Tuesday 21 July 2020

COVID19 - "We're Loving It"

The COVID19 UK Lockdown, Martial Law, Police are tracking you

By Dark Politricks

Well I haven't written for some time. Not since the UK Lockdown since April due to COVID19. I actually think I got the "fruitbug" as I call it, 12 days after the UK lockdown started. So I will start with that.

Apparently this worldwide pandemic takes 14 days to take hold in the body so I probably caught it from any surface, door handle, shop door, or persons hand in the days before our Government implemented the lock down. Some people claim it was far too late, just as in America, but then I am constantly refused the flu jab in winter, due "to the possibility of getting ill", and we don't go into meltdown due to the 10,000 to 50,000 people who die a year from that. .

I do know the difference between a cough and a cold. On the Friday it started, slowly over the day my left lung got sore from the top, spreading down to the bottom by night time. Next day, my right lung was ok but my left wasn't, that isn't a normal chest infection with just one lung aching. Then my right side started hurting at the top and the pain moved slowly through the day to the bottom. The next day, I was coughing a lot, the next I had the sweats and a temperature.

Freaking out, yes of course I was. But then unlike certain people I don't watch "Fear Porn" news constantly all day about COVID19 death figures, how many people have died today, how much of a problem it is in Spain and Italy, and how we are all going to be in lockdown all year long.

I know there is a bug out there just like all the others that can kill you. From sexual diseases, to cancer, blood clots to brain damage, there are a thousand and one ways you can die and many more people die a year from smoking than will have from COVID19 this year.

However 3 days after both my lungs were hurting, the pain went and I was okay again. A weird chest infection or cold if ever, but hopefully it was a mild case of the fruitbug, and hopefully I got some sort of immunity from getting it.

Now after months of being told to not go out apart from emergencies, food, and an hours worth of exercise. With millions of people laid off work and put on the most basic benefit there is, Universal Credit. People are broke, scared and told conflicting advice from the Tory Government.

It must be a big shock for all those people on £50k a year who were let go, to live on roughly £400pm, and have to pay all their bills from that. The Treasury "borrowed" billions to allow companies to keep their staff on through furlough, using the money loaned out, at interest of course, from the Bank of England.

Why we have to have this "middle man" who can print money out of thin air, then loan it to the Government, admittedly at low interest rates, but still paid back with interest from our taxes, I don't know. It's to stop inflation, you just can't let a government print money, look at what happened in Zimbabwe or 1930's Germany comes the reply from many.

So why is it in the US constitution that only Congress can issue money, something that Abraham Lincoln did during the Civil War with his Greenbacks. This is a law has been ignored, and overruled by the creation of the FED. The Central Bank that is in no way "Federal", that was created in the middle of the night, planned by the big money men, and put into action by a woeful Woodrow Wilson. He said later about the passing of the bill that:.
"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men". - Woodrow Wilson, after signing the Federal Reserve into existence
 And from a governor of the Bank of England, created in 1694.
"The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing"- Josiah Stamp - Governor of The Bank of England 
Well I think it's plainly in the interests of a few very super rich people and not the masses but then this isn't about fiat currency. Or the millions of English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish who are surviving on benefits because their fat cat bosses like Richard Branson told them to take 8 weeks unpaid leave as he couldn't keep them on. They replied that he should sell one of his private islands. Of course he didn't.

Even the boss of one of biggest pub chains in the UK, Wetherspoons told his staff to go get a job at Tescos until the crisis was over. Bar staff aren't exactly paid a lot anyway, and the amount of pubs that I see in that are now Tesco or Sainsbury's local stores is amazing.

I even walked into an old pub I used to drink in when I came back from holiday only to find it was now a Tesco mini store. It is a dwindling industry admittedly, but only because the Chancellor of the Exchequer keeps adding VAT tax to the cost of Beer and Spirits sold in pubs, whilst super markets can get away selling 4 packs of super strong 8% cider (equivalent of 2 bottles of Red wine), at £5. Why pay almost £5 in a pub for a single pint when you can go into a local store and get the equivalent of 8 pints of low alcohol beer for the same price?

Now the lockdown is easing we are being told to go out and get Britain's economy booming again. Boris has gone back on all his scientific advisers advice about social distancing, not going on the Tube in London (one of the only ways for people to get around that city), and let Businesses decide what is in the best interests of their workers.

