Thursday 13 June 2024

The Real Reason The USA Wants To Own Ukraine

Sen. Lindsey Graham Lets Loose The Real Real Reason The USA Wants Ukraine

By Dark Politricks

Sen. Lindsey Graham, that masculine war hawk in DC, that wants everyone but himself to die for his campaign contributions from the MIC, let slip the real reason the USA wants to keep Ukraine all for itself (BlackRock, Vanguard etc).

It seems that these ancient war hawks just can't get over the fact that whatever faults Putin has, and he has many like all corrupt world leaders. They just can't rip off the Russian people like they did in the years when a drunken clown, Boris Yeltsin, was President of Russia.

When Boris Yeltsin was helped into office by the western powers he basically let capitalism loose on his country to the furthest reaches of what the term meant. US companies and Russia oligarchs basically bought up whole privatised industries on the cheap and when Putin came in and stopped the fire sale of Russia it stopped a lot of people getting rich very easily.

Here we can hear Sen. Graham on some US MSM TV show give away the real reason he and other Americans don't care if a whole generation of Ukrainians die or go missing from the country.

Yes it's all down to those pesky rare earth minerals like Lithium, worth a thousand times their weight in gold in the new age of electric cars and smart phone batteries.

How dare Putin think he can take these minerals for himself and sell them to China when the US and NATO can risk World War III (and yes we are nearly there people), to steal them for themselves. They have already carved Ukraine's nationalised industries, and fields that were once labelled the bread basket of Europe, up for Blackrock and it's ilk. 

I mean Ukraine owes the USA billions under it's lease lend act, and as the UK only finished off paying back it's "friend" who helped it out during World War II under Gordon Browns premiership in 2006. It may take Ukraine, if it wins the war, or has some sort of existence outside Russian control, many decades to pay back. 

With all its nationalised industries privatised for US companies to run and make money from, and the farm land, carved up, despite most of the fertile fields laying the East. Ukraine won't have much money from industry to pay back loans given to it for weapons and salaries, bribes and offshore bank accounts.

It got so corrupt with Zelenskyy and his Right Sektor mob, who have him under their control. basically threatened with death if he doesn't do as they say. That the US CIA Director, William Burns, had to fly into Ukraine himself to tell the Ukrainian leader to stop stealing so much money as it was getting harder and harder to cover up. 

If anyone didn't know Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe then they should now.

Ukraine may have difficulty paying back its "generous backer" who has offloaded all it's old weaponry and vehicles to Ukraine so that the billions passed in Congress for Ukraine, are no more than a DC laundering scheme. 

This works because the Senators and Congress people passing the funding bills. get to hand the money over to the Military Industrial Complex companies that send over their left over weapons, including tanks and APC's, unchecked Javelin missiles, and other military equipment that have been lying in warehouses since the 90's, to Ukraine,  

You can see some US soldiers out in the desert attempt a Javelin missile launch below.

In contrast the Ukrainians are finding out how good the Russian equivalent, the Kornet is, against their own tanks.

At least some Ukrainians benefit from the US weapons that are sent over without the US even knowing where they are going or who is using them. Some which have been found on the Darknet being sold of $30,000 a pop.

Then take the newly passed money by government to line it's own pockets and develop newer weapons that the Ukrainians won't see, and then complete the circle by paying the politicians who passed the bill huge campaign contributions, that obviously are used to feather their own pockets. So the Ukrainians lose out twice, they get ropey equipment from the USA, and have to hand over their huge pockets of precious minerals if Sen. Lindsay Graham gets his way,

If you wondered why the West hates Russia so much it comes down to the oldest motive in time, greed. The US want what the Russians have and they don't want to pay for it. So instead they have destroyed a whole country in an attempt to get at it.

The Biden administration last month secretly shipped long-range missiles, ATACMS, to Ukraine for the first time in the two-year war and Kyiv has already used the weapon twice to strike deep behind Russian lines. They have the ability to reach far behind Russian lines and have already been used to attack Russian early warning systems that help them defend against a nuclear attack. 

This has crossed one of Russia's red lines and clearly crosses the line behind Russia's nuclear doctrine of when it can and cannot use nuclear weapons. If it can be attacked by missiles that could carry nuclear warheads so close to the border of the country, the Russians have no idea whether they do or don't. Every firing of one of these missiles relies on a judgment call by Russia's military on whether to legally launch their nuclear arsenal and end the world or not.

As these missiles are not ICBMS they pose a particular new risk to Russia and it's early warning radar stations and both Sergey Lavrov and Putin have clearly stated that this crosses a red line and puts nuclear weapons into play due to their nuclear doctrine which determines whether nuclear missiles can be fired or not.

