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The "Cost of Living" Crisis

The Cost Of Living Crisis is not one we deserve

By Dark Politricks

I have been in hospital twice lately so apologise for the lack of articles, however, it has shown me what a state the Tories have let the NHS get into. The hospital I was staying in was rolling out a new computer system, where every patient had a QR code on their armband. It had to be zapped before any medication was given to you, or your blood pressure was taken. 

Anyway, before any new computer system is developed and then dumped for being unusable like the last £20bn system was, they should concentrate on the basics first. Things like ensuring wards have working showers for people to use rather than being used as store rooms, and air conditioning so we don't all sweat our beds wet in the 30-40C heat waves we have been having, those would have been nice.

It's a travesty that they expect people to keep clean and germs and bugs not to spread in a hospital when men cannot even wash properly every day. There is a lack of towels and alcohol gel to clean your hands with as well, and we all just lay in the heat in silence. Not nice.

I could go on about this all day, however there are more important things to worry about in the UK at the moment. Such as the Tory battle for leadership of the corrupt party that has led us to the biggest economic mess since the 70's at least.

Every time I hear commentators or people talking about the "Cost of Living" crisis we are going through, with inflation at double figures and the worry that energy companies will be putting our bills up by over 100% every 3 months for at least a year to come there is no talk about the root underlying cause of all this.

All that is mentioned is that the high inflation is being caused by BREXIT, COVID, and supply chain hangovers from the lockdown. Plus there are plenty of companies price gouging and making millions on top of the high inflation that is going to be hurting everyone in the country for at least a year or more to come.

What I don't ever hear is the real reason for the high rise in food, petrol, heating and delivery costs i.e our stupid sanction war with Russia.

With all these hustings between Rishi Sunak, the ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer. A man who had no fear of stabbing his boss in the back and Liz Truss the trade secretary who is so blind and has no foresight that she, along with Rishi, could not see the damage the sanction war with Russia would do to our own economy. Either one is not going to be able to solve our inflation problem.

These two Tories are fighting to take over from Boris the Buffoon, the blonde-haired idiot who basically agreed to follow the US/NATO plan to sanction Russia for their invasion of Ukraine, and push for other EU countries to do so, all at the cost of destroying their own economies.

It must have just slipped his mind that the whole continent relies on Russian gas to keep our lights on and our houses warm in winter.

When the picture of the Earth at Christmas is taken from space this year the EU is going to look as dark as North Korea. Yet no one seems to want to mention it apart from "Putins price hike", as in he is punishing us for no reason at all.

There is no mention that we have taken and used millions of pounds of his gas and then refused to pay him, basically stealing Russia's money. Then all the sanctions we have laid at Russia's door trying to destroy their economy but instead only solidified Russia's partnership with China, and made the country look to new territories like India to sell their massive raw materials to

Russia could destroy the whole of the EU in one second by turning the gas pipes off and we didn't even think about a plan B in case this economic war didn't pan out the way we wanted it to. I think a proper leader should have, as it is pretty clear that Russia is more than just a big gas station with the GDP of Cyprus.

Boris was just too hand appy to get his own "war" and pretend to be Churchill as he met the puppet Zelenskyy in Kyiv, telling him not to negotiate with Russia, as the EU and USA would keep him and his country pumped up with weapons and training. All that has done is cause a massive loss of life of citizens, Ukrainian soldiers, Ukrainian men drafted into the army, and Russian soldiers.

The only problem is that Russia is chewing up Ukraine's army and spitting them out in the thousands as they roll through the Donbass and liberate the Russian-speaking areas of the country. In fact the Ukrainian forces with US weapons are now using them to indiscriminately shell Ukrainian towns, shopping centres, and schools in the parts of the country now under Russian control. 

This was outlined in the recent report by Amnesty International which reported on Ukrainian forces using civilians as shields, therefore, making them Russian targets by establishing bases and operating weapons systems in populated residential areas, including in schools and hospitals. It said:
“We have documented a pattern of Ukrainian forces putting civilians at risk and violating the laws of war when they operate in populated areas,” said Agnès Callamard, Amnesty International’s Secretary General. 

“Being in a defensive position does not exempt the Ukrainian military from respecting international humanitarian law.”

The US and Europe have pumped billions of dollars worth of weapons into Ukraine, wanting to fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian. However, the Russians either destroy NATO weapons as they enter the country or as they sit in warehouses. 

