Sunday 3 June 2012

Why I'm not celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee

By Dark Politricks

Whilst seemingly everyone else in the UK is out in the pouring rain celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee today I thought to myself - "why is that there are no anti-royalist protests going on anywhere in London."

Believe it or not Americans, but not everyone in the UK is a royalist who loves nothing more than drinking tea out of a Union Jack mug and standing to attention to the words of "God Save the Queen".

In fact most of those that are not over the age of 40 and do support the Queen and Royalty in general probably do so for the reason of tourism money from overseas tourists eager to photograph Buckingham Palace and watch the pageantry of the Changing of the Guard and other historical anomalies.

Well if you love pageantry so much then you should watch more North Korean Soviet style marching and intricate coloured panel shuffling. That kind of split second timing, probably with the threat of no food for the year as punishment for a wrong move. Now that is pageantry worth watching.

I don't get tickled watching the Queen wave forever as boat after boat of every kind passes her on the Thames.

Every country in the commonwealth will have some kind of tribal dance, song, or gift of their culture to bring to their ex colonial rulers.

Why they choose to keep the Queen as head of their state is their decision but in my eyes a free country should be able to pick their "ultimate leader" not bestow it to a family who can trace their routes back to olden day Kings who robbed, stole and murdered their way to the top.

I suppose most republicans like myself just don't care enough to stand and shout in the rain at a line of militarised police thugs phasers set to stun as the Queen, the person who "is the law of the land" takes my taxes and lives in luxury. Not when I can watch TV, surf the net and happily succumb to monitoring by the establishment at every level.

Whilst tourism money is a good thing in these days of austerity, it is NOT a good enough reason to allow one particular family who through luck of birth alone can lord it above us - no matter how nice they are as people 0r how cute a bum the future Kings wive's sister might have.

I have even had the Queen walk past me (whilst snipers laid on the roof of Buckingham Palace) at one of the many garden parties she hosts every summer.

Obviously it wasn't me who was invited to the formal event but my mother who had won the "honour" of bringing her family due to her brilliance at turning a failing school around so that it won the top Ofsted awards 3 times in a row - a feat that not many other head teachers accomplish.

So whilst I don't believe the Queen is a baby killing reptillian who has to drink human blood to keep her shape like some do. I do on a rational and logical level feel that everyone in our country should be equal under the eyes of the law no matter who they are born to.

If anyone thinks we live in a meritocracy then think again quickly.

If the Queen was walking her pack of corgis around one of her many tax payer funded palaces one day and they turned and mauled the gardener to death do you really think you would read about it in the papers?
Would the Queen ever be arrested and face her day in court?

Of course not because she IS THE LAW.

When you stand in the dock you are facing charges laid out by the Crown and when you are in a Crown Court facing the possibility of spending years in jail at "her majesties pleasure" then you should realise that all that mention of the "Crown" is not for pageantry sake.

No the Queen IS the Crown and she IS the law.

Therefore it is a logical impossibility in this land of ours that she would ever put a crown case against herself.

Crown versus the Crown.

Nope never going to happen no matter how unlikely the scenario.

Until the day I know that the person who has the privilege of leading our land is no more or less important than everyone else., including a poor baby born in a Hackney council estate to a single parent. A child with the same life chances to be educated,  succeed and maybe one day replace the current leader then I will firmly be in the Republican camp.

Let the suckers stand in the rain and spend their day waving their rain soaked clothes at a woman who is only celebrating her Diamond jubilee because we as a people are too lethargic to form a proper Republican party that has true meritocracy at the heart of it.

The Queen is dead - Long Live the Queen

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