Saturday 20 April 2013

Howard Stern- Alex Jones Interview 02/26/13

Howard Stern- Alex Jones Interview 02/26/13

By Dark Politricks

Alex Jones calls in to the Howard Stern show to talk to him about all of the following:

  • The real story between juice boxes making your kids gay and shrimp committing suicide.
  • Why gun control might be ideal in a perfect world but that we don't live in one.
  • Why the war on terror is a ruse for the American government to bring in measures such as the TSA groping, drones over the USA and the NDAA.
  • When bin-Laden really died and why they killed the Seal Team who attacked the compound in Abbottabad.
  • The Georgia Guidestones and what they mean.
  • Population reduction and how they are planning on doing it with vaccines and soft kill methods.
  • How in the future the elites won't need 7 billion people and how MIT are already planning the robots to take over the means of production for the "wealth creators".
  • Vacccinations and why he hasn't let his kids have one.
  • Why is it that McDonalds hamburgers can sit on a shelf for a year and still be eaten.
  • His relationship with Charlie Sheen and why Glenn Beck threatened to ruin his career.
  • The interview with Piers Morgan and why his "spidey sense" told him to get out of New York after seeing shit stained toilets in the CNN building.

He also talks about his past and his family including:

  • How he lost his virginity at the age of 12.
  • How he is happily married to a Jewish woman and doesn't put his success down to being an "Israeli Mossad Disinfo Agent".
  • How he is interested in spirituality but see's all organised religion as BS.
  • Why he home schools his children and why he thinks home schooling is growing in the USA.
  • How he played sport as well as did drugs at school - and he inhaled!
  • Why he loves history and went into talk radio as he hated hearing the USA being put down in Community College classes.
  • Who he respects in the industry and who his top hated people are.

This is a good interview that doesn't put Alex Jones in a bad light.

It also might hopefully might wake a few people up to what is going on in the world.

Remember to fact check everything he says on the show for yourself as it is very easy to take something out of context.

Also you won't find any ranting and raving in this interview and personally I think Alex comes off well - especially after the criticism I gave him for losing his cool on the Piers Morgan show.

In fact after all the years of listening to him it is one of the first I have heard him have a laugh and joke and show a sense of humour. It must be the fact he was speaking to Howard Stern and not Piers Morgan that did it!

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  1. London Ct Publishing - Alex is good at what he does there is no doubt about that......however London Ct Publishing draw the line with Alex Jones in our opinion he is a bigot!