Yes Boris, I am sure money grabbing fat cats like Richard Branson and Mike Ashley care more about their staff than the money they make. Yet it is the Tories themselves, many of them large shareholders in big businesses hit hard by the drop in GDP, that want the economy to be weighed equally as the safety of the citizens. I wouldn't trust any born into money Etonian with shares across all major companies to think of my welfare before his bank balance.

Having to book up in advance and pay a deposit to go to a pub or restaurant is now the status quo. Who does that? Apparently half the people who book haven't been turning up, so the pubs, cinemas, restaurants and hospitality industry wants to charge non refundable deposits for people wanting to go out. That is not the way people behave here. We don't go, "lets all go to the pub.....next Saturday, I'll book us some seats now". People go on the spur of the moment, when they feel like drinking or eating, so if this is the case going forward we are going to see lots of business closing.

Hair dressers and Barbers are having a boom right now, making up all that money from long bearded, unshaven men and women needing their roots dyed. However other industries that Britain seems to excel in, such as Gambling, are going to see a lot of on street Bookmakers shut.

Can you imagine with all those months off, all their customers who would have been in the bookies daily, would have all found an online betting service like Betfair by now. They probably have seen it has better prices and offers bonus bets, and then wonder WTF they were doing in an over priced Bookies shop in the first place. There are going to be a lot of businesses closing in the near future and life may not go back to normal. That should be the scary thing we all think about.

I won't even go deep into the muck up Boris Johnson caused handling this crisis, catching the virus himself, and then using an NHS hospital, where he had 2 nurses sit next to him all the time 24/7, as a form of propaganda, and a way to make us all think about the poorly paid nurses and junior doctors. It was so bad we actually paid a 99 year old WWII survivor £15 million, to walk around his garden each day so that he could donate it towards the NHS.

I bet the other patients loved the special care he received whilst they coughed and choked to death. All so he could use the NHS as a reason for us all to stay home. We all love the NHS here and most of us believe staff are underpaid. However I have seen too many "Save our NHS, Stay home" adverts for a lifetime, and I don't even watch TV.

The mandatory Thursday night 8PM clap on your doorstep or window for NHS workers started off as a bit of community spirit but for me ended up as a "mandatory show of support", something the Community Thought Police would come and fine you for in a real Police State for not showing enough love for the NHS. The same NHS that Boris and his friends have been busy privatising on the sly, using COVID19 as their cover.

I don't want to get into an argument about who created or first had this virus. Was it economical warfare by China, who misled the West about the numbers of dead, letting the virus spread all round the world, but not outside the city of Wuhan.

It is strange that only one city in the 2nd most populous nation on earth got the disease badly and was locked down so quickly it didn't spread to the rest of China, only the rest of the world.

When the whole 1.3 billion people of India are locked down, most living in shacks with no running water or toilets, yet Beijing and Shanghai citizens are walking around freely as for some reason local towns to Wuhan didn't seem to get the bug, it does seem to strike a cord of conspiracy.

China has bought up many Western companies as their stock prices fell like a lead block from a skyscraper. However isn't that just what China does with all it's money anyway?

They look for businesses in trouble and going on the cheap and snap them up, just like they did with British Steel who once bought by the Chinese had plane loads of protective gear sent to the workers and the town, Scunthorpe, the steel works were located in. They had protective gear so that the workers could carry on working without catching the virus and PPE equipment for people working and monitoring the plant for any sign of the virus.

Was this by plan? A devious Chinese mission to destabilise the worlds economy and then buy up everything that slumped in the stock markets in the west at a 100th of the price. Or was it just their natural business mentality. I mean if you look behind who owns some of the big companies and docks in the USA and find a Chinese company owning it, you can in many instances link it backwards to the Chinese State or their Military, the real owners of once great Western businesses.

Another argument for "first cause" was that a US Army football team on tour from a germ warfare lab in Virginia USA, spread it to Wuhan in the first place.

Many people cite the fact that people in Japan had signs of the same virus before those in China. There are a lot of US bases in Japan and a touring football team infected with COVID19 would have spread it wherever they went.They even think the mass deaths that were linked to vape use last year in the USA were actually signs of COVID19 that were misdiagnosed.

