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Monday, 22 March 2021

Is Biden Worse Than Trump ?

Is Biden The End Of The US Empire?

By Dark Politricks

I am not going to say that much but these are 3 videos all from different points of view that seem to suggest that the senile current President is worse than Trump, if you can believe that. I am not from the USA but as the "leader of the free world", the US POTUS stands for the west, and after Biden's election many countries must be very worried about the handling of global affairs by the "America is back", team of "experienced" officials.

Would the establishment dare let Biden have a live debate with Putin, who called for one after Biden said he had no soul? 

When Biden called him a killer, he calmly replied "it takes one to know one” and wished him "good health". Would the establishment dare let Biden have such a live debate where he would no doubt be outflanked and embarrassed by the Russian Premier. Or would they worry that he would forget where he was and be so scared of him making some horrible mistake and embarrassing them, and their country?

From foreign policy and his Secretary of State, Antony Blinken who got tutored live on TV by China recently. Biden's office of experienced officials looks half cocked, and very unexperienced with Biden acting just as a figurehead for a backstage "team of Presidents", with Biden just wheeled out with a mask on on special occasion's refusing to talk.

China said that "The US can no longer ‘speak to China from a position of strength’".. It certainly looks that way when the country is led by an OAP who cannot even walk up a flight of stairs to Air Force one without tripping up multiple times. This was something he blasted Trump for doing, saying back when Trump was President, "Watch how I run up ramps and he stumbles down ramps."

Who really is in charge of the US establishment? Biden and the pretend two party Pro wresting like squad of politicians pretending to listen to the public, all whilst taking their orders from Wall St and the MIC?. They were so scared of letting a social democrat such as Bernie Sanders from getting near the White House that they smeared and lambasted him as a socialist on the mainstream TV. before he succumbed and left the race, as well as thousands of supporters who believed in him, all left disappointed. Knowing that once again the DNC had fixed the race to let another establishment figure take the nomination.

Even top Democrats wondered seriously, debating which would be worst, another Trump Presidency or Bernie having 4 years to at least try and modernise America to the level of most Social Democratic countries.  Modern countries not as rich as the USA that blunt the hard edges of capitalism with social benefits, free health care, housing and education for those Capitalism throws to the curb. The American dream is more of a "born into the 1%", than work hard and make your way up the ladder to join the rich, playing golf, and hanging out with sex traffickers. .

In any other country Bernie would be considered a normal social democrat, nothing strange about his ideas or policy ideas. However in the US, people think that he is almost a communist for calling for reasonable policies most countries have such as free health care for all, and a decent increasing, minimum wage. Bernie tweeted out this only days ago. If you have time read the re-actions he got to feel the ire of his followers.

He actually seems to have been brought back into the main Republican fold. I say that because Democrats are basically now Republicans since Bill Clinton. The GOP has been pushed so much to the right wing they seem like fanatics to many people.

What would a one off payment of $1,400 make to you? 

Not much I reckon to most people now without jobs or job tied in heath care. Medicare for everyone in a pandemic would have been the best first move Biden and the Democrats could have made when they got in power, controlling both houses, and the Presidency. It would have been a win win for everybody. Making the citizens actually believe the politicians cared about them, and allowing the Government to brush off their backs the leeching lobbyists from big pharma..

Instead as they squabbled for weeks over whether to hand out $2,000 as promised, or $1,400, one of payments. All as people waited, broke and being kicked out their homes. Instead he launched missile attacks in Syria and sent more troops to the  Middle East. Does that sound like he is more interested in looking after the US citizens or the chairman of the MIC companies who pull his strings?

If you could afford it I like many others would recommend investing in Bitcoin, the Central Banks may not like BTC. But as they print more and more money, de-valuing the dollar, to pay to billionaires who are more likely to stash it in off shore accounts than spend it, it is a crypto currency on the rise. 

Max Keiser said the other day he could see BTC going above $400,000 this year. It has already hit $50,000, and if the central banks don't somehow try and squash it making companies like Tesla who now take BTC as payments for their cars illegal. Then as the FED's and other countries continue to print off fiat currency and cause inflation, BTC even more than gold, could be the only way to keep your wealth, and even make lots in return.

Forget the stock market, we have already seen that the game, quite literally is rigged. So why not invest in BTC a "Fuck You currency", Keiser said. Unless they destroy everyone in the world's computers then they cannot stop it's use. Especially as more and more mainstream stores and businesses accept payment with it.

Whilst most countries have been paying unemployed workers benefits or a percentage of their salary until they can get back to work. Americans have to deal without healthcare in the middle of a pandemic. Also it seems from recent Tweets they and are expected to clap loudly at temporary measures and measly one off payments that are supposed to help them as they are locked up without a job and no money coming in.

But don't worry the US said that the IRS is going to do twice as many audits on small businesses this year. Using pre-COVID 2020 data of course, not the info that shows that you have earned nothing since the pandemic.

Biden who won't speak publicly, possibly due to the establishment being so scared of what mistakes he might make or meanderings into the past he may drift into by accident, he is definitely being coddled by his staff. 

To the rage of right wingers online, he hasn't done a State of the Union speech or held a press conference

As Bloomberg says "Formal news briefings don’t have the impact they once did, but they do signal a president’s respect for keeping the public informed". This is something previous Presidents have done ASAP after their elections to the White House in previous terms.

Here is Biden's latest official Tweet. Do you think he actually knew how to use the computer or phone to make it, as Trump did. Or were his staff so scared of what he may say, a junior staffer, one who hasn't been fired for smoking weed in their youth, tweeted it out instead. How hypocritical considering most States have legalised it for either recreational or medical use and especially as his own son Hunter Biden has major drug problems himself.
It's only 3 words, so maybe they did let him type for once.

The new President won't even visit the border with Mexico where he repealed Trumps law that let refugees stay safely on the other side of the wall to wait for their court hearing to see if they were allowed in. Now if they are not just let free without any background checks into small Texas towns to overcrowd them, they are locked up in prison like conditions, yes kids in cages.

Most of those cages were created under Obama, another let down for those who actually believed he would help them, and then Trump was blasted for keeping them. Why is most of the MSM staying silent over Biden's handling of the border crisis now?

Anyway, rant over. These are the 3 video's I saw on YouTube today. They are all different but all have a story to tell about Biden's Presidency.

Let me know if you are from America, or even if you are not, what you think of Biden's first month's in the White House?

By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks


  1. I agree with every video, the last one is especially funny. If China is bossing the USA around now Biden is in control, what are the US media saying about it? They certainly didn't under Trump love or hate him


    They are both the the insame!!

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