Sunday 7 March 2021

Biden and the Democrats - How To Lose The American Populations Goodwill in a month

Joe Biden And the Democrats Just Don't Know How To Govern

By Dark Politricks

How must Democrats feel now?

To know that by voting to remove Trump, by any means necessary as some even said. Even if it meant voting for the lesser of two evils despite the fact that Biden has a history of lying and womanising, creating undemocratic bills like the PATRIOT ACT, and gushing over bills he wrote that would have seen his own son locked up for 100 times the length of someone using the same quantity of cocaine powder in his infamous 1994 Crime Bill.

Biden is basically a puppet of the Credit Card Industry that financed him, and who he has repaid with blocking laws helping out people in debt. This also the person that has put a Raytheon director in as the head of the DOD, and surrounded himself with Wall St lobbyists, and MIC war mongers when we could have ignored the fake slurs against Bernie Sanders. The same sort of baseless crap that saw the UK's Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn removed from leader of his party under claims of being anti-semitic.

At least Bernie had some sort of a plan to help the American population out. A popular plan, supported by the majority of the country, from Democrats to Republicans. People who have for so long been ignored by their elected officials who only come knocking and asking for their help when they need their vote. Promising them undeliverable but desired changes to the system such as Medicare for all, especially in the middle of a pandemic where millions have lost their job and therefore their health care.

Hillary Clinton just doesn't get it when she tweeted out that it was an easy fix. "just open the health exchanges", so that people could buy their own health insurance with all that money they don't have any more now.....yep the Democrats are down to earth if nothing else.

He also wanted relief for Student Debt, something that is designed by Wall St to get people into the never ending debt cycle as young as possible. When you leave with your now worthless degrees that won't get you a job in your desired topic of Film Studies, or Gender Diversity, all the good jobs that the US needs to bring back to the country, in engineering, and science, are all being taken up by low paid Chinese students fresh out of their Communist Indoctrination Colleges. 

The USA's debt stands at over $28 Trillion, that is more zero's than I wish to type out, but it is also a number that is meaningless as the Government and the FED just keep printing out more money to keep the Billionaire class afloat when they need the socialism that is so despised when linked to Bernie Sanders. Over 30 million people lost their jobs while the wealth of America’s 600 plus billionaires ballooned by $434 billion, to $3.4 trillion.

It's okay for Hedge Funds, Big Banks and Huge "Too Big To Fail" companies to suck at the Governments teat, and get tax payers dollars given out by the billion to keep their companies afloat when they have lost a gamble on the stock market or god forbid, a group of normal working class people get together on Reddit and decide to make money on the Stock Market they had been told was possible all their lives.

No, no, no. That is not possible. When people use social media to organise a buy in of a company they like to push the price up and make money that goes against every rule in Wall Streets book. Only the Rich can make money on the stock market and if you are not wearing a $1,000 suit and working in a company with at least three surnames in it then you don't get the chance to use other peoples money to gamble on the stock market and short companies to buy your next yacht. 

The recent stock scandal related to Game Stop, where normal people who have been sold the idea of making money from the stock market for years, finally saw that the game was rigged said it all. When the apps that allowed the buying and selling of stock, like Robinhood or CashApp, stopped people from buying shares in the company at all, just so that the big banks and hedge funds who had shorted the company could make their millions weren't left without their new Yachts and Porches, those apps stepped in and prevented normal people from buying more shares, only allowing the sale of them, to allow those hedge funds not to go broke for once in the game of casino Wall St stocks.

Here is a funny video I came across yesterday about the "Crying Billionaire, who wants hostility to the rich to stop immediately".

A synopsis of the story that proves that normal people just are not allowed to make money in the stock market, but are allowed to lose it, all of it in some cases comes like this from
Hedge Funds have over shorted companies into oblivion, which as a by-product ruins people's lives. A handful of investors believe that GameStop was undervalued and started buying up the shares a couple of years ago.

Fast-forward to January 2021: GameStop performed decently over the holiday season thanks to two new console platforms. Hedge Fund Managers are losing billionaires' billions because they royally fucked up. Millions of people on the WallStreetBets forum saw this happen in real time and joined in buying up over-shorted stocks like BB and AMC whose representative companies still show some value and potential for value.

It is now a movement. And the Billionaire class is very unhappy. So unhappy, they are now fear mongering that the market will crash. Well if that is possible, then the market was truly broken from the get go. But we all knew that. The system has been unfair for a long time and now that people have figured out how to beat them at their own game, they are willing to risk prison time for it. 
Robinhood, the online trading app that allows people to trade for free, started blocking trades on any stocks mentioned in the WSB Reddit forum and they actually sold peoples positions in these stocks with the excuse of "Protecting them". Only problem is they cost those people hundreds of thousands of dollars and are now being both sued in federal court and investigated by the SEC.
Another example of how the average American gets screwed over for the 1%. So when the common man and woman in the USA is in trouble, and have just been told a pack of lies by politicians requiring their vote to gain the majority in the Senate as in Georgia. They vote, expect to have their promise fulfilled and then get disappointed when they are let down, yet again.

The Democrats, and Biden were all over the press, TV and Social Media promising people in Georgia, $2,000 stimulus cheques ASAP, as long as they voted for them.