I don't know. The Netflix series a few years ago in Chinese that talked exactly about COVID19 like symptoms and how it could be used as a bio weapon wasn't good to see but then the US military virus lab actually asked for COVID samples to be sent to them in the first place to test.

For me it doesn't really matter. It's the martial law like state we are now finding ourselves in that concerns me the most. These laws have been put on the UK's law books for 2.5 years without a murmur of resistance.

Not that you can protest, the law actually makes it illegal to protest against it in the first place.

Why is the law on our books for so long? 

Is it because our government believes the powers need to be on the statute books for so long as COVID19 is going to be about for another 2 years. Or is it more likely that these laws that give the police super powers to break into your place of residence without a warrant, just the "hunch" or an "anonymous tip" that you have people from other houses inside, or people with COVID19, they can just take your door down and raid you.

Did you get a text from Boris Johnson telling you to stay indoors at the beginning of lockdown. Did you give 10 Downing St your mobile no, or was it just GCHQ tracking all phone's in the country. Yes contract phones are linked to you as you pay a monthly bill, but burners, old phones you can take the battery out with no GPS tracking for police to track your location are different. I may have a burner, but I certainly didn't give my number to the government for random texts.

Who actually knows what he police have been doing during lockdown. I have read articles in papers about how London police are loving the lockdown as they can monitor "people of interest" and their movements much more easily.

Now you may not care if the police are tracking you. You have nothing to hide have you, why should you be bothered by the police being able to hack into your phone and view sexy texts to your girlfriend or wife. A dick pick shared amongst workers is nothing to worry about of course, nor are any photo's or texts you may have sent that you wouldn't dare show your boss, partner or children.

The police have basically been using the COVID lockdown, and the laws they got to fine people to hassle those of us who for whatever reason they don't like. Gone out more than once a day? Did you get 2 £30 fines for doing so without "reason". Maybe you have been good and locked yourself indoors for the whole hot steaming spring that the UK seems to always get before a cold wet summer..

The police have admitted in many articles that the lockdown has helped them monitor peoples locations from the "Spy/Smart phones" everyone carries now like an RFID chip in your arm. The new COVID laws have just made it easier for them to do what they did anyway without consequence.

I bet 99% of the UK population won't even remember in 2 years when it should come off the law books, even once COVID19 is long gone, to remember to ask to have our martial law removed.

Maybe the establishment is banking on it. New World Order proponents must be wondering how fast the whole world was forced into isolation, not allowed to move freely without being fined or jailed, be forced to take medicine against their will and all without a shot being fired. Even protesting against this law is illegal and can end up with you having on the spot fines, or even being taken to "isolation centres" if they believe you to have "an infectious disease".

As for the Police, they are loving the restrictions of movement at the moment due to the lockdown measures. In the UK alone they have stopped the import of drugs worth millions, and are now sending useless text messages to drug users telling them that all drug routes to their areas have been stopped and to call a phone number to a drug helpline. Yet there are no plans to re-open all the NHS Detox and Rehab centres that have been closed by the Tories since they took power. That is something that would actually help addicts, now without a way to get a fix and definitely without a spare £10,000+ to pay for a private rehab clinic.

As the National Crime Agency site says:
£300,000 cash was seized alongside cocaine worth £2 million in Gravesend by the joint NCA and Met Police Organised Crime Partnership on April 14; £90,000 seized at Dover as part of an NCA investigation on May 11; and £400,000 seized as a result of Border Force activity at Dover the following day. Our assessment is that Covid-19 restrictions have made criminal groups take additional risks in moving cash around. The closure of many cash-based businesses in recent weeks has robbed OCGs of an opportunity to stash or launder their cash making  it harder for criminals to conceal the proceeds of their crimes.

They haven't stopped there either, with the closure of a supposed encrypted phone called EncroChat, used mainly by big time criminals for a high monthly fee, with no GPS tracking and the ability to send messages that were wiped instantly after being read. European police have arrested many top criminals who were using the phone to set up drug buys, arrange hits and other criminal activities. They have also helped in the international seizure of 25 tonnes of class A including: two tonnes of cocaine seized off the coast of Panama; four tonnes off the coast of Spain and Portugal, and hundreds of kilos of heroin in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

You might be thinking, well done, lockdown has stopped the drugs coming into town. However what do you think an addict who NEEDS a certain drug but can only obtain weak, cut, watered down versions of it due to the lack of a reliable source is going to do. After 5, 10 maybe 20+ years on the drug, do you think they will OR can just stop?

