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Why YouTube is doing my head in!

The Many Problems With YouTube

By Dark Politricks

I have just listened to a podcast about physcopaths and then watched a few episodes of Kyrstal and Saagar's new show Breaking Points on YouTube after they left Rising, on The Hill.. It seems they left as it was just going to become another YouTube "pretend" #altnews entity, that is really a gatekeeper for establishment views.

It seems YouTube's new algorithm is really screwed up and not just in the manner that we all know. It is now another pro-establishment Silicon Valley tech God, that thinks it can control free speech, and does in fact do so in numerous ways. 

It's no wonder people are leaving on their own for other streaming channels that have all sprung up due to YouTube's heavy handed new approach. It seems to be trying to turn itself into more of a Television station, constant adverts for those that don't pay a monthly subscription fee, and why would you, when you could lose your favourite channels due to strikes, or Joe Rogan moving to Spotify, or other "tweaks" to their algorithm that has really done me in. I am not going to pay a monthly fee, but the amount of adverts and survey's that break up videos, when they used to just play one at the beginning of a clip is getting too much.

Not only does the removal of many of my favourite channels piss me off and make me less likely to ever pay for a subscription - not that I would, but here are some other reasons why people are leaving the service for other streaming apps that don't limit free speech.
  • Channels given strikes without a clear reason to why apart from "breaking their terms of service"
  • De-Monetising many of my favourite channels, leaving them to have to earn money from either paid subscriptions, super chats where people pay for comments to be read out, "Freedom" T-Shirt stores and other paywalls.
  • The amount of people they unsubscribe without their knowledge from their favourite channels.
  • Pushing pro-establishment media to the front of your view list such as MSNBC, BBC, CNN, TYT, and seemingly giving them top search results despite low viewing figures or low likes.
  • Channels that have low likes or viewing figures like the White House channel or MSM, yet they are still supported and promoted above real content, due to YouTube's split algorithm that pushes pro-establishment videos and propaganda over home grown entities that it was supposedly to be all to be about.
  • And for me, worst of all seeing that as part of Google it tracks everything I do, it still seems to repeat the same videos after one I had selected rather than moving onto another one related to the video I had just watched. This is the worst for me. I used to go to bed listening to a 3 hour interview with Joseph Farrell and wake up with another one of his videos playing or something related to it. Now all I get is the same speeches from Universities, and interviews with Jordan Peterson that I may have half watched months ago. I've even tried to just let the video play out to see if YouTube will note that I have watched it and not automatically give it to me again. Nope it still does. Meaning I have to have the controller for my SmartTV constantly nearby to change back to my relevant list. It has my history list of all that I have watched so why is it so stupid that it keeps repeating the same video over and over again? I could fix that for them with a few hours coding time spare. I'd do it for free it's so annoying actually.

The thing is as all these channels are being "cancelled" and either removed or had too many strikes so that they cannot be seen by outside viewers. They have now set up accounts on or DTube or any of the other myriad of YouTube alternatives that have sprung up, in defence of "Free Speech", and offer the content producers payment either in crypto-currency, or other methods if not showing adverts. You can find a list of the best alternatives to YouTube here and for free speech here.

However the problem with these new applications is that my SmartTV doesn't have any options that allow me to watch these channels so I have to stream from my phone or laptop to watch them. When you want to drift off to sleep without having to keep your phone on, knowing your TV will switch off in 2 hours automatically instead of waiting for your phone battery to die then it is more than annoying.

I have a Roku on one TV but that doesn't offer many alternatives apart from Vimeo, which isn't really like YouTube. Plus I want to see my favourite alternative commentators on my TV with an easy way to switch to the channel and press play. In the old days knowing that after the video I had selected finished it would just move on to the next relevant item now it keeps going back to a video I have seen dozens of times  and just makes me have to turn the app off, when I am fed up of exiting a video I have seen a hundred times to search for something new.

I don't know if this is related to YouTube putting their MSM channels at the top of the search algorithms when you want to find something to watch or a consequence of it. However it is bloody annoying.

Google owns YouTube so it does the same cancelling of a channel and blog in sync. I had a whole business model, totally automated as I am a computer coder, that was taken down in one day and destroyed the company in a flash. Not only did my sites and social media outlets related to it get removed in a single day but this was well before Alex Jones and Trump had similar issues. 

