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NAZI Nukes and a revised look at who really won WWII

NAZI Nukes and a revised look at who really won WWII

If you haven't heard of Joseph Farrell then you need to read up or watch as many Youtube videos that you can from this historian who looks at the history of NAZI's from WWII right up until 9.11 and the current day.

Who really won WWII?

Was it really the Western allies, or did NAZI's actually succeed in not only winning the war but embedding themselves in the USA, including agencies such as the CIA and NASA, as well as holding out a large population in Argentina that exists to the current day.

This first video looks at how the NAZI's were probably the first country to actually test a successful nuclear bomb as well as use other eccentric technologies and weaponry. 

Hitler was waiting for a "Super Weapon" to turn the tide of the war, this could have been the infamous "Bell", or it could have been a nuclear attack.

Many people don't even know that German planes that could refuel in mid air had flown the Atlantic escaping US air defenses, and had mapped out Manhattan, New York, for a possible nuclear bombing raid.

Not only did they have a Uranium enrichment plant, they also probably supplied the Allies with the laser trigger they finally needed for their own nuclear bomb to deploy successfully as well as a large amount of Uranium that was probably taken from a captured German UBoat with Japanese Officers on board.

This second video looks at how many leading NAZI's escaped WWII trials and embedded themselves in the new security agencies of the USA.

This included not only secret deals with the US to implant their highly skilled scientists in NASA and their missile programs, but also the CIA, a rogue agency from almost the outset, that has continued to work on NAZI programs such as mind control, drug induced trauma and other Mengele type tests which were evident by the CIA's MKULTRA program.

He not only links NAZI's from WWII to Neo-Cons in the current day, but looks at how a 3rd level of infiltration probably occurred during 9.11 by this NAZI International. A group of people according to a Russian author who warned of US homeland attacks, pre-911 in PRAVDA, that has up to $300 trillion in funds at their disposal!

He has many books and many videos online and isn't as some people claim a disinformation agent just because he ignores Zionist crimes, but actually links Zionists to NAZI's together, a symbiotic relationship that relied on each other.

Don't forget that one of the first ships that sailed to Israel with Jewish immigrants in 1935, the "Tel Aviv", originally named the Hohenstein, was sailed by a NAZI Captain and flew a flag containing a Swastika. This was under the NAZI / Zionists Haavara or Transfer agreement that allowed Jews to bypass their 1933 Jewish World Congress boycott on German goods and travel to British controlled Palestine.

Not to forget that the Zionists of today who support Israel in everything it does no matter how terrible, probably do have more in common with the NAZI's of Germany in not only mindset but action.

The Apartheid South Africa and Israel enjoyed a long partnership that not only resulted in a probable 1979 nuclear test, labelled the Vela Incident, but proved that Zionists and Racists could work together when required.

Therefore put away thoughts of disinformation just because Joesph Farrell doesn't blame Zionists or "Jews" for everything in the world today and listen to a few of his talks before commenting on any "angle".

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  1. Neocon equals neo Nazi in my opinion, Nazis just escaped to Argentina like Mengela and probably Hitler plus Operation Paperclip brought all the Nazi rocket scientists like Von Braun to work in NASA. Grandpapa Prescott Bush was a Nazi til he got done for trading with the enemy and Henry Ford sued the US for bombing his factories in Eastern Europe during the war and also a right ring racist jew hater. US is the new Nazi Germany with the NSA, Homeland and CIA as Stazi Gestapo NAZI like organisations

  2. Great article about Nazi. Thanks for sharing from futuresolarwa