If they do get to the Ukrainian troops then there is a high chance they are either sold to the Russians, or on the black market due to the Kyiv forces' limited ability to use them because of their lack of training, claims former senior Pentagon adviser Karen Kwiatkowski

The US and EU are literally throwing money down the drain by arming Ukraine as well as probably arming terrorist groups that will come back to haunt us in the future.

The Ukrainian army has apparently even used the US-delivered HIMARS to attack a Russian POW camp in which Ukrainian soldiers held there were starting to do TV interviews about how they were forced into the army and made to do terrible things against their own countrymen

I am under no illusion that inside a POW prison camp there is going to be torture going on between guards and inmates due to the civil war between the two republics and western Ukraine for so long. I bet this is true in both Ukrainian and Russian POW camps. 

We have heard claims from both sides and seen videos of the AZOV Battalion torturing Russian POW's in videos, so I have no doubt the Russians would want revenge on them for doing so and filming it. Why YouTube even let it be uploaded to their site I have no idea, it was a literal snuff film.

There must be a deep hatred between both parties against each other due to the killings that have gone on since 2014, so I don't expect any POW prison in Ukraine at the moment is being run as the Red Cross would wish. However, blowing it up from inside and putting your own men at risk of death seems a stretch especially when people have claimed otherwise. What is needed is an independent war crimes investigation on the scene now and months later.

You will have to watch this video on YouTube as they obviously don't want it being embedded all over the web for people to view. Just click the image and it will open the video on YouTube.

I was hoping whilst I was in the hospital and over the months since I first started writing about the truth in the Donbass, that people I knew would actually start to do their own thinking instead of just ingesting western propaganda about how Ukraine could still win the war and how evil Russia was, however, that doesn't seem to be the case.

The Ukrainian propaganda about how they were ready to do a million-man counter-offensive, and how Putin is close to dying from some horrible disease is just classic MI6 disinformation, and until the new security laws come into play in the UK there has to be an outlet where an alternative point of view is shown to those who take everything the BBC, Sky, and ITV say to them as the literal truth. 

Just banning RT and Sputnik from being read is the sort of thing the Soviet Union did to prevent the people realising what kind of horrible system they were living in, Is that what we have become in the US and UK? 

A country that just bans anything that does not parrot the official line because it might make you think for yourself. Is that the new normal, a society that bans opposition points of view like the Chinese?

If all that the western MSM is telling you is the truth, then why are all these Ukrainian nationals in the East of the country welcoming Russian soldiers who have come to liberate them from the Ukrainian army units that were designated as terrorist groups by many in the west until the war started?

You should check the blog I have taken this from yourself and watch some of the videos as this ex US soldier has been right from before the war even started. 

However, these videos are of Russians liberating Ukrainians in the Donbass and the translations are below. Go and use Google translate if you want to verify it for yourself. Even CNN has a video of all the Ukrainians with their worldly goods stashed in their cars traveling across into Russian-held territory. You can watch their video here.

The ladies from 0:00 to around 0:14 are saying, among other things, “Yes, of course we waited (for you)” and (the smiling blonde in the pink cream coat) “Everyone wants to see, hug, and kiss you!”

The ladies from around 0:15 to 0:26 are also elated.  The one on the right says, “We awaited you for so long.”

Then, the man behind them says (rough translation, cannot be translated literally), “You made it here, good job guys… Wonderful, wonderful.”

The older folks starting from 0:27, also seem pleased.  The white-haired lady says (rough translation, to get the point across), “Well, you know what we had to live with here.”  

The man next to her adds, “So we waited, waited with impatience.  On (satellite?) TV, we watch Russian channels, and (we track where is the) theatre of military operations, where is it, where is it moving to… Like generals who track where the forces are, where they will pass… We sweated for every soldier, for all of them.”

The last few seconds of the video shows four local boys posing with Donetsk soldiers, the Victory Banner—the flag of the Red Army’s 150th Rifle Division, raised over the Reichstag in 1945, and now flown over all territories newly under control of Russian, Donetsk, and/or Lugansk forces—and (at left) what may be the given unit’s colours.  

The little girl relates, “I ran with (my) grandmother to see the flag… We sat over there.  I was so happy.  I don’t know how to convey it in words.”

She then relates how she was studying in Ukrainian but now expects to be studying in Russian (obviously the language she and 95 percent of the Donbass speaks at home and in the course of routine business.) 

