Wednesday 29 June 2022

BBC Article From 1999 Shows The NSA Were Spying on Foreign Buyers of Microsoft Computers Before 2000 with Bill Gates Permission

BBC Reports On NSA Chips In Microsoft PC Computers Pre-2000

By Dark Politricks

I've saved this old 1999 BBC News report on NSA chips found in a Windows computer, due to the likelihood of it being removed at any time. 

This shows that the NSA was:
  1. Working with Microsoft Windows before 2000
  2. They had a relationship that allowed them to implant their own chips into the PC's.
  3. It is widely suggested that the chip allowed the NSA to bypass any security measures that the user of the machine may have installed.

From the article:
The approval mechanism was introduced to ensure that the weak encryption in non-US versions of Windows could not be replaced with stronger software without it being checked against a "key" embedded in Windows, proving that it had been digitally signed off by Microsoft.

You can read more about the original article and other spying techniques brought in after 9.11 like TRAPWIRE, Prism, XKeyScore, and more here >

By Dark Piolitricks

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