Friday, 20 May 2022

Here Comes World War III

If You Thought The War Was Ukraine v Russia Get Ready For A Shock 

By Dark Politricks

Here comes World War 3 as Biden sends Ukraine long range missiles that they can fire into Russia.....

What does he not get about red lines?

Does the USA think they are really the only country that can set them? As Putin has shown he is no bluffer when he said "Ukraine was a red line for him.", almost 20 years ago now!

Also to anyone who thinks he is "Mad" or "dying of cancer/Parkinson's", sorry but he isn't, that's typical western dissinfo for you.

However what isn't US / UK lies is that in Russia Putin is considered a dove, "a bit of a pussy" so to speak. Believe it or not but Russian people and politicians want him to annihilate Ukraine and nuke us ASAP. They think he is going too soft on Ukraine. Instead of just the 200k troops he sent for his "Special Military Operation" they want him to declare war on Ukraine and us, and mobilise the whole 2 million Russian army with conscripts and everything. That is how much of a dove Putin is.

The fact that he hasn't even fired cruise missiles into Ukrainian Military HQ centres where he knows NATO and US / UK generals are all sitting there helping plan "their" war to fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian shows what a dove he is as he doesn't want to escalate the war by killing top NATO generals which is what would happen. 

So that is restraint when he knows these US/UK politicians are breaking what they said they would not do, by visiting Kyiv like it was London on a Saturday, whilst sitting in military HQ offices, Russian intelligence MUST KNOW where they are at, and signing new $40bn orders for weapons that could start WWIII. If other Russian politicians were in power such as Lavrov or Medvedev, they would have blown up Zelenskyy, Schiff, Blinken, Boris Johnson, Nancy Pelosi and all the other "helpful visitors/ neocon warmongers" to Kyiv when they visited, just to show them they mean business and NO MEANS NO.

If you want to see WW3 then letting Ukraine have missile launchers to fire into Russia is one way of going about it as Putin has already said that selling heavy arms to Ukraine was an act of war, they have already changed their law so they can fire nukes at us for a non nuclear conventional attack on Russia. 

President Vladimir Putin endorsed Russia’s nuclear deterrent policy, which allows him to use atomic weapons in response to a conventional strike targeting the nation’s critical government and military infrastructure. So if we give Ukraine these missiles and they fire them into Russia they could nuke us back if they wanted, as they do see the war as being between NATO and Russia, Ukraine is just the battlefield. So it would be game over - no restarts!

Watch this episode of the Duran to find out what other Russians think of his softly-softly approach in Ukraine.

However, the US/UK/EU are the complete opposite, they just keep sending arms and men and ramping the war up as US politician Adam Schiff said in the house "We fight Russia over there so that we don't have to fight them here". So these US neocons honestly believe it is a war between them and Russia just that they are using Ukraine as a place to get destroyed with everyone killed or made a refugee as they organise the fighting..

Watch Adam Schiff say it in the House here.

In this photo taken from a video released by the Russian Defence Ministry on Thursday, Ukrainian servicemen in a penal colony in Olyonivka, a territory under the government of the Donetsk People's Republic's control, in Eastern Ukraine, are pictured after leaving the besieged Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. (Russian Defence Ministry Press Service/The Associated Press). 

 As they left the steelworks all the men were all strip searched for signs of NAZI tattoos and links to the AZOV brigade using facial recognition software to see if they were apart from any group responsible for the atrocities carried out in the Donbass over the last 8-year civil war.

In this video you can see Russian and DPR soldiers, stopping cars in Maripoul for signs of participation in the battles. They are looking for traces of weapons or long-term wearing of ammunition, as well as tattoos that indicate that a person belongs to the Armed Forces of Ukraine or right-wing nationalist battalions, like the AZOV Brigade.

I think that now that the AZOV NAZI's have surrendered and are being shipped off to Russia to POW camps before being tried for war crimes in the Donbass, the Ukrainian's have a severe lack of manpower.  

Guess what the average age of the surrendering or dead Ukrainian soldiers being found is? 

It's their mid 40s!

Apparently, many Ukrainian officers have been doing runners in the middle of the night so their men wake up and surrender as they don't know what to do! 

That's confidence for you when your own leaders do a runner as they are so scared of being shot by Russians, the threat of execution by the Ukrainians for desertion seems a far better option than leading your men into battle!   

I wouldn't be surprised if Russia soon started capturing young English men pretending to be Ukrainian soldiers, just shouting loudly with bad Russian accents. The sort found in the films from the 80s, such as Red Dawn and Red Heat, "I'll be back", Arnold Schwarzenegger style. I wouldn't put it past NATO (UK/US) to send troops into the war zone, pretending to be Ukrainians, just to make up for all the heavy losses Ukraine is having.