You can read the article over at The Dreizen Report here

Also, remember we are in the minority of countries across the world who have attacked Russia for their military operations inside the Donbass. As more and more of the actual truth of the war comes out and people realise Ukraine is actually losing, many people are starting to see that we have joined a proxy war in which Russia knows exactly where our troops are running about, and even letting them play SAS saboteurs because they know it does not matter. 

They know they are going to win this war and even the USA is starting to realise it and throw Zelenskyy under the bus. They are already looking for other countries to start wars with like China, Syria, Yemen, and Iran.

If there wasn't a worse US Presidency for sticking their noses into other countries' businesses and starting wars that could make the mess the world is already in even worse, then I cannot remember one. 

Yes George W Bush used 9.11 as an excuse to start a war in Iraq and Afghanistan which was one big scam for companies like Halliburton to rebuild everything the US army destroyed in their shock and awe tactics. Also, we saw last year at the end of the US army's 2-decade stay in "The Stan", with the mad rush to evacuate US citizens and Afghan translators, what a scam that was as all the millions they had spent training Afghan troops up were wasted and easily shown to the world. 

In the panic of the rush to get out, the Afghan army the US taxpayer had paid millions to train, just handed their weapons to the Taliban, and they rode into Kabul triumphantly in the million-dollar Humvees that the US had just left for them to take. 

So the US didn't exactly do a very good job of kicking al-Qaeda out of the country as they claimed to have. In fact, they were too busy using them in Syria, funnelling weapons to them to fight Assad. 

It is dangerous to be a friend of the USA, one minute you are top of a terrorist list, the next you are being paid to fight proxy wars for them, and then when you are of no use you are killed by a Reaper Drone strike. 

I dread to think of how Zelenskyy will have his life ended, the Russians could have killed him a thousand and one times by now with missile strikes, or by using NATO "shock and awe" bombing of Kyiv but they have left him alive. Why? 

The US was trying to kill Saddam Hussein from day one in their invasion of Iraq. I suspect it is because the Russians see that the West has legitimised his leadership and made him some kind of hero. They want him around to negotiate any peace deal with when there are no more Ukrainian soldiers to kill.

Believe it or not, the Russians have actually moved slowly into the East of Ukraine and not used NATO "shock n awe" tactics that destroy every building as they go as they have no desire to destroy the country only to rebuild it again. 

They are using tactics western mercenaries and soldiers on the ground have never seen in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Reporters have described British and American veterans talking about what hell it is to fight the Russians who have overwhelming air superiority and fire 10 ten times or more the number of rockets and artillery that the Ukrainians do.

I know one person's view cannot change the minds of a million but we are going to suffer badly because of our leader's choice to start an economic war with Russia

Is it worth all the extra money you are going to have to find and the decisions to choose whether to eat or heat, all because of NATO's (the US/UK) desire to use Ukraine as a playground to fight Russia in?

When you are deciding how to pay the bills or wondering how the price of petrol (gas), has got so high at the pump in the coming months will you be thinking that this is all the cause of events beyond your control or will you realise how our war with Russia has played such a huge part in making you broke?

Is it worth fighting a proxy war, and pouring weapons into a country that was ranked the most corrupt in Europe just so they can sell them on the dark web to terrorists all to stop Russia from doing what they said they would almost 20 years ago? 

We had the Minsk accords created to allow for the Eastern Russian population to carry on speaking Russian, but we ignored them and kept poking the bear, training the Ukrainian army including the NAZI brigades, as they shelled and killed over 16,000 people in the East of Ukraine.

It may have taken a decade and a bit but the bear has bitten back and it is very clear who is suffering from this war when you look at the prices of food and energy on your monthly bills. 

We don't have to support Russia to not shoot ourselves in the feet. We can still condemn their actions without all the sanctions that have hurt us more than them. Voting for a new Tory leader isn't going to do anything to solve this problem at all.

We can still save ourselves from huge energy bill increases without believing the Russian invasion is all good, but the leaders of the West had no plan B, and because of that, the citizens of Europe are already suffering. 

Any new leader of the Tory party should reverse the sanctions in return for the gas to be turned back on and negotiated peace talks. It is the only way we can help Ukraine end the war, give Russia an exit, and stop ourselves from hyperinflation and a very cold expensive winter due to the events in Ukraine.

