Tuesday 12 April 2022

No more sunflower oil - blame the Russians!

The Sanctions Hit Home, Not In Russia Though!

By Dark Politricks 

As I said in my last article, the Sanctions on Russia are getting stupid. They are only hurting the people in Europe, who have been roped along by the Biden hawks who want to extend the war in Ukraine as long as possible. They are not actually hurting their intended target Russia but causing more pain for those actual countries implementing the sanctions.

Whilst Biden tries to pull the wool over Americans' eyes by claiming the high inflation that was already rising before Russia's war, is "Putin's Price Hike", the cost of weaning ourselves off Russian gas is going to be a long and costly one. 

We cannot just build 10 Nuclear Power stations in the snap of two fingers, we announced the building of 10 in 2010, but work has only just started on the first one, being the first nuclear station to be built in 20 years. How long do you expect our slow Government and all the NIMBY's slowing down building, to take to actually build all these power stations or wind farms to replace Russian gas?

Inflation from higher gas prices, which OPEC is not helping to balance out by drilling more is already being seen in our supermarkets and petrol stations. US President Joe Biden has been pressuring Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, both OPEC members, to increase oil production as a means to bring down prices. So far OPEC member states have declined to do so, however, if Biden wants to wean Europe off Russia's cheap gas then he better get a plan in motion as we cannot swap from pipelines to alternatives so quickly.

The cost of a litre of petrol in the UK is already around £1.70 (or $10.04 per gallon), food is missing from shelves due to the majority of fertilizer and grain coming from the "breadbasket of Europe", or the rubble of Ukraine, as well as Russia and Belarus.

These sanctions are pushing up heating and food prices for the poorest in Europe and Germany has even already started discussing rationing fuel because of its dependence on Russian gas. Something that Russia is now demanding must be paid for in roubles, a retaliatory act to the huge amounts of sanctions EU countries have put on Russia.

Russia's most senior lawmaker said on Wednesday Russia could demand rouble payments also for other commodities including oil, grain, fertilisers, coal, and metals, raising the risk of recession in Europe and the United States. Western countries have said payment in roubles breach contracts that can take months or more to renegotiate, a prospect that has driven commodity prices higher. 

However, aren't the removal of businesses and companies from Russia not breaches of contract also? Is this not the most hypocritical thing for us to accuse Russia of, especially when we have frozen Russian foreign reserves, which will cause a Russian debt payment default if they are not allowed to pay in rubles?

We are in the midst of an economic war with Russia, something Russia already considers a "real act of aggression", and if we don't tread carefully we could easily find ourselves starting a real war with Russia, not just a proxy war. 

The US see's this war as a way to pull the EU away from Russia, and to make Europe more dependent on US exports rather than Russian ones. However, in doing so they have just turned Russia eastward and expanded their trade with the massive nations of China and India who have yet to condemn Russian actions in Ukraine despite pressure from the White House. Plus "friends" of Russia, such as India have been offered discounts on the price of Russian gas, an offer too good to refuse apparently.

These neo-cons don't care about the people of Ukraine, they want the war to last as long as possible so that they can destroy Russia, a move that many have been thinking about for a long time.

It was clearly on the cards when the Soviet Union fell and Putin first asked to join NATO only to be denied. There were hopes Russia could join after 9.11 when Putin offered George W Bush all the help in defeating terrorism, but that was a road not taken.

Is it any wonder the Russians have had this feeling of persecution from the west through rounds and rounds of sanctions, as NATO crept further closer and closer to their borders, breaking promises made in the 80's. Now they can clearly see that the whole Western world is against them and waging economic warfare with them due to their war with Ukraine, something that they believe is extensional in nature. 

Believe it or not, Putin is quite a dove in the Russian regime, there are many more politicians who are far more hard-line, Dmitry Medvedev, the stand-in in President for a while, is certainly much more hawkish towards the west than Putin. 

