Monday 2 August 2021

Utopia P2P – A new de-centralised censorship-free and secure decentralized ecosystem

Should we all move to UTOPIA?

By Dark Politricks

I came across this advert on my site, and went into have a look as it seemed interesting, and indeed it is. 

It seems to be offering the ability to communicate with other people without worrying about being tracked, intercepted, or hacked by companies or intelligence agencies.

I watched the video and it looked quite good, giving us all the standard blurb about Companies, Governments, and Intelligence agencies watching your every move on the current Internet using tools like PRISM and XKeyScore with the NSA forcing computer companies to install patches that give them back door access to your devices without you knowing about it.

Everything is stored and analysed, GPS location, preferences on websites, private messages, and other information which is being stored and collected by not just companies like

I do like the last line from the advert, "Freedom is not given it has to be taken..", very true, and we have been handing our freedoms away for protection against the very often manufactured "war on terror". A never ending war, designed to replace the Cold War, and keep the money rolling into the MIC's pockets as governments go to fight around the world.

They are constantly chasing and manufacturing new terrorist threats. Many which are actually made up from CIA or other intelligence agencies backing and training them, with Saudi or Qatari support. 

Or at home in the USA the FBI, used under cover agents and informers to plant ideas inside others heads like the recent attempt to kidnap the Michigan Govenor, Gretchen Whitmer. In fact, the men who were arrested for hatching the plot allege that without coercion from FBI informants, the plot may never have materialized. They arrested 13 men but 12 of them were FBI informants, who played a large role in fomenting the plan, as BuzzFeed News said the informants "had a hand in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot, starting with its inception.".

Just look at the mess Syria is in, with America basically invading a third of Syria to steal it's oil, and to starve the Syrians by controlling their wheat fields, as well as protecting the last enclaves of jihadists they has trained to other throw Syrian President Assad. 

He went and got the help from Russia and Iran to clear these ISIS / DAESH terrorists out and they were nearly done apart from Idlib. However the Western Axis of War has taken control of that area and is now protecting them from being flushed out of Syria completely.

The US has no right to be there, they have broken international law by just invading a country with no legitimate reason. 

At least Russia and Iran were invited to the country to help the Syrians fight off the western backed rebels ISIS, al-Nusra, Free Syrian Army, plus the many others including al-Qaeda who I thought were supposed to be the USA's mortal enemy after 9.11 yet they are supporting and training them and their "offshoots" in Syria. 

It is yet another despotic attack by the USA on another country who stirred up a small civil unrest making it seem larger than it was, then saying Assad had no legitimacy, using fake gas attacks to blame on him for breaching the USA's "red lines", under Obama. Something that has been totally debunked by the whistle-blowers from the OPCW, and reported but hardly spread by the mainstream media at all.

We all know about the revelations of Edward Snowden and how the NSA have programs like PRISM and XKeyScore that enable them to track someone online or in real time with easy search tools, aided by the help of Google, so that they can use a nice search engine type format to just enter someone's name, email address or phone no to get information on them and then hack into devices that the person owns.

All with the help of a corrupt FISA court that never turns down requests for phone tapping warrants and there you go, that's how Tucker Carlson got caught up in a now admitted NSA spying plot due to him being engaged with some individuals the NSA was watching as his FOX NEWS team tried to use those men to arrange an interview with Russian President Putin.

Watch this advert for the de-centralised encrypted app Utopia, and it seems to offer quite a lot of features including, private encrypted messaging and emails that cannot be intercepted by anyone, not even the NSA

You can even build anonymous websites inside this domain that uses new de-centralised technology to keep everyone secret, as the advert on this page > says "Make your website or streaming service securely and anonymously available inside Utopia by configuring Packet Forwarding for any of your uNS records. By tunnelling data between the user who owns a uNS name and any other network user. This allows websites to be hosted inside Utopia."

You can even transfer money between people, no wonder it is called Utopia, lets just hope it is not a creation of the CIA or NSA, to get everyone on board so they can watch us eh! 

I wouldn't be surprised if it were a way to get people off the dark net which is becoming very unstable due to the number of sites being removed due to law enforcement crackdowns.

Is UTOPIA a replacement for TOR and the ability to create a whole new "de-centralised" Internet, with websites, email, messaging, money transfers?

Apparently the foundation of Utopia’s economy is an internal Cryptocurrency – Crypton. Users can buy, sell, exchange, or even mine coins via special built-in tools. So you can be making money just by using it.

What do you think?

I am downloading it now and taking it for a spin!

By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks


  1. is just a promo website, by the way. Their main page is

  2. Yes, I saw that, I just followed the advert link to get the video, and I thought I would leave the link so people could read all about what they offer. Do you use it and what do you think of it? Could it be a way out of web censorship, a mini de-centralised internet - or could it just be shut down like sites on the dark web for breaking laws etc, or could it be a limited hangout site written by the NSA knowing that people are moving from YouTube and Twitter and FB due to "cancel culture" and creating the next thing themselves, so that people all rush to it and they could be in control. Just an idea, but I would like to know your thoughts.