By Dark Politrcks

© 2022 Dark Politricks

Wednesday, 29 June 2022

BBC Article From 1999 Shows The NSA Were Spying on Foreign Buyers of Microsoft Computers Before 2000 with Bill Gates Permission

BBC Reports On NSA Chips In Microsoft PC Computers Pre-2000

By Dark Politricks

I've saved this old 1999 BBC News report on NSA chips found in a Windows computer, due to the likelihood of it being removed at any time. 

This shows that the NSA was:
  1. Working with Microsoft Windows before 2000
  2. They had a relationship that allowed them to implant their own chips into the PC's.
  3. It is widely suggested that the chip allowed the NSA to bypass any security measures that the user of the machine may have installed.

From the article:
The approval mechanism was introduced to ensure that the weak encryption in non-US versions of Windows could not be replaced with stronger software without it being checked against a "key" embedded in Windows, proving that it had been digitally signed off by Microsoft.

You can read more about the original article and other spying techniques brought in after 9.11 like TRAPWIRE, Prism, XKeyScore, and more here >

By Dark Piolitricks

© 2022 Dark Politricks

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Price Gouging - Blame Putin or Unilever - Russian General Says The UK Will Cease To Exist!

Big Companies Taking Advantage of Oil and Gas Shortage To Price Gouge

By Dark Politricks

As the European Union, UK and USA shoot their own feet off by sanctioning themselves in the war in Ukraine, politicians are quick to blame rising high inflation figures on Putin

Politicians are quick to claim that Putin is using "food as a hostage", This is despite Russia offering to clear the port of Odessa of all the mines the Ukrainians let loose preventing any ships docking for the "Bread Basket of Europe" to actually export the wheat they produce for the world.

As I showed in a previous article Russia is the top exporter of wheat in the world, and Ukraine is the 5th. If the wheat cannot leave the war zone this will cause massive food shortages around the world and cause immense suffering in the poorest nations.

So when the food prices skyrocket and inflation hits 20% if not already really there, then don't blame Russia, blame our stupid sanctions war with them. They are already threatening to cut our gas off this winter, leaving Europe in the dark.  

International Energy Agency (IEA) chief Fatih Birol has warned the EU to be prepared for the possibility of a complete shutdown of Russian gas exports this winter, calling on the bloc's members to widen the span of measures aimed at preparing for this scenario, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday.

“Europe (sic) should be ready in case Russian gas is completely cut off. The nearer we are coming to winter, the more we understand Russia’s intentions,” he said, as cited by the news outlet.

Commenting on Gazprom slashing 60% of gas supplies via the Nord Stream pipeline last week, which the Russian company stresses is purely technical, Birol said that:

the cuts are geared towards avoiding Europe filling storage and increasing Russia’s leverage in the winter months.”

Of course, none of this is our fault. People don't like to look beyond April of 2022 for the causes of the war, the US coup in 2014, the failure of the Minsk accords that were allowed to fail, and the impending invasion of the breakaway peoples' republics in the Donbas.

Like most of the propaganda spread in the war, Russia is always the culprit of numerous atrocities without any real proof or investigation having been carried out. This is despite the Azov "cleansing", killings at Bucha and the missile attack at the train station at Kramatorsk being debunked. Now apparently the Russians are indiscriminately shelling their own positions in Donbass from the west.

The aftermath of shelling from Ukrainian forces into Donetsk in the Donbass region of East Ukraine.

Truth is always the first casualty of war,  However, this is a war where we only hear the lies put out by western media sources, backed by anonymous sources, or CIA agents on US News channels who have no idea what is actually going on in the Eastern part of Ukraine. The truth of the matter is actually that Russia is slowly dismantling the Ukrainian army bit by bit.

Ukrainian President Zelensky even came out to admit he is losing up to 200 men a day, which we can obviously multiply due to propaganda reasons. However, he is losing soldiers at such a fast rate they cannot be replaced by the 50yr+ men prevented from leaving the country, given an hour's worth of weapons training, before being sent off to the front line to die for NATO.

Even US newspapers are now writing stories about the failures in Ukraine and trying to blame Zelenskyy. This is despite the US deviously offloading old and often broken weapons, such as the Javelins that had been sitting in warehouses since the 90's without refitting them before being sent to the country they promised to defend, many failing to work, fire or explode, all whilst making their MIC companies billions.