Petrol prices at Garages are at an all-time high due to Europe's reliance on cheap Russian gas, which won't stay cheap forever. I certainly don't understand why, when we are engaged in a war of Economic attrition with Russia, why they just haven't turned the gas pipes off to Europe and left us in the cold and dark by now. It would be the retaliatory act that would make the most sense and also bring us to our knees.

Russia can certainly bite the bullet that the loss of sales of gas to Europe would take, their ruble is now on the rise and back to the exchange rate it was before the war started. With the stealing of Russian foreign reserves from non-Russian banks, there is no need for the people in Russia to hold foreign currency, which is keeping the ruble afloat. 

Economists may be wishing for a crash in the Russian economy but it seems that we are the ones who are suffering high inflation, higher energy costs, and a lack of basic foods that only come from Ukraine and Russia.


If people thought the sanctions were going to somehow cause an uprising in Russia, that the common man would overthrow Putin they have got it wrong. The feeling in that country now that they have seen the Russophobia by the Western elites, banning everything Russian that they can imagine, just has proved what Putin has always said to his people. That the west hates Russia and wants to destroy the country.

Now the whole country is apparently behind the war, their suspicions about the west have been proven right with all our sanctions on them, and Putin is riding a wave of popular support. In fact, he is going to be in more trouble if he doesn't finish this war as the people expect him to, rather than stop it without accomplishing the goals he set out when invading Ukraine.

To remind those people who thought the execution of Zelenskyy and invasion of Kyiv were the aims I remind you what they actually were. 

To ensure that Ukraine would never join a western alliance such as NATO or the EU, the liberation of the Donbass region and the breakaway states who have been fighting a vicious civil war since the US Maidan coup in 2014. Plus the de-militarisation of Ukraine and especially the destruction of the various NAZI brigades who have been posting films of captured Russians being tortured and killed

Also in POW exchanges with Ukraine their men have seen to be clearly castrated "like the cockroaches they are". This was admitted by, one doctor on TV as you can see in the following video and no it is not a Russian hoax. The doctor may have walked back his admission as an "emotional outburst" but the proof has come from the returned Russian soldiers who have been castrated.

Just posting videos of captured soldiers on the battlefield, is breaking Geneva conventions, and no doubt both sides have committed war crimes, however, it is Ukraine that is winning the social media war, and their spreading of videos, allowed by YouTube, despite going against their own TOS, of Russian POW's being abused, beaten, shot and left to bleed to death are crimes that would have certainly stoked up Russian emotions and ensured any Ukrainian soldiers involved in such acts were treated just as badly.

The Russians seem to have split Ukraine in half, as ex Iraq WMD inspector Scott Ritter said in a previous show on the Duran, the whole 40-mile tank line towards Kyiv managed to keep the eyes of the world, and 70% of the Ukrainian forces in the capital to defend it. 

This despite the fact that the Russian's main objective from the beginning, as Putin, Lavrov, and a few legitimate commentators who have not been peddling the lies from the US in their "propaganda war", was to free the Donbass breakaway territories in the East of Ukraine and de-NAZIFY the country. 

Even the USA admits it has been lying about the war in Ukraine, creating false narratives about chemical weapons attacks, Russia asking China for military aid, or staging a false flag attack. 

It is all part of "setting the narrative", and you can see in the following video from Jimmy Dore, how an ex LA Times reporter who was sacked when it was found out he worked for the CIA pushing their disinformation, is now NBC News "intelligence reporter".  He plainly admits that the USA is planting fake stories to "get out ahead of the Russians" even when Russia had no plans to do the things the US Government and Intelligence agencies claimed they were going to.

The distraction ploy has worked wonderfully Scott Riter said, describing how the "re-capturing" of Kyiv suburbs by Ukrainian forces, were just ants moving around on a map, and the Russian's keeping the main Ukrainian army stuck in the west of the country as they surrounded the Eastern Ukrainian army in Donbass.

The Russians have encircled the Eastern Ukrainian forces, along with many suspected UK and French mercenaries, as well as the NAZI Azov brigade which they wanted to destroy, and have gone about the business of taking apart this army. 

