Thursday 4 February 2021

How To Help Me Out and Defend Yourself Online From Internet Censorship....

Internet Censorship and Defending Yourself Online

By Dark Politricks

As you may or may not know I have had recent health problems which the consultant first diagnosed as Cancer and has meant the majority of my spare time is either spent in hospitals, doctor surgeries, chemists or travelling between them all. I have a scan on a huge lump on my leg this week actually and not particularly looking forward to going to the hospital to get it.

Luckily I live in the UK so the NHS is paid for out my National Insurance contributions - never let anyone tell you it's free. However car parks, prescriptions, fuel and everything else costs money therefore I am trying to raise some money so that I can keep my main websites running.

Unlike MSM defined "real" news commentators I don't get paid to blog or write any of the essays I have for for the last 10+ years, and the few payments I get from Google advertising or £2 donations whilst appreciated do not cover the server bills I used to pay out of my own pocket each month to keep running. 

This is why I moved to blogger to let them take the Twitter Rush traffic when a link is posted, and 100+ BOTS, HACKBOTS, SCRAPERS, SOCIAL MEDIA BRAND BOTS, SERPS, CONTENT ANALYSIS BOTS, FAKE COMMENTERS come steaming to your site all at one time.

I have been kicked off multiple servers, had multiple free versions of this blog taken offline by WordPress without so much as a reason and I have lost count of the number of emails I get from detractors or people claiming I am either a right wing tea-party supporting Israel lover or a far left Jew hating terrorist in waiting, or a Soros paid Russian Fake news Dis-Info agent. Therefore I run this site not for any financial gain and certainly not to win any popularity contests. If you like my site then please consider linking to it, even copying part of an article from one of the posts and linking here for the rest,

I have managed to get an advert free, basic WordPress backup site up and running which if you can never get to here you can check out at

I have now sold the extra domains that I had, and I could have helped you start your own alternative search engine as I have at > which only has on it sites that Google has de-ranked, or doesn't want you to read. You can get images and videos from and, I am constantly trying to add more sites to the search engine even though Google restricts you to viewing only 3 pages of results for some reason, however they will be relevant, and probably hidden from the mainstream.

However if  you have a spare domain and want a proper #altnews search engine, styled, and ranked for others to use then you can always contact me in the comments. I previously made a "Super Search Engine" which took the top 10 results from Google, BING and Yahoo, removed duplicates and made a proper alternative search engine as it would ignore a massive list of establishment news sites like the BBC, MSNBC, CNN, The Washington Post, New York Times and so on. 

Therefore you just needed 30 good results from alternative or de-ranked sites with just the information you really wanted to see with all the establishment propaganda removed. 

I still code, and if you fancy owning an alternative search engine that takes results from, and other search engines, then contact me and we can work something out. Whilst I have made this "altnews search engine from Googles own tools" it remains based on the pages Google has de-ranked. I would really like to make a proper search engine using various proxies and main news results from various search engines but with all the chaff MSM removed and styled nicely, my way though.

However if you are looking for ways to help me then here are some that are basically free, donating money or giving me money without having to do anything at all. This would be great to see people help me carry on the fight whilst I am constantly called stupid names like a paid Russian Dis-Info agent sent to disrupt US elections LOL

I have been showcasing proper "Squad" members since before 2010, showing 3rd party Presidential debates which weren't even shown on US TV but were on (how messed up is that), as the US blames Russia for influencing their election. I have also been calling for a "Peoples Party" for a long time now.

So here are some other ways you can help me continue writing for well as protecting your own online safety..

How To Help Me

1. Please make a donation at the side of the page, the URL is different but the owner of the account still knows it is money for me. Any amount is much appreciated. You can go directly to and the developer who helps on my sites will know to give me the money as long as you put in the reference (reason), DarkPolitricks somewhere. You can of course use your own PayPal account to send money as a donation to that same PayPal account name, as "Friends and Family" and put in the reason box "Donation for Blogging". or if you run your own WordPress site on your own server then you can still get some premium plugins that will not only auto tag your content, boost your SEO, and Tweet out variations of different messages and #hashtags to different accounts very easily with his plugins over at >

2. Please "visit"... my Google sponsors if you see any, and don't have adBlockers installed. An open tab with the adverts page open, whilst you are reading one of  my articles, with a few clicks and scrolls up and down on it now and then all helps. Especially "if you are interested in the content...." etc etc...cough cough... you get the drift. However if you have turned DNT on in BRAVE or any other browser than Google's Chrome who introduced it but doesn't respect it, and turned 3rd party tracking cookies off so that adverts are not relevant to you then you won't see many ads relevant to you. In BRAVE they auto strip advertiser tracker cookies, but a web extension like Ghostery can help you remove most cookies and trackers from a site even if you are not using that browser. 

