Sunday 20 January 2013

The new world of Too Big To Prosecute Banks

The new world of Too Big To Prosecute Banks

By Dark Politricks

Whether you are from the right or the left. A libertarian or Socialist. A person of religion or atheist. It should be clear from all the reports on this site and the many other #altnews (alternative news) sites that a globalist attack on the common person is occurring and probably already here and flourishing.

Guns are only a small part of it and whether you are against gun control in the USA or for it there is no stopping the two tier system that is being constructed around us with every terrorist attack, new domestic spy agency, the war on our liberty and now the two levels of law that plainly exist between us and the too big to prosecute banks.

This was proven the other day when it was basically admitted that HSBC was too big to be prosectued or have people go to jail for their behaviour when  they were caught out breaking numerous embargos, banking with Iran, using Mexican Drug Cartel money and basically being the "bank for terrorists" even going so far as to tell Iranian banks how to format digital transfers so that the USA would not spot and block them.

Just so you don't think I would make something like this up. Here is an extract from the New York Times:
LAST month, HSBC admitted in court pleadings that it had allowed big Mexican and Colombian drug cartels to launder at least $881 million.
The bank also admitted to using various schemes to move hundreds of millions of dollars to nations subject to trade sanctions, including Iran, Cuba and Sudan, in violation of the Trading With the Enemy Act. “On at least one occasion,” according to a statement by Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer, “HSBC instructed a bank in Iran on how to format payment messages so that the transactions would not be blocked or rejected by the United States.
Those were some of the transgressions uncovered during a two-year investigation led by the Justice and Treasury Departments and acknowledged by HSBC in a settlement, known as a deferred prosecution agreement, that was filed in a federal court in December. 
Not a single executive was charged with a crime. Instead, the bank paid $1.9 billion in fines and forfeitures — or roughly 10 percent of the pretax profits it earned in just 2010, one of the more than five years during which it admitted to criminal conduct.
There are now banks that are too big to fail and now with HSBC banks that are too big to prosecute!

Whereas we mere mortals can be hauled up to the local courts for non payment of our loans and mortgages and are charged high fees by our banks when we miss a direct debit or go over drawn we are playing on a very uneven playing field.

We are playing against banks who know that they can take our savings and pensions and gamble them on the worlds biggest casinos e.g Wall St and the London Stock Exchange. 

They all know that if they land on black whilst betting red the tax payers of the countries they bet in will be forced to bail them out.

Now with the "Too Big To Prosecute" Banks like HSBC, we have banks that know that they can circumvent laws a normal business cannot, take and launder drug money or even give the local terrorists loyalty cards for being such good customers.

They won't end up in court like you or me.

They have reached the pinnacle of globalist entities where national laws no longer apply and being an international entity is protection enough from countries wishing to stop their illegal behaviour.

These global monsters are eating up our economies and whilst the poor are being over taxed, worked to death and losing their side of the social contract left, right and centre the swinging doors between business and government allows these beasts to do as they want.

We often heard during the banking crisis that the only real liquidity in the system at the time was drug money and I suspect that the reason HSBC isn't going to be punished is down to the knowledge by politicians that it was this drug money that was keeping the house of cards that we call our global economic system from toppling over.

As that recent article by Washington said:
  • There are two systems of justice in America … one for the big banks and other fatcats, and one for everyone else. See thisthisthis and this.
  • The system is rigged to allow the big banks to commit continuous and massive fraud, and then to pay small fines as the “cost of doing business”. As Nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz noted years ago:
The HSBC scandal is just another nail in the coffin of capitalism and the myth that we all live under the same rule of law and can expect to be treated evenly and fairly by  the courts if ever convicted of a crime.
We are living under a globalist Corporatocracy in which global entities can ignore local tax codes by placing their headquarters in tax havens and threaten whole governments that they will just up sticks and move if threatened with over bearing rules and regulations.

Dastardly threats that should they have to play by the same rules as all of us or even have to pay an extra tiny tax on their high frequency trading, trading that means computers trade against others causing huge dips in markets, they will just move to a more "lax" climate. As if there were any more lax places left for them to go.

If you are foolish enough to think that your money is safely invested in one of these bankster operations then you are an idiot.

All we are to these monstrosities is extra spending cash for the casino and if your rich enough to trade properly at big enough amounts then you are just a series of trades to be jumped in front of by the super computers wired up to the trading floor. All so that the Morgan Stanleys and Goldman Sachs of the world can front run you and make money of their knowledge of your own business dealings.

They are no longer companies who's aim is to make money for their customers. No their aim is now to make money for themselves by using their customers as tools to aid them with their illicit and immoral money making schemes.

This is not capitalism.

This is not even socialism, apart from when the banks fail and get disproportionate hand outs by us tax payers.

This is a mix of gangsterism and fraud all signed off and under written by your very own government.
The more of us who understand this new business model we are now living within the better.

Whether you are from Occupy Wall St or a Tea Party follower you should be just as disgusted as the rest of us who see what is happening in front of us on the daily news channels.

In this new world we are all just worker ants getting ready to serve the Queen for low wages, low benefits and no equality under the law when it all goes tits up.

We are living in a new feudal system in which the hope of King John signing a new Magna Carta or a real Bill of Rights that applies to all of us equally being formed and kept to, is as far fetched as Piers Morgan actually being deported from the United States of America.

Welcome to the new century of too big to fail, too big to prosecute and too big to care a tiny shit about you and your inconsequential problems.

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