Whilst MI6 spreads its usual disinformation about Putin about to die from Parkinson's, or Cancer, or assassinated our leaders forget their approval ratings are in the dirt whilst Putin enjoys record approval ratings unlike Boris Johnson and Joe Biden, the two most Russophobic leaders in the NATO proxy war

They are forgetting that their actions have already been decreed by Russia as full involvement in the war. Everyone knows the US is running the Ukrainian army and that Zelenskyy is just the frontman, who has had his life threatened by the Right Sektor Nationalists if he dares to enter into peace talks with Russia

Also, this French reporter openly spoke about it when he arrived in Ukraine and was met with US Army Personnel who said they were in command, not the Ukrainians.

If Putin wasn't already thinking about attacking the UK as the Sun claims, then he probably will with more European interference with his Russia The UK will "physically cease to exist" if the latest stand-off in Lithuania triggers a nuclear World War Three, a retired Russian general has claimed. Speaking on Russian state TV this week, lieutenant general Evgeny Buzhinsky n semi-exclave Kaliningrad sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland now being affected by the sanctions war.

The UK will "physically cease to exist" if the latest stand-off in Lithuania triggers a nuclear World War Three, a retired Russian general has claimed. Speaking on Russian state TV this week, lieutenant general Evgeny Buzhinsky said the West is playing with fire in blockading the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, in order to prevent sanctioned goods from reaching the territory via NATO state Lithuania.

The military expert also lashed out at British general Sir Patrick Sanders, who took command of Britain’s land forces last week and announced his arrival with a chilling message saying troops should be prepared to fight Russia and defend Europe.

"He doesn’t understand that as a result of the Third World War Britain will physically cease to exist," said Lieutenant Buzhinsky.
"The island will vanish, so I’ve no idea where he or his descendants will live."

With the train line from Russia to Kaliningrad being stopped by Lithuaniajan Railways, I can only see Russia expanding the war, and with the western nations nearly all out of weapons due to giving them all over to Ukraine, mostly to be blown up by Russia on import, or sold on the black market, how do we expect to defend ourselves without the war turning nuclear?

Even the weapons that do get through to the Ukrainians are not making a difference and with Zelenskyy repeatedly asking for more tanks, armoured vehicles and artillery, it only means all the free weapons we have given him have already been destroyed already or taken by Russian troops as souvenirs. This leaves the western nations in a bad position if we did have to go to war with Russia.

Not only have our sanctions backfired, causing massive inflation at home, with more to come if no wheat, grain, or fertilizer can get out of the war zone. Whilst the rich EU nations may be able to bite the bullet for a while, it will be the poor nations in Africa and the South that will suffer the most from drastically inflated high food prices and there could easily be famines if the west does not back down from this stupid economic war with Russia that we are clearly losing,

Petrol is already over £2 a litre in the UK, that's £9.08 a gallon, or $11.15 for you Americans who have the natural resources to drill for oil but are refusing to do so and instead going around your list of supposed enemies and deplorables to beg for more drilling from countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. 

I don't know how one can compare the literal genocide of Yemenis by Saudi Arabia with the help of the USA, and the war between Russia due to NATO expansion and a US coup and still think the latter is the worse.

If serious heads in the EU stop warmongering and offering Ukraine support and adding more and more sanctions on Russia, we are only going to be the countries to suffer from high inflation. 

Russia has a surplus of cash and even Bloomberg admits Russia is winning at the moment in the economic war that has seen inflation reach double figures across the EU and NATO countries stupid enough to prove Putin right to all the Russians when he said that the west, US and Europe were anti-Russian.

The UK has seen the highest rise in inflation in 40 years with official figures at 9.1%. However, I doubt that is the real figure. Petrol is up from £1.30 from this time last year to £2 which is a lot more than 9% and I know that I paid £2.20 for a single Cornetto at the garage the other day, last year it would have cost me a quid!

That is more like a 50% rise in fuel and over 100% rise in costs of foods, either that or companies are taking advantage of the inflation to add on extra costs and make themselves a bit more money. Unilever makes Cornetto ice-creams, and the Garage was a Marks and Spencers BP, known to be more upmarket but not selling food at twice the cost it should be.

If this is the case then the Government should be auditing companies ASAP, fining any caught hiking prices up above any necessary increases and fining any that do huge sums of money if they are caught price gouging to increase company profits or executive wages. 

The money from any of these big fines, and they should be big, if the companies are big, should be used to reduce VAT or give tax rebates to normal people to help them with the high cost of living we are all facing due to the stupid sanctions war we have started with a country who we depend on for natural resources. Especially gas that is easily delivered by pipeline to our own shores. 

