Sunday 16 September 2012

The Real Culture War is just about starting

The Real Culture War is just about starting

By Dark Politricks

From a European perspective the culture wars in the USA seem to be over such insignificant matters that the two parties seem indistinguishable from each other.

The GOP call Obama a Marxist and the Democrats call the Republicans red neck creationists.

In reality their is little in difference between both high deficit, war mongering, police state, big government parties that incur huge government debts for their own purposes.

Do American's not realise that over here in Europe we actually have countries who still have Communist and Facsist parties holding seats in parliament and a range of parties from Green, Liberal, Conservative, Trade Union supporting and everything else in-between going for seats in parliament at every election.

The Americans seem to be fighting over the same things not realising that the major points that matter - war, the future of our planet, energy, workers rights, paying off our debts without killing growth (and our old people at the same time) are the things that really matter. To many Europeans there seems little difference between the Democratics and Republicans.

The real culture wars, which I believe have been planned for a very long time, probably since before the end of the Cold War as the military industrial complex looked for a new enemy to bring in their billions of dollars are going to be religious based. Christian & Judaism verus Islam or Liberalism verus Middle Age thinking.

This is the same military industrial complex Dwight Eisenhower spoke about in his farewell speech.

These are the descendants of the peace time standing armies Thomas Jefferson warned us about hundreds of years ago.
"Standing armies [are] inconsistent with [a people’s] freedom and subversive of their quiet." ~Reply to Lord North’s Proposition (1775)
Both these warnings have been ignored and the next war is on the brink of being played out RIGHT now.

Our multi culturlisam has let the enemies within our gates and now whole swathes of European cities from London to Amsterdam and Paris are full of Islamic extremists who have no concept of free speech, the right to offend or the rights of women.

Many of these people still live in a world formed by 7th century views.

As Western Judaeo Christian beliefs have lightened over the years and science has replaced mysitcism and magic as the way to find answers to questions we don't yet know we are being surrounded by people who won't change their dogmatic beliefs because the Koran says so.

Gods word is fixed and unchangeable to many of these people.

A point in time back in the 7th century was the end of all progress for many Muslims including the Taliban who before the Americans invaded Afghanistan had banned music, dancing and all forms of sexual "deviance" as it broke the faith and led you to being executed in the middle of the Kabul football stadium.

The culture wars are being fought out everytime a radical Christian decides to burn a Koran or a video or cartoon mocking the phrophet Mohammed is played out and chaos insues around the world.

From the war zones where attacks on NATO bases have just been carried out to the riots in Middle Eastern cities and now to protests in European city centres.

Then there comes the backlash.

We have had the Nowegian mass murderer Behring Breivik killing not Muslims but 77 white children for their part in letting the enemy in the gates of Europe.

We have the English Defence League a replacment for the National Front which used to go round bashing up blacks and gay's  fighting the Burka clad women who don't even acknowledge a white male or say thank you if you let them across the road or open a door for them due to their religion/culture.

Plus the culturally abusive men who force their child daughters into servitude at an early age through forced marriages and then implement "honour killings" when they refuse to obey.

Much of this is culture NOT religion but it is being mixed up so much people can not longer tell the difference and the men in these families will use religion as an excuse to carry out these barbaric acts.
Now this is not to say I am a Muslim basher as nothing can be further from the truth.

I know people who call themselves Muslim just like those who call themselves Jewish or Christian who still smoke, drink, take drugs or have affairs.

Heck I know a white bloke who converted to Islam just so that he could marry his Muslm neighbour because if he wanted to divorce her he only had to tell her 3 times.

I know Muslims who parents must think they are good Islamic followers of the faith as they are outside all night partying after leaving the Mosque on a Friday. Everything a non fundermentalist liberal culturised Brit would do on a normal Friday night out on the town.

The enemy is not every Muslim.

Just like the fact that every American Christian isn't an abortionist killing, death penalty loving, creationist believing contradiction wrapped up in a riddle.

The enemy is a strict belief in a religion that was written by uneducated people hundreds of years ago to explain the world around them and then spread with the threat of hell if you stray from the path and the reward of heaven or 72 virgins if you die a matyr to your faith.

The enemy is a strict belief in any religion that tells you what to eat, when to eat, how to have sex, who to have sex with, who to hate and so on.

This applies to all religions not just Islam.

However everytime some anti-Islamic film is made or Koran burnt many of the people rioting and killing NATO troops have not even seen said film, cartoon or book and they are acting on the orders of others who are stoking up their rage.

Afghanistan is a mess.

We should have never gone in there in the first place and once we leave the hundreds if not thousands of sleeper cells inside the NATO trained Afghan army and police will come out and fight and it will all turn to shit again. We will have accomplished nothing.

We are already at the peak of Green on Blue deaths with 51 NATO troops killed so far this year.
A senior Afghan official in Kabul is quoted as saying that "the issue of rogue soldiers and Taliban infiltration is an even bigger threat than suicide attacks."

Once we leave "the Stan" and return home will the real culture war end or will it just be starting?

Have we left it too late to have any hope of assimiliating the millions of Muslims now living in Europe into Western Liberal culture that allows free speech and does not protect the right to be offended?

Many have been assimilated but many others led by radical clerics and Imans are all too keen to express the same rage over silly  produced films as their Middle Eastern counterparts are doing such as the one below.

These fundamentalist Muslims want to implement Sharia law across the world and see our western liberal freedoms as a weakness not a strength. We can watch a film like the one above and say "that's rubbish and a crock of shit" without going on murderous rampages around the world.

It makes it all more surprising that we have been spending the last few years removing dictators and strong men that were western friendly and kept a lid on all the Islamic infighting and religious mania.

People like Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Mubarak who may have been nasty dictators but who were leaders that let Christians and Muslims live side by side. Heck, even Iran has one of the largest number of Jews living inside it outside Jerusalem and New York.

However we decided to arm al-Qaeda linked rebels and other religious fanatics and let them other-throw these dictators and now the Middle East is a mess.

These NATO armed religious rebels who are walking around their towns with guns and rockets paid for by our taxes will be all too keen to turn them on us once their missions are accomplished. Just like the Mujahideen turned in al-Qaeda after we created them in the 80's to fight the USSR. We can only wait for the blowback.

Obviously this all plays into the hands of those who want to ramp up the war against Islam and extend the high tech surveillence state at home.

Even the odd false flag attack now and then to be blamed on Muslims wouldn't hurt to stoke up the feelings that a real war is needed to stop these fanatics wouldn't be past the people I'm talking about.

This could just be the reason our "leaders" were looking for to finalise the all invasive, all seeing, police state that is being created brick by brick around us as you read this article.

When the enemy has been let in willingingly and then stoked up by being placed in ghettos like the outskirts of Paris, given little or no jobs and treated like 2nd class citizens by the people they came to live with, it becomes easy to take a youngster and radicalise him against his neighbours.

Mix in the one thing they hold dear - their religion - constantly mocked and attacked through stupid movies and laws banning head scarfs and Burkas and it only becomes clear the real culture war is going to be between western liberalism and Islam.

Once riots becoming an almost monthly occurrence across Europe because of this culture war, then it only becomes "sensible" to keep track off everybody for "their own good".

With the all pervasive high tech surveillance state and city sized super computers watching your every move on and offline in case dissent forms and the real culture war turns hot and bloody.

Whether we can roll back from the brink however is a totally different matter and one I don't know the answer to. I just hope we can find one soon.

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