Friday 28 September 2018

What Really Started The Afghan War

What Really Started The Afghan War

By Dark Politricks
Video by The Corbett Report

The War in Afghanistan is the USA's longest ever and the most unpopular, even beating the Vietnam conflict.

The USA has been fighting the Taliban, or locals who just see them as another invading force on the backs of the Soviets, the British Empire and many other countries going back centuries to Alexander the Great who couldn't even win in the Afghanistan .

If all the previous attempts failed what makes American neocon warmongers believe they will succeed where everyone before couldn't.

Even after 17 years of fighting the Americans don't control the majority of the country and the Taliban are still carrying out devastating attacks to remove them from their land.

Whether the Pakistani ISI is a help or hindrance is totally up for debate but what isn't is that:
  • America had plans to invade Afghanistan before 9.11.
  • They had met with the Taliban to discuss an oil pipeline but failed to reach agreement in 2001.
  • The banned the growing of Opium, calling it un-Islamic in 2001. However since invasion the tonnage of Opium grown each year has expanded hugely. With more than whispers that NATO and US planes are taking the Opium back to the West to pay for black ops and other covert missions. So much for Tony Blair's commitment to "Stop the Opium crisis" when the war started.
  • There are large deposits of minerals used for modern technological devices in the realms of billions of dollars that exist which China, Japan and the USA want to extract.
  • A survey carried out just after 2001 showed that 92% of Afghans had never even heard of Usama bin-Laden or the 9.11 attacks.
So are the Americans just staying to create permanent bases that once again threaten both Russia and China's regions of influence and create tensions between these countries.

This is the Corbett Report's video on the Afghan war where he looks at why did the war in Afghanistan start, and how did NATO become involved in the conflict?

He reveals the remarkable truth about the secret documents that helped launch the Afghan war.

Here is the story of the secrets and lies that started the war in Afghanistan.


By Dark Politricks

©2018 Dark Politricks

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