We need to give Putin an off ramp to both let him save face, a way to stop the punitive sanctions on Russia, and provide an incentive for Russia to stop its invasion. All whilst increasing Ukraine's chances at a peace negotiating table whilst more importantly helping us in Europe recover from the sanction blowback we caused for ourselves.

 As well as reducing the chances of the UK getting nuked in WW3. A thought that we may see as unlikely but one that abounds in Russian media through the tough talk from Russian generals and TV presenters suggesting the UK get wiped off the planet by Russian Satan nuclear missiles as a punishment for our interference in the Ukraine war. 

The thought that UK PMBoris Johnson has probably just used the Ukraine crisis to deflect from his own problems, shooting off to Kyiv after a bad vote of confidence in parliament to act as a strong defender of Ukraine. Displayed rampant Russophobic comments, and made promises that only ensure Russia knows the UK was fully involved in the war helping Ukraine directly. 

This is a big red line for Russia that is too late to go back from, as we crossed it the minute we sent the SAS to teach saboteur tactics to Ukrainian forces, train Ukrainian regulars, plus sending multiple weapons that have probably killed many Russian soldiers and Eastern Ukrainian citizens.

Watch this latest video by the Duran and get some proper perspective on the on-goings in Ukraine and the EU, and how the US is likely to leave this Ukrainian war problem in Europe's lap as they go off and start an even worse event for the world, a war with China!

By Dark Politricks

©2022 Dark Politricks

Friday, 20 May 2022

Here Comes World War III

If You Thought The War Was Ukraine v Russia Get Ready For A Shock 

By Dark Politricks

Here comes World War 3 as Biden sends Ukraine long range missiles that they can fire into Russia.....

What does he not get about red lines?

Does the USA think they are really the only country that can set them? As Putin has shown he is no bluffer when he said "Ukraine was a red line for him.", almost 20 years ago now!

Also to anyone who thinks he is "Mad" or "dying of cancer/Parkinson's", sorry but he isn't, that's typical western dissinfo for you.

However what isn't US / UK lies is that in Russia Putin is considered a dove, "a bit of a pussy" so to speak. Believe it or not but Russian people and politicians want him to annihilate Ukraine and nuke us ASAP. They think he is going too soft on Ukraine. Instead of just the 200k troops he sent for his "Special Military Operation" they want him to declare war on Ukraine and us, and mobilise the whole 2 million Russian army with conscripts and everything. That is how much of a dove Putin is.

The fact that he hasn't even fired cruise missiles into Ukrainian Military HQ centres where he knows NATO and US / UK generals are all sitting there helping plan "their" war to fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian shows what a dove he is as he doesn't want to escalate the war by killing top NATO generals which is what would happen. 

So that is restraint when he knows these US/UK politicians are breaking what they said they would not do, by visiting Kyiv like it was London on a Saturday, whilst sitting in military HQ offices, Russian intelligence MUST KNOW where they are at, and signing new $40bn orders for weapons that could start WWIII. If other Russian politicians were in power such as Lavrov or Medvedev, they would have blown up Zelenskyy, Schiff, Blinken, Boris Johnson, Nancy Pelosi and all the other "helpful visitors/ neocon warmongers" to Kyiv when they visited, just to show them they mean business and NO MEANS NO.

If you want to see WW3 then letting Ukraine have missile launchers to fire into Russia is one way of going about it as Putin has already said that selling heavy arms to Ukraine was an act of war, they have already changed their law so they can fire nukes at us for a non nuclear conventional attack on Russia. 

President Vladimir Putin endorsed Russia’s nuclear deterrent policy, which allows him to use atomic weapons in response to a conventional strike targeting the nation’s critical government and military infrastructure. So if we give Ukraine these missiles and they fire them into Russia they could nuke us back if they wanted, as they do see the war as being between NATO and Russia, Ukraine is just the battlefield. So it would be game over - no restarts!

Watch this episode of the Duran to find out what other Russians think of his softly-softly approach in Ukraine.

However, the US/UK/EU are the complete opposite, they just keep sending arms and men and ramping the war up as US politician Adam Schiff said in the house "We fight Russia over there so that we don't have to fight them here". So these US neocons honestly believe it is a war between them and Russia just that they are using Ukraine as a place to get destroyed with everyone killed or made a refugee as they organise the fighting..

Watch Adam Schiff say it in the House here.