Just so you know how the business worked it was totally automated on my own server that hosted the WordPress site I had installed - not because it was a good piece of software, it isn't, but because it was free and allowed me to hack about in the PHP code. 

Plus with the help of these two plugins that automated SEO, tagging, and Tweeting it got the site to the top of Google for a number of terms and also helped people find related content. The plugins I used were Strictly AutoTags that found the most relative words, names, corporations (Department of Defence, Axis of Evil etc), and Acronyms (NATO, AIPAC, MI6 etc), and changed them to increase SEO or linked them to other related pages about that subject.

The other one was Strictlty TweetBOT that allowed you to wait x seconds after the post before sending out any Tweets, and then even gaps between Tweets if sending to multiple Twitter accounts using different formats and hash tags. These were usually made up from the post-tags Strictly AutoTags had found. Only if a relevant article related to a subject was found would it Tweet them out in a format you set.

You can get a free or premium version of the plugin here > and it works perfectly with another plugin from the same site > these two along with a BOT I had written were the most important ingredients of making an automated information clearing house. This is just so you know how it worked if you are thinking of writing your own site.

So along with my information clearing site which you are viewing the 6th version of except now all articles are written by me, I had a business that I automated with the same tools, so I had to do as little work as possible with it and using the aforementioned plugins I managed to get it to the top of some Google searches for some hot long keyword terms. 

However one day after a dispute with YouTube where I had 100+ videos up which I had edited to add in little boxes and messages at certain points, in fact most were just a subscription list from other channels where I wanted to show certain clips. In no way did I ever claim they were mine but of course at Google and YouTube trying to find a human to talk to is almost impossible. When I started to get strike and take down orders from YouTube I tried to find someone to talk to - no go. So I went to the actual site that was claiming copyright infringement and even they agreed I had done nothing wrong. Despite this they did nothing to help me by contacting YouTube or removing their take down requests. So as they did nothing to help me retain my channel, suddenly on one day, everything was removed. It was all synchronised which just shows how Silicon Valley are all inter-related and I lost:

-My YouTube channel and all subscribers and videos.
-My Google+ community with 1000's of members - when Google+ was still a thing.
-My multiple Twitter accounts.
-My Facebook page with thousands of REAL followers and LIKES - not bought like many new companies now do for Black Hat SEO.

So that basically ruined my business by taking out all my social media hubs and routes in for people to join the site. I tried many a time to email FB, Google, YouTube, Twitter but all I got were useless knowledgebase articles.

Anyway that was 10yrs ago now. However I still have this site which is now on it's 6th hosting platform due to being on the naughty list > for many articles that have somehow got me labelled either a Soros Paid Dis-Info Agent, a Russian Election Hacker, A Pro/Anti Israeli blog and many many more, all because I don't follow the establishment lies and their pretend history of the world they like to believe in. 

I guess in this day and age if you are not being labelled a Syrian Assad paid dis-info agent by The Young Turks, like Aaron Mate is currently being slandered, or being called a sexual abuser, like Jimmy Dore, after 5 years by a woman who is Armenian and works for a show called the The Young Turks then you are doing something wrong.

Here is a recent Tweet from Aaron about the slander being thrown at him by The Young Turks about his award winning reporting on the fake Syrian chemical attacks that the US used as a pretext for their bombing and invasion by CIA paid jihadists. . 

I find it very odd, that an Armenian, has joined a group called The Young Turks, as that's the name of the people who committed the massacres against her ancestors. Also at the time Anna Kasparian was Jimmy's superior so if he had really sexually abused her she could have easily sacked him at any point, not waited 5 years before sending him a DM blackmailing him, which he got out in front of her with a video explaining what happened but it is only causing a rift between supposed liberals and real journalist who don't take corporate money. This is only coming out now to smear Jimmy Dore, due to his show debunking the Syrian Gas Attacks, Russiagate, and being anti-war, as well as calling out shit-libs who were attacking Trump for doing exactly the same things Biden is now continuing to do. The timing tell's everything you need to know about this attack on Jimmy.

