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Thursday, 23 September 2021

The Elites Global Revolution....

There is a Global Revolution going on, but it's not being carried out by the populace...

By Dark Politricks

I have just had my summer holiday, an almost month stay in the local hospital for a flesh eating bug, they had to cut half my thigh out to get rid of. I would post the pic but I am sure Google would block it or ban me as Facebook blocked the photo under its TOS due to "Graphic Violence". So I will leave it to your imaginations.

Whilst I was in hospital we passed the 2 decade anniversary of 9.11. I don't see many people online anymore talking about it, maybe they all got owned, bored at being ignored, or taken out in some way. 

Maybe Googles algorithms just put any alternative theories at the bottom of their search results lists when you do a search for it now - not that anyone should be using Google for searching anymore. Use my search bar at the top of the screen (uses JavaScript - so down Brave Shields and don't be scared by cookies, they won't eat you!) or just go to https://cse.google.com/cse?cx=005138288515408039386:xatdxpwn9on#gsc.tab=0 which is the search engine in its own window, you should be able to tell it's mine by my logo to the left of it.

The only time I use it is when I am on my phone and I want a quick answer to something, open Google, "What is the Man City Leicester score" etc, and you get a nice electronic female voice reading back the answer.

If you want some alternatives apart from using the dark web, and the TOR Browser, or BRAVES incognito window set to TOR, then use Duckduckgo.com or Startpage.com, and remember to use a VPN if possible at all times. A lot of anti-virus tools and browsers are actually implementing their own VPN network into their browsers, at a cost of course. However it maybe cheaper than hanging around for a free ProtonVPN connection.

Even if you are on TOR, I had to use OrBot on my phone just to get around the hospitals WiFi policy on gambling sites whilst locked up and bored on the ward. There are free ones like Opera's built in VPN but it acts more like a Proxy service where there are multiple servers in 3 locations around the world (US, Europe and Asia), that you are just passed through. What information Opera collect on you as you hit them I have no idea. There is more information on this article I wrote.

Anyway back to 9.11, it's 20 years and people seem to have forgotten what a sorry state of a world we now live in. Talk about boiling a frog in cold water and turning the heat up slightly bit by bit.

No longer can we in the west proudly shout out "we live in a free society", as it is blatantly obvious we don't and 9.11 was one major part in making it that way, the COVID pandemic, and the Governments overreach of powers, locking people up, closing down jobs and telling us we cannot go here or there without being fined, this has been another nail in the coffin.of our freedoms and liberties.

Whether you live in the US or the UK the place is the same, since 9.11 and the implementation of security laws and a national security state that allowed for the spying on citizens, unwarranted search and seizure, lack of due process and the constant attack on journalists and whistle-blowers such as Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, who have brought such news to our attention that the Government had been lying to us, spying on us, committing war crimes, committing election fraud and many other facts that they should be lauded as heroes for, rather than being expelled or locked up.. No wonder people are just scared even talking about the police state we now live in.

In this article I wrote last year about the UK's COVID laws I warned people that they would forget about them. That they were supposed to ONLY stay on our law books for 2 years

In a few months those 2 years will have passed and Boris Johnson has already asked for an extension of the act that gives him too much power over us. I said then that:

"If no-one else is going to remind you of these laws and the unintended consequences of letting the Police run wild without the support for those MILLIONS affected by their acts being implemented. Then I will until the day I am booted."

And I will, as it seems many of you in this country have forgotten already. 

Do you want to become like the USA, with their post 9.11 laws such as the PATRIOT ACT and the NDAA that are supposed to be voted on to keep them on the books and yet still are for some reason. 

This is despite the fact the only terrorists the USA has to fear are the fake domestic ones the FBI are creating all the time to pretend their country in on the precipice of ethnic violence and white extremism.

It reminds me of Mossad, and all the fake al-Qaeda cells they used to create and then destroy to prove to their people they were constantly under attack and needed more US military equipment and money in their war against al-Qaeda. This is a group we both blame for 9.11 yet aided in the Serbian war with the KLA. We basically created and funded them in the 80's to fight the Russian's and have been using them again in Syria to fight President Assad. I get confused to whether they are supposed to be an enemy or an ally in the official narrative which should never be believed,

Do you remember George W Bush, just days after 9.11, saying in NYC, "They attacked us because they hate us for our freedoms", as if that was the main reason for the attack? Well I do.

