Thursday 2 August 2012

This new rebel army massacre won't stop the USA/UK's support for the Free Syrian Army

By Dark Politricks

A new video released by Syrian rebels fighting President Assad in Syria apparently showing them shooting captured troops loyal to President Assad has not been mentioned in the western media but the western TV stations love to parrot the line whenever the shoe is on the other foot.

You can find some of the video on the Guardian one of the few papers that has some modicum of balance even though it is definitely not independent in any way it is mostly anti-war in its articles. The text above the video goes:
"Amateur footage purports to show pro-Assad militia captured by rebels, who are seen collecting their dead as fierce clashes continue in Aleppo. Government forces continue to shell Syria's largest city, including the rebel stronghold of Salaheddin. The Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and US defence secretary, Leon Panetta, say time is running out for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad"
Not exactly singing the same sort of tune as the "town about to be massacred" and "Assad troops massacre civilians and rebels" etc that has been covering the media over the weeks including by the same Guardian paper trying to give some form of balance however small to both sides of this civil war in Syria.

You can find more balanced views (in that I mean a view opposing the western one so that you can make your own mind up) on or Russia Today.

Yes the same international TV station that is attacked by Hillary Clinton, Western news pundits and others for its "pro-Kremlin" views, a KGB front and so on. The video they show is below:

The article that goes with it can be found here: War Crime? Syrian rebels execute captured policeman on tape.

This article has more than a slightly different slant on matters than the Guardian one which goes to show how one journalist's writing can turn A into B and people who only read from one news source will undoubtedly get a skewed outlook on matters.

Now I would never advise anyone to get their news only from one source but you should never, never just believe what you are told by the Western media who are mostly owned and controlled by the same few rich families and organisations.

Editorial control they call it, a reason given by Julian Assange when he fell out with the Guardian when they refused to show certain documents, videos from his #cablegate release.

The same one that might see him end up in an orange jumpsuit in the USA.

Why the Swedish police cannot just interview him over the phone or in the Ecuadorian embassy I don't know but he hasn't even been charged with a crime.

Supposedly they only want to talk to him about about certain crimes that can only be described as "unusual" and involve two girls who were WikiLeak "fans" or "benefactors" who obviously had a crush on him having sex with him on consecutive nights.

The two girls found out about each other and as some may say - "Hell has no fury like a woman  scorned" they both went to the police and accused Julian of having sex with him without wearing a condom!

Now I don't know how this is a crime as they obviously let him do it otherwise it would be rape or sexual assault but nonetheless the Swedes want him in their country for interviewing.

At the moment he is in the Ecuadorian embassy in London waiting for the Ecuadorian's to make their mind up about asylum whilst I guess the Americans threaten that country with everything under the sun but it all seems like madness to me.

If you could be arrested and locked up for having sex without a condom then how many men out there would be in prison right now?

Anyway back to the point - get your news from opposing points of view and then make your own mind up. Do not believe everything your told whatever channel it comes from.

Russia Today may be the spawn of the KGB and Kremlin propaganda in some peoples eyes but it most definitely gives a voice to those people the western media overlook.

However remember this is the channel that gave Julian Assange his own "The World Tomorrow" interview show to talk to people the western news channels wouldn't dare talk to.

If I want news or details of political crimes and Russian mafia like governance then I wouldn't expect Russia Today to give it to me.

In the same way I don't expect my countries own news channels to attack their government and the crush of our civil rights and the rising police state in the same way.

However Russia Today allows rebels, dissidents, people considered "unpatriotic" and all the other BS names FOX and other channels throw about in the USA to appear on their channels frequently.

Everybody from members of Anonymous, WikiLeaks to Alex Jones, Glenn Greenwald and Norman Finkelstein at the very least.

People the western shows stay away from like a turd on a stick.

So when you hear about Assad and the next town about to be massacred just remember that war crimes are being committed and admitted by the UN Human Rights council by both sides in this civil war.

Only last week the Free Syrian Army committed massive attacks in the capital that killed numerous civilians as well as the Syrian Defence Minister. UN human rights chief Navi Pillay said last week:
"Pillay cited unconfirmed reports of atrocities including executions and shooting of civilians by snipers during recent fighting in the Syrian capital Damascus. Her office had also been receiving an increasing number of reports of opposition fighters torturing or executing prisoners, and reports that unarmed prisoners had been killed in the central prisons of Aleppo and Homs during uprisings in the past week, in violation of international law. "
This is a civil war and should be left as such without all the arming and funding by Saudia Arabia and Qatar with help from US/UK/French war mongerers who don't seem to learn anything.

Especially that if you put religious fanatics into power including your supposed "mortal enemy" you end up with Libya.

A country now run by ex LIFG / al-Qaeda members, rebel armies controlling towns and summary executions of people with links to Gadaffi or black skin.

Just remember what happened when the CIA helped create al-Qaeda in their fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Blowback and bombings and then 9.11.

Syria and Libya are a lot closer to home than Afghanistan and before "our help" their leaders, as crazy and despotic as they may seem to us, they were a hell of a lot nicer than our "ally" Saudi Arabia. A medieval country run under ancient barbaric laws with no respect for human rights and women.

If foreign policy was logical this would have been the target of any post-9.11 attack due to the number of hijackers that were Saudi Arabian and all the funding of terror groups it does regularly - but then they supply us oil and Bush's family have a "close" relationship with the House of Saud.

But when has western foreign policy ever been logical and when does the enemy of our enemy stay our enemy and not our friend?

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