Sunday 8 August 2021

Twitter Cancels Me......

Twitter Decides I Am Spreading Misinformation 

By Dark Politricks

Well tonight as I went onto Twitter in BRAVE, I found myself taken to a special page as I started to write a Tweet.

It told me I had been banned for spreading misinformation on the COVID Vaccines.

It then showed the tweet underneath. I would embed it if I could, obviously, and just wish I had taken a screenshot now before it was too late.

The thing is that the Tweet did not even mention vaccines, it talked about a conspiracy maybe being true but about the rich DAVOS 1% of 1% who have made billions from our worldwide lockdowns and was 100% true.

It went roughly something like this.....
"I guess the conspiracy over COVID might be true, if the DAVOS crowd invested in companies developing DNA/RNA vaccines before the outbreak, did a war game exercise of how a SARS type virus would spread and the likely re-action to it, and how did Dr Fauci know to state that there would be a pandemic under Trump's Presidency..."
So not really anything about taking or not taking a medical procedure that countries are forcing people to have and then creating a two tier society of people with COVID passports and those without. People who can enter most shops, bars, cinemas and clubs with the flash of Smart Phone app - or paper if you don't have a smart phone. Then those who have not taken the vaccine either on religious, moral or heath advice.

However my Tweet was not about any of that. 

It was about the fact that a very small group of men and women have profited off our misery during the pandemic, almost as if they knew a virus outbreak was on it's way, I cannot prove that but the fact they were buying up shares in companies doing DNA/RNA vaccines, and investing in companies that they knew would be doing very good business in a locked up society such as Amazon and Microsoft does sound more than a coincidence.

It is also about the fact that they had ample time to prepare for those pandemic due to the "Dark Winter" simulations run earlier in 2019 that were a pre-cursor to the real pandemic which you can read about here: Dark Winter Pandemic Simulations..

Why would billionaires be buying up shares in vaccine companies and why would Dr Fauci when told by President Obama to stop his "gain of function" virus tests go ahead with another company to run them in the WuHan laboratory and state publicly that there would be a pandemic during Trump's Presidency.

So I wasn't telling anyone on Twitter to get a vaccine or not to get one due to conspiracy theories that the vaccine changed your DNA, or was a wrapper for some other type of disease that would later on spread a different virus, more deadlier to those who got vaccinated. 

There are a load of stupid theories going around but what is not fake news, or a made up story is the FACT that the DAVOS members made billions during the pandemic by investing in companies who would see their share price rocket and the question is how did they know to do that at just the right time?

It was only a question about how did they know to invest in companies and make billions from companies that were going to produce the vaccines that the world's populations would be taking.

So as my old @darkpolitricks Twitter account is in suspended status with no more tweets going onto it, I have changed the side bar to use my backup account @darkpoltweeter, which you can follow on Twitter, DM or message me there.

I have also created a new newspaper from that Twitter account which I have put on this site at the top. I don't know what features I will lose in 5 days when my "trial" is up as the paper I had before was based on Tweets, Videos and Stories and didn't really change in the free version.

So there you go. The culling has begun!

How long will I last, who knows......

By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks

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  1. I think it's disgusting they kicked you off for a comment that was a) not about vaccines anyway, b) stuff that is all true from fact checker sites - THEIR means of deciding the truth apparently and c) just taking your account away after so long, I've been following you for over a decade and now your main account has gone. Lucky you had a backup just sitting there with 3k followers otherwise you would have to start from scratch. I know there are lot of "free speech" alternatives to YouTube at the moment but what is there for Twitter, where is everyone moving to?