Where's our $2,000 cheques, I can hear millions of American's in Georgia shouting out right now. However despite promising to send out $2,000 payments "immediately." while campaigning for the Georgia Senate race where Biden promised that by electing Democratic candidates it would mean "speedy stimulus payments", not only has the new President reduced the amount to $1,600, as Trump had already gave them $600. 

So as Democrat loyalists are lying to themselves for the "good of the party", thinking that, of course when Biden promised people $2,000 ASAP, he really meant $1,400, it's just logical. He didn't lie, he just forgot to tell the people the extra maths required. 

In truth though the Democrats are lying to themselves and the public, they have no real policies set to govern with, Biden's only promise was that "nothing will fundamentally change". That's why they have filled all the civilian slots up with ex lobbyists such as the ex head of Raytheon the missile makers at the DOD. He may be a killer making wars to make his company money, but all the MSM can talk about is how great and progressive it is that the first missiles fired into Syria killing 22 people were from a black guy

The revolving door of Washington, that's all the new US government is. Who is worse Biden or Trump who has been scrubbed from the Internet. Every social media site has blocked or banned him, even the T-Shirt making site Shopify and the Gay hook up site Grinder. This is indeed the new US censorship and "Cancel Culture", that COVID has made possible due to a subservient public, closing their businesses down and living in poverty whilst the Governments of the world lie about the true numbers of dead.

Why should we listen to the same people who have made billions off this COVID lockdown who fly about in their private jets, like Bill Gates, when they tell us we need to not travel or drive ourselves, and maybe even be locked down regularly for the sake of Climate Change. Someone amongst the 1% who have made billions from COVID, the leader being Jeff Bezos who made over $90bn during the crisis, followed by Elon Musk who made $68.2bn and of course Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg who made a measly $46.5 billion in comparison. Bill himself made only $20bn. but then he is helping the world by rolling out the vaccine and ensuring it reaches all corners of the globe.

This all comes in the face of a surprising number of health workers who are not having the vaccine when offered. In the US, a Walgreens executive told CNBC that 60% of nursing home workers have turned down the COVID19 vaccine, a large figure that comes as a surprising number of healthcare workers continue to decline the vaccine. In the UK almost a quarter of NHS staff in some parts of the country are refusing COVID19 vaccine jabs. In total, more than 41,000 front line healthcare workers in London, including medics, hospital porters, cleaners and laboratory staff, have not had the jab.

As for speedy Joe Biden when he meant "you will get your cheques ASAP", he really meant "when he could be bothered to get round to it". On top of that they are now debating on means testing those that will receive these one off payments. This actually means that many of the people who voted for the Democrats to gain the Senate in this election, won't actually be receiving their cheques due to demographics and historical data. 

You can hear the details of this farcical and stupid political policy by the Democrats from the presenters of The Hill, who break it down for you why those people that got the Democrats elected now quibbles over sending money to people that would stimulate the economy after COVID19 destroyed it, and how the people of Georgia will most likely miss any payment due to the data being used to calculate who does and who doesn't get it is from 2019 NOT 2020. 

This is after millions lost their jobs and their health care. There are also lots of middle class families whose income from pre-pandemic times was above the threshold that the Democrats are now debating about. 

Why not just send out a blanket cheque to every family, that will stimulate the stagnant economy as it's more likely lower and middle income families will go out and spend their cheques in stores on goods and boost the GDP whilst the rich who don't need them anyway, and who have made money from this crisis, hoard and save the money rather than stimulate anything.

The president is now getting heat because more than a month after Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock were elected to the Senate, and weeks after Biden himself was sworn in, there has still been no decision on the checks. However here is how the MSM see Biden's one of gift to the people of America.

Whilst every other Western country is paying people a % of their lost wages, or giving them monthly stimulus cheques the richest country on earth cannot be bothered to help out all those millions of people about to lose their homes due to health care costs, or audits based on pre pandemic figures

A one off cheque of $1,400 is pretty measly for the richest country on earth who can easily afford more but instead they would rather waste trillions of printed cash that only devalues the dollar on missiles to despots and speed boats to Sri Lanka.

This government is a joke, and I bet anyone a stimulus cheque that Biden doesn't even last the first term out. Apparently Kamala Harris is being set up to have equal control over the nuclear button. They didn't even do that with Trump who wanted to bring troops home from the Middle East at the end of his term but was over ruled by the deep state.

It looks like the people of America have been screwed over once again, and if you hope the "Justice Democrats" will do anything to help you get that $15 minimum wage that is really a pittance compared to other countries who pay a "living wage", then forget it. Apart from Tweeting they are doing nothing. 

Ask Jimmy Dore he will tell you, when they could be preventing a must pass bill from going ahead by demanding a minimum wage that supposedly both the POTUS and VP were on board with, they are doing nothing but tweeting out wishful sentiments about how they will carry on fighting for it. The Biden Presidency really is an "expect nothing Presidency".

It is a truly sad sign when the supposed "Good Guys" are found out to be just as bad as those nasty Republicans, but then if you honestly believed there was any difference between the two parties in the 1st place then you really haven't been paying attention to US politics for the last few decades.. 

Here is an insightful piece by the Guardian on why $2,000 cheques on their own just won't be enough.

What a state of play.....

By Dark Politricks

© Dark Politricks 2021


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