Wednesday 21 December 2011

Why can't we in the west see through the charade of democracy in front of us?

By Dark Politricks

It has been almost a year since the people of Egypt started their revolution. And their inspirational stance at Tahrir Square has spawned similar protests all around the world including the Occupy movement which has camps in countries from the USA to UK and beyond.

However even though the Egyptians managed to rid themselves of their leader, a western backed dictator Hosni Mubarak. They are now finding out that the army they lauded months ago, for standing between them and the security forces and the thugs Mubarak had freed from jail, is proving a lot harder to remove from power.

Whatever form of democracy the Egyptians want, whether it includes Islamic parties that are hostile to Western foreign policy. Or types of parties that have never been see before, it is clear that the Egyptians are willing to fight and if necessary die for this belief in freedom and self determination.

The military thought they could fob the people off with phony elections that have been greeted by Western media as signs of success when in reality they are nothing more than a sham.

"What is the point in voting for people who have no power?" say those Egyptians who are still trying to Occupy Tahrir Square and remove the military that have taken power of the country.


What is the point in voting for people who cannot chose their own Prime Minister and create laws beneficial for the people as a whole and not just the elite of the country.

Whatever these people want, they are clear on one thing. They know what they don't want. They don't want a false charade of democracy that keeps the status-quo, shuffles the pack of political player cards and declares itself representative when it is nothing of the sort.

Across the border in Libya the same thing is happening. After ridding themselves with NATO's help of one dictator they are now faced with another wolf in sheep's clothing.

Protests have been going on for weeks against the National Transitional Council as many people can see through the charade and can see their true colours. Most of the NTC are ex-Gaddafi regime members who had been involved with the worst Gaddafi era atrocities albeit with a new brand name.

Once again, people who were all too complicit in the old regimes crimes and who are now in power pretending everything is going to be hunky dorey. Too slow to enact real change cry the people.

They want to taste real power for themselves and that means doing what's right for their fellow countrymen rather than everything that's beneficial for big western businesses, oil companies and other meddlers trying to ensure a good outcome for the West and Israel.

All of this makes me wonder.

If the Egyptians and Libyans can see through the charade of fake democracy being dangled as a prize in front of them whilst the same power brokers play a big game of musical chairs. Swapping one set of worn out politicians with another from the same mould, then why can't we in the west?

In America we have two almost identical parties who rotate power every few years between them. They shout and argue in front of the camera whilst play best friends off it.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are:
  • pro war
  • pro Israel and anti Palestine
  • pro Wall Street
  • anti liberty and civil rights
  • against international law
  • against the constitution
  • anti free speech
  • against Internet freedom
  • pro FED
  • pro big business, especially those that fund their campaigns
  • anti-reform
  • willing to use tax payers money to pay for bail outs for their friends on Wall St
and the list could go on and on.

So if the two only parties capable of actually gaining power are so similar, and things that really matter like whether or not your freedoms are going to disappear or your taxes rise to pay for bail outs don't.

Whilst in Egypt it is clear the people to care about the actions of Israel in the USA it seem's far too few even notice that the wars they are drawn into are on behalf of an ungrateful ally that continuously spies on you and sells your secrets and technology to your enemies.

You could say that the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street groups are a sign that people are finally starting to awake but it is clear that the Tea Party once in power has forgotten it's constitutionalist roots and has just become a more right wing version of the GOP. The Democrats are busy trying to co-opt the Occupy movement in the same way. Some people are not standing for it.

So our protests against the illusion of democracy seem nothing more than fodder for the news channels and they are all owned by the same big businesses that control our politicians anyway. So we cannot, and should not expect any fair and balanced reporting from any programme that ever comes out that big box at the end of your room.

For many people in the Middle East they are experiencing freedom for the first time and it seems they are not going to settle for some fake illusion that we in the west have become so used to over the years. Signing a cross next to a name that means virtually nothing is just not going to cut it anymore and in this age of modern technology it shouldn't have to. Why let spivs and liars decide our lives when modern technology could easily let well informed citizens vote on important matters at the click of a button.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out as the West's fingerprints are all over the uprisings in the Middle East.

If the people of these countries are able to see through our actions and create a new form of really representative democracy it will be an inspiration for us all to follow.

However by going on historical events it will also be a miracle. At this time of year I can only hope that miracles do come true.

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