Wednesday 22 June 2022

Price Gouging - Blame Putin or Unilever - Russian General Says The UK Will Cease To Exist!

Big Companies Taking Advantage of Oil and Gas Shortage To Price Gouge

By Dark Politricks

As the European Union, UK and USA shoot their own feet off by sanctioning themselves in the war in Ukraine, politicians are quick to blame rising high inflation figures on Putin

Politicians are quick to claim that Putin is using "food as a hostage", This is despite Russia offering to clear the port of Odessa of all the mines the Ukrainians let loose preventing any ships docking for the "Bread Basket of Europe" to actually export the wheat they produce for the world.

As I showed in a previous article Russia is the top exporter of wheat in the world, and Ukraine is the 5th. If the wheat cannot leave the war zone this will cause massive food shortages around the world and cause immense suffering in the poorest nations.

So when the food prices skyrocket and inflation hits 20% if not already really there, then don't blame Russia, blame our stupid sanctions war with them. They are already threatening to cut our gas off this winter, leaving Europe in the dark.  

International Energy Agency (IEA) chief Fatih Birol has warned the EU to be prepared for the possibility of a complete shutdown of Russian gas exports this winter, calling on the bloc's members to widen the span of measures aimed at preparing for this scenario, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday.

“Europe (sic) should be ready in case Russian gas is completely cut off. The nearer we are coming to winter, the more we understand Russia’s intentions,” he said, as cited by the news outlet.

Commenting on Gazprom slashing 60% of gas supplies via the Nord Stream pipeline last week, which the Russian company stresses is purely technical, Birol said that:

the cuts are geared towards avoiding Europe filling storage and increasing Russia’s leverage in the winter months.”

Of course, none of this is our fault. People don't like to look beyond April of 2022 for the causes of the war, the US coup in 2014, the failure of the Minsk accords that were allowed to fail, and the impending invasion of the breakaway peoples' republics in the Donbas.

Like most of the propaganda spread in the war, Russia is always the culprit of numerous atrocities without any real proof or investigation having been carried out. This is despite the Azov "cleansing", killings at Bucha and the missile attack at the train station at Kramatorsk being debunked. Now apparently the Russians are indiscriminately shelling their own positions in Donbass from the west.

The aftermath of shelling from Ukrainian forces into Donetsk in the Donbass region of East Ukraine.

Truth is always the first casualty of war,  However, this is a war where we only hear the lies put out by western media sources, backed by anonymous sources, or CIA agents on US News channels who have no idea what is actually going on in the Eastern part of Ukraine. The truth of the matter is actually that Russia is slowly dismantling the Ukrainian army bit by bit.

Ukrainian President Zelensky even came out to admit he is losing up to 200 men a day, which we can obviously multiply due to propaganda reasons. However, he is losing soldiers at such a fast rate they cannot be replaced by the 50yr+ men prevented from leaving the country, given an hour's worth of weapons training, before being sent off to the front line to die for NATO.

Even US newspapers are now writing stories about the failures in Ukraine and trying to blame Zelenskyy. This is despite the US deviously offloading old and often broken weapons, such as the Javelins that had been sitting in warehouses since the 90's without refitting them before being sent to the country they promised to defend, many failing to work, fire or explode, all whilst making their MIC companies billions.

Whilst MI6 spreads its usual disinformation about Putin about to die from Parkinson's, or Cancer, or assassinated our leaders forget their approval ratings are in the dirt whilst Putin enjoys record approval ratings unlike Boris Johnson and Joe Biden, the two most Russophobic leaders in the NATO proxy war

They are forgetting that their actions have already been decreed by Russia as full involvement in the war. Everyone knows the US is running the Ukrainian army and that Zelenskyy is just the frontman, who has had his life threatened by the Right Sektor Nationalists if he dares to enter into peace talks with Russia

Also, this French reporter openly spoke about it when he arrived in Ukraine and was met with US Army Personnel who said they were in command, not the Ukrainians.

If Putin wasn't already thinking about attacking the UK as the Sun claims, then he probably will with more European interference with his Russia The UK will "physically cease to exist" if the latest stand-off in Lithuania triggers a nuclear World War Three, a retired Russian general has claimed. Speaking on Russian state TV this week, lieutenant general Evgeny Buzhinsky n semi-exclave Kaliningrad sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland now being affected by the sanctions war.

The UK will "physically cease to exist" if the latest stand-off in Lithuania triggers a nuclear World War Three, a retired Russian general has claimed. Speaking on Russian state TV this week, lieutenant general Evgeny Buzhinsky said the West is playing with fire in blockading the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, in order to prevent sanctioned goods from reaching the territory via NATO state Lithuania.

