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Do aliens exist in Area 51?

Do aliens exist in Area 51?

By Dark Politricks

Question: Do Aliens exist?

I don't know. I doubt many people know for sure.

If anyone does now it is those with the highest security clearance in the land.

People who have clearance a lot higher than the Presidents and Prime Ministers of most countries put together. Trust me there are people with higher security clearances than the elected figurehead of your country.

Our permanent government, the heads of the civil service, the officials that seem to work for the government whatever party colour is in the White House that four year period.

The heads of the military and security agencies and their backers. People who remain in their position of power for decades - these are the people who would know. They are also unlikely to tell us if they did know.

Logically do I think we are the only planet in this huge universe with life.

No. The possibility seems too small.

Have we been visited by aliens?

If they exist and are more advanced than us then probably. They are probably the "Gods" from old tales and religious stories. If they only came recently they are the UFO's people claim to see in the sky at night.

Those people who say that these alien visitors don't make their presence known due to some Star Trek like law of the universe that forbids the interfering with lower species maybe on the right tract.

We are like ant colonies studied by David Attenborough and other naturalists who examine from afar, watch our lives and don't interfere even when we fight each other to the death.

Those people who believe aliens are sitting in Area 51 maybe right and they maybe wrong but until someone admits what is going on there we won't know.

There have been many people from high authority who have gone on record to say UFO's exist.

People such as the group of US nuclear missile commanders who gave a press conference the other year to say nuclear tests had been interfered with by UFO's firing laser beams to stop the missiles from working. I have a whole book at home full of witness statements from "believable" people who have gone on record to say they have seen UFO's in the sky the size of football pitches and even miles wide in the sky across the English channel. These are not your average drunken farmer from Arizona who wakes up with a sore asshole after a gay encounter on the way home and makes up an alien probe story to cover himself. No these are all RAF and USAF pilots, Army commanders and pilots from top class airliners who were all debriefed after their UFO encounter. All debriefed by people who took their claims seriously. We can say that Area 51 is just a highly restricted training facility where top secret aircraft are designed and developed. Aircraft like the Blackbird, U2 spy plane and the stealth bomber. However from the people who have put forward this explanation I have seen wondrous examples of anti-gravity devices, neutral balance planes lighter than air and other wondrous aircraft that anyone would think were alien in origin.

You can see them too in the documentary video at the bottom of this article.

The question is though, if these are all just top secret aircraft being tested. Where are they all?

Why are they not being used in our current wars?

Why has it taken over 50 years for certain airplanes to be developed but never deployed.

The Nazi's were supposedly investigating anti gravity devices and that was back in the 40's.

If these top secret fighter planes are being used they are not being used to help our solidiers in their current battles and if they are we are not being told about it.

Why are we still sending stealth fighters into war zones to be shot down by Chinese hackers who have given the details to their Serbian friends.

Why are our drones still so basic that even the Iranians can hack them and steal them on demand?

If Area 51 is full to the brim of top secret anti gravity devices that can fly at multiple times the speed of sound in seconds. Aircraft that can go from a stationary state to hundreds of mph in split seconds. Aircraft that make magnificent movements in the sky that would seem impossible then where are they all?

Why are we spending tax money developing them and not using them? Isn't that a waste?

I don't know if alien UFO technology is being deconstructed and reverse engineered at secret bases. Or that all our advancements in technology over the last half century have come from downed UFO's.

I do know that the USA tried for the best part of a decade to get a novice hacker called Gary McKinnon extradited and imprisoned for life for claiming to find evidence of UFO's at these bases.

Here was someone who used a basic port scanner and accessed top secret computers with open admin access (basically doing the USA a favour by showing how open their systems were) and claims to have found before and after photos which were touched up, having all signs of aliens and UFO's removed from them, before they were given out to Universities and other places.

Why did the Americans try so hard to get this person into their custody? If he was just a crazy loon shouting into the wilderness why give him the credibility of trying so hard to get him into an orange jumpsuit.

Why wait years from the time of the "crime" until the UK changed their extradition laws with the US before making an extradition request.

Why were they so disgusted when our Home Secretary stood up to them for once and said she would not allow his extradition. Were they just pissed off that the UK stood up to them for once or was it the underlying reason they stood up to them the real cause of their outrage.

Why are ex generals and people with nothing to gain but the label of "loony" being placed on their shoulders going on the record to claim UFO's took out nuclear missile silo's?

Why have so many UFO sightings occurred since the World Wars and the advancement of nuclear weaponry?

Are we just crazy for even believing their could be higher life forms in this massive universe OR are we crazy for NOT entertaining the idea that we are not alone in this empty space.

Here is Jesse Ventura looking into Area 51. A place you can be murdered without a warrant just for crossing an invisible line in the desert sand.

View on

And here is Gary McKinnon explaining what he was searching for during his intrusion into Area 51 and what he claims to have found.

If you haven't read my earlier piece UFO Chronicles: What the President doesn’t know then have a read as it contains lots more information about credible witnesses plus a documentary about why the UFO's story has been such a good distraction for the "people".

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