Monday 7 May 2012

Will the arrest of Bahraini protester Nabeel Rajab bring the mainstream back to the news?

By Dark Politricks

As you will know if you watch Russia Today or Julian Assanges's show "The World Tomorrow", his guest tomorrow is Nabeel Rajab a prominent human rights activist and has been heavily involved in the pro-democracy uprisings in Bahrain which have been largely ignored by the West.

His arrest came after a press release by WikiLeaks which said that both he and Alaa Abd El-Fattah an Eygpitian activist would be starring on the latest episode of "The World Tomorrow", the interview show hosted by Julian Assange on Russia Today (a KGB Front as some commentators and newspapers have called it).

I would not expect to get any critical analysis of Russian problems and politics from Russia Today just like I wouldn't expect much criticism of conservatism and right wing politics from FOX News.

However as a lot of the programming on Russia Today is from Washington and Europe and includes outspoken journalists and front men like Max Keiser an ex Wall St stockbroker who now revels in telling the world all the secrets of how Goldman Sachs and co use illicit and immoral methods to make money through their ponzi schemes.

This includes scoops and interviews with people investigating the massive financial fraud being played on the masses right now from front running to high frequency trading and even going as far as using their massive lobbying power to change the law retrospectively to ensure they are not charged when caught breaking it.

However it is clear from the arrest of Nabeel Rajab on his return from Lebanon at the Bahraini International Airport by Bahrani authorities, that the Bahrani state does not want it's dirty secrets laundered in public. It is also clear that they see Julian Assanges show as a threat to their special status as "untouchable" Western allies who can do no wrong.

Maryam al-Khawaja, another Bahraini human rights defender said she and Rajab were discussing the possibility of his arrest as they left Beirut from their Twitter account knowing that the troubles in Bahrain were escalating.

As I said only last week when the Formula One was held in Bahrain. It seems that the only Human Rights that the West cares or wants to know about are from countries they already have foreign policy problems with such as Syria or Libya.

When it come to allies or countries that are homes to US military bases such as Saudi Arabi and Bahrain then we seem to skip over these countries as if they were inconsequential or irrelevant when it comes to the wider uprisings across the Middle East.

Maybe it's because these countries are already part of the global empire and under our control that we tend to ignore them in our news, papers and TV shows whilst constantly reminding the world how awful it is in Syria and what a good job we did in Libya a country that is now a mess. A haven for terrorists and led by ex al-Qaeda terrorists, a mishmash of competing tribal gangs enforcing Sharia law and shooting it out for supremacy. Yes we did a great job there.

Bahrain is obviously one of these countries that the West choose to ignore and whilst we attack Russia for supporting Syria due to its arms contracts and naval base we are blind to the hypocrisy of our own naval bases and massive arms deals to authoritarian regimes. If we remember Saudi Arabia helped crush the Bahraini revolt last year and they did it all with Western made tanks, guns and bullets.

Now that Formula one has left Bahrain the 24 hour news channels in the UK have been silent on the Bahraini uprisings. Hopefully if one of these news channels has the balls to do so, the arrest of a prominent human rights activist such as Nabeel Rajab can bring the Bahraini uprisings back to the mainstream.

I don't hold out much hope though. The whole world saw how the USA treats human rights when it clashes with big business and the people they owe money to. When the blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng escaped house arrest, traveled hundreds of miles, crossed rivers and rocky terrain and managed to gain refuge in the US embassy to ask for help - how did the USA treat him?

Instead off  standing up for our "commitment to liberty and freedom" we decided to throw him back out to the Chinese wolves whilst Hilary Clinton preferred to use meaningless words than real deeds when mentioning human rights in her speech to the Chinese.

God knows what is happening to him and his family now as he is back in the hands of Chinese authoritarians who have installed spy cameras in his house and electric fences around it to prevent him escaping again. Why they just didn't execute him and remove his organs like they do with so many other prisoners is a question only they can answer.

Anyway I do hope Nabeel Rajab's arrest and his interview on The World Tomorrow with Julian Assange will bring the fate of those striving for change in Bahrain back into the mainstream news.

You can view all the previous interview shows either on my site under this link:

Or at the official Russia Today "The World Tomorrow" webpage: 

You can also view all the news about the show that has been reported by Russia Today since it started. From being called  a "useful idiot" by an ex partner in his document release to a KGB stooge for working with Russia Today the show has caused massive controversy in the west for the guests he has has already interviewed and he has been forthright about the controversy this would cause which you can watch here.

Episode one: He was heavily criticized for interviewing the leader of Hezbollah: Hassan Nasrallah

Episode two: Left and Right in the 21st century in which he interviews Slavoj Zizek, a Slovenian sociologist, philosopher and former anti-communist dissident, who turned communist and David Horowitz a radical right-wing Zionist, who used to be a left-wing fundraiser for the Black Panther Party.

Episode three: An interview with the first pro-revolution President of Tunisia Moncef Marzouki in which he talks about human rights and the future direction of the country as well as the past including torture and the USA's double standards when it comes to Human Rights and the Arab Spring.

Episode 1: Hassan Nasrallah


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Remember that you can view all the previous and hopefully future "The World Tomorrow" interview shows either on my main site site under this link: or at the official Russia Today "The World Tomorrow" webpage:                                                                                                                                      

You can view Julian Assanges offical channel for The World Tomorrow here.

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