Sunday 25 March 2012

George Osborne shows his Tory colours by lowering taxes for the rich

By Dark Politricks

So Boy George Osborne delivered his 2012 budget mid week and as he obviously reads my blog every day LOL he decided to implement nothing that I advised him to do in my own Dark Politricks 2012 Budget Guide.

No despite his obvious distaste for diverse discourse and alternative news I doubt Boy George has ever even heard of my site unless it has crossed his desk on some kind of watch list compiled by MI5 or some other Internet Snoop brigade.

He decided to cut the top rate of tax from 50% to 45%. Deciding that the rich are obviously having a hard time at the moment and need all the help they can get.

It must be hard in your brand new Range Rover delivering little Timmy and Charlotte to their private schools, after school Cello lessons. Suffering with their private health care and living on money most of us can only dream of with the thought of gold plated pensions to retire on whilst inflation rises constantly and the public services everyone else relies on gets worse and worse by the day.

I wouldn't begrudge anyone who can afford private health care but as someone who has spent more than my fair share of time in hospitals and doctors waiting rooms lately I can attest to the utter uselessness of our national health system.

It seems that even when you have Cancer only a letter of complaint will bring about the necessary phone call to tell you what's going on with your health treatment. I dread to think of how I would be treated if I couldn't write English and had the same problems.

But Georgey Boy didn't scrap the higher 50p tax band Labour had brought in, in their dying days as a last ditch attempt to placate their core supporters. Those same supporters who they had spent the last 13 years pissing off with their "greed is good" mantra that allowed the first run on a British Bank in living memory to occur with Northern Rock.

No instead he cut it in half as if that would be enough to keep the Lib Dem's happy as well as the rich donors who, as the Sunday Times today exposed today, are promised access to David Cameron's very own dinner table in return for dosh and campaign contributions.

I suppose every party must be funded somehow. Labour sold gongs and honours, the Tories chose to sell dinner seats with their grandees. The Lib Dem's probably only hold annual raffles at Gay Pride marches which I suppose is the reason they fail so miserably at each election.

This wasn't a budget for growth, and it has been remembered for the "granny tax" which although has pushed Labour's poll ratings through the roof has probably been blown out of proportion. This is not down to any logic but more to George's attempt to hide it as a "simplification" of the tax system.

Everything else in his budget had been leaked anyway so this was the one thing the papers leaped upon once it became clear he felt the elderly hadn't paid their fair share in these times of austerity.

We are all in this together, we are all in this together - keep saying it enough and you might just believe it to be true.

If it is true then it sure doesn't seem like it when the Tories are sending out the message that the richest few percent need to pay less not more tax.

Now this might piss off class warfare warriors and those who see any progressive tax code as a way of attacking ambition but if I was on £150,000 a year I wouldn't really mind paying a few grand extra a year.

I mean if I did earn that much I can guarantee that I would already have a good lawyer and accountant  busily hunting through our overly complex tax code looking for loopholes and ways to avoid paying tax. It is the way of the world apparently to avoid tax as long as you do it legally.

If we did want to bring in the bucks and attract business to our shores we would be simplifying the tax code but not just for the OAP's but for those who have the means to use those over-complications to their advantage i.e the rich. Let Vodafone & co pay their fair dues if they want to sell their Chinese made phones & other goods on our shores.

A simple tax code equals less room for people to escape paying. Simples.

If lower taxes for everybody helps bring in more dosh then I'm all for it so sort it out George. But we should be putting money in those peoples pockets who actually spend it in shops each weekend rather than give it back to those who have already conned the system and own offshore bank accounts. A nice rebate for every tax payer would get our high streets humming in no time.

We need to stop moving allowances up and down a few percentage points here and there and think big for once.

Use all those fine brains on the Economist and Financial Times to our advantage for once instead of allowing people to pay for the privilege to persuade our government what's best for them equals best for everybody.

Lobbying is not what is needed to get us out this mess. A proper budget for everybody is.

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