Sunday 23 September 2018

How the Deep State blew up the Oklahoma Building

How the Deep State blew up the Oklahoma Building

Caravan To Midnight

In this episode of Caravan to Midnight, John B Wells, interviews Robert "Cody" Snodgres, about how he refused a million dollars to blow up the Oklahoma City Building and the reasons why the building was blown up.

He has had to wait until the Clintons and Bushes were out of power before coming out with his story on the their crimes. This includes Gulf War Syndrome, the micro-chipping of Timothy McVeigh in the Gulf War and how he was used as a patsy for the Deep States bombing of the Oklahoma building that killed 168 people in 1995.

He was imprisoned for trying to expose the Clinton Mafia and the Pentagon.

They had moved all the VA victims testimonies of an untested single shot that was given to US soldiers that caused "Gulf War Syndrome" to that building, along with the Clinton's witness statements related to their sexual crimes and executions.

This included activity from Arkansas when Bill Clinton was Governor and his allowance of Mena airport for weapon smuggling by the CIA to the Nicaraguan Contra's and their return trip full of cocaine that caused the crack epidemic in Los Angles.

He also talks about the death of Barry Seal who flew for the CIA in a clean up operation after the Iran Contra scandal blew up and how the personal phone number of George H Bush, who was currently vice President to Ronald Reagan and ex head of the CIA, was found in his coat.

The Oklahoma City building was blown up to prevent the Pentagon having to pay out trillions of dollars in health costs to the victims of Gulf War Syndrome, caused by an untested mixture of drugs in a single shot that made thousands sick when they returned home.

The building was also blown up to cover up the crimes of the Clinton Foundation Crime Syndicate and how the death list that lies behind them is real, including deaths of reporters and witnesses to their crimes.

Cars of witnesses to their crimes blown up on the day before their appearance in court, and the death of journalists blown up in cars or "suicided" with two shots to the head and even a beheading using a Samurai Sword.

He refused to take the money and was punished for it by the Deep State.

This is a very interesting and detailed interview about the Clinton Crimes, Gulf War Syndrome, and the Deep States bombing of the Oklahoma City bombing to destroy all the affidavits from victims of the untested shots.

He also discusses the Clinton's perversions including how Hillary is a psychopath lesbian and Bill is a pervert of the deepest level.

This is a very interesting interview that reveals the levels that the Deep State goes to including killing and injuring hundreds of people.

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  1. It is the Clinton's, it is the Clinton's: None of you people talk about Bush 1 and he started the first Gulf war. You RINO's get you head out of your ass, both sides are to blame and are working together

  2. Are you blind? The article talks about both the Clintons and G H Bush e.g Gulf War Syndrome was under his watch. The OAK bombing was carried out under the Clintons to destroy VA evidence from Gulf War Syndrome under Bush. The agent clearly says he has had to wait until both Bush and Clinton crime syndicates were out of power before coning forward. Read....