Putin has also clearly noted that Russia and NATO are now in "direct confrontation". Because certain weapon systems rely on secretive guidance information from US satellites to allow for the targeting of certain long range weapons, the Russians have also made it clear that they know that it is NATO troops doing the targeting and firing of these weapons not the Ukrainians. This puts NATO and Russia in direct conflict. 

We are basically at war with Russia and all pretence of NATO just helping Ukraine out has gone

We are at war with Russia. 

So if you live in the US or Europe and were wondering whether we were close to a nuclear Armageddon then the answer is yes. 

We have never been so close to the end of the world. At least during the Cuba Missile crisis there were two adults in the room on opposing sides, here we have one, Putin. Across him sits a senile dithering old fool, and no-one really knows who in the deep state is running the show. 

Whoever it is, they have little care for the fate of the world if their recent actions breaking yet another of their own red lines, by sending long range weapons to Ukraine is anything to go by.

We are in World War III.

Will we live through it? 

Well we know one thing, Sen. Lindsey Graham won't get his hands on all those precious jewels in the Ukrainian ground if it is a nuclear wasteland. So until that matter is sorted we may be safe,.

By Dark Politricks

© 2024 Dark Politricks


  1. Dont be fooled !...why support either side in this New World Order plan ?? This is not a recognized war it is satanic piracy.

  2. Zelensky and Putin are sons of satan leading humanity into Armageddon whilst Biden is a neo fascistic fenian fanning the flames of hellfire

  3. In Ireland they have CIA kangeroo court hearings ....the Gardai (Irish police) dont use evidence to gain conviction..unlike UK Courts evidence is always required.

    In uk the police can give evidence in court - only if they witness crime themselves or have witness or evidence.In ireland they have Gardai special court hearings whereby judges can believe anything that a Garda (police officer) reads out as a statement in court.To simplfy Irish police bypass their own DPP (prosecution services) and have special police court hearings without any evidence,witnesses or they themselves being involved in an incident.These courts are used in the republic of Ireland by the CIA,British Intelligence and Russian espionage agents.The agents work closely with the Kinahan drug cartel
    and millions of dollars of cocaine and Heroin are used as inside payments for setting up rigged court cases...also Irish passports are traded for rigged cases.....This is what Donald Trump faced when he lost his election.....The entire Clinton Foundation,Barrack Obama and Biden have used this court rigging threat for decades in Ireland and control it with far right wing fascists such as Kieran Conway a Dublin solicitor and former IRA member ,Irish politicians and Sinn Fein to name a few.The Present Dublin Government run by crack pot Neo Nazi Simon Harris has no intention in abolitioning this human rights violation.Dr Moayyad Al Kamali another named neo fascist has been given orders by the CIA and British Intelligence services to write false reports on behalf of the courts in Ireland,he was exposed as a tripple agent owning millions of dollars in secret bank accounts as well as controlling property and business very close to the Russian Embassy in London .Kamali Doctor license to work as a doctor in the UK was removed.

  4. The Irish Government have been switching their leaders over the last few years ,none of them will comment or address these Kangeroo courts where evidence isnt required to gain convictions.
    In ireland in the special police courts the police simply read out statements made inside of police stations by CIA and British agents...the agents simply make appointments to visit the station provide lies that are turned into police statements and then the police simply read out the statement in court.They dont make arrests they arrive at your home with a special summons stating you have to arrive at a court hearing,,,,,they dont interview they dont arrest...if a person doesnt arrive at court they get another warrant for failing to arrive at court.This is a human rights violation.

  5. Newspaper companies such as The Irish Independent Newspaper have used these home made summonses for political reasons against innocent persons forcing them into prisons where they are tortured like Julian Assange for publishing evidence and articles ;

    Julian Assange leaves jail on his way to enter plea deal ...
    NBC News › politics › justice-department
    2 days ago — WASHINGTON — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was released from a British prison and on his way to a remote Pacific island on Tuesday where he ...

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  7. The Irish State is a CIA controlled entity that provide guaranteed protection to politicians and Newspapers and many others.Kiean Conway is a solicitor and former member of The Irish Republican Army he works today with the CIA and British Military in controlling the Republic of Ireland along with others on behalf American Government,there is a terrorist warrant for his arrest however the Good Friday agreement (a cia produced document) protects Conwa from prosecution.Conway is accused of working with the Kinahan drug cartel and the Irish Gardai who work exclusively for the oter half of the CIA who gave licenses decades ago and weapons to the Kinahan drug gang.

