Sunday 20 January 2019

How our phones are now Spy's in our pockets

How our phones are now Spy's in our pockets

By Dark Politricks

Remember the days when "conspiracy theorists" worried about the "mark of the beast" and people being micro-chipped so that the Government could follow everywhere they went and everything they did?

Well there is no need to worry about microchips anymore, we already have walked into George Orwell's 1984 with our Smart Phones, Smart TV's, Google DOTS, Amazon Echo's and all the rest of the modern day tech that seemingly makes our lives easier but in reality is also constantly monitoring us at the same time.

You may just think that the recording of our position on the planet all the time by either your phones GPS signal or Google's Location tracking, is just a helpful way to show you nearby events or shops that may interest you.

However this information not only is almost impossible to turn off but it's also passed on by the companies to Government agencies to log your behaviour.

If you have read your Smart TV's terms and conditions lately as I have done, you will see that it talks about recording you at all times through the TV's web cam as well as passing this information onto "unspecified 3rd parties".

Why are they unspecified? Who are they and why can't Samsung, Sony or Panasonic tell us what they are doing with this data they have captured of us sitting in front of the box?

Maybe it's because the NSA or GCHQ has a helping hand from the tech companies who now work alongside them.

Google are known to work with the CIA helping them on their PRISM type algorithms that allow agents to type into a CIA search engine an email address or phone number and get results of the person, their close contacts, details of social media posts, emails and website viewing history.

If this is the case why should we think that the CIA is not in a symbiotic relationship in which Google passes them data for their databases?

If they have already admitted building an underground data centre in UTAH the size of a city to hold all the data they collect on people what reason is there to think they are not using this data to spy on us?

How helpful would it be if the live feed of a bunch of terrorists, drug dealers, or even someone having a quite joint with their friends in front of Family Guy, is passed along from your Samsung TV to the local Police Station?

Suddenly you get a knock on the door and find yourself being arrested for supplying a drug and all because you passed a spliff to a friend in front of an all seeing, all listening, modern smart TV.

Oh and they have a recording of it happening to back up their claims, all from your TV set or the Amazon Echo sitting on your table that recorded it all happening! Live video footage and the sound evidence to go with it. A perfect spy in the room system.

If you don't believe how much we have slipped into an Orwellian society and how much our phones record our behaviour, even without SIM Cards, GPS enabled and Flight mode on then watch this recent FOX video.

In it they take two phones on a journey around the city. One with no SIM, no WiFi, and in Flight mode and one with it all enabled. Guess what?

When they got back from their trip round town they monitored all the data that was sent to Googles servers when the phones were attached to the WiFi system. They logged all the data and believe it or not the phone without WiFi in Flight Mode actually sent more data to Google than the one that had a SIM card in.

It sent information such as the number of steps you walked, the height off the ground you were, the temperature, when it thought you were in a car, and despite not having GPS or Location turned on it still logged it from pings to the phone masts.

It seems you cannot get away from Google tracking you and most phones are built around Googles technology, their email, play store, apps and settings and that is not to mention what the phone itself is recording behind your back.

Phones also can record you at all times due to the permissions you give them or the issues you get from removing certain applications like Googles Play Store. It basically states that it can record you at any point in time - why?

What function does this serve apart from spying on what you are saying.

A phone cannot accurately gain information about the potential products you would like from a few words in a long conversation it records to promote certain adverts at you when you next surf the web, so why is it doing it?

Is it because the new Silicon Valley / Intelligence / Government Nexus is all in bed with each other and want a Stasi like state, one in which people willingly engage in?

Watch this video for more information on how phones record you 24/7.

So where is this data going?

The phones, TV's and Google DOTS that don't stop recording you when you stop talking are obviously passing this information onto other places apart from advertising companies they say they are. 

They don't specify that they will be logging you at all times even when you switch your phones GPS and Location setting off, therefore they are being devious in making you believe you can actually stop them logging your position at all times. They can listen in to what you say through the microphone and video you from front and back webcams, not to mention logging your GPS position. 

Helpful apps like Samsung's Health app, monitors your heart rate, stress levels and oxygen levels. It also logs the steps you take each day with the phone on you, when it thinks your asleep (presumably due to you not using the phone), and probably sends all this data off to the Government so they can monitor health levels around the country.

We truly need to get back to dumb phones without GPS, masking tape over your web cams and get rid of constant spy bots like Amazons and Googles DOTS. It maybe tough to let go to your personal computer in your pocket but why not just use Facebook on your PC at home and take a simple phone out with you that can make calls and send texts only. 

They are designed specifically for older people not interested in the bells and whistles and are perfect for a dumb phone that does what you need without logging your constant actions.

This is just something to think about when you go to bed tonight with your phone on charge on the bed stand. Just what is your phone sending off to far away data-centres about your days activities and any nightly fun or lack of it in the sack.

If our generation doesn't do anything about the lack of privacy and civil rights we have noticed diminish before our eyes then the next generation is sure to grow up thinking that it is perfectly normal to live in a world where every moment is posted on Facebook, every photograph sent to Instagram and a phone goes with them wherever they go 24/7 365 days a year sending data to their phone company, advertisers and Government agencies constantly.

By Dark Politricks

© 2019 Dark Politricks


  1. We are living in a world with no privacy. Phones go everywhere with us, even measure how long we slept due to not using them and how many steps we walked due to people carrying them around with us constantly. Not turning location tracking off when we switch that supposed option off in settings is false advertising. Saying the phone will stop tracking us when it won't is plain out lying and people should ban together for class lawsuits against these tech comapnies who are now in bed with the establishment and security agencies such as Google and the CIA/NSA and Microsofts embedding of chips to prevent secure encoding as far back as 1998 all to allow US spy agencies the ability to crack or bypass your security and see your PCs contents. Its time wr go back to face to face talking, writing with pencils and pens and leaving our phones at home when we goout. We don't need to carry them everywhere we go so they can spy on us. So lets go back to basics and screw the new silicon valley/intelligence nexus that wants to spy on us 24/7 automatically tax us and ban the use of cash.

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