The military expert also lashed out at British general Sir Patrick Sanders, who took command of Britain’s land forces last week and announced his arrival with a chilling message saying troops should be prepared to fight Russia and defend Europe.

"He doesn’t understand that as a result of the Third World War Britain will physically cease to exist," said Lieutenant Buzhinsky.
"The island will vanish, so I’ve no idea where he or his descendants will live."

With the train line from Russia to Kaliningrad being stopped by Lithuaniajan Railways, I can only see Russia expanding the war, and with the western nations nearly all out of weapons due to giving them all over to Ukraine, mostly to be blown up by Russia on import, or sold on the black market, how do we expect to defend ourselves without the war turning nuclear?

Even the weapons that do get through to the Ukrainians are not making a difference and with Zelenskyy repeatedly asking for more tanks, armoured vehicles and artillery, it only means all the free weapons we have given him have already been destroyed already or taken by Russian troops as souvenirs. This leaves the western nations in a bad position if we did have to go to war with Russia.

Not only have our sanctions backfired, causing massive inflation at home, with more to come if no wheat, grain, or fertilizer can get out of the war zone. Whilst the rich EU nations may be able to bite the bullet for a while, it will be the poor nations in Africa and the South that will suffer the most from drastically inflated high food prices and there could easily be famines if the west does not back down from this stupid economic war with Russia that we are clearly losing,

Petrol is already over £2 a litre in the UK, that's £9.08 a gallon, or $11.15 for you Americans who have the natural resources to drill for oil but are refusing to do so and instead going around your list of supposed enemies and deplorables to beg for more drilling from countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. 

I don't know how one can compare the literal genocide of Yemenis by Saudi Arabia with the help of the USA, and the war between Russia due to NATO expansion and a US coup and still think the latter is the worse.

If serious heads in the EU stop warmongering and offering Ukraine support and adding more and more sanctions on Russia, we are only going to be the countries to suffer from high inflation. 

Russia has a surplus of cash and even Bloomberg admits Russia is winning at the moment in the economic war that has seen inflation reach double figures across the EU and NATO countries stupid enough to prove Putin right to all the Russians when he said that the west, US and Europe were anti-Russian.

The UK has seen the highest rise in inflation in 40 years with official figures at 9.1%. However, I doubt that is the real figure. Petrol is up from £1.30 from this time last year to £2 which is a lot more than 9% and I know that I paid £2.20 for a single Cornetto at the garage the other day, last year it would have cost me a quid!

That is more like a 50% rise in fuel and over 100% rise in costs of foods, either that or companies are taking advantage of the inflation to add on extra costs and make themselves a bit more money. Unilever makes Cornetto ice-creams, and the Garage was a Marks and Spencers BP, known to be more upmarket but not selling food at twice the cost it should be.

If this is the case then the Government should be auditing companies ASAP, fining any caught hiking prices up above any necessary increases and fining any that do huge sums of money if they are caught price gouging to increase company profits or executive wages. 

The money from any of these big fines, and they should be big, if the companies are big, should be used to reduce VAT or give tax rebates to normal people to help them with the high cost of living we are all facing due to the stupid sanctions war we have started with a country who we depend on for natural resources. Especially gas that is easily delivered by pipeline to our own shores. 

We need to give Putin an off ramp to both let him save face, a way to stop the punitive sanctions on Russia, and provide an incentive for Russia to stop its invasion. All whilst increasing Ukraine's chances at a peace negotiating table whilst more importantly helping us in Europe recover from the sanction blowback we caused for ourselves.

 As well as reducing the chances of the UK getting nuked in WW3. A thought that we may see as unlikely but one that abounds in Russian media through the tough talk from Russian generals and TV presenters suggesting the UK get wiped off the planet by Russian Satan nuclear missiles as a punishment for our interference in the Ukraine war. 

The thought that UK PMBoris Johnson has probably just used the Ukraine crisis to deflect from his own problems, shooting off to Kyiv after a bad vote of confidence in parliament to act as a strong defender of Ukraine. Displayed rampant Russophobic comments, and made promises that only ensure Russia knows the UK was fully involved in the war helping Ukraine directly. 

This is a big red line for Russia that is too late to go back from, as we crossed it the minute we sent the SAS to teach saboteur tactics to Ukrainian forces, train Ukrainian regulars, plus sending multiple weapons that have probably killed many Russian soldiers and Eastern Ukrainian citizens.

Watch this latest video by the Duran and get some proper perspective on the on-goings in Ukraine and the EU, and how the US is likely to leave this Ukrainian war problem in Europe's lap as they go off and start an even worse event for the world, a war with China!

By Dark Politricks

©2022 Dark Politricks

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