn't stop him from trying to attack me, then I bet he didn't expect to get his ass whooped in public for attempting to blind me.

I was very surprised the cops didn't turn up but then they have more important matters to contend with like.... well to be honest I haven't seen many Panda cars around here lately, only undercover, so I have no actual knowledge what our uniform wearing tax paid workforce is doing to protect our health and safety. They certainly aren't helping to stop COVID spread by breaking up large groups of kids, I guess they are all working from home like many other companies are still doing.

The new normal. Empty pubs, favourite restaurant chains like Pizza Express closing hundreds of pizza joints, as well as cinemas and a new compliant scared population who are suddenly now sticking to every little law unrelated to the spread of COVID19. We used to have the balls to do what we wanted here now they seem to have castrated a nation.

I don't want COVID19 to spike again and cause another lockdown, but this isn't the Black Death which caused a third of all people in Europe to die in the Middle Ages. It's a horrible disease with all the markers of a man made virus let lose by some 3 letter agency or another that is just causing a higher rate of flu like deaths than normal. Or is it?

We have around 60,000 people die a year from blood clot related illnesses such as strokes, heart attacks and  pulmonary embolisms, 40,000 of these are hospital related. Stuck in a bed not being able to move as blood stops moving freely in your body isn't a good way to prevent clots. Then we have the usual causes of mortality rates such as:

-Cancer - 65,000 cancer deaths in the UK every year

-Heart Disease - 44,000 people under the age of 75 die every year

Then we have COVID19. So far in the UK there has been 358,138 Cases and 41,608 Deaths.

However many of the COVID19 deaths have been people dying from other causes, usually an existing condition and then if the body tests for COVID19 post mortem, they don't tick in the "died from heart attack" box but instead the "died from COVID19" box. Critics have said this about the way these stats have been massaged.

A one Dr Loke said the way Public Health England collects data means "no-one with COVID in England is allowed to recover from their illness".

"A patient who has tested positive, but successfully treated and discharged from hospital, will still be counted as a COVID death even if they had a heart attack or were run over by a bus three months later" he has wrote.

So if you get COVID, then get well again, before getting run over whilst blind drunk stumbling into the road. The way that the UK collects death rates means I won't be a victim of stupid drunkeness as I'm mowed down by a car but I'll be another death tick in the COVID tally box. That sounds like intentional fear mongering to me.

If we removed all these post COVID deaths, I wonder how low the death rates would actually be, 2/3rds a half, less than 20,000? 

I don't have all the stats to hand but it seems a very stupid way to count a cause of death. I once had DVT in my left leg 20 years ago. If I die tomorrow from jumping out my window, they wouldn't mark that up as another tick in the DVT death rate.

Just another example of the massaging of our populations levels of fear from this non black death, severe flu. If real causes of death were removed from their figures then it wouldn't be much higher than the annual death rate from Winter Flu in the UK of between 2,000 and 28,000., with on average 17,000 people dying from the flu annually in England between 2015 and 2019. 

This Corona-Virus maybe a much more severe and painful form of the flu but it seems that the figures are being manipulated to keep us all jumping in line with the government.

"Don't kill your Gran by getting the Coronavirus and giving it to her"  - I heard a government minister say on the radio the other day. I am sure many OAP's are scared of having their teenage, social distance ignoring Covid carrying, asymptomatic, teenage grand kids come and visit them. However they are more likely to die from another cause that is not currently being treated at the moment in our hospitals due to the COVID cases.

Got Cancer, Heart Disease, or had a stroke? Well it seems our NHS has put you to the back of the queue despite those issues having higher death rates than COVID. I heard my local hospital is practically empty on the wards as they are all being used for COVID.

Personally I have had 3 operations cancelled due to COIVD, two were for the chronic pain I suffer now on my own with no help, and the other an operation to reattach muscle and tendons to my bone that were ripped off when I broke my arm and it came out the socket so far it tore the flesh off.. 

Oh, and I had to pull my own tooth out due to no dentists being able to use drills, then when I finally got a dentist appointment they only put a filling on top of an infection in my jaw. Agony, yes, lots, my neck, throat, ear and tongue were causing so much pain I wanted to go to hospital, however I am on a 2nd lot of strong antibiotics with the dentist telling me I would have to go to hospital for an emergency extraction.

I wonder how long that referral would take. Would I get COVID from just being in the place. Who knows? If this is some man made plot to thin the herd as some say, then it's not really doing much of a good job with such low death rates.

However if this was a plot to get a compliant citizenry that won't even question the government and their Coronavirus policies and laws. It seems to be working. 

Driving used to be one of the few pleasures in life. Sitting in the middle lane as every car drives at 50mph on the motorway isn't a pleasure, it's a curse. 

Welcome to bend over UK. Where people take everything our incompetent government says as gospel despite all their mistakes over the virus. I mean how can we trust a Prime Minister who got the virus, probably from not following his own rules anyway?

By Dark Politricks

© 2020 Dark Politricks

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