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Israel is a terrorist state. Do the Palestinians have a right to defend themselves?

Israel is a terrorist state but do the Palestinians have a right to defend themselves?

By Dark Politricks

As Israel carries on it's "defence" of it's people by blowing up news organisation buildings and stealing any photos that could contain incriminating images, as well as force people out of their family homes to give over to Israeli's with no chance to take all their belongings I have to ask - why does no-one ever ask the US President who always says "Israel has a right to defend itself" whether the Palestinians have a right to defend themselves?

Surely a people under illegal occupation, in which they have been deserted by all their old Arab friends now in bed with Israel and the US, have a right to defend themselves from being annihilated whenever there is an election due or Bibi Netanyahu is about to appear in court?

This is the sentiment of the illegal settlers now taking more Palestians homes, and creating "facts on the ground" to prevent a viable 2 state solution. They see Palestinians as snakes as one Knesset member, Ayelet Shaked once called them.

What these racists don't realise is that the tide is turning against their evil barbaric torture of a whole people. More people in New York, once a staunch pro-Israei ally, is now seeing New Yorkers protest in favour of the Palestinians despite the biased news they recieve from CNN, FOX and MSNBC. Even politicians who are usually all sucking on the teat of AIPAC money have stood up in Congress and in public to defend the Palestinians, something unheard of during the wars against GAZA in the eary 21st century.

They have created so many "facts on the ground" that a two state solution is almost now impossible. So because the rest of the world with a conscience won't let Israel destroy a whole people despite the US giving them a blank cheque to basically do so, therefore there will be only one solution left in the end. A one state, non Jewish, non Islamic, secular state from the sea to the river that both people's will have to learn to live in.

Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian-American representative of Michigan, also delivered a tearful address to Congress. Speaking of the atrocities that Palestinians face, she questioned the US government’s “unconditional support” of Israel. Recalling how police shot rubber bullets and gas at protestors in Ferguson, Bush said she learned then that “the same equipment that they [the police] used to brutalize us is the same equipment we send to the Israeli military to police and brutalize Palestinians”.

Bernie Sanders called on the Biden administration and fellow lawmakers to “no longer be apologists for the right-wing Netanyahu government and its undemocratic and racist behavior”.

If the United States is going to be a credible voice on human rights on the global stage, we must uphold international standards of human rights consistently, even when it’s politically difficult. We must recognize that Palestinian rights matter. Palestinian lives matter. This comes after an expected weak position taken by Biden in which he said that "Israel has a right to defend itself" - what about Palestinians? 

Do they not also have a right, even a duty seeing they are imprisoned by a country igorning international law, to fight back against their plight?

Remember Israel was born out of terrorism, Israeli terrorism, massacres of Palestinians, and before that, the British Soliders that controlled the Palestinian Mandate.

The King David Hotel
The smouldering ashes of the King David Hotel blown up by Israeli terrorists in the 40's

So when the Israeli's were "building" their nation by using terrorism to "create facts on the ground" in the late 40's by massacring the Palestinians and forcing them from their homes, the world still stood back and did nothing. There were a few measly wars defeated by the US armed Israeli military from ex Palestinan allies such as Eygpt, Syria and Jordan who have now fallen by the wayside.

This of course caused more massacres, heads chopped off and of course the famous bombing of the King David Hotel, pictured above, which was the British HQ in Palestine at the time. Multiple Presidents and Prime Ministers can find their roots in the terror gangs that pushed the British out of Palestine and let them go on a murderous rampage.

There used to be a video on here by Blackstone Intelligence covering this matter but obviously it has now been taken down. However if been reading my site you will know I have had many historical documents on here related to the, breaches of International law such as the illegal piracy of the Mavi Marmara in international waters where a US citizen was shot 9 times in the back, caught on camera, but hardly mentioned in the US news as it would "embaress an ally".

The same sort of logic that President Johnson used when Israel tried a false flag attack on the USS Liberty, flying US flags, and overhearing their massacres of Eygptians, Johnson almost nuked Eygpt because he believed the lie that it was that country that had attacked the ship. Survivors and Israeli pilots overheard on radio telling their commanders that the ship was American told a different story altogether. Twice planes sent by nearby US ships were ordered back by Defence Secretery McNamara that could have helped the struggling ship.

I have a very famous talk by the ex Zionist turned Christian, and therefore anti-semite or self hating Jew,  Benjamin Freedman, who gave a very famous speech that put a very different spin on the reasons for WW1 and WWII. You can read the transcript and listen to it here.

We should also all know by now that the Rothschilds control most things related to money, pulling their puppets in parliaments and state houses all over the world. They also run most of the central banks in the world where they can print money on worthless paper, lend it to the government, and our taxes go to paying back these usury loans.

However there modus operandi has always been to make money from war. They lend loans to both sides and then collect reparations from the loser and the payback from the winner.

Israel and Zionism is a Rothschild operation, created between the British who were fighting the Ottoman Empire in WWI and Germany who was winning the World War 1. Germany offered to call the war off with no reparations, lets just all go home and forget about it, and they were the side winning. It was a no lose situation for the soldiers, but not for the bankers.