In this photo taken from a video released by the Russian Defence Ministry on Thursday, Ukrainian servicemen in a penal colony in Olyonivka, a territory under the government of the Donetsk People's Republic's control, in Eastern Ukraine, are pictured after leaving the besieged Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. (Russian Defence Ministry Press Service/The Associated Press). 

 As they left the steelworks all the men were all strip searched for signs of NAZI tattoos and links to the AZOV brigade using facial recognition software to see if they were apart from any group responsible for the atrocities carried out in the Donbass over the last 8-year civil war.

In this video you can see Russian and DPR soldiers, stopping cars in Maripoul for signs of participation in the battles. They are looking for traces of weapons or long-term wearing of ammunition, as well as tattoos that indicate that a person belongs to the Armed Forces of Ukraine or right-wing nationalist battalions, like the AZOV Brigade.

I think that now that the AZOV NAZI's have surrendered and are being shipped off to Russia to POW camps before being tried for war crimes in the Donbass, the Ukrainian's have a severe lack of manpower.  

Guess what the average age of the surrendering or dead Ukrainian soldiers being found is? 

It's their mid 40s!

Apparently, many Ukrainian officers have been doing runners in the middle of the night so their men wake up and surrender as they don't know what to do! 

That's confidence for you when your own leaders do a runner as they are so scared of being shot by Russians, the threat of execution by the Ukrainians for desertion seems a far better option than leading your men into battle!   

I wouldn't be surprised if Russia soon started capturing young English men pretending to be Ukrainian soldiers, just shouting loudly with bad Russian accents. The sort found in the films from the 80s, such as Red Dawn and Red Heat, "I'll be back", Arnold Schwarzenegger style. I wouldn't put it past NATO (UK/US) to send troops into the war zone, pretending to be Ukrainians, just to make up for all the heavy losses Ukraine is having.

Also, the US are talking about trying to sanction OTHER countries like China, India and Brazil who won't stop buying from Russia. Read this interesting article about whether the US will sanction half the world to isolate Russia here.

It is like he wants the whole world to hate the US as these countries dependant on cheap gas and land locked countries in Europe like Hungary who is already telling the EU they cannot manage without Russian gas and can't get gas or oil by ship, as the US or UK could.

That's why there are pipe lines everywhere for easy access, one Ukraine shut off the other day, stopping the flow of gas to Europe,  but of course blamed it on the Russians. As if they are short on gas and needed to syphon it off, no really that's what UK media claimed!

If Russia (and I don't know why they haven't yet) turn all the gas pipes off into Europe the lights go off our energy bills which have already tripled since last year will skyrocket and we will be lucky if  anyone can drive anywhere or even work. 

We depend on Russian cheap gas there is no alternative. If we wanted to be like France we should have built nuclear power stations 10yrs ago as that's how long they take, we can't just whip a few up quickly (in the dark with no power), we never think ahead when it comes to stupid wars.

I just wish the politicians who cause all this mess would have to go and fight them themselves like Kings of the olden days.

Imagine Boris Johnson in a tank saluting as it rolls along in Ukraine and then Boom, as a US Javelin missile that the Russians have been collecting as trophies and keepsakes off the Ukrainians they have killed hits into him and blows his tank to bits! Actually the Javelins are not very good, the US has been selling old stock, and there are videos of Russian tanks hit by 4 or 5 who have still managed to continue fighting that is if it doesn't blow up in the person holding its arms, not that many of you would know this from our news.

It's not like the old days of Kings on horses leading Knights on a charge into battle anymore its kids who were good at playing Sega in the 90s controlling drones and RAVs from thousands of miles away.

These sanctions are hurting us more than Russia who has just had the best wheat crop in years. In an article it says that "Russia may increase its wheat crop to 80.7 million tonnes in 2022 from 75.5 million tonnes in 2021 due to good weather conditions for winter wheat", but we won't be getting any, instead we will be taking it from other countries who only have so much which is already causing food shortages and queues for hours at petrol stations across the global South.

Just look at this graph to see how much of Africa is dependent on wheat from either Russia or Ukraine. Do you think they will forgo buying from Russia, as Ukraine won't have any, just to satisfy the NATO lust for sanctioning Russia? 

Also what about the other sources, which we in the West will have bought up at higher prices long before any African or Global South country could scrape together the money to buy more expensive wheat from elsewhere?