Also, the US are talking about trying to sanction OTHER countries like China, India and Brazil who won't stop buying from Russia. Read this interesting article about whether the US will sanction half the world to isolate Russia here.

It is like he wants the whole world to hate the US as these countries dependant on cheap gas and land locked countries in Europe like Hungary who is already telling the EU they cannot manage without Russian gas and can't get gas or oil by ship, as the US or UK could.

That's why there are pipe lines everywhere for easy access, one Ukraine shut off the other day, stopping the flow of gas to Europe,  but of course blamed it on the Russians. As if they are short on gas and needed to syphon it off, no really that's what UK media claimed!

If Russia (and I don't know why they haven't yet) turn all the gas pipes off into Europe the lights go off our energy bills which have already tripled since last year will skyrocket and we will be lucky if  anyone can drive anywhere or even work. 

We depend on Russian cheap gas there is no alternative. If we wanted to be like France we should have built nuclear power stations 10yrs ago as that's how long they take, we can't just whip a few up quickly (in the dark with no power), we never think ahead when it comes to stupid wars.

I just wish the politicians who cause all this mess would have to go and fight them themselves like Kings of the olden days.

Imagine Boris Johnson in a tank saluting as it rolls along in Ukraine and then Boom, as a US Javelin missile that the Russians have been collecting as trophies and keepsakes off the Ukrainians they have killed hits into him and blows his tank to bits! Actually the Javelins are not very good, the US has been selling old stock, and there are videos of Russian tanks hit by 4 or 5 who have still managed to continue fighting that is if it doesn't blow up in the person holding its arms, not that many of you would know this from our news.

It's not like the old days of Kings on horses leading Knights on a charge into battle anymore its kids who were good at playing Sega in the 90s controlling drones and RAVs from thousands of miles away.

These sanctions are hurting us more than Russia who has just had the best wheat crop in years. In an article it says that "Russia may increase its wheat crop to 80.7 million tonnes in 2022 from 75.5 million tonnes in 2021 due to good weather conditions for winter wheat", but we won't be getting any, instead we will be taking it from other countries who only have so much which is already causing food shortages and queues for hours at petrol stations across the global South.

Just look at this graph to see how much of Africa is dependent on wheat from either Russia or Ukraine. Do you think they will forgo buying from Russia, as Ukraine won't have any, just to satisfy the NATO lust for sanctioning Russia? 

Also what about the other sources, which we in the West will have bought up at higher prices long before any African or Global South country could scrape together the money to buy more expensive wheat from elsewhere?

Here is the list of the top 5 exporters of wheat in 2021 - 

  1. Russia: US $7.3 billion (13.1% of total wheat exports)
  2. United States: $7.29 billion (13.1%)
  3. Australia: $7.2 billion (13%)
  4. Canada: $6.6 billion (11.9%)
  5. Ukraine: $4.7 billion (8.5%)

Will we forgo our own food supply as we cut our own nose off to spite our face, and then allow other countries to buy from Russia? No, we will take it all and then sanctimoniously criticise these countries for still purchasing necessities from Russia, maybe even sanctioning them if we are really that evil. 

Just look at Sri Lanka and what is going on there and then see what is coming our way soon. Food shortages, mile queues for petrol, protestors literally pulling politicians out of their cars and beating them with sticks. 

That is what happens in a world where we tell other countries they cannot do X or Y as we have a tiff with Russia. Sorry that it is causing huge wheat shortages as we buy it all up so the poor global south can't, but that is the price of "Standing with Ukraine"

It will cause riots, the toppling of governments, and possible wars across the poorer nations of the world, if you don't believe me wait a couple of years then come back and laugh in the comment section. Welcome to Mad Max!

What I don't get though is western propaganda, I forced myself the other day to watch ITV news, I am never going to watch the BBC, a more Government controlled state broadcaster you cannot get, and I rank them above PressTV and Russia Today

The BBC is literally paid for by taxpayers, a special tax called the "licence fee" just for the BBC, and one you can go to jail for if you watch it without paying. It also has a board of directors placed there by the government. Most of the presenters are working for MI6, as I have detailed in other articles, with hidden 2nd tax free salaries, just to keep the propaganda flowing. I suggest reading Jon Snow's autobiography if you want more details on how they work hand in hand with the spooks.

Anyway, ITV news was literally having a piece about the "Cost of Living Situation", where they were interviewing people about inflation, the rising heating and petrol costs, and the lack of food at Supermarkets etc

However NOT ONCE, did they ever mention that this cost of living crisis is one of our own making and due to our own sanctions on Russia that have basically come back and bit us in our face.