The Rothschild's didn't like this as it meant no money from reparations and they went to the British Government and promised them that they could get the USA into the war and win it. However in return they wanted some form of document that gave them Israel.

The famous Balfour agreement was a document sent to Lord Rothschild that promised to create a land for Zionist Jews if they brought the Americans into the war and in 3 months after the German offer to call the war off there was a total turn around in the USA who wanted to stay out of European wars. Most of the American press actually supported the Germans .

A false flag attack on the British ship the Lusitania, which was carrying Americans to Liverpool from New York orchestrated by the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, got the Americans so riled up they wanted revenge and joined in on the war and beat the Germans.

When the Jews started flocking into Palestine they committed mass murders, massacres and drove hundreds of thousands of Palestinians out of their homes.

The rules of war say that refugees must be able to return to their homes but Israel, who had lost about 250,000 - 500,000 people in concentration camps, became the NAZI's who had persecuted them. Killing and murdering British and Palestinians until the Brits left and Israel was created. They are like the sex offender who was abused themselves as a kid, just passing on the condition down their lineage..

Israel seems to forget that International law was created due to their treatment by the NAZI's in WWII. However since the treaties signed in the 40's Israel has been run like a terrorist state, massacring refugees in camps like Sabra and Shatila in Lebanon which ex Israeli PM Ariel Sharon as defence Minister at the time was found responsible for.

However this was far from the only time Israel has committed war crimes and breached international law always with the US protectinng them from world comdemnation by vetoing any security council resolution that comes to a UN vote. The most recent vote was blocked the other day, the Council drafted a statement calling for a ceasefire, but the statement was vetoed by the US. You can watch the actual debate here.

Of course this all goes back to 19th century Rothschild Zionism which has used the Jewish people as a tool to get their way in the Middle East. Don't you find it funny that you can debate any historical fact but the only one that is not in dispute is that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust ("Burnt Offering" - in Hebrew). 

This is a fact that cannot be argued about, and doing so would get you jailed in most European countries. You can't say only 5 1/2 million died it must be is a perfect 6 million Jews that died. Was the Holocaust an offering to their God to allow their self fullfilling prophecy to succeed in getting the Jews back to Israel?

Remember the quotes during the war, when Germany offered to sent Hungarian Jews to Israel instead of the work/death camps.

"One Cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland"

"When they asked me, couldn’t you give money out of the United Jewish Appeal funds for the rescue of Jews in Europe, I said, ‘NO!’ and I say again ‘NO!’ … one should resist this wave which pushes the Zionist activities to secondary importance."

After the creation of the Israeli state, the Stern Gang and Irgun Israeli terrorists, who killed so many Palestinians, British, American and other nationalities in their fight for independence all became members of the IDF. 

So the IDF is the Jewish army and it's based on terrorists. In fact the first leader of Israel was the head of a terrorist group and there have been 3 Presidents or Prime Ministers who were in these terrorist gangs. I wonder if that is the reason the IDF is so callous and acts like it does?

There is too much too go into this subject without being called a racist, anti-semite or have Hasbara and BOT haters in the comment section.

However history is history and it repeats itself over and over.

Remember you can be a Jew and not Israeli or Zionist and you can be a Zionist and not a Jew or an Israeli Zionist atheist.

The politicians call for the mothers to be killed so that they can't spawn any more Palestinian "snakes" and the racist language in the Knesset is appalling.

Remember if you agree Israel is a terrorist state, causing false flag attacks to blame on Muslims like 9.11 or the USS Liberty or the Lavon Affair where they bombed Brits and Americans in Eygpt to blame on Muslims then you have to be scared that they have nukes, especially when you read the Samson Option.

This was a policy of aiming nukes at Russia and Europe in case they were overrun by Muslims so they could take the whole world down with them, terrorists or rational players in a dangerous area of the world terrorising the Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese?

They commit assassinations overseas, killing innocent Iranian scientists just in case they were working on a nuclear bomb, kill peaceful protesters on the Mavi Marmara in international waters like pirates, threaten the world with nuclear annihilation, and they have had many, many massacres of the Gazan people who have just had their only lifeline of food cut off by the terrorist state.

Please comment carefully, I have nothing against non racist Israeli's and deplore terrorism whether it comes from Gaza or Tel Aviv, I just want a peaceful end to this sore on our international conscience. Just please do not call me an anti-Semite, which is the usual tactic to discredit someone attacking Israeli foreign policy, as I have nothing against Jews, just the Zionist State Of Israel when it breaks international law and does not keep it's part in treaties signed by both parties.

By Dark Politricks

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Sunday, 9 May 2021

CIA Agent Admits Why USA Can't Have A Decent Living System

CIA Agent Tells Truth About Why CIA Overthrow Countries And Hate Socialism

By Dark Politricks

Why is it that the citizens of the richest country in the world cannot have what most of the rest of the world has, and why the CIA feels the needs to destroy any socialist countries that prove that they can provide better health care and education than the great free USA. A country where 30,000 people are now living in tents in LA due to the lockdown policies of California, and their lost jobs, health care and homes.