    The Kinahan Organised Crime Group (KOCG), also known as the Kinahan Cartel, is a major Irish transnational organised crime syndicate alleged to be the most powerful in Ireland and one of the largest organised crime groups in the world.[30][31][32] It is also established in the UK, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates.[33] It was founded by Christy Kinahan in the 1990s. His eldest son Daniel manages the day-to-day operations of the family's criminal group.[34] Estimated reports have credited them with wealth of up to €1 billion.[35][36]

  8. Fascist Journalist Albert Smith owns Parpoint publishing named after Convicted Neo Nazi sympathizer David Irvings Racist publishing outlet Parforce..
    in the article below published in 2008 he explains how he would like to put farmers into Psychiatric hospitals....

    Temp Head
    Mon 18 Feb 2008 at 19:00

    THE half-hearted -- and half-assed -- three-day hunger strike by Limerick farmer Donal O'Brien is a clear indicator of the parallel universe in which our subsidy-addicted farmers now dwell.

    Mr O'Brien went on a brief and unconvincing hunger strike inside the Department of Agriculture offices in Raheen, Limerick, because his REPS payments have not been handed over in advance.

    REPS, the Rural Environmental Protection Scheme, is paid to farmers who pledge that they will farm in an environmentally friendly manner. In the past, it has been paid when, or shortly after, farmers signed up. The department has indicated that in future it may be paid during or even at the end of each cycle -- when farmers actually have done what they say, rather than when they say they will do it.

    Mr O'Brien, who keeps referring to REPS payments as his "wages", insists he is entitled to be paid upfront.

    It seems to me that, in the current climate (literally), any farmer who does not farm in an environmentally friendly manner should be shut down. The notion that the public purse should be opened in advance in the hope that he or she might avoid poisoning the planet is ludicrous.

    Imagine the response if workers were to demand their wages in advance -- Dear Editor, I am going to write 50 interesting articles this year and produce them all in an environmentally friendly manner. Can I be paid in advance, please? Memo from Editor: An ambulance is on its way.

    Tough, I know, but I live in the real world. Not in the world where, incredibly, 98pc of income rolls in from European and domestic versions of the public purse.

    That's right. Teagasc revealed last year in its National Farm Survey that only 2pc of farm incomes actually came from growing and selling produce.

    This daft scenario came about because many farmers deliberately maximised their production in the assessment years before the single farm payment came into being, boosting the subsidies they receive on the basis of this notional production. Many have since given up, or drastically reduced, their work. So much so much that they make 50 times as much from the public purse as they do from working.

    The world has gone mad. And if farmers are going to starve themselves in defence of this madness, I know plenty of empty sheepsheds where they can do it in peace

  9. As a former Editor of the Irish Independent Newspaper that is his answer -Memo from Editor: An ambulance is on its way.

    This is a fascistic statement,the evidence is so obvious ...Simon Harris the present leader of the Irish Government must be removed.

  10. Copyright FAQs
    Irish Copyright Licensing Agency › understanding-copyright › copyrigh...
    There is no system of registration for copyright protection in Ireland as copyright arises automatically on the creation of an original work. You do not need to ...

    Ireland has a muppet CIA venture -It has no REAL Government and is a threat to freedom and democracy within Europe as it is a CIA Drug haven.Its copright laws or completely out of touch....

  11. There are police officers wit arrest warrants for the likes of Albert Smith Parpoint publishing and Dublin Solicitor Kieran Conway ...However President Joe Biden has signed CIA protection deals to prevent arrest and prosecutions....The Irish Government must be replaced.

    Alan Preston
    Thu 24 Nov 2016 at 03:50

    Claims by an IRA man turned lawyer in his book that he was involved in multiple shootings, bombings and armed robberies have been raised directly with the Prime Minister.

    Theresa May was asked by the Ulster Unionist MP Tom Elliott if she would back an extradition from the Republic of solicitor Kieran Conway, a former director of intelligence for the IRA.


    Crime & Law
    Garda Special Detective Unit investigating bomb threat against home of Taoiseach Simon Harris
    Threat was made by an individual who phoned a Samaritans helpline

    Colin Gleeson
    Conor Lally
    Jennifer Bray
    Wed Jun 26 2024 - 22:02

    Gardaí are investigating a bomb threat made against the Co Wicklow home of Taoiseach Simon Harris on Wednesday evening. The investigation is being led by the Garda Special Detective Unit, which is the State’s counter-terrorism investigative unit.

    The Irish Times understands that an anonymous caller rang a Samaritans helpline, shortly before 6pm, and claimed that there was an explosive device at the Harris family home. The alarm was immediately raised by the organisation.

    Gardaí attended Mr Harris’ home in Greystones. No device was found during a search of the property.

    Dr Moayyad Al kamali is a Neo fascist Doctor,a money launderer,a liar
    and a spy doctor that has written false reports

  13. we do not support acts of terrorism ,torture or human rights abuse.

  14. (o)--(o)

    Conspiracy you can trust.......