3. f you ever need to buy an Amazon voucher please use the advert in the top right corner to click through tot the Amazon site where you can buy a voucher and I get a small percentage of it's value. I know Amazon are evil, but they are one of the few ways online #altnews bloggers like me get paid a slice of the cost of the voucher and there is nothing stopping you use the vouchers to buy privacy gear e.g burner phones, foil wraps for muffling a smart phones WIFI signal and more.

4. Use the BRAVE browser and help give me money for free. Download BRAVE and set it up to donate your BAT (Basic Attention Tokens), for allowing small adverts to play in the bottom right corner of your screen (up to 5 per hour). This earns you money which you can automatically donate to this site each month. The more BAT the better as I can change it into crypto currency. As is an official BRAVE Verified Creator, it means I am listed in their system and it's easy for anyone to donate their BAT or a % of it to my site per month,

Also by using BRAVE as a browser is good for both speed and privacy as it not only cuts bandwidth and speed up page loads by removing all the Google Tracking cookies and 3rd party cookies that are passed along from Google and other sites. It also helps use less battery power on your phone, and shows you on a new tab the amount of time / bandwidth / Trackers & Ads blocked on your travels. 

It also uses TOR as an incognito window, as it's based on Chromium, so you benefit from the onion ring that TOR gives you making it harder for people to track your movements and can put you in any place in the world when visiting a page.

Download BRAVE from here: 

Or use the TOR Browser itself which is a bit like a VPN as it takes you though 3 proxy browsers before going to your page of choice. Using a VPN is always good as well if you can afford it but you can find free VPNS at

- Download TOR Browser from either of these two sites:

If you want to see the difference between using a VPN and TOR then check this article out as it explains the differences and how you can still use the two together if you want, 

Your privacy is being eroded day by day, CCTV systems are being linked together so that the footage can all be stored unconstitutionally of course in city sized underground data centres, lookup TRAPWIRE (the codename for the program), and also watch Person of Interest if you can, as it's pretty realistic in this day and age of super quantum AI computers, connected up to follow your movements through the city, on busses and tubes and as you visit shops. Why does all this CCTV footage need to be stored in a mega under ground data centres if it wasn't to enable the users to play it back and see what Mr X or Mrs Y were doing on a certain day?

There is no need for embedded RFID chips as those in the 90's who believed Clinton was going to implement the mark of the beast to stop Right Wing Militias did as we now all carry smart phones. 

It truly is a recording device of everything you say. Just like the Bixby helpers on Samsung phones which must be listening (even recording) what you are saying all the time, just like Amazon Alexa's and Google DOT's for them to know when you actually say "Alexa play me a sad song about police state UK" etc, this is scary prospect. 

Even SmartTV's are now doing it, watching you through webcams, and listening through microphones to what you are saying, or as they would say "watching hand gestures to help get accurate results", or maybe it could be used as just a tool for cops to spy into on your lounge. Just read your SmartTV's Privacy Conditions to see how much they spy on you and ask yourself why?

Forget the danger of 5G gadgets, electronic plug sockets and fridge monitors to help you automatically order more Orange juice when it gets low. All these magnetic waves at various frequencies coming from devices such as routers and computers at night is bad enough. Yet to read in Samsung's SmartTV Privacy Policy that all speech commands and body movements are sent to their own data centres before being sent off to "Other unspecified 3rd parties" should concern you. These 3rd parties could just be advertisers or even the Police who due to new Police State COVID laws need less evidence to raid a property or even the NSA or GCHQ for all we know. It would be helpful if Samsung bothered to tell u though!

Professor John William Frank from the Usher Institute at the University of Edinburgh claimed that no more transmitter towers should be built and the global roll-out of 5G should be halted until further investigations are conducted into potential risks associated with the next-generation network technology.