People who were spending £50 a day on drugs, many of them workers are now having to pay up to £250 for something that cost only £100 a month ago. What about all the non workers, the people who beg, rob and shop lift or burgle to pay for their habits?

Are they just going to stop, no because no-one is offering them the detox and rehab they need at no cost. No they are just going to rob more, steal more, burgle more, and your car and house insurance is just going to rise and rise. That is the unintended consequence of cutting off major drug routes. It stops the drugs, but doesn't stop the people needing them, and needing to pay the inflated prices for them.

Hey ho, that's just a minor point no-one will probably care about, but I will leave this little post about COVID19 and how it has affected me, my friends, my local pubs and the lack of new films to watch whilst stuck indoors for now.

Instead I will leave you with a list of all the measures contained in the COVID19 law you will most likely forget about when it should come off the statute books in 2 years time.

Just remember that it's very hard to obtain freedoms and liberties from authority. 

They usually come from illegal acts, strikes and constant protests but it's very easy for Governments to remove these freedoms at the sign of a pen, especially if the people are willing to let them do it as they are now, scared and frightened and willing to do anything to not catch the killer bug. A bug whose numbers have been inflated by testing people who have died from existing conditions such as strokes and heart attacks and then ticking the box for a "COVID19 death", rather than the actual cause of death.

The emergency Coronavirus Bill was passed very quickly after 3 readings. It is now on the law books.

Read what the Government can now do to you and your freedom of movement due to the most draconian powers ever proposed in peace-time Britain.
  • Forced detention and isolation can be of anyone, including children, and for any amount of time.
  • Authorities can FORCEABLY take biological samples from your body.
  • There’s no clear access to legal rights from as-yet unidentified isolation facilities.
  • Powers last up to 2.5 years...why so long?
  • Lockdown powers could prevent protests against measures.
  • State surveillance safeguards weakened.
  • Protections from forced detainment and treatment under Mental Health Act lowered.
  • Cremations can be enforced against personal and religious wishes.
  • Changes to the court system. Registration of deaths.
  • No inquests into suspicious deaths! No requirement for any medical certification for burials or cremations!
  • It also indemnifies the health service should they fail for what ever reason to provide care.
  • The most frightening part is only one medical 'officer' is required to sign off on a "COMPULSORY TREATMENT ORDER" which means... in the real world you can be forced to accept medication or held down and injected with whatever is seen fit which is the biggest and worst threat to your own freedoms. Schedule 8 Pt1.
  • Local Authorities will now be exempted from compliance with their duties under The Care Act 2014. Schedule 11.
  • So if someone dies in police custody or any type of custody they can simply dispose of the body without any paperwork medical exam or certification or inquest.
To me it sounds like a Bilderberg / NWO dream Alex Jones probably warned us about in the 90's before being kicked off all social media last year. As for me I am just waiting still for the classification of my site so it can probably be removed as well. 

If no-one else is going to remind you of these laws and the unintended consequences of letting the Police run wild without the support for those MILLIONS affected by their acts being implemented. Then I will until the day I am booted.

Just please pass this on, especially if you live in the UK.

If you don't you better check what police state powers have been passed in your country due to COVID19 and what are you going to do about them......

By Dark Politricks

© 2020 Dark Politricks


  1. Well written and more importantly the truth, is that why there threatening to close you down

  2. Well I don't really know how a Us professor managed to find, read and then add my own pwrsonal blog to a liat of 550 thst are deemed too dangerous for people to read or be linked to in the first place. I guess in this post 1984 Orwellian world anyone who doesn't follow BBC state propaganda and toe the line is a danger to the establishment. I just can't believe my blog is on a list of sites in the first place that include PressTv Russia Today, Prison Planet, Infowars, Antiwar.com and many others. Paranoid some people call me, but are you really paranoid when you find yourself on a list of sites the establishment doesn't want people to read.

    1. Anonymous9 May 2020 at 07:09

      London CT Publishing - May 9, 2020

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Bellingcat arent the only concerned individuals in this world! London CT Publishing have been working behind the scenes for decades uncovering far right activity! Coronavirus has become a publishers enigma however two recent developments must be provided so that those that claim the virus isnt man made must themselves be DEBUNKED here right now.