Apparently, in recent days the remnants of the army in the factories of Mariupol have complained about being left to die or surrender by their Commander in Chief, the actor, Zelenskyy, who whenever pictured in Ukraine seems to be surrounded by "Right Sektor", far-right nationalists, not as noted bodyguards but seemingly more as a prisoner.

For those people still claiming that there is no NAZI problem in Ukraine I give you this picture of all the headlines from before the war that talked about the influence of neo-NAZI and far-right nationalists in Ukraine.


Also you can read this article about how the Ukrainian President, who is Jewish, has tight links with the far-right Russo-phobic gangs who committed many atrocities in Donbass after the US coup of 2014. It says

"Amidst the ongoing military confrontation with Russia, reports have emerged proving that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is seeking to appoint the far-right Serhiy Sternenko as head of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) in Odessa, in an attempt to further his alliance with neo-Nazi forces. As the former head of the neo-Nazi Right Sector in Odessa, Sternenko was directly implicated in the 2014 Trade Unions House massacre of 46 people. He is a convicted criminal and currently under investigation for murder."

In a statement published on Facebook a couple of days ago, the 36th Marine Brigade, who have been defending Mariupol said that “Today will probably be the last battle, as the ammunition is running out… It’s death for some of us and captivity for the rest.”  

I don't know who is really running things in Ukraine, but it is clear that whoever is, are making good use of Zelenskyy's talents as an actor with every interview and plea to Western governments he makes. 

The Russians obviously want to keep him as the President of Ukraine due to the legitimacy he has gained during the war. They want to be able to sit down with him and agree on terms of surrender and not have a Ukrainian government in exile, run by the US State Department, continuing the proxy war.

Every time, he makes a speech by ZOOM to a western government, he seems to have a common playbook that he reads from. Each country he has spoken to has had some heroic battles or wars in the past, and he likes to refer to them as if each speech is a copycat of previous ones, only with the country-specific parts changed.

Only the other week, Zelenskyy talked about the spirit of the Americans as they came together after 9.11, and in London about Winston Churchill during the Blitz. However, he made 2 big mistakes, the first was when he spoke to the Israeli parliament and mentioned the holocaust. The Israeli Knesset called it "outrageous", and several MKs harshly criticized Zelensky for drawing comparisons between the Holocaust and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and seemingly ignoring some Ukrainians’ complicity in the Nazi-led genocide.

His second, was when he made a speech to the Greek parliament and mentioned the tale of the 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae - see what he is doing?

However his speech was overshadowed by the inclusion of a video message from the far-right militia group, the Azov Battalion, that was addressed to lawmakers. A video of an Azov Battalion’s soldier triggered the reaction of opposition parties as well as influential members of the ruling New Democracy party.

The speech of members of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in the Greek Parliament is a provocation. The absolute responsibility lies with the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. He talked about a historic day, but it is a historic shame. The solidarity with the Ukrainian people is a given. But the Nazis cannot have a say in Parliament,” Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras posted on Facebook. Similarly, former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said allowing this video to be broadcast in the Greek House was a “big mistake”.

So some of Zelenskyy's tailored speeches are not going down as well as he hoped, and I am sure his acting coach and producers of the Ukrainian proxy war aren't happy with all the right-wing elements he surrounds himself with. 

However, as Russia is losing the propaganda war both on social media, and with the made-up US lies about its actions during the war you might want to watch a show where intelligent people discuss the reality of the situation without bias. 

The Duran is a great YouTube show for foreign policy issues and whilst people claim Russia has decimated whole cities, it is clear from their live chat with a journalist in the middle of the conflict that the Internet must still be working, as well as electricity and water from the number of coffees he makes during the show. I doubt you would have been able to get such a live stream from the early days of the war in Iraq.

So if you want to get some real factual analysis around the sanctions war, their effect, and what political moves are going on to extract secret French & British mercenaries left to die in the factories of Mariupol, with secret talks going on to rescue them, and Germany sending the Austrian Chancellor to Moscow on a supposed secret talk with Putin and the outcome. I highly suggest you spend some time watching the following video.

By Dark Politricks

© 2022 Dark Politricks

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