Whilst Russia is having a booming economy, with a higher exchange rate of dollars to roubles than before the war, and a surplus of cash due to imports, and gas for roubles, we are struggling to pay for basic necessities, yet ITV did not even raise the question to any of the people they interviewed.

Just once I would have like to see the "journalist" out on the roadside by a queue of cars waiting to get into a petrol station to see the passengers wind down their windows and ask them whether they thought that the war in Ukraine that Boris and his neo-con friends want to fight so badly is worth all the pain and suffering to average families across Britain, but no, not once did they ask this simple question. 

I would love to know what the average bloke who knows sod all about foreign relations thinks about having to pay extra and hunt around for baby formula, or what people paying sky-high heating and petrol bills in the UK think about the DIRECT LINK between our rising inflation and the sanctions we placed on Russia. 

All of this is because Russia recognised the independence of two separatist regimes in East Ukraine, something Putin didn't actually want to do, and if the French and Germans had followed the Minsk accords, then this war would probably not have happened. However they ensured they were not followed and kept poking the bear, now the bear has bitten back.

So because of the failure of western diplomacy, Russia had to send in troops to defend the Russian-speaking, east of Ukraine from an imminent attack by Zelenskyy's forces. This was something he had to do, as Zelenskyy had sent his forces eastwards to encircle Donbass and attempt to re-take it, along with Crimea.

So why is no ITV journalist asking people at the petrol pump whether they feel it is right that we have to pay more for food and petrol due to Putin feeling the guilt and need to punish the NAZI element in Zelenskyy's armed forces who had killed over 16,000+ Russian speaking people in the 8yr long civil war in the Donbass. People who had committed many genocides along the way, and all started by a US-led colour revolution (coup) which the EU helped foment.

I would love to see a journalist ask a school mum whether the famous Odessa Trade Union massacre, where people were forced into the building, which was then set on fire as police and NAZI's laughed and sank anti-Semitic songs outside as people jumped to their deaths rather than be burnt alive, is a good enough reason to "Stand with Ukraine", and pay more for food, gas, and cause a global food shortage in Africa and around the globe with the possibility of World War III on our hands as well.

Just watch this video to see why these new missile sales are so dangerous. It's from Redacted a good channel I've found on YouTube with two ex FOX NEWS reporters, if you can believe it, now telling us the truth rather than the corporate bullshit they were forced to spoon-feed us before.

Please let me know in the comments if you think the real chance of food shortages, possible wars around the world over rising costs of living, and the possibility of world war 3 is worth it to "Stand with Ukraine" against Russia. 

By Dark Politricks

© 2022 Dark Politricks 


  1. This is fxxked up if we sell them these missiles Russia will see it as NATO starting war on Russia as they will know we sold them to Ukraine.

  2. I think these neocons are so stupid that they really believe due to their air conditioned underground bunkers that they would be rushed to in any missile exchange, that they can survive a nuclear war. Also that spending a few years underground with all their rich political friends playing pong on a commodore 64 as no Internet will exist anymore as Russia will nuke the main data centres and the part in Cornwall UK that takes the Internet across the Atlantic would be like an adventure holiday or something. Nothing else I think of can explain their madness.

  3. I reckon we could do a sneak 1st strike on Russia and get away with it. Might lose a few Eastern US cities on the coast and most of Europe but no great loss really. Plus we all get free quick sun tans. Makes sense to me.

  4. God's Redeemer20 May 2022 at 22:08

    Repent now for when the time comes soon to face our father and you have no excuse for your wayward behavior you will be sent to hell and the Russian's who are all Eastern Orthodox will be in heaven, whilst the killers of God's chosen people in Ukraine will find the fires too hot for their evil Nazi skin. Let them burn, and let the wicked west burn too.

  5. I think Russia should declare an all out war and send all their men and top troops and weapons into Ukraine as so far they have just been using their old stock. Then they can show the world what NO means NO means to a Russian regarding NATO and EU meddling that is causing us high inflation and I bet half the people that Itv interviewer asked had no idea how the sanctions their P and government had put on Russia was the cause of their current pain. I reckon if it was more publicised then people in the UK and other counties will go sod this war I need petrol for my car to get to work otherwise I don't get paid. Basic!

  6. There will never be a nuclear war, both sides know that if there was one every1 would die, Russians are not suicidal, although they did have 2 million+ citizen civil drills in recent years for what to do in the case of a nuclear attack, when was the last time we had such drills. I doubt our governments would even tell us if we were getting nukes flying towards us.

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    May 26, 2022 at 4:19 pm

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