Remember the old quote from the ex President Harry Truman "Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook" and then look at your political leaders in the USA. How many of them are multi millionaires, and how many of them have made millions due to the COVID pandemic?

Nancy Pelosi was recently exposed as an insider dealer, as she bought millions of stock in products like Microsoft and Amazon that she knew would be granted billion dollar contracts with the DOD during the Biden term, plus all the other stock she bought that went up due to the COVID pandemic. 

In 2014 it was found out that she was worth over $202 million since becoming a politician - how? I am sure Senators and Congressmen are not paid that well. 

Hopefully you are sensible enough to know by know not to get your facts or news from the MSM, BBC, Facebook, Google, or Wikipedia. All companies and news outlets that have recently been found to be working with intelligence agencies, and the establishment to remove accounts that deviate from the established narrative. If you are still getting your news from these sources you really need a bat over your head and a quick read up on "manufacturing consent"  by Noam Chomsky.

So why is it that the richest country on earth. One that can print into existence $40+ trillion to pay for CARE bills and Stimulus bills that had more pork in them unrelated to their names that even Donald Trump said he wanted the measly $600 stimulus cheques from his bill to be raised to $2,000, and all the feminist studies for Pakistani Women and speed boats for Sri Lanka removed. Something Nancy Pelosi refused to do before the election as she thought it would make voters more likely to vote for him if they just got cheques with Trump's name on it. 

Does it really matter who gives the suffering people of the US aid in their time of need? They have suffered for decades under Republicans and Democrats. They have watched as NAFTA meant all their well paid union jobs were sent overseas, and sat by as Bill Clinton turned the Democrats into Republicans, let Joe Biden introduce the horrible crime bill that locked up millions of poor coloured people for small drug offences, and even created the privatised prison labour system

As George W Bush stood in the smouldering rubble of the WTC and declared that the terrorists wanted to attack us because they hated our freedoms, no-one seemed to do a damn thing about it as he then took them all away from you anyway with the PATRIOT ACT (another Joe Biden hit), the NDDA, and the AUMF (Authorization to Use Military Force), plus of course the ancient act of Habeas corpus, signed by King John in 1215. It leaves American citizens with less liberties and freedoms than a 12th century English serf,

Then "Change" came with Obama. Except as usual, a new President from either party meant business as usual. Lobbyists controlled what he did, Wall St was bailed out as Main St was left to suffer and the only real change was the amount of killing he did. He really is the worst President of recent times.

Really he should be forced to give his Nobel peace prize back as it makes an insult of the whole process. A president who turned 2 wars into 7, locked up more whistle-blowers than all other Presidents combined, despite talking about giving them protection. 

"I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, it’s worse than that.” He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, “I just got this down from upstairs” -- meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office -- “today.” And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” >
So when you hear your state news either the BBC, or the now CIA controlled MSM in the US talk about humanitarian reasons for going to war, and "sudden uprisings" you should know that your country is willing to spend billions on that but that they refuse to spend a little less on killing people who don't know why they are being targeted and spending it on you. Small items with a cut of DOD spending that could easily afford:
  • Health Care at the point of entry.
  • Cheap affordable prescriptions.
  • Free or cheap education.
  • Lower or no fee university loans, which youngsters are spending hundreds of dollars on only to come out to find there are no jobs for them.
  • The prevention of zero privacy and a the build up of a technological surveillance state supported by Google, Twitter and other Silicon Valley companies.
I will leave it to Jimmy Dore to introduce any sheeple who this may be news to, to show clips of CIA agents talking frankly about over-throwing left wing countries, demonising socialist counties and fomenting coups like the one they did in in Belarus the other week. 

They aim to control the media so that the weak minded who don't think for themselves or do their own research believe what they are told straight out of the mouths of paid CIA/MI6 news men and women.

Read up on Operation COINTELPRO and MOCKINGBIRD, even Wikipedia can't hide the FACTS that the CIA used illegal methods against their own people. These operations are supposedly stopped now by the CIA, but then they just change the name of the operation and carry on, just like MKULTRA

Plus as they are now actually appearing on the US news shows as anchors and regular speakers there is little need to use spy craft to get their propaganda over to you. You are being listened to 24/7 by your phone and Alexa, and pushed propaganda that we are really the good guys by our news stations. Do you really believe all that?

As Jimmy says, "the CIA over throw a democratic regime before most people eat breakfast". It's a line, but it's also unfortunately true.

I have just been given this remake of the famous "IF" poem by Rudyard Kipling, it is aimed at our UK PM Boris Johnson, but really it could be aimed at any Western neo-liberal politician, especially those like Nancy Pelosi that make millions on the job. Once elected they totally forget about the people who put them in office and just look after no 1, enriching themselves at ever opportunity, the #FraudSquad included. Have a read....

By Dark Politricks

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