Thursday 16 August 2012

Ecuador grants Julian Assange asylum but the UK threatens to storm the embassy and take him forcibly

By Dark Politricks

So if you haven't heard yet Ecuador after months of waiting has finally offered Julian Assange asylum.

From the BBC site:
Ecuador has granted asylum to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange two months after he took refuge in its London embassy while fighting extradition from the UK.
It cited fears that Mr Assange's human rights might be violated. Foreign Secretary William Hague said the UK would not allow Mr Assange's safe passage out of the country.
This comes after threats from the UK government that they would forcibly enter the embassy, breaking all international norms and arrest Julian whether he was on Ecuadorian soil or not.

Yes we have sent the SAS into the Iranian embassy before but this was after a hostage situation.

Not to arrest a man who is blatantly being set-up to be extradited to Sweden just so he can be passed to the USA and spend the rest of his life in an orange jumpsuit or even tied to a gurney as some US commentators have wished.

Remember this is a man who the Swedish police want to "question" on allegations that he had sex with two women on consecutive nights and didn't wear a condom. If it was rape, and the women really didn't want him to have sex without a condom then it would be rape he would be getting questioned on and not these weird charges that seemingly only exist in Sweden.

Instead it looks like a Prima facia case of two women scorned once they found out they were not the only Swedish women in Julian's life.

I wonder how they will feel if they see their once idol being sent down for life in a US court room all because they couldn't handle the fact he had sex with another woman.

The Swedish police have been offered numerous chances to either interview Julian over the phone or come to the Ecuadorian embassy to interview him in person but they have turned them all down.

This only makes me thing the true purposes of their wish to interview him on Swedish soil is nothing more than a ruse to then pass him off to their US masters.

I used to think Sweden was a pretty liberal country but then so was Holland before they started shutting down the coffee shops to non Dutch people and going big time on the Islamophobia.

Whether you like Julian Assange or WikiLeaks or not you have to admire his guts for sticking two fingers up to the establishment and for Ecuador doing the same.

How they will manage to get Julian Assange out the county though is another matter. ]

As soon as he walks out the door I reckon a dozen of London's finest truncheon wielding, women beating, minority beating, protester killing, stun gun firing cops will be on top of him in an instant.

Maybe a helicopter on the roof with a transfer to a plane off the coast is the only option.

Any shooting down of such a helicopter will cause havoc and be treated as a sign of war and I wouldn't be surpised if Argentina weighed in on the Falkland Island issue which has boiled up again.

Latin America is no longer the USA's playground and they have the balls to say what they want when they want and from the granting of aslyum to Julian Assange doing what they want as well.

Why we are going full out to capture a man who has revealed the massacring of civilians in Iraq, the illegal bugging of UN delegates by US officials as well as numerous other illegal activities in the #Cablegate release I don't know.

It sure puts an end to our respect for "human rights" and our supposed protection for whistle blowers when we know what is going to happen to Julian.

All the time we bleat on about human rights abuses in Syria we support and fund al-Qaeda on the one hand and supposedly fight them on the other all the way from Afghanistan, Kosovo, Libya and now Syria.

Our hypocrisy on human rights and our phony war on terror knows no limits.

Our world is upside down at the moment and our support for terrorism in one country whilst we ignore human rights abuses in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia along with our own silencing of voices who speak truth to power is a sign of the times we are living in.

I just hope Julian manages to make it out the country without being shot or tasered first.

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