Monday 28 May 2012

Tony Blair accused of being a War Criminal at Leveson Inquiry

By Dark Politricks

At the Leveson inquiry today a man managed to access the court room and shouted at Tony Blair that he was “a war criminal” and should be arrested for war crimes as well as his links to JP Morgan and their pillaging of Iraqi state loot.
Once the man was removed from the room Blair defended himself – not on the war crimes (he knows he is a war criminal) but on the JP Morgan looting charge that had been leveled at him.

He obviously feels some guilt about being a champagne socialist who has earnt tens of millions since leaving 10 Downing St by getting stuck in with the right people in Israel, Libya and Iraq related to oil and gas contracts.

It is quite funny how often these supposedly “secure” inquiries in the UK are broken into by protesters.

Who can forget that only months ago a man managed to get a whole shopping bag of ingredients into the court and made shaving cream pies before throwing them into the face of Rupert Murdoch. He was then attacked by Ruperts much younger and agile wife Wendi Deng who knew how to protect her inheritance/husband.

It seems that whenever a globalist terrorist is being questioned at the Houses of Parliament the security guards look the other way when it comes to anyone wanting to storm the chamber and gain their 5 minutes of fame by attacking the famous person being questioned.

I cannot think of any other reason why it would keep on happening unless our most secure court house in the land is run by a private company like Group 4 who spend most of their time whilst running prisons they control bringing in drugs for prisoners for money – I jest they would never stoop so low!

They obviously turn a blind eye if someone slips a fiver in their underpaid pocket at the front door and anybody who wants to attack a witness seems to have the best chance at a Parliamentary inquiry in London.

No I am sure our fine upstanding security are always 100% on guard at important events like Levison where people are able to walk off the street sometimes with bags of food based weaponary and enter the court to prepare their attack on the witness being questioned.

All I can say is that I am glad Tony Blair‘s life is now hell.

Wherever he goes he has to have security around him to prevent angry mobs lynching him and he can’t even go to his own autobiography book signings because of the fear that angry protesters will attack him for his many crimes.

Crimes too many to list but ones that included following those Bush era idiots unflinchingly into endless war. Destroying our liberty at home by installing a high tech surveillance police state with RIPA, unfair USA extradition and Anti Terrorist Acts, and allowing evidence to be used extracted by torture as well as his well known links to dictator regimes like Gaddafi.

Also he is a person whose name is definitely near the top of the ten most wanted war criminals still alive and at large along with Cheney and Bush. Where is the Mossad when you really need them!

Anyway you can watch the performance below and the day Tony Blair has to stand trial or face some kind of justice for his crimes against humanity cannot come to soon.


Tony Blair being labelled a war criminal by a moral upstanding member of the community

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