Here is the list of the top 5 exporters of wheat in 2021 - 

  1. Russia: US $7.3 billion (13.1% of total wheat exports)
  2. United States: $7.29 billion (13.1%)
  3. Australia: $7.2 billion (13%)
  4. Canada: $6.6 billion (11.9%)
  5. Ukraine: $4.7 billion (8.5%)

Will we forgo our own food supply as we cut our own nose off to spite our face, and then allow other countries to buy from Russia? No, we will take it all and then sanctimoniously criticise these countries for still purchasing necessities from Russia, maybe even sanctioning them if we are really that evil. 

Just look at Sri Lanka and what is going on there and then see what is coming our way soon. Food shortages, mile queues for petrol, protestors literally pulling politicians out of their cars and beating them with sticks. 

That is what happens in a world where we tell other countries they cannot do X or Y as we have a tiff with Russia. Sorry that it is causing huge wheat shortages as we buy it all up so the poor global south can't, but that is the price of "Standing with Ukraine"

It will cause riots, the toppling of governments, and possible wars across the poorer nations of the world, if you don't believe me wait a couple of years then come back and laugh in the comment section. Welcome to Mad Max!

What I don't get though is western propaganda, I forced myself the other day to watch ITV news, I am never going to watch the BBC, a more Government controlled state broadcaster you cannot get, and I rank them above PressTV and Russia Today

The BBC is literally paid for by taxpayers, a special tax called the "licence fee" just for the BBC, and one you can go to jail for if you watch it without paying. It also has a board of directors placed there by the government. Most of the presenters are working for MI6, as I have detailed in other articles, with hidden 2nd tax free salaries, just to keep the propaganda flowing. I suggest reading Jon Snow's autobiography if you want more details on how they work hand in hand with the spooks.

Anyway, ITV news was literally having a piece about the "Cost of Living Situation", where they were interviewing people about inflation, the rising heating and petrol costs, and the lack of food at Supermarkets etc

However NOT ONCE, did they ever mention that this cost of living crisis is one of our own making and due to our own sanctions on Russia that have basically come back and bit us in our face.

Whilst Russia is having a booming economy, with a higher exchange rate of dollars to roubles than before the war, and a surplus of cash due to imports, and gas for roubles, we are struggling to pay for basic necessities, yet ITV did not even raise the question to any of the people they interviewed.

Just once I would have like to see the "journalist" out on the roadside by a queue of cars waiting to get into a petrol station to see the passengers wind down their windows and ask them whether they thought that the war in Ukraine that Boris and his neo-con friends want to fight so badly is worth all the pain and suffering to average families across Britain, but no, not once did they ask this simple question. 

I would love to know what the average bloke who knows sod all about foreign relations thinks about having to pay extra and hunt around for baby formula, or what people paying sky-high heating and petrol bills in the UK think about the DIRECT LINK between our rising inflation and the sanctions we placed on Russia. 

All of this is because Russia recognised the independence of two separatist regimes in East Ukraine, something Putin didn't actually want to do, and if the French and Germans had followed the Minsk accords, then this war would probably not have happened. However they ensured they were not followed and kept poking the bear, now the bear has bitten back.

So because of the failure of western diplomacy, Russia had to send in troops to defend the Russian-speaking, east of Ukraine from an imminent attack by Zelenskyy's forces. This was something he had to do, as Zelenskyy had sent his forces eastwards to encircle Donbass and attempt to re-take it, along with Crimea.

So why is no ITV journalist asking people at the petrol pump whether they feel it is right that we have to pay more for food and petrol due to Putin feeling the guilt and need to punish the NAZI element in Zelenskyy's armed forces who had killed over 16,000+ Russian speaking people in the 8yr long civil war in the Donbass. People who had committed many genocides along the way, and all started by a US-led colour revolution (coup) which the EU helped foment.

I would love to see a journalist ask a school mum whether the famous Odessa Trade Union massacre, where people were forced into the building, which was then set on fire as police and NAZI's laughed and sank anti-Semitic songs outside as people jumped to their deaths rather than be burnt alive, is a good enough reason to "Stand with Ukraine", and pay more for food, gas, and cause a global food shortage in Africa and around the globe with the possibility of World War III on our hands as well.

Just watch this video to see why these new missile sales are so dangerous. It's from Redacted a good channel I've found on YouTube with two ex FOX NEWS reporters, if you can believe it, now telling us the truth rather than the corporate bullshit they were forced to spoon-feed us before.

Please let me know in the comments if you think the real chance of food shortages, possible wars around the world over rising costs of living, and the possibility of world war 3 is worth it to "Stand with Ukraine" against Russia. 

By Dark Politricks

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