So now the kids of today have no real concept of privacy, and post every little thing they do online they are actually creating the electronic surveillance state that many have been warning about for years,

Help Yourself Stay Safe On The Internet

Yes there are some things you can do to mitigate this electronic intrusion into your lives such as:
  1. Use non smart phones to make calls if you can. Take the battery and SIM card out in-between travelling, Burners are well and alive in those shops on the high street that sell everything "wink wink", as well as online. Just having a burner with a load of credit on it can not only save you from being tracked but it can also save a new date as you won't have constant beeps from apps not supported by your phone to distract you.
  2. Don't fill your home with helpful spy devices that constantly listen to your voice even when you think they are off. How would they know you said "Alexa play this song on the radio", unless it wasn't listening all to you all the time?
  3. If you do have a smart phone don't take it everywhere and if possible forward calls to an older less sophisticated device. If you are going out and know you won't need any "smart phone features" take an older Cell phone with you that can text as well. Are your really that vain you need to check your Instagram or Facebook status every 5 minutes?
  4. Don't get lazy, turn lights on and off, TV's off at the wall at night and do your own shopping don't leave it all down to automation. It will save you on electricity bills as well. Also turn your router off at the wall and stop all the magnetic fields that would be entering your brain all night otherwise. If you are not needing WiFi then why have it turned on?
  5. When online use a VPN, a secure browser like BRAVE, or Chromium with an add-on like Ghostery and Web Developer Toolbar so you can delete or even turn off cookies, JavaScript and use TOR to get about without making it easy for people to follow your trail online. Use search engines designed for privacy that don't keep logs and delete your history automatically like and Always run the free, and probably best anti virus tool, Malware Anti-Malwarebytes on any new program or file recently downloaded and regularly run weekly scans of your machines, no need to get the premium version. Just ensure you keep your PC clean with CCleaner and run Malwarebytes weekly at least,
  6. Also regularly check your Programs and Features and order by date. Make sure you don't see any new applications that have been recently downloaded that you don't know about. If you need to reboot your PC and go into Safe Mode to remove them then that's the best way.
  7. If you have to carry a smart phone somewhere turn it off and put it in a box wrapped with tinfoil around and around the box. Even with the battery off there is always enough charge to ping nearby phone masts so muffling the signal with foil might help disguise the use of triangulation to find your position if someone is looking for it. The default mode before GPS became available, and of course I don't need to tell you to turn off Google's Location History in your Google Account if you have one as it will keep a map of your movements using GPS for every day you have it enabled.
  8. When searching online, in BRAVE or TORBrowser use or as your search engines, these are two security conscious search engines that will not keep logs of your searches and strip out trackers as well as using POST searches which mean your search term is not in the query-string as in google e.g[search term], and therefore stored in your companies gateways log files, or ISP log files for easy searching. It takes a lot of data to store a whole POST search every time which is why GET requests are usually made instead when searching sites.
If you want to help spread #altnews results, and put my custom search engine into your own site so that people can get news from de-ranked sites, and videos that may have already banned then please just copy this JavaScript into your site somewhere.

<script async src=""></script>
<div class="gcse-search"></div>

Note: For maximum compatibility your pages must specify an HTML5 doctype and a viewport e.g

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

Either that or just place a link to the search engine for people to use:

Just remember we are not just in a fight for free speech anymore but to be able to say anything on social media at all. This is why video makers are moving to or and new versions of social media platforms attempt to open for business before being squashed shut as we saw the other week.

So anything you can do to help spread #altnews and keep people being able to access views that you may not agree with but should allow people to say, then well done

If you clap for censorship like the Left did all the other week as Trump was banned from social media along with many other right wing groups then you will be hitting yourself in the face when it comes to your turn as we saw this week with many left wing and socialist groups, some of the biggest in Europe being shut down from speaking in the now Establishment controlled Silicon Valley online places of "dialogue". As long as you are not for Palestinian rights, anti-war, or say something that the establishment considers "Fake News".

Don't wish something for someone else. It can easily come and bite you in the ass and then who is going to stick up for you when you have already been shouting loudly that others should be censored. We don't all want to live in China do we?

Remember the quote....
"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
Let's try and live by it....

So if you can help Dark Politricks out with one of the many ways explained earlier. It will be much appreciated. There is also plenty of information on helping you keep your online privacy as well.


By Dark Politricks

© 2021 Dark Politricks

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