Thursday 5 July 2012

Why Julian Assange should be granted asylum by Ecuador

By Dark Politricks

This episode of "The World Tomorrow" is the final show in the Russia Today series of interviews Julian Assange has been carrying out over the last couple of months.

He has interviewed everyone from Presidents, revolutionary leaders from the Arab Spring and Occupy Movement to intellectuals and "terrorist" leaders and if you have missed any of the shows you can watch them on my main site

Lets all cross our fingers and hope Ecuador gives Julian Assange political asylum.

Rafael Correa, the President of that Ecuador was one of Julian's interviewees and the two seemed to get on really well so he may have more than an average chance of gaining asylum.

Add to this relationship the leftist group of Southern American nations, of which Ecuador is one, dislike of American Imperialism as they see it and they may just give him asylum to stick two fingers up to the empire.

However even if he and President Rafael Correa aren't the best of buddies there are many reasons why any country should give Julian Assange asylum including:
  • The USA uses Torture - a breach of international law
  • US prisons are hell holes full of male rape, drugs, violence and murder. Julian would not last very long in a US high security prison.
  • The USA executes people for certain crimes. We don't do that in Europe. We have a modicum of human rights even though they are being constantly downgraded as I speak.
  • The USA has thrown away the rule book and has decided it and it alone can be the arbitrary decider of which country is "moral" whilst attacking those it dislikes. There is no other reason why it sucks the cock of Saudi Arabia one of the most repressive and backward regimes in the world, selling it weaponry and buying it's oil whilst it boycotts Iranian oil, attacks Syria for defending it's own country from al-Qaeda terrorists and attacks China for human rights violations whilst carrying out many of the same violations itself.
  • The US military have basically tortured a US soldier Bradley Manning to get information on Julian Assange so that he can be tried under their espionage act. Something that doesn't apply to him seeing that he is not an American citizen or was in the US when the documents were obtained.
  • Julian Assange is a whistle blower that has broken many stories that the US should be protecting him for doing so. Under their own legal system whistle blowers are supposed to be accorded protection but this attack on Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and other whistle blowers shows this to be nothing more than fiction. WikiLeaks has shown the US military at it's worst - massacring Iraqi civilians, releasing documents that shows the USA has no regard for international treaties by it's desire to bug UN delegates as well as many other documents that show the USA's duplicity and illegality in world affairs.
  • The USA is using all the political pressure it can to ensure Julian Assange ends up in an orange jumpsuit. I hope he doesn't.
  • It is a shocking indictment on the West - supposed upholder of human rights and liberty that the only places that Julian Assange can get asylum are South American leftist countries like Ecuador or Venezuela or even maybe Cuba
Why is it that no European country that supposedly stands for liberty, free speech and the rule of law has offered Julian asylum? 

It would be interesting to see what would happen if Russia or China offered it to him as well as the Americans response to it. I only hope that they grow a pair and do so along with many other western countries.
As for the "The World Tomorrow" show on Russia Today this is the last show in the series.

In show ten Julian Assange speaks to the leader of the Malaysian opposition - Anwar Ibrahim. As a rising internal rival to the former Prime Minister Mahathir, Anwar was imprisoned for 5 years after being smeared with sex allegations including sodomy.

As a result of a popular campaign in 2004, his conviction was overturned and he was released from prison.

In 2008, he was again targeted for sex crimes allegations, he won the case earlier this year.

With elections looming with Anwar tipped to win, he has now been charged with unauthorised assembly. If found convicted, he will be prevented from running. Julian Assange talks to him about how he has survived and what he sees as the future of Asia and the West.


If you've missed the previous episodes, you can always watch them on my main site under the tag "The World Tomorrow" or you can visit Julian's own site for the TV show at

Whether you love him, hate him, think he's a useful idiot or an Israeli tool you should respect Julian's right to free speech and the fact he has blown the whistle on a number of major American atrocities and international crimes. For that he should not be punished but applauded.

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