Saturday 16 June 2018

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC are attacking Trump from the Right

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC are attacking Trump from the Right

By Dark Politricks
The Jimmy Dore Show

Rachel Maddow has somehow managed to tie Russia into the North Korean peace talks, once again attacking Trump from the right.

What has happened to the left?

Was it just the colour of Obama's skin that they fawned over, forgetting all the wars he started.

The extra bombs he dropped, much more than George W Bush.

The Drones, the collateral damage, the failure to pass a public option when he had the power to do so.

The removal of civil liberties, his absence from protests he promised to be at the front of when teachers protested and Wall St was swarming with Occupy protesters All people pissed at being stripped of their money by banksters which he did nothing to stop them losing their homes.

Their was the North Pole ice drilling, fracking, oil spills, drones killing babies and women and being called enemy combatants so they were not counted as accidental deaths.

The NDAA and not repealing the powers given to Bush after 9.11 which are no longer needed.

His locking up of whistle blowers and journalists and all the other non-liberal acts that they seem to forget about.

It seems these faux liberals on "liberal" networks are the new FOX news.

I bet Rachel just stares at a poster of Obama on the ceiling above her bed and wishes for a better time when the President had shaved hair not a wig.

That is the basics of it as US Foreign and domestic policy hardly ever changes when Presidents come and go. The deep state control the levers of power and Israel controls Congress.

America was destroyed as a moral compass years ago and many Americans don't seem to care or don't realise what has happened to their country.

Obama did nothing to stop it and if Hillary Clinton had been elected we would probably be in a nuclear bunker right now due to her angry nasty demeanor, her terrorist gun supplying through Libya to Syria, and her cranking up of war threats to Russia who have done nothing that the US doesn't do by a factor of -500%. Was invited to Syria to help defeat ISIS which would be complete now if the Axis of War hadn't just decided it was their right to bomb any country they want.

Trump is low hanging fruit to mock but if he actually delivers peace (we will have to wait and see), then shouldn't the likes of Rachel Maddow be happy about de-escalation of nuclear war or will she find another way to tie Russia into some narrative so we can all burn in a radioactive cloud.

By Dark Politricks

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