9.11 Declassified 28 Pages

The 28 Redacted 9.11 Pages that shows Saudi Arabian Complicity with the hijackers

By Dark Politricks

Whatever your beliefs about 9.11; whether you feel it was a false flag attack, an attack known about by Israeli and US intelligence that was allowed to go ahead to give them their "New Pearl Harbor", an excuse to allow for their pre-planned PNAC attacks in the Middle East, or maybe you believe the official conspiracy theory. The redacted 28 (29), 9.11 pages are important because they show that the war in Iraq was based on a falsehood known by George W Bush and his comrades Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld and maybe even Tony Blair.

They show that they ignored direct influence, payments and help for the alleged 9.11 hijackers from the Saudi government and instead went to war with Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia.

This means that a war crime was committed.

The illegal invasion of Iraq was based on a falsehood that was known about by the leaders of that war.

It is akin to a friend killing your parents and you picking out a random stranger to avenge the attacks on instead of your friend.

This is no little lie.

A million Iraqi's died because George W Bush had some desire to protect his Saudi friends, Prince Bandar and co AKA Terrorism INC, and instead do what his father didn't and remove Saddam Hussein from power in a totally unrelated country.

The links between the Saudi government, including the bin-Ladens who are one of the most important families in the country, the Bush family and The Carlyle Group are well known and extensive. Therefore the Bush relationship with the Saudi government was put ahead of the well being of the people of the USA for personal reasons.

This is a war crime.

People should be crying out for Bush and Cheney's head on blocks.

However these pages were released just before a long break at Congress and before a heavy news cycle with the Republican and Democratic conventions taking all the major headlines in the news. The mainstream media in the USA and UK seems to have ignored these important pages totally for other "news worthy" events.

It doesn't seem that the main news broadcasters see the link between the UK's Chilcot report, that shows Tony Blair agreed to follow Bush into Iraq "whatever", and this latest conspiracy to be news at all.

Is Tony Blair also complicit in this latest 9.11 conspiracy as well, why is no-one asking?

So if you don't believe in Judy Woods energy weapon theory, nano thermite or even nuclear explosions bringing down the towers instead of weak metal planes that should have crumpled up on impact instead of slicing through them like Swiss Cheese, then THIS IS YOUR CONSPIRACY.....BELIEVE THIS!

Your government lied to you.

It removed all knowledge of Saudi Government links to the hijackers for their own reasons.

It went to war with an unrelated country and killed hundreds of thousands.

Thousands of US and UK soldiers came home either dead or with missing limbs because of the unnecessary war in Iraq.

The victims of the 9.11 families were lied to and ignored because of these links between the US and Saudi governments and their desire to keep the links shown in theses pages hidden.

This is your conspiracy theory!

Take it and run with it.

Go and bring justice to yourselves, the victims of 9.11 and the thousands of dead in Iraq.

You can read the full redacted 28 pages from the official 9.11 investigation that show Saudi Arabian complicity in the attacks here >> https://28pages.org/the-declassified-28-pages/

Highlights include:

“While in the United States, some of the September 11th hijackers were in contact with, and received support or assistance from, individuals who may be connected to the Saudi Government. There is information, primarily from FBI sources, that at least two of those individuals were alleged by some to be Saudi intelligence officers.”

“A representative of the FBI [redacted] testified that prior to September 11, 2001, the FBI received ‘no reporting from any member of the Intelligence Community’ that there was a [redacted] presence in the United States.”

“On one occasion prior to September 11, the FBI received information that Omar al-Bayoumi might be a Saudi intelligence officer. Al-Bayoumi was known to have access to large amounts of money from Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that he did not appear to hold a job. On occasion prior to September 11, the FBI received information that al-Bayoumi had received $400,000 from Saudi Arabia to help fund a new mosque in San Diego. The FBI conducted a counterterrorism investigation on al-Bayoumi in 1998 and 1999, but closed the investigation at that point.”

“Al-Bayoumi had been an accountant at the Saudi Civil Aviation Administration from 1976 to 1993, when he relocated to the United States…According to the FBI, al-Bayoumi was in frequent contact with the Emir at the Saudi Ministry of Defense, responsible for air traffic control…The FBI has also located records, indicating that al-Bayoumi received $20,000 from the Saudi Ministry of Finance at one point…When al-Bayoumi applied to schools in the United States in 1998, he had a letter from the Saudi Embassy, which stated that he was getting a full scholarship from the Government of Saudi Arabia.”

“al-Bayoumi also noted on one of his school applications that he worked for a company called Dallah/Avco. Ercan is a San Diego subcontractor of of Dallah/Avco…Avco Dallah reportedly holds the contracts for cleaning and maintenance at the three major airports in Saudi Arabia. The [redacted] document states that [redacted] the company has links to Usama Bin Laden. FBI Headquarters was informed of the affiliation between Dallah/Avco and Al Bakarat (an Investment and Development Company) in February 2001, but the San Diego Field Office apparently never got this information.”

Read the full 28 declassified 9.11 pages here: https://28pages.org/the-declassified-28-pages/


  1. Saudi Arabian scum

  2. No To Saudi Arabia24 January 2022 at 18:08

    I really cannot believe these didn't make more headlines when released and Trump was saying all those years, to release the redacted 28 pages and then when they are he does nothing but suck up to MBS, sell them loads of weapons, half of which have gone to terorists to be used against US personnel, trained by the CIA of course. Not unheard of for jihadists trained by the CIA to be fighting jihadists trained by the DOD. Murky, and Trump said F ALL about it, he went over to Saudi Arabia and held that glowing orb like a kid at a funfair, and then they hack up a US citizen and journalist and Trump gives them the benefit of the doubt! Did he change his mind about 9.11 as well and give the Saudi's the benefit of the doubt after reading how they funded and ran those terrorists in the USA?