The Young Turks took millions from the same donors as the Clintons, and stopped showing pieces on their show called "Guess the Camel Toe", and "Whose Cooch Is This", and have become a promoted YouTube version of MSNBC.

If you want to know more about the online war between TYT and Jimmy Dore which started after Jimmy's campaign for the Justice Democrats, who were sent to Washington to disrupt the Democratic party and bring it to the left yet did nothing when they could have used their numbers to force a floor vote for #Medicare4All, then you should watch this video with Jimmy Dore here or on YouTube.

Also if you look though this site you will probably notice a number of blank videos, or unplayable ones, I do try from time to time to see if there is a backup version on etc but there isn't always. Sometimes when people are "Cancelled" by the establishment and the all too powerful Silicon Valley nexus they are literally Alex Jones and Donald Trump know far too well.

So before this version of Dark Politricks, it was an information clearing site which you can still see old articles from on the wayback machine e.g the latest I can find which should have the most content is >, the site being in which you just enter the URL of the site you want to see and a calendar will appear. Pick a date and then you will be taken to the snapshot of the site. 

I use this site a lot when I realise I wrote a good article some time back and want to get a copy of it however you will notice that none of the YouTube videos play. If the channel still exists that is. Then this is how you can watch them.

So, to watch the broken videos on any Wayback Machine linked website.
  • Go to the video.
  • Right Click on Share in the top right corner.
  • Copy the video URL (top option).
  • Open it up in a new tab. 
Just go to the link I just posted, and the first article will be about Tulsi Gabbard and how she calls Hillary Clinton a Chicken Hawk and am Insane Schizoid. An interesting article to re-read from The Duran, all about all the illogical reasons why Hillary thinks she lost the 2016 election apart from her being the most hated war monger in the country, so much that Donald Trump was a more appealing choice than she was.

She blamed everyone for being a Russian dis-info agent, stealing votes away from her. When in fact most voters who would have voted 3rd party such as the Green Party, also labelled a Russian outfit, would have either not voted at all or voted for Trump. 2016 really was a choice between 2 despicable human beings that people didn't want to vote either way for and when you get to 2020, Biden has not been the "change" that America needed. He even admitted to his rich Wall St donors that "nothing would fundamentally change". 

How about making them paying back some of that Trillion dollar upward wealth transfer that didn't "Trickle down" into new jobs and wage hikes for the staff, but was used for buying back stock, bonuses, and anything apart from helping the economy recover.

He has carried on building Trump's wall, broken most of his liberal campaign promises such as
  • A $15 min wage.
  • A public health option, or reducing the age that Medicare can be taken up.
  • A rebate on University fees.
  • Is still keeping kids in cages at the border something the shit-libs were crying out at Trump for doing, despite it being an Obama/Biden creation, and now Biden is in power what do we hear from those people? Nothing. 
That is what you call hypocrisy, when your side is in power you can do no wrong, when the other side does exactly the same thing they are evil and must be stopped at all costs.

If the channel and video still exists you can watch it there. I just watched it and reminded myself of the delusional #Russiagate narrative that was pushed by Clinton, the MSM and anyone unhappy Trump got elected rather than looking at themselves and seeing that:

a) Bernie Sanders at that time was more popular than both Hillary and Trump and would have got elected - not that the DNC and Democratic party wanted a real liberal left winger in control of their corporate, wall St backed, MSM gatekeeping, right wing party and they did everything to stop him getting those delegates.
b) All the MSM news stations gave billions of dollars worth of free air time to Trump, rather than cover any Democratic rally. Even showing empty stadiums for hours waiting for him to come on. There coverage of Trump gave everyone a chance to hear what he had to say, rather than let Bernie Sanders or Hillary talk to her donors.
c) The Democrats had nothing to offer their voters apart from a chance not to have Donald Trump in office and the Biden election has just reconfirmed that they cannot be trusted during elections, and will most likely let voters down. They use the public when they need them for votes, but once in power they keep their corporate donors happy, not the people of the country,.
d) That Tulsi Gabbard was and is still is a serving US Military member. She served in Iraq from 2004 to 2005 as part of the Hawaii Army National Guard and was stationed in Kuwait from 2008 to 2009 as an Army Military Police platoon leader.
e) Tulsi Has been to real war zones that have been created and stoked by "Chicken Hawk Hillary", and what a disgrace it was for someone like Hillary as a psychopath (see next article), to call her that. 

