Saturday 19 June 2021

America can do no wrong

Do American politicians, and therefore the people, honestly believe everything they do is for the good of humanity?

By Dark Politricks

I have just listened to a podcast about physcopaths, and then watched a few episodes of Krystal and Saagar's new show, Breaking Points, on YouTube. It seems they left their old show, Rising on "The Hill" as it was just going to become another YouTube "pretend" #altnews entity, that really was a gatekeeper for establishment views. You might as well be watching MSNBC, and Krystal used to work there.

I even saw one section of the new version of "Rising" with a blonde conservative lady, who didn't even realise it was the USSR that got to Berlin first in WWII, and found all the concentration camps before the Allies. Plus she couldn't believe it when her co-host said you could throw a pin at anywhere on a map of the world and find somewhere that the USA had interfered in a local counties elections, installing dictators, and stopping left wing or socialist movements. Usually with the use of violence and economic hits all as a consequence for not following the US line. Death squads, and CIA support and training for these right wing guerrilla's was a standard experience.

However what I cannot believe seeing is the following video, in which Joe Biden actually claims that the USA would never ever interfere in other countries elections, and that if they ever dared to do what Russia, the big bad bear from the East, was supposedly doing. What would the world think of the good old honest broker, the USA, if they were caught interfering in other countries elections and other counties found out? I could not believe the hypocrisy in that statement.

Did he not know any 20th century history?

He is surely old enough to remember Operation AJAX, and the whole reason that Iran hates the USA and UK, due to their overthrowing of a democratically elected leader, Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh. All so that they could install their right wing strong man puppet the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in August 1953. It is one of the main reasons people in the Middle East do not trust America's word, and you only have to add Iraq, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Syria to strengthen that argument.

Installing right wing dictators across the globe has been a national past time of the USA during the 20th and 21st century. From South America to the Middle East and recently the Ukraine, Venezuela, Bolivia and Belarus. The USA has been interfering with other countries for all that time nearly non stop. 

Bolivia is but the latest of a long line of thriving, stable democracies destroyed with the support if not the outright participation of the U.S. government, while jingoistic media figures disseminated the propaganda used to justify it all. And the suffering, violence, repression and tyranny left in its wake are then simply ignored by those who helped bring it about.
I just cannot believe Joe Biden who has lived through at least 20 or so attempted or successful coup d'état's by the USA over other nations, that he seemed he felt his country had the "right" to do so

The manner in which he speaks is embarrassing for anyone who knows any history about the US right wing puppets such as Saddam Hussein and Augusto Pinochet and America's support for racist, supremacist nations such as South Africa and more recently Israel.  

The USA Is giving Israel carte blanche approval to assassinate and massacre hundreds of people at a time, with their home news making out that it is just an equal dispute between different people, rather than a slow burning ethnic cleansing that is reducing the likelihood of any 2 state solution to dust. With every illegal settlement that is built, and every US veto in the UN Security council that tries to do something about the situation, the US cancels out any International condemnation or action against Israel.

Either the US hierarchy really believe they can do no wrong, and every action they commit is just, even when it means killing hundreds of people ( "collateral damage" ), or trying to extradite or prosecute journalists like Julian Assange. Someone who has never been proven wrong with anything he has released from WikiLeaks, yet he still rots in a UK prison, despite the Judge saying he could not be extradited to the USA due to his health. This is what the Freedom loving, free speech loving America does to journalists who expose their war crimes, and spying on allies, or emails revealing political shenanigans.

I don't even think Joe Biden realises how despotic his country has become since 9.11 and the never ending war on terror his country is engaged in. A war with no end in sight and no possible end, perfect for the MIC and those that make billions off other people's suffering by selling the DOD weapons. 

There is no-one to sit down with and sign a peace treaty and end this war, the "terror" is a tactic, and this war moves about wherever the USA wants it to. With the CIA and it's allies using their black budgets to finance jihadists and terrorists with weapons and training so that they can de-stabilise a country before the US can storm in and claim to "be helping" to stop the madness they created in the first place.
"They hate us because of our freedoms", George W Bush famously said after 9.11. 
Well if that is the case the terrorists have won the war already as Americans have handed over all their freedoms to the government already through acts like the Orwellian named PATRIOT ACT or the The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), or the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). 

An act which allows the President to declare war without the approval of Congress, kill Americans abroad without due process, torture people who have been extraordinary renditioned from other countries to places like GITMO or black site prisons, where there are no lawyers, only water boards.

As Edward Snowden revealed, the head of the NSA, James Clapper, lied in front of Congress when asked if they were spying on ordinary US citizens. He has come up with many excuses for his answer over the years, the latest being he didn't understand the question

However Snowden's leaks revealed that the NSA was indeed spying on all US citizens and using multiple programs including PRISM and XKeyScore. There are ways to mitigate their spying capabilities but as we become more and more connected through technology that is decreasing by the day. We are now all living in a US surveillance state, with the help of GCHQ to practise their spying techniques before deploying them on their own population.

Other NSA whistle blowers such as Thomas Drake and William Binney have claimed that programs they designed to monitor the Soviets were turned onto the USA, as if it was a foreign nation after 9.11 so that information on every citizen could be collected along with details about relationships and other personal details, plus people related to them. You know the tale that with six steps you can connect anybody in the world to anybody else, well this is like the NSA, they use a similar method, to allow spying on anybody connected to the "primary suspect", up to so many steps.

Therefore with the NSA spying on your calls, emails, texts and social media plus the unconstitutional laws implemented by the USA after 9.11, including the PATRIOT ACT which Joe Biden seems to forget he was very bullish in the 90's about having written part of the bill, just before the Oklahoma City Bombing.

So to hear the US President speak as if he really believes that the US only does good in this world is amazing.

They say psychopaths get to the top of every profession from politics, banking, police and other positions of power. So if as believed, 1% of society are supposed psychopaths, then does that explain the callousness of a President who honestly believes he and his country has done nothing wrong in the last 100+ years. 

Do the words Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Iran, Vietnam, Korea, Belarus, Russia, China not mean anything to him, apart from evil adversaries, that had to or must be defeated. There are a lot of countries with legitimate grievances with the USA about the way they have acted towards them over the years but to listen to Joe Biden, it seems that he thinks the USA has done nothing wrong at all - ever.

Then with their education system re-writing history to paint the US as the "good guy", the people who don't educate themselves but only listen to authority such as that woman on Rising, they go on to believe that the US is the good guy in every situation

They easily fall for conspiracies like Russiagate and other fantasies because they have been taught that the USA is always right, so that means the other country has to always be wrong.

For the USA to not see that, and honestly believe they only ever act for the good of people. No matter how many citizens of other left wing or socialist countries die. All so that American businesses can make money from the installation of friendly dictators, with MIC companies selling weapons to the DOD, US companies getting rights to drill for oil, all with the usual death squads, that used to be trained at the School of the Americas to eliminate any left wing opposition. Is totally myopic.

I will let you listen to Biden's hypocrisy for yourself. 

Do you believe that he is just deluded, doesn't know history or actually is fulfilled with US propaganda from his years in politics and honestly believes what he is saying? 

Or do you think that maybe he could be a psychopath, as Putin said to him when Biden called him a killer, "It takes one to know one". 

True words maybe?

By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks

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  1. America are pure hypocrites, they don't even see when they are doing the same thing that they condemn other countries for doing.