      1.Professor Luc Montagnier, 2008 Nobel Prize winner for Medicine, claims that SARS-CoV-2 is a manipulated virus.




      London CT Publishing :
      Luc Montagnier, was one of the co finders of HIV,before Luc statements were issued London CT Publishing placed articles upon Dark Politricks web publishing site explaining that certain proteins found within COVID-19 are remarkably similar to HIV virus.Furthermore based on paralegal work London CT Publishing although not qualified put forward another theory that whenever a virus mutates from species to species basically many Doctors explain that the protein structures of the new mutated virus in this case COVID- 19 will have changed from where ever it came from – thats kinda easy to understand,what happens when a virus mutates is it becomes more friendly towards other virus (we dont mean friendly as in the new virus wants to facilitate in a way to benefit the infected virus we mean it has to change its structure in order to physically bond to another virus) the problem is as follows there are 2 bat coronavirus that are about 90 percent or above similar to COVID-19 (go to Datk Politricks for more info) HOWEVER there are 100 percent similarities in certain areas between the bat virus proteins and COVID – 19 proteins and to date certain Doctors claim that would be impossible because in order for the the virus to have mutated the proteins discovered that match according to world microbiology studies wouldnt match!! unless COVID -19 was engineered (man made)

      The Author IS NOT AN AUTHORITY AND ONLY HAS BASIC PARALEGAL EXPIERENCE to state the above.This is evidence provided not the authors opinions!

    2. Sputnick v

      The Gamaleya National Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology is the world’s leading research institution. The center was founded in 1891 as a private laboratory. Since 1949 it bears the name of Nikolai Gamaleya, a pioneer in Russian microbiology studies.

      Gamaleya studied at the laboratory of French biologist Louis Pasteur in Paris and opened the world’s second vaccination station for rabies in Russia in 1886. In the 20th century, Gamaleya as one of the heads of the center fought epidemics of cholera, diphtheria and typhus and organized mass vaccination campaigns in the Soviet Union.

      The center runs one of the unique “virus libraries” in the world and has its own vaccine production facility. Since the 1980s, the specialists of the Gamaleya Center led the effort to develop a technological platform using adenoviruses, initially extracted from human adenoids.

      The Gamaleya Center successfully developed and registered in 2015 two vaccines against Ebola fever using the adenovirus vector platform. Another Ebola fever vaccine was registered in 2020. The vaccines have been officially approved for use by the Russian Health Ministry. Аbout 2,000 people in Guinea received injections of Ebola vaccine in 2017-18 as part of Phase 3 clinical trial. Gamaleya Research Center received an international patent for Ebola vaccine.

      Gamaleya Research Center used adenoviral vectors to develop vaccines against influenza and against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Both vaccines are currently in advanced stages of clinical trials.

      Since 1997 Alexander Gintsburg, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, heads the Gamaleya Center.

    5G – COVID19- Microwaves
    Robya August 23, 2020 at 6:55 am - Reply
    Taken from Abu Stabooleeni [Dark Web Productions] from the article -staking alot of crime out.Dr Moayyad Al kamali radio shack.
    There are no rules in espionage only Dedman,Alexander Fretovalante.
    Their Russian Embassy in London doesnt belong to Trunp any more,the word is hes going one way or the other in the ded in the fed everyone pays eventually,he was cemented in around the time when 5G was pulled by British Prime minister Boris Johnston, guess the Fedz tell ya nonce and once only.
    The story line is riddled,what is clear is that the former head of psychiatry in Dublin was most definitely vetted as CIA files hacked out by wikileaks along with his personal bank accounts proved a hidden amount of money Gross 20 million came from alleged British Inrelligence sources.
    Paragraph taken from article.
    Explained simply if the CIA and Irish Government security clear a person before allowing them to become the Head of a Department its not likely hes working for the Russians,right!? So when a group of ham radio dicks discovered military microwaves emitting from the Wedgewood Hotel 4 minutes walkie talk from the Russian Embassy you kinda figure it.The hotel was checked out and dont ask us,it belongs to dr Moayyad Al kamali,only it goes a bit further alot further in truth the Russians themselves never denied the allegations that Kamali was monitoring them.This has been going on for years.