If you want to know the people who really hate going to war, ask someone who has served in a war zone and seen the bodies close up, not a chicken hawk who laughs at the cruel execution of Col Gadfdafi, after he gave up his nuclear weapons, and then faced a rebel insurrection funded by the west and helped by our Air campaign of destroying. Libya who once had the highest birth survival rate in Africa, free health care, free houses for people getting married and more. 

It is now a country split into at least 3 where the "official" government has to meet on a boat out at sea to prevent it from being attacked by al-Qaeda / ISIS jihadists who have brought back open air slave markets.. Now Biden is back in power to continue the Obama / Clinton policy of world domination you may want to read about Biden's war crimes in Syria that is if you want to read a narrative that is not pro war, and comes straight from the Pentagon.

You can watch the video with Tulsi and Clinton labelling her a Russian asset right here, or go to the censoring, cancelling, anti-free speech YouTube site if you want:

Obviously Google owns YouTube and doesn't want competition but if they are going to try and turn themselves into a TV station, only show pro-establishment media videos, and de-rank those #altnews videos that come from real journalists then they will soon find out how few visitors they get despite them fiddling with the numbers already to promote MSM videos, and those from the White House despite all the Thumbs Downs, and miniscule views they get.

All whilst videos that were getting millions of views per month such as Jimmy Dore, are being de-ranked in their new algorithm, to make it look like they are getting less viewers.  They are even talking about getting rid of the "Thumbs Down" button, probably due to all the down votes on content their new algorithm is promoting instead of videos people want to watch.

So this site is now purely filled by articles written by myself, apart from some old articles I had to save before they were wiped off the web such as bin-Laden's interview in Sep 2001 with reporters who could find him, whist the CIA apparently couldn't where he admitted he had nothing to do with the 9.11 attacks, or the 4 piece FOX NEWS report on Israeli spying

Yes Israel is the no 1 hacker the US has to deal with interfering with their infrastructure and main servers and telecommunications,  not Russia or China. So AIPAC got FOX to remove Carl Cameron's 4 part series in-case it stirred anti-Semitic responses and therefore not so commonly updated apart from the Twitter newspaper at the top (turn Brave Guards off, and ensure JavaScript is enabled if you cannot see it)

I also have a real #altnews search engine using Googles own tools where I have put the major sites from the 550+ to be banned into it so that if you want to get news that is not from a state paper or the MSM just use the bar at the top or go to >

So here are some more reasons not to use YouTube, apart from the fact many SmartTV's don't have apps for many of the new alternatives:

1. You’re giving Google even more data, which adds to an even more accurate ‘user profile’. The alternatives  might serve you ads but they won’t have much more than what you’ll provide them with your profile.
2. You’re getting stuck in the ‘filter bubble’. Google thinks that it knows what you want and serves you the search results that match your profile and your interests. Leaving any other information outside your ‘filter bubble’.
3. Broaden your horizons. Not all the high quality videos that are available on the internet are on YouTube. If you are looking for fresh ideas for a scientific project – why not check TED? Or maybe you like old movies that can’t be found anywhere else – then check out the Internet Archive.

So if you’ve had enough of YouTube’s crackdowns on free speech, constant demonetization, and excessive promotion of mainstream media outlets, take a look at these alternatives which each give power back to users in different ways.

If you have any other recommendations for other "free speech" sites that reward content makers as YouTube used to do before "Cancel Culure" kicked in, or good quality sites that could replace YouTube, with easy ways to watch these sites on SmartTV's and Roku / Apple sticks etc, then please add them in the comment section.

All I want is to watch uncensored content from my favourite REAL journalists without being forced to watch MSM videos, or the same video over and over again when they know I have seen it or been offered the option to see it a million times already then please let us have the details!

It is time to leave these big Silicon Valley - Democratic - Pro War - Establishment sites that think that they can limit our free speech to history. We just need our TV apps to catch up or maybe it's the other way round and these sites need to make apps that can be used on TV's,

Anyway, whatever the solution is, we won't find it on

By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks

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