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Add The #ALTNEWS Search Engine To Your Site

By Dark Politricks

UPDATE 3rd March 2022 - SORRY But GOOGLE has removed my #ALTNEWS search engine with no reason given. It may be due to the alternative content delivered, the ease of getting opposite points of view from shadow-banned sites, or it may be something else. 

However, I urge you to read an earlier article about me wanting to create a REAL #ALTNEWS search engine like I used to own. However, for that I need servers and time to code it - want to help me? Any offer is appreciated!

I apologise for the inconvenience that some of you who have been using it must be feeling. I hope to get a real search engine up as soon as possible.

You might have seen my search engine bar at the top of the site with the words "Search the #Altnews Database, to just search this site add" in bold.

This is a JavaScript based Google search engine that only searches the list of sites I have given it. So far I am working off the main sites from the list of 550+ sites they don't want you reading about or linking to which for some reason includes mine. You can read all about the list of 550+ sites they want to ban you from reading here.

Now you may just want to visit me and use the search bar on my site to search these sites, or you may want to bookmark a direct link to this search engine which I do on my browsers. 

If so just go to this URL and bookmark it as "ALT News" or "ALT Search" or something like that.

However, if you want to add the search engine to your own site or blog which would really be nice as it would mean that the news from these sites is more accessible despite Google's attempt to de-rank the sites. For example, my own site used to be top of Google for search terms like:
However, I am not anymore due to Google pushing me down the rankings. Luckily I am still at the top for some searches like "A Guide To No Comment Interviews" but I hold no hope of staying there. 

So until I can get the resources together to actually build my own search engine which I did use to have until the server hosting my "Super Search" ( which scanned both Google, Bing and Yahoo for the search terms going through 3 random proxies so that there was no log files or traces of your search terms, plus I removed all the JavaScript code that logs clicks, tracks you, as well as removing any results from known establishment sites like CNN, BBC, FOX etc ), took it down, then the best I can do is work with the devils own tools to create a custom Google Search Engine that only looks at certain sites.

I don't include but I do include,, and for videos, and as for other sites on the banned list, I don't choose all right or left-wing outlets but just those that appear on the ban list and alternative sites that people recommend to me. 

Some of the main ones apart from my own are:
And many others, to check news just from a certain site as my example text in the box shows, you just add a plus sign around the domain of the site you want. 

For example to see all videos on about WTC7 collapse you would enter WTC7 Collapse +"" this way you can narrow down searches to a specific site.


If you find that any important sites are missing, whether they are left-wing, right-wing or anarchist or just alternative sites that may have been "cancelled" or de-ranked, then please ensure that they still exist, e.g one of the big ones no longer exists after Alex Jones's cancellation across the board, and please add a request in a comment on one of my posts, preferably this one, to add the site once you are sure it doesn't exist in my search engine

A quick way to find out whether a site does or does not exist is to just search for the domain name e.g +""

So the more people who use this search engine the better for alternative news the authorities don't want us to read. If you have your own site or blog then you can help out by adding the search engine into your own site with the following code.

This way the more people who add the search engine, the more chances people have of reading alternative news that is being hidden from the masses.

How To Add The ALTNews Search Engine To A Site

The first thing you need to do is add the following code into your site which loads up the search bar and places it into the div with the class, "gcse-search". In your browser turn on the developer toolbar, usually under any browser's settings menu option, then More Tools > Developer Tools. This should open up a new panel in your browser at one side of the screen or at the bottom.

You will see when inspecting the search box once loaded, that it is actually given an ID of gsc-iw-id1. This is important if you want to target the box and style the font or add wording like I have inside my version on this site. I will show you how to do this a little bit down the page.
<script async src=""></script>
<div class="gcse-search"></div>

Also, you need to make sure your site has the following heading settings for maximum compatibility with HTML 5 browsers, which most people should be using by now. If anyone is using IE still then they need to really update to a standards-compliant browser such as Firefox or all the Chromium-based browsers such as Microsoft's EDGE, Chrome, Opera, or Brave.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

If you want to add some text into it like I do to inform people what the search bar is for, that toggles on/off whenever you click inside the box, and returns the text when you come out of it, then you need to place some extra JavaScript somewhere on your page. 

If you are using widgets then add a JavaScript/Text widget to the bottom of your layout as you will need to add some JavaScript code inside it that will target the box by its ID, add text inside and make it bold. 

Plus you will need to add event handlers that will remove the text when you put your cursor inside (called "focus"), and also return this text when you come out of the box (called "blur") - or in IE's old JScript language, "onfocus" and "onblur".

I use a window.onload event to make sure all external objects from Google such as the search bar  has loaded before I attempt to add wording inside of the box, otherwise, you may cause a JavaScript error by attempting to get a reference to the search bar when it has not been loaded into the HTML page yet.

I first add a helper function with a single letter G, (for GetMe), and I point it towards the document.querySelector function. This way we can easily target the search engine with CSS selectors, IDs, or an elements Class.

G = function(v){return document.querySelector(v)};

Now we add the code that puts the wording into the text box when the page loads and disappears when you enter it to add your own search, and re-appears when you come out. 

You can obviously change this wording to whatever you want but ensure it is worded the same everywhere it appears in the code.

window.addEventListener("load", function() 
		G("#gsc-i-id1").value = "Search the #Altnews Database, to just search this site add";
			G("#gsc-i-id1").value = "Search the #Altnews Database, to just search this site add";

And that should be it, whether you are using WordPress, Blogger, or your own code you can now add the #ALTNews Search Engine to your own site and help us find articles that the establishment and their Silicon Valley lackeys are trying to hide from people much more easily.

Remember to let me know of any sites I may have missed in any comments if you are using it!

By Dark Politricks

© 2022 Dark Politricks


  1. Nice, I will be adding it to my new blog on COVID if thats okay with you?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That's perfectly fine with me, the more sites that use it the better, and let me know of any sites I should add

  4. Is it okay if I add this to my new WordPress site I am builing for alternative news, have you thought about making it into a customisable WordPress plugin where you can change the text in the box, the logo, the name, the list of sites even though a back end admin feature?

  5. Perfectly fine with me, if only they had put the domains of the searchable sites in a querystring like DuckDuckgo USED to on their customisable search bar then a WordPRess plugin could also offer the chance to add more sites to the list. e.g sites that are more specific to the site you are putting the search bar on. Go for it....

  6. Well I found the news that Russian soldiers, the FSB, which I thought were the equivalent of the old Soviet KGB or US CIA, had shot dead 5 Ukrainian soldiers today through your search engine, I hadn't seen it elsewhere online but as you had Sputniknews and RT in your search engine I got to to see the news. Hope it doesn't escalate or that NATO is trying to provoke Putin into invading Ukraine

  7. You should add to the search engine, has some good reporting.

  8. I have added to the search engine, so if you wanted all indexed pages on a topic JUST from that site you would enter something like 'ukraine' or if you want the latest vdeos on the subject 'war in ukraine', I have added, and as the places to get videos from and there are a few channels but I don't think they get indexed in the same way. Have a play, but order by date not relevance to get the latest news.