Well if that really was the reason George, then the terrorists won the war within a few months of the attack

In fact they won it for as long as it took for you to implement the PATRIOT ACT, NDAA and the AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force) of 2001, which gave the President, Authorization for Use of Military Force the authority to use all "necessary and appropriate force" against those whom he determined "planned, authorized, committed or aided" the September 11 attacks, or who harboured said persons or groups. Basically being able to kill by drone innocent people abroad, just as Biden did recently with the US Aid worker they called an ISIS K agent.

These laws also came with all the horrible bits such as the torture and extraordinary rendition programme to black site prisons, drone strikes that killed more civilians than enemy combatants, the running out of bombs during Obama's time as "the change" President, when attacking Syria, and the National Security Letters which if given to you prevented you from even telling your family that you had one. Only a few lawyers exist in the US who could professionally defend you, if you were handed one. Edward Snowden's encrypted email host.was given one, and rather than put in a backdoor so the NSA could see his unencrypted emails he closed his company down and went public.

It's good to know there are still a few good men out there willing to sacrifice their own freedoms and income to the right thing,

So basically after the 9.11 attacks, the US people all said, "protect us, we are scared, take our liberties", and the Government went "Yes thank you and you will not be getting them back", and it seems that way 20 years on with all those laws still in place. Of course there were then major attacks in the UK, Spain and across Europe that gave their governments the same excuse to implement similar anti-liberty laws.

So if the US has now supposedly killed bin-Laden, and we have run from Afghanistan and made friends again with the Talibanafter just arming them with billions of dollars worth of equipment they left at Bagram airbase. Plus the US and Israel are actually protecting ISIS in Syria from Russia and Syria finishing them off. 

Then if that is the case then who and what are these laws required for as the war on terror seems to be over?

The FBI cannot keep creating fake domestic terror cells up just to justify their existence and try and prove their is a real threat at home, and the American army has been shown for what is really is, a money for contracts grift. Where the only reason the US was in Afghanistan for the longest war they have ever fought was so that companies like Raytheon could make money from selling weapons to the US DOD. 

Oh what a world of wonder a true capitalist society like the USA is, where everything including people's lives are up for grabs if it makes someone money. 

Big pharma trying to push up the price of life saving drugs such as EpiPens and now for COVID vaccines with already calls to push countries to force their populations to get a 3rd shot, despite all the evidence that in even highly vaccinated populations, like in Israel which has a high population fully vaccinated, the virus is still spreading and killing people.

However the vaccinations have not seemed to do anything to stop the spread of the virus. People in Australia who have implemented the most draconian lockdown laws with people not allowed to walk outside and talk to other, police shooting dogs, massive lockdown protest riots against them and the Government even issuing an app for people who stray too far from their homes to take a photo of themselves that is geo-ip linked and sent to the Government to see if they have broken their COVID curfews or strayed too far from their home.

To top it all it seems that the more vaccinated a population gets the higher the death toll. I don't know about these figures in these graphs, but if true they don't really give those people holding out on getting a vaccine much of a push to do so > https://stateofthenation.co/?p=65459

Anyway I have rattled on long enough now, I wanted my first post back in my office chair to be short and sweet but then, nothing ever is. 

I had just watched a video on YouTube from one of my favourite National Security State investigators Richard Dolan, which inspired me to get up and write this article as it goes with his video.

Watch it if you want, it is perfectly tied to my own article from 9.11 to COVID.

Please leave a comment in the boxes below about anything you feel about the over-reach of western Governments during this pandemic, the lack of any real safety by having the vaccine, and the protests around the world by people fed up by their countries liberty killing lockdown laws.

Anonymous users should be able to now, as well as anyone without a Google Account. They always used to be able to but I think Goole switched it back to "only people with Google Accounts" when I wasn't looking. More tracking of you by the private industries that work hand in hand with the Governments that are controlled by